Where To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On Sexually

3 Best Places To Touch A Woman To Turn Her On AND Spark Her Primal Sexual Desire For YOU
how to touch a woman to turn her on | where to touch a woman to turn her on sexually


By touching a number of secret, completely non-sexual parts of a woman’s body, you can trigger wild arousal.

Discover the exact places to touch your wife or girlfriend that’ll make her devoted to you sexually by checking this link out:

3 Little-Known Places To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On AND Make Her RIDICULOUSLY Horny


Ah yes. The touch barrier.

An area so many men I’ve worked with are totally clueless about.

Alright, I acknowledge it’s not always clear when it’s socially acceptable to do so.

This especially applies when you’re meeting a woman for the first time…

…although it can also apply in long-term relationships if she’s becoming bored of your “usual” arousal methods.

It’s definitely worth your time and effort to get good at, though.

Touch is one of the fastest ways to form an emotional bond with another human.

Some pleasurable hormones get released – which make us more comfortable around them.

And the more comfortable we get, the more intimate we feel towards each other.

Right, let’s get to the point.

If you’ve ever struggled to break the touch barrier, or felt awkward doing so, then don’t worry.

There’s a whole bunch of non-creepy, safe methods available that respect her boundaries.

They’re so subtle that women often don’t notice them – but they can spark a big shift in her psychological perception of you.

Like any habit, it becomes completely natural – even exciting – with practice.

And isn’t that what interacting with gorgeous woman is supposed to feel like?

Here’s a quick exercise that shows this principle in action.

During your next conversation with an attractive woman, after keeping things fun and light for a while…

gently brush her shoulder or upper arm.

This immediately makes the interaction more personal.

It encourages her to relax and open herself up more to you, improving the chemistry.

And it also gives her subconscious permission to touch you back, making the bond even stronger.

It’s clear to see the benefits of working past that initial awkwardness.

Over time, that physical and emotional rapport you’ve built could develop into real attraction.

And there are a number of completely safe places to touch a woman to turn her on that can spark a compulsive, primal sexual desire towards you…

…as long as you sensually touch them in the correct sequence.

Discover the order of these touches – and HOW to perform them – in the link below.

How To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On Sexually AND Get Her CRAVING Sex With You

ways to touch a woman to turn her on | best places to touch a woman to turn her on

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Best Spots To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On ( Trigger Her Sexual Attraction)


There are 3 special spots to touch a woman to turn her on on her body.

They aren’t sexual or risky zones like the breasts or vagina.

But once you touch them – in just the right way – her thoughts can instantly turn to sex.

Whether you’ve known her for ten minutes of 40 happy years of marriage.

Find out where these spots are here…

Where to TOUCH a girl to turn her on AND make her feel a strong sexual desire for you


A lot of men have two main beliefs about seducing women.

They think that they’ve got to be “smooth talkers” and say all the right words to make them interested in sex.

Or that only certain types of women will EVER enjoy sex – so they’ve got to choose the right one if they want a roaring sex life.


Neither of these things are the fundamental reasons behind female sexual desire.

To get a woman wanting sex, you’ve got to activate and stimulate her primal sexual desire.

If you try to logically convince a woman to want sex, you’re likely wasting your time.

Women don’t usually experience arousal in a logical fashion.

Yet despite this, so many guys I work with seem to approach sex in a purely logical way.

Specifically, by buying their woman gifts, fancy dinners, nice gifts, they’ve done a “transaction” that’ll produce “sex” on the other side.

They think these gestures will persuade her to have sex with him – and bypass all her usual objections.

But trust me: this is the wrong way to go.

For women, arousal is far more about the EMOTIONS she feels.

It’s about making her fully experience the pleasure of having her deepest, most personal sexual needs met.

(And getting them met by having sex with you, of course.)

You can do this non-verbally.

After all, the majority of our communication (over 90%) is done non-verbally.

Don’t worry too much about trying to find the right words if you’re not such a smooth talker:

You can spark the same primal reactions – and irresistible levels of attraction – through non-verbal communication.

One of these is the power of TOUCH.

And if you’d like a short-cut for sparking these kinds of sexual emotions through touch, then look no further.

Check out the link below to discover 3 places to touch her that’ll spark her most intense feelings of sexual attraction:

3 places to touch a girl to turn her on AND provoke intense sexual attraction

spots to touch a woman to turn her on | how to seduce a woman without saying a word

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3 Safe Activation Spots To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On AND Build Rapid Rapport With Stunning Women


Touch is a great tool to quickly build rapport with women – and even spark genuine attraction.

And there’s a number of safe, non-sexual “activation points” that, when you touch them in the right way – and at the right time…

…could make her feel extremely deep, irresistible desire for you.

You can discover these zones in the link below.

WHERE And How To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On Sexually AND Trigger Her Most Powerful Attraction For YOU


In 2015, a study was carried out by the scientific organisation PNAS.

It analyzed how touch helped humans form interpersonal relationships.

One aspect of the study was whether the touch was appreciated or not.

What did it conclude?

Well, here’s the simplified summary:

The closeness of the relationship between the two people decides how acceptable the touch is.

Not how often they see each other.


What’s this got to do with breaking the touch barrier with beautiful women?

You might think that conclusion was pretty obvious.

But given how awkward and concerned many men are at the prospect of touching…

…it’s not always clear how to break the touch barrier in a non-creepy way.

This doesn’t mean that women NEVER want to be touched, of course.

Just that they’d rather complete strangers didn’t start rubbing their shoulders before they’d said a word.

When first meeting a woman, the key is recognizing when it’s safe to touch her.

However, rest assured – it’s easier than you think.

And you can build amazing connections whilst sticking entirely to safe, socially acceptable areas.

Remember what the study concluded:

She’s not going to respond positively to touching if you do it too early.

Don’t do it as soon as you introduce yourself (unless it’s a hug or handshake).

Instead, wait until you’ve chatted for a bit and build up some rapport.

If you’ve kept things fun and light, maybe cracked a few jokes, and she’s enjoying herself…

…gently brush or tap her shoulder as she’s laughing.

The interaction’s now more personal – and as a result, her brain no longer views you as a threat.

Congratulations! You’ve laid the foundations for a powerful personal connection, maybe even attraction.

All from waiting until she was just a little bit comfortable around you.

And once you’ve nailed the “when” of touch, you can take things to the next level with the “where to touch a woman to turn her on”.

For 3 more specific, safe areas to touch a woman for sparking rapid attraction, just click here:

The 3 Best Places To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On AND Triggers Strong Female Attraction

sensitive places where you can touch that will make her lose her mind, her heart mentally

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How To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On Sexually By Flicking Her “Pleasure Switch”


There are certain places to touch a woman to turn her on in a completely socially acceptable way…

…that send her attraction psychology into overdrive – leaving her deeply attracted to you.

No grabbing, clutching and nothing weird or uncomfortable.

By using this kind of respectful touch, building authentic, genuine connections with women – sexual or otherwise – becomes significantly easier.

Discover these places in the link below…

Best Place To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On NATURALLY AND Spark Instant Attraction


Knowing how to touch people is a really useful communication skill, since it activates some very powerful human psychology.

I’ll keep this as simple as possible:

Touching someone (appropriately) releases certain hormones into their brain.

These hormones tell them that we don’t pose a threat.

Instantly, they start to feel more comfortable around us.

The emotional bonds strengthen, the rapport builds…

…and boom, you’ve made a connection.

Now, this applies to building rapport with beautiful women, too.

However – I know what you’re thinking.

Attracting a beautiful women is VERY different to meeting a business client.

Many men have no idea how to break the touch barrier in a socially acceptable way…

…especially with women they haven’t met before.

So, afraid of being disrespectful, they never do it.

But trust me:

No matter how complicated it might seem to touch her naturally and safely…

…it really isn’t.

There are TONS of different ways to do it subtly whilst still respecting her boundaries.

No techniques or “games” necessary.

Here’s the misconception most men have.

When you first touch a woman, you’re not trying to trigger her attraction instincts.

Save that for later.

You’re trying to make her more comfortable in your presence first and build that initial chemistry.

Example: once you’ve been chatting to her for a bit…

…simply brushing her shoulder or upper arm after cracking a joke immediately makes the interaction more personal.

It’s completely socially acceptable AND can make things much more fun

…as it’ll encourage her to relax, and in turn open up more.

You’ve shown her you’re confident enough to touch her whilst showing social awareness of her boundaries…

…a VERY attractive personality trait.

Crucially, it also gives her permission to touch you back – making the bond even stronger.

Congratulations! You’ve laid the foundations for a great personal connection.

And now that she’s more comfortable, using more advanced touching techniques on completely safe places on her body…

…can take that fun, friendly rapport to an irresistible romantic or sexual compulsion for you.

In no time at all.

Find out these places in the link below:

Best Place To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On AND RAPIDLY Build Connections With Beautiful Women

best places sensitive spots to turn them on instantly turn her on to drive her crazy

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Where To Touch A Girl To Turn Her On Sexually

sensitive places ways to touch a girl to turn her on to arouse her in bed when flirting

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