Swingcat Sexual Connections Program Review

3 Questions That Turn Girls Slutty In Seconds…


What you’re just about to discover and learn is purely super simple, super devious, and a little bit evil but in a good way.

Imagine you just met a hottie. You’ve known her for a total of five minutes.

Is it possible to get her into bed in the next hour?

Yes. Absolutely (Here’s How…)

But you must get her to identify as a bad girl before she’ll do the D with you.

Key part: a woman cares very deeply about what people think of her – especially those she wants recognition from.

These people largely determine how she sees herself.

If you can make her think these people see her as slutty, she’ll instantly identify as a bad girl.

That’s exactly what these 3 questions do…

Question # 1: Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?

When you ask her, don’t be creepy or weird. As long as you’re fun and playful, she’ll go right along with it. Women love thinking and talking about past flings.

Question # 2: What would your priest, minister, or rabbi think if he found out?

If she’s not religious, pick someone she likely sees as an authority – teacher, boss, uncle, or grandparent.

She’ll probably giggle. This is the laugh of recognition… Recognition that she’s a little naughty.

Laugh along with her and then let out a playful, “Evil!!”

This helps reinforce her new self-image.

Question # 3: What would your parents think if they found out?

When you ask her this question, she’ll imagine her parents discovering the filthy truth about their little girl. And she’ll make the final shift in her identity – one from good to naughty.

Just asking these three questions gets you very close to sealing the deal with a female stranger. You’re almost there. Much much closer than most guys will ever get. You just need to do a couple of last steps.

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She Doesn’t Know Why She Slept With Him?


She doesn’t know why she did it. Yet there he is laying next to her naked. And he’s Not even her type.

Yet HE gets her to do it again, again and again.

She meets her friend for lunch. The white knight. The one who’s loved her for years.

“Sorry, I’m late. Was with some guy. Kind of old and creepy. So not my type.”

She imagines herself riding this creep…

Her beautiful butt and legs straddled around his hairy gut.

His tiny penis inside her.

Her big breasts bouncing up and down.

Him grinning a big toothless grin.

Her hands grabbing the sides of his balding head.

BUT Why’d she do it, not once but twice?

She did it because this creep knew how to fire her sexual compliance trigger.

It’s the same trigger that makes people vote for corrupt politicians.

It’s the same trigger that makes good soldiers murder innocent women and children.

And it’s the same trigger that will get you laid.

You don’t need to be her type.

You don’t need to be cool.

And you don’t even need to be a nice guy.

If you can fire her compliance trigger…

… Her neurological programming will kick in…

… And she’ll feel an uncontrollable urge to sleep with you.

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How Long Does It Take To Bed Her?


The time it takes most men to bed a girl ranges from a few dates to months and sometimes never.

But things don’t have to be this way.

If you do these 3 things, all it will take is a couple of hours. And sometimes less than 15 minutes.

For her to sleep with you right now…

You need to get her really horny and turned on…

You need to make her comfortable acting on these feelings…

And you need to create a crazy compulsion inside her. One that makes her want to sleep with you right now.

You don’t need to be particularly good looking, good with people, or manipulative to do these 3 things.

All you need to do is push these 3 neurological triggers. Triggers hardwired into her brain.

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It doesn’t matter if she’s a female stranger, an old friend, or a wife who no longer wants to have sex.

Push these 3 neurological triggers and you’ll spark an urge inside her.

An urge she can’t control.

An urge that makes her sleep with you right now.

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Big Warning…

These 3 triggers make women sexually aggressive and demanding.

Don’t fire these triggers unless you want to sleep with her…

… Because she won’t leave you alone until you give her sex.

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This Makes Her Beg To Come Back To Your Place


You’d love to get into her pants.

After a night of talking, flirting, and maybe a few drinks, you invite her back to your place.

But she evadingly says she has an early morning and has to get up quite early.

So you try again and again.

But the more you try, the more resistant she gets.


Stop making life difficult for no reason.

Do this instead…

Use these three simple steps and she’ll beg to come back to your place.

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Girls Hate This But It Gets Them Horny


A girl I knew cheated on her boyfriend and used him for his money. Finally, she broke up with him.

But then he used something called the “Heartbreaker” on her.

It made her want him so bad, she paid Anthony Robbins 5K to learn how to get him back.

You can use the Heartbreaker on any girl. It could be a girlfriend or wife you’ve lost the spark with.

A friend who doesn’t like you that way.

Or a female stranger who isn’t interested.

When you use it, you’ll break her little heart. It may be painful for her.

But be patient. Wait a few minutes. She’ll get crazy turned on and want you bad.

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Why Fear Makes Her Horny (This Is Powerful)


Do you know what roller coasters, jealousy,  and rape have in common? 

All of them scare women. And all of them can  get women very very aroused. 

A study in 2003 called “Love At First Fright” found  that roller coasters made females more attracted  to the person they sat next to. 

It’s common knowledge that jealousy – fear of losing  a guy to another girl – makes a woman’s passions run wild. 

When females read about rape in books like 50 Shades of Grey, they get insanely turned on. 


The same part of the brain responsible for fear is responsible for sexual arousal. 

When she experiences low levels of fear in a safe space, her brain thinks it’s sexual arousal and she gets more and more turned on. 

The Reaper technique puts her in a safe space and delivers fear in the right doses. 

Doses that keep pumping arousal through her veins. 

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Fire Her Risk Trigger & You’ll Bed Her


Almost every girl’s had a one-night-stand – even the prudes and good girls.

More than you’d think, a girl doesn’t sleep with a random stranger because he’s hot or sexy.

She does it because he fires her Risk Trigger.

The female brain comes hardwired with a Risk Trigger.

When you fire her Risk Trigger she feels an uncontrollable urge to do bad things. Things she normally doesn’t do. And things she probably shouldn’t do.

Fire it and you’ll kiss her and fondle her and she’ll put up zero resistance.

Keep firing it and you’ll bed her shortly after.

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This Makes Her Your Personal Groupie

Groupies will do literally anything to sleep with their rock star.

And here’s what’s interesting…

You can turn almost any woman into your personal groupie in under one hour…

… If you use this simple technique.

One the journalist Oriana Fallaci used to make world leaders confess dangerous secrets.

And one you’ll use to make girl after girl obsesses over you.

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Swingcat Sexual Connections Program Review

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