Does The Penis Enlargement Bible Work?

#1 Exercise To Increase Your Size “Down There”
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Forget dangerous pills and pumps.

Instead, if you’d like to increase your size “down there” start performing the following simple penis enlargement bible exercise…

The 1 exercise that’ll increase your size “down there”


Your member is not a muscle.

It is made up of two large chambers filled with capillaries (called the Corpus Cavernosa) and a few other types of bodily tissue.

That means traditional muscle exercises will not help to increase its size.

However, there IS a special type of exercise you can perform on it to stimulate growth in size.

What this exercise does is it trains your member to hold more blood.

In other words – it increases its blood capacity.

And if your member can hold more blood then naturally it increases in size.

Now, this exercise is a very unique type of exercise and not something you’d expect.

Yet the men who have used this exercise with some consistency have reported noticeable increases in size.

If you would like to increase your size or perhaps just learn more about how this process works, go check out the following article…

Article explains exercise on how to increase size

John Collins PE Bible Results Reviews exercises free pdf download videos does it really work

Talk soon,


PS – You can also see some of the success stories from men who have been using this exercise by clicking this link NOW

PS: Is The Penis Enlargement Bible Manhood Size Enhancement A SCAM?


In my view, most solutions for increasing your size “down there” are scams.

Call me cynical, but the idea that swallowing some “miracle pill” adds several inches to your member just doesn’t fly with me.

But lots of men ARE seeing success with the more unconventional method I’ve got for you.

It’s all explained in the link below:

Follow this unusual PE Bible method to add size and girth to your member


I don’t write about size enhancement very often.

Most people DO instantly assume these solutions are scams, so won’t bother to check if they’re the real deal.

This means that anything which claims to add a few inches is viewed pretty harshly by the public.

But ultimately the results are the important thing.

If something works, it works.

Look, I know that people are fed up with all the scams out there, plastering the internet.

And it’s true that most of them simply don’t work.

But I think there’s a trap to avoid here:

Just because something hasn’t worked before, doesn’t mean it won’t work in the future.

Your failures DON’T mean you can’t ever succeed.

Sure, you CAN do if you want.

But for all you know, you could achieve your goal the very next time you try.

But most people don’t persist.

They try and fail a few times, then give up and label their goal as IMPOSSIBLE.

They’re giving themselves permission to not try again.

To never risk failure.

But ask yourself: what’s the real failure here?

Continuing to shoot for your goals, or giving up and ensuring you never succeed?

I think you know the answer.

And this is true for men trying to increase their size.

All the scams have convinced them there’s no point trying, and that it’s ALL cons or tricks.

This just isn’t true.

Many methods WILL add size to your member.

You just have to find them.

So, to help you separate the real from the fake, I’m going to share a method with you that DOES work.

Of course, whilst size isn’t the most important factor affecting your bedroom ability – what you DO is far more important…

…I won’t deny that this method does have some benefits, if increasing size is your goal.

Lots of men are finding success with it, and it doesn’t come with the risks and side effects of the shady pills you see online.

To give it a try, follow this link to get started:

Increase member size NATURALLY with this surprisingly easy method

Talk soon,


PS: Men With THIS “Size” Give Women The Most Orgasms?


As the proud owner of a penis, you’ve probably googled a thing or two about it.

For instance, how your junk compares with others, whether your size matters to women. Or…

Can I actually make it bigger?

Right? Right. Don’t deny it.

And this is just in:

It turns out that your size does matter.

For her orgasm.

In a recent study conducted by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, scientists found that longer “members” can give women more vaginal orgasms, although not necessarily clitoral ones. In other words, men with more lengths make women climax more frequently.

But hold on, it’s not an immediate sexual death sentence for any man whose joystick is thicker than it is long. The right “size” for her orgasm is relative, yo.

For a woman who doesn’t climax from clitoral stimulation and who prefers deep penetration, it is natural that she will be drawn to a man whose shaft is long enough to her the G-spot and vaginal stimulation that she craves.

But don’t break out into cold sweat just yet!

As many as 75% of women are unable to get off through vaginal penetration alone.

You know what that means? That your man meat and its size has very little to do with your ability to make MOST women have riotously awesome orgasms!

How a woman has a climax is an entirely unique experience that is really hard to quantify, which is my kind way of saying “Please do NOT go have enlargement surgey just because some study said you had to do it in order to please a woman”

In other words, women are not writing off men whose size doesn’t hit some random marker or largeness.

But if you’re truly anxious about your size and care so much about the contents of your underpants, there’s now a way to rid yourself of all your naked insecurities – easily and naturally…

How to “upsize your package” and give her riotously awesome orgasms…

While this is NOT the only way to get more size… it is the least expensive, the safest and one of the most well-documented strategies for sure.

And the really funny thing?

If you are sexually active now with a current partner, chances are she WILL notice a difference before you do. It’s pretty common for a woman to comment, for example… That something “feels different,” after a week or two of just the above. You may not SEE a difference yet, but she will FEEL one, and that’s a great sign, for sure!

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


PS: Quick Exercises To Increase Your Size “Down There”

To stimulate your member into holding more blood and increasing in size, a few little exercises can do the job very nicely.

Discover these exercises here…

Use these quick, simple exercises to spark RAPID member growth


Story time.

When I was a teenager, hundreds of years ago (at least that’s how it feels!), I was obsessed with trying to pack on muscle.

I wasn’t exactly a stick figure, but I was keen to get bigger.

Thing is, for a long time I was convinced it just wasn’t possible for me to gain muscle.

I’d seen other men successfully bulk up, but I thought they were just genetically gifted.

I didn’t think there was a hope in hell a relatively skinny person like me could do the same…

…and that my genes would keep me skinny permanently.

However, tired of making excuses, I decided to give it a shot anyway.

I looked up some programs and started lifting weights.

And you know what?

I DID start seeing results.

For the first time in my life, I started to see some muscle growth – and I was delighted.

So I kept going.

I put on more muscle, until one day I finally had a physique I was proud of.

Looking back, it’s pretty funny that I ever doubted my ability to do this.

Then again, most people experience similar doubts before they set out to achieve their goals.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well, for many men who want to increase their member size, the story is the same.

They’re downright convinced that they could never make a change.

But once they find the courage to try a more effective approach – the results can be AMAZING.

They’ll surprise themselves at how much they’re capable of, and realize they had the power to do it all along.

This is true for all areas of life – but today I’m talking in particular to those who want to increase their size “down there”, because there ARE approaches that really work.

But you won’t see changes unless you actually DO them.

If you don’t do them, or claim they don’t work without giving them a chance…

…let’s just say you’re a lot less likely to achieve the results you really want.

Here’s the bottom line, then:

Be brave.

Be bold.

And if you’re willing to try something new and want to find out more about how to increase your size, then check this out…

Simple exercises to quickly and naturally grow your member

Talk soon,



PS: 2 Simple Steps To Get Bigger “Down There” (VIDEO DEMO)

Forget weird drugs and pumps.

With this simple 2-step system, you can increase your member size naturally and safely.

By enhancing the “inside” characteristics of your manhood, you could be set for a major size increase on the outside.

See how this system delivers visible, long-lasting results here…

Use these 2 steps to naturally increase member growth


Puberty’s a weird time for young men.

Hair starts appearing in odd places… you take more notice of girls than you used to.

You’re beginning the transition from boy to man.

And your body starts to prepare you for mating – by growing your member.

Some new sensors develop in that part of the body, which then react with a set of complex biochecmicals – leading to “member growth”.

But this process isn’t the same for every man.

It halts much earlier in some men than others, leaving them with a newly developed member without the length and girth they’d really like.


It’s honestly important not to get too hung up on your current size, big or small.

For two main reasons:

Firstly, it’s not actually necessary to have a huge member for delivering deep sexual pleasure.

If he makes his lover feel sexually fulfilled, there’s no problem at all – that’s what makes him a great lover, not his size.

Even if not, it’s possible to do more with whatever you’ve been blessed with.

Using a variety of positions and angles can trigger new sensations of pleasure in her brain.

But just as importantly – your size isn’t set in stone should you suddenly stop growing.

That’s because it can be very easy to restart the growth process.

Here’s where the misconception lies.

Whilst your body might stop producing the right hormones that “open the floodgates” for those vital biochemicals to work their magic:

…your body hasn’t permanently lost the ability to produce those biochemicals.

And restarting this process could be just two simple steps away.

In just a few minutes, these steps can pump out a huge amount of growth chemicals, helping grown your member to your preferred length and girth.

What are these steps? Watch them being demonstrated in the link below:

Increase your member length and girth with these 2 simple steps

Talk soon,



PS: Makes her orgasm. Again (And AHH-gain!)

Did you know you could be losing your “sexual size” if you’re overweight, smoking, taking medication, or wearing tight underwear?

Yep, and the shocking part is that experts reckon that your manhood really can shrink by up to an INCH when any of the above applies to you.

Now I’m not telling you should hit the gym or get off those tight boxers or stop with your meds…

But what do you do if you have a small, unimpressive “member”?

Why, it’s knowing how to ENLARGE it back of course!

You see, a shrinking manhood is every guy’s nightmare.

You can watch in horror as your todger loses an inch for a variety of reasons… OR you can do something about it.

Here’s one suggestion:

First, understand that any safe, proven enlargement method comes down to a natural process (something that your own body will help you with)…

…without using surgery, pills, suction devices or weird contraptions.

In other words, this is a biology-based growth.

And this guide will help you kick-start your system into restarting the growth all the way back from your teenage years…

So that’s one.

Next, it will also boost your stamina and maintain your hardness. And for good reason, because it wouldn’t make sense having a huge “tool” but poor banging skills.

(You don’t ever want to be labeled as just a “bad lay with a very big schlong.)

Now, since growth is not reversible, I suggest you only use these techniques if you want impressive results…

You’ll soon feel how it’s like to be RENEWED below the belt as the cells in your manhood expand and repair as quickly as possible.

It means you get to enjoy better sex, more frequently.

Ready to surprise a girl with an impressively-sized “package”?

This super-sized unit makes her orgasm. Again… And AHH-gain…

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


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