30 Romance Tricks That Work Like Magic Review

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30 romancing tricks that will work like magic review


For most women, sex alone won’t give them maximum bedroom pleasure.

For the best results, they need ROMANCE – the emotions behind the sex that help them FEEL aroused, attracted and desperate to get physical with you.

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Let’s break down what men and women (generally) want from intimacy.

Men want sex – a rewarding, physically pleasurable experience that leaves them feeling like a king.

Women, by contrast, want to experience the EMOTION behind sex.

They want to feel attracted, aroused and excited by you.

Focusing on the sex ALONE is a mistake – and could mean a less mutually rewarding bedroom experience.

Now… if this sounds like you, don’t be too down on yourself.

It’s a very common mistake to make.


Because men and women think very differently about sex.

For men, simply feeling horny is enough to want a little action.

But – and here’s the key – women can be incredibly horny and still not want sex.

She wants to feel a little romance and attraction first.

If you can’t give her that, for a start she’s not going to crave as much sex with you in the first place.

More importantly, the quality of the sex you DO have won’t be as high…

…because she’s not in the best possible mindset.

How do you put her there?

By focussing on ROMANCE.

Look, if you’ve got some funky sex tricks that you know work – then by all means keep doing them.

But take a step back for a moment.

To make what you do PHYSICALLY in bed as effective as possible…

…you’ve got to know how to spark her feelings of attraction and arousal.

The next time you’re getting intimate with your wife (or girlfriend) – focus on igniting these feelings.

Find out what REALLY excites her sexually and do more of that.

You’re laying the foundations for more fulfilling, rewarding sex that leaves her RAVENOUS for your pleasure.

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Guys tend to make either of the following mistakes…

#1 – they do the same thing over and over again when it comes to dates, seduction and trying to get laid.


#2 – they try and reinvent the wheel, get stressed out because they can’t think of anything “new and exciting” to do, and then give up and accept a stale boring relationship.

Make sure you never make either of these mistakes.

The simple solution is to copy proven romance tricks.

I don’t know why us men like to choose either the lazy route (doing the same thing) or the hard route (trying to invent a new type of date altogether) – when there’s a sweet spot in the middle.

And that sweet spot is to do the easy thing – copy what works.

So cut yourself a break right now.

And help yourself to give your woman an incredible romantic experience like she hasn’t had in years by using any one of the following 30 romantic tricks…

Use these 30 romantic tricks to excite your woman (and get laid)

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30 Romance Tricks That Work Like Magic Review

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