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She’ll BEG To Be Your Fuck Toy…
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Hey there, Mike Haines here… 

Listen, I noticed you haven’t joined the rest of the crew inside The Friends With Benefits System yet… 

So right now, I’m going to answer the biggest questions I’ve been getting about the program so you know EXACTLY what you’ll be getting before you make your decision.  

First off… (in case you’ve been living under a rock)… let’s cover the basics: 


Q: What Is The Friends With Benefit System?  

A: It’s my new program which shows you how to make any girl attracted to you, get her chasing you, and get her begging to be your “no strings attached” fuck buddy. 

The FWB System is the only program that shows you, step-by-step, exactly how to get your own harem of gorgeous, young F–buddies, no matter your looks, age, race, or income. 

Q: Will The FWB System Work On “9s and 10s”? 

A: Yes, the FWB System works on the most BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, and it will get them to join your harem even if you’re average-looking or broke. 

Here’s why: 

The magic behind the system is something called the “approval instinct”. 

Basically, hot women crave approval more than anything else in life.

It’s their ultimate drug. 

And when you know how to flip on a girl’s approval seeking instinctshe automatically views you as the most important man in her life.

She’ll bend over backwards to please you and make you happy. 

And she’ll offer herself to you as your no-strings-attached fuck toy… for you to pound as often as you want in every position…

…because she wants you to approve of her and accept her, and she’ll go to any means necessary to make that happen.  

So yes — this will absolutely work on 9s and 10s because they’re the BIGGEST approval-junkies on the planet, so it’s literally DESIGNED to get girls like that hooked on you!  


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What Do FWB System Do Together Why FWB System Works


Q: Does this work during the daytime? 

A: This is a GREAT question. And the short answer YES.

Let me explain why… 

A lot of my earlier material (like the Domination Principle) was really meant to be used more in night game — clubs, bars, etc. 

However, when I started engaging more with the guys on this email list, it quickly became apparent that the VAST MAJORITY of you guys prefer day game.


I made absolutely sure to put a VERY STRONG EMPHASIS on day game in this program.

Everything in the system is FIELD TESTED by me personally, and works just as well in the daytime as at night. 

That means you can use these techniques:

– at the coffee shop 

– in the grocery store 

– on random women you see on the street 

Unlike the Domination Principle, the Friends With Benefit System is much more UNDER THE RADAR — you do NOT need to say anything overtly “sexual”, which means you can get away with using it even in the most sensitive situations. 

Additionally, there’s even an entire video devoted SPECIFICALLY to how to meet girls in the day and have “same day sex” with them!

(Of course, if you want to slow play it and just take her number and get her on a date, the Friends With Benefits Three Words System will show you exactly how to do that as well — including word for word texts that you can copy ’n’ paste) 

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Why FWB System Works What Do FWB System Do Together program


Q: Can I use the 3-word technique on hot girls I meet in the daytime to get them hitting on me for a change? 

YES — but with one caveat:

It won’t happen immediately.

The best way to use this is to open her with something innocent — like simply introducing yourself, or making some polite chit chat about the weather. 

You engage her in a little polite.. even somewhat “boring” conversation first. 

Then… you ask her a simple question, like “what do you do”, or “where do you live”.

And when she tells you the answer — THAT is when you hit her with the “3 word” technique.

These 3 words basically put her off balance. They’re NOT what she’s expecting to hear.

And although they’re completely innocent and non-offensive, they create a whirlwind of EMOTIONS inside her which gets her to start CHASING you.

Once she’s chasing, it’s very, very easy to take things to a sexual place.

(In many cases SHE’LL actually be the one hinting that you should go for a date or go home together…)

So yes, this will absolutely make girls hit on you for a change — because that’s literally what the 3-word Disorientator is engineered for.  

It’s about getting her to seek your approval and view you as a source of validation, so she’s the one pursuing you

Click here to learn how 

Does FWB Actually Work Mike Haines Review PDF Download program


Q: Does it work in languages other than English? 

A: I don’t speak any language other than English so to be entirely honest, I can’t answer this with any certainty.

HOWEVER, I have used this technique to sleep with girls from all over the world — some of whom didn’t speak much English — and it’s never been a problem. 

For example, the last 3 girls I’ve slept with / dated were Romanian, Belgian, and Malaysian — and I had absolutely no problem pulling them, so this system is PROVEN to work on girls from a wide range of cultures and ethnicities. 

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Q: What am I actually getting in the Friend With Benefits System?

A: You’ll get instant lifetime access to the private members website, where the “training videos” are hosted in high definition. 

These videos will walk you through the following topics…

Friends With Benefits Program — CORE SYSTEM Videos:  

      • The Psychology Of Making A Hot Girl Beg You To Be Her Fuck Buddy 
      • 7 Triggers Which Make Any Girl Chase You For Sex (So She’ll Make The First Move Every Time)… including my secret weapon, the 3-word “Disorienator”  
      • Secrets Of The Rejection-Proof Approach! 
      • Sexual Escalation Mastery: How To Get Her So Horny Her Panties Are Soaked After Just 30 Minutes Of Conversation! 
      • Same Day Sex: How To Get Her To Follow You Home!
      • Sex Tips That Make Her Cum Like A Volcano And Get Her Addicted To Your C0CK! 
      • How To Upgrade Her From “One Night Stand” Into Permanent Bang Buddy (Just Say THIS And She’ll Be Up For It Any Time, Day Or Night)
      • How To Manage Multiple Relationships Honestly And Ethically 
      • From Friends To Fuck Buddies: How To Get Your Female Friend Or Crush To BEG You For Sex 
      • Customized Approaches For Picking Up Any Girl In Any Situation, With Step-By-Step Action Plans For: (1) Bars and Clubs, (2) Daygame, (3) The Workplace 

And if you order before the deadline, you’ll also receive the following FAST ACTION BONUSES



Online Dating Domination: How To Get A Fuck Buddy Using Online Dating Sites And Apps (5 Full Text-By-Text Case Studies) 


“Two Girls, One You”: How To Find A Bisexual Girlfriend, So You Can Do Threesomes With Her Every Night  


Daddy’s Girl: How To Sleep With Women Half Your Age Without Spending Any Money On Them (Make Younger Women Love You For YOU)


The Need For Speed Quickstart Video: How To Get A Fuck Buddy TONIGHT, Step By Step (No Fluff, Just Straight To The Point) 


‘Done For You’ Texting: How To Turn Numbers In Your Phone Into Naked Babes In Your Bed


Doggystyle On The First Date: The Foolproof Formula For Fucking Any Girl On Your Very First Date


Boyfriend Assassin: Quick And Dirty Tips On Stealing A Girl From Her Boyfriend And Adding Her To Your Rotation Right Under Her Man’s Nose


Get Her Horny With Humor: How To Make Her Laugh All The Way To The Bedroom 

To get all these fast action bonuses, you MUST order before the deadline.  When the timer runs out, this bonus package expires and won’t be available ever again.

I don’t want you to miss out, Joseph! 

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Mike Haines Review PDF Download Does FWB Actually Work

Till next time, 

Mike Haines


3 Words That Make Any Girl Fuck


If you haven’t joined the Friend With Benefits System yet, here’s your VIP access link: 

==> The Friends With Benefits Mike Haines System: How To Turn Any Girl Into Your Fuck Buddy… And Get Your Own Harem Of Beautiful Women Who Worship You! 


The FWB System shows you how to turn any girl into your bang-buddy… just by saying 3 simple words to her which turn on her “approval seeking instinct” 

Benefits of having a FWB include: 

      • You can get sex as easily as ordering a pizza (you can just text your bang buddy “come over”, and 30 minutes later she’ll be sitting on your dick!)
      • When you’re getting laid regularly, it gives you a magnetically confident vibe which makes all the women in your life hit on you and flirt with you!  
      • This means if you can get one bang buddy, it becomes extremely easy to get more! 
      • You can build your own rotation of 3-5 hot young girls who love to have sex with you whenever you want with NO commitment or obligation on your part
      • You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your couch when you want to get laid!  
      • It truly is the “smart” way to get pussy, rather than the hard way 


So… are you ready to have your own harem? 

If so — you can learn how easy it is to build your own “friends with benefits” rotation HERE. 

==> HOW-TO VIDEO: How to make any hot girl BEG to be your fuck buddy… using just 3 little words that flip on her “approval seeking instinct”

What Do FWB System Do Together Why FWB System Works

Till Next Time…

Mike Haines



I’m happy to announce that YOU are invited to be part of the “test group” for the Friends With Benefit System! 

You can grab your VIP access link here:  


==> Friends With Benefit: Your Limited Time VIP Access Link!


Friends With Benefits Three Words Program is the first system ever made which shows you how to get a “sex harem” of hot girls who live to pleasure you. 

It will let you sleep with stunning girls no matter your looks, money, or age. 

(In fact, if you’re an older man, the system will actually make your age work to your advantage with these young hot chicks, for reasons you’ll understand if you watch THIS.) 

So… are you ready? 

Ready for more sex? 

More girls? 

More feminine energy in your life? 

If so, you know what the fuck to do! 


Here’s how the FWB System is going to work for you, starting TODAY: 

Step #1: Watch the introduction video and follow the instructions 

Step #2: Use the simple 3-word technique you learn to make the girl you want instantly horny to fuck and sexually addicted to you 

Step #3: Pound her out! (Don’t forget to give her a spank for me 😉 

Step #4: Repeat steps 1-3 on as many girls as you want… you now you have your own harem! 

So, let me ask you… 

How many girls do you want in your harem? 




It all starts with THIS:

==> 3 little words you can say to ANY girl which make her chase you for sex (even if she’s not attracted to you initially) 

Why FWB System Works What Do FWB System Do Together program

Make sure to click and grab your VIP access link ABOVE to the system now while it’s still up! 

Seize The Day,

Mike Haines.


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