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What’s In A Typical Erection Oil?


The exact ingredients vary from one manufacturer to another.

Some may contain amino acids, herbs, nutrients, and other natural ingredients.

What you should be looking for is a statement that confirms the product’s effectiveness and purity, and also information about the effectiveness of the transdermal delivery of the ingredients. (More on this later)

This is important because ingredients that don’t have the necessary components for transdermal delivery may not be effective at all.

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How Do Typical Erection Oils Compare With Viagra?


Actually, they both have very similar effects.

The major difference being that typical erection oils come in transdermal deliverable form, meaning they have to be applied to the genitals and absorbed into the body through the skin in the genital area.

So unlike Viagra pills, you don’t need to swallow anything.

One of the important benefits of transdermal delivery is that topical erection oils usually work much faster — within seconds actually — because there’s no delay in waiting for the pills to work their way through the digestive system into the bloodstream. The erection oil is absorbed through the skin right away.

The other major difference is that topical erection oils are composed of all natural ingredients, created with modern transdermal technology and botanicals that have been tried and tested over time.

And because it’s safe and all natural without any side effects, you can get erection oils easily and legally without a doctor’s prescription.

To sum it up, erection oils are more effective and far more affordable than Viagra pills. Check Out The Best Erection Lubricant

Are Topical Erection Oils Compatible With Condoms?


side effects does vig rx erection oil plus work ebay south africa walgreens for men This differs from one erection oil to another, as well as which type of condom you are planning to use.

The general consensus is that latex condoms should never be used with erection oils.

So if this is a major concern for you, you should probably look for water-based erection oils that do not contain any petroleum jelly or mineral oil.

And without a doubt, the best water-based erection oil in the market is VigRX Oil™

Will It Leave An Oily Or Greasy Residue?


Again, carefully check the specific ingredients and formula of each product.

A good water-based erection formula like VigRX Lube™ is immediately absorbed into the penis tissue without leaving any greasy or oily feeling or residue.

On the other hand, oil-based formulas tend to leave an oily greasy residue around the penis tissue, so make sure you read the product information very carefully.

Which Are The Best Safest Erection Oils To Use During Oral Sex?


Any erection oil WITHOUT any chemical, synthetic, petrochemical by-products, artificial colors, And/or perfumes or fragrances is normally safe to use for oral sex.

And VigRX Erection Oil™ is the industry erection lube leader when it comes to the above. It has a natural and neutral base with therapeutic ingredients that offer the most effective, safest, and most pleasurable experience with oral sex to date.

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How Do I Apply It?


how to use reviews forum video results How to apply vitamin shoppe vs maxoderm in india As a general precautionary rule, whenever you are applying any liquid or oil on sensitive parts of your body, it’s best to first test it out on a smaller scale first.

If there are no side effects after the test, then you can try massaging the erection oil all over your penis until your desired erection size and hardness is achieved.

When you first begin using this erection oil, we recommend that you masturbate with it for a while before using it during sexual intercourse.

This will give you enough time and practice to become more accustomed and comfortable with the amount of oil needed and the sexual sensation it produces.

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Can These Erection Oils Aggravate STDs?


Good question.

Erection oils are medically not recommended for people suffering from Herpes Simplex Virus disease or any other skin lesions or open sores around the genital area.

If you have any sexual health concerns, please check with your doctor first whether it’s appropriate to use the oil without aggravating the situation.

How Is This Different From An Oral Tablet?


The effects are similar in both cases, however, topical erection oils are designed to trigger an instant hard erection that stays hard throughout the sexual intercourse.

On the other hand, pills tend to have more long-term effects and are more focused on enhancing your overall sexual health, giving you lasting sexual benefits all the time you are having sex.

Erection oils are scientifically created to instantaneously permeate the deepest layers of your penile tissue and give you a noticeable harder erection within just 90 seconds.

With an erection oil, 95% of the therapeutic active ingredients are absorbed by the penile tissue, compared to roughly about 5-10% when you swallow a herbal pill or capsule.

These 2 products can be safely used concurrently without any conflicts at all; however, we feel and advise that it’s best to use an erection oil and a pill created by the same company since they can be designed to work seamlessly together to give you the best results.

 VigRX PLUS™ pills and VigRX Lube Oil™ are 2 such good examples – these two male enhancement products are not only created by the same reputable company with an established track record but they can also be used together safely and seamlessly with excellent results.

Will This Boost My Penile And Sexual Performance?


Most definitely.

You will most likely notice that your penis will become more harder, stronger, and rigid than usual, AND you’ll also be able to last a lot longer during sex, therefore, eliminating any chance of ejaculating prematurely.

Will This Erection Oil Increase The Size And Length Of My Penis?


Erection oils expand the veins and capillaries in your penis tissue.

This allows for an increase in blood flow into your penis making the penis a lot bigger than usual.

You will also notice that your erection feels a lot more powerful and looks larger in length, girth, and strength.

Although your penis will not actually grow in length and breadth from using this erection oil, it will reach and maintain its full-size capacity for a longer time. Check out


How Much Do Erection Oils Cost?


can vigrx plus and vig-rx oil be used together mos negative 2oz customer reviews gnc sell Typical erection oils are much cheaper than prescription pills.

But because good, effective erection oils like VigRX Lube Oil™ contain pure natural highly effective active ingredients, they do cost a little bit more than any regular lubricant.  

In general, they’re surprisingly cheap for all the value you’ll get.

Prices usually range from $40 to $150 per bottle.

Most reputable companies will offer a special discount if you order in larger quantities. VigRX Erection Oil™  being the best amongst them comes HIGHLY recommended with a discounted price of $49.95 USD per bottle.

What Type Of Guarantee Do I Get?


We always recommend that you never buy any product from a company that does NOT offer an iron-clad full money-back guarantee.

Before you purchase the product, you should first confirm that in case you don’t see a considerable increase in the hardness and size of your erections, or improved sexual performance, then you can freely return it and receive the full refund, no questions asked.

This is the type of guarantee that VigRX Oil™ has, and we honestly think it should be adopted as the industry standard.

Unfortunately, most companies don’t offer a guarantee as good as ours.

What Other Ways Can I Improve My Sexual Health?


Glad you asked.

There are plenty of ways to boost your sexual performance and confidence.

But of course, the first and best way to improve any aspect of your health is to first eradicate harmful habits like excessive drinking and smoking and giving yourself a healthier diet and exercising regularly.

While still working on the above aspects of healthy living, you can add one or two male enhancement supplements that can turbocharge your sexual performance, pleasure, and satisfaction.

Some of the supplements you may be interested in include: VigRX Delay Spray™Semenax™VigRX PLUS™, and GenF20™.

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VigRX OIL Review



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