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Ancient Magic Word to AROUSE Any Woman?


Unless you were born in 17th century Scotland, you won’t believe that an ordinary word today was a woman’s ultimate weakness back then.

This ancient magic word is said to have such a powerful effect when whispered into any woman’s ear…

That she becomes instantly aroused with a pressing need to orgasm.

The funny thing is, that word was ‘Abracadabra’…

And today, well, we just hear it from people who perform magic tricks.

But you know what?

Seduction is still the oldest game on the planet. And TODAY, the use of WORDS is still considered the single most powerful way to a woman’s heart (and between her legs).

In fact, researchers at Harvard found a breakthrough in studying the female brain. They found out that after all, women’s sex drive is no different than us men.

You just have to trigger her ‘sexual tripwire’… to render ANY woman powerless and open to all carnal lust.

And the best part?

She’ll have NO idea what you’re up to… and she’ll never think for a second that you’re already making her take off all her natural defenses just to be with you.

This phenomenal technique is called “The Override Effect”… and you will learn more about it in a second.

In the meantime…

I want to introduce you to my friend, Jessica J.

Jessica is one of today’s most sought-after sex, dating, and relationship coaches. In fact, she spent years of research and experimenting to master the use of language to help men get the women of their dreams.

And her program, “Speak to Spark Arousal” has my highest recommendations.

More important than that…

This program is designed to teach you exactly what to do if you’re stuck in these 3 situations:

* Friend-zoned for years…

* Lacking confidence and appeal in talking to women…

* Eyeing a lady you think is way out of your league…

You see, one of my life goals is to help men from all walks of life to gain, regain, and maintain masculine confidence, knowing they have what it takes to get and keep ANY woman they desire.

And when I heard about this program from Jessica… I can’t help but share it with you.

Now, remember…    

For women, WORDS are a direct line to the main core of her sexual arousal.

In other words, the more turned on she gets, the more she’ll lose herself in the process of satisfying her raw primal urges…

And you don’t even have to worry about the long courtship and dating game…

The Override Effect will change the way she sees you and say YES to anything.

Ready to discover more?

Get these secret words and language triggers to activate the “Override Effect”…

Note: It’s a pretty wild and crazy video story, so you’ll want to listen closely because there’s no rewind button.

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

Why “Good Girls” Make “Bad Decisions”


Have you ever wondered why female teachers sleep with their students…Even though they KNOW they’ll lose their jobs, 

 Go to jail,

And wind up the registered offenders’ list for life if they get caught?

Or why some women will sleep with the “toxic ex” they swore they’d never go back to, over and over again?

While others have affairs they know will ruin their lives as soon as they’re discovered?

These women aren’t stupid…

They’re not weak…

And these situations are far too common for us to chalk up to a few wild personalities.

In reality…

Both men and women make reckless, impulsive, and downright foolish decisions ‘in the heat of the moment’. 

And a new scientific discovery out of Harvard tells us why:

Discover what makes good girls reckless and impulsive here <==


In fact, some men are already taking advantage of this discovery to date and sleep with girls way out of their league.

Because the brain circuit that makes women risk everything for a quick thrill…

Is responsible for most “first-time encounters” with a new partner.

It’s called The Override Effect

And it literally shuts down the part of a woman’s brain that:

          – Makes sensible decisions

          – Cares about long-term consequences, and

          – Keeps her from taking risks

In other words, The Override Effect ‘releases the brakes’ from the powerful and primal urge to get a man inside her…

Til a girl’s willing to do ANYTHING to make that happen.

Here’s how to activate The Override Effect in a woman <======


If there’s one lesson to take away from this, it’s this:

Stop trying to CONVINCE a girl to be with you…

Stop trying to SHOW her what a great guy you are, in the hope she’ll choose you…

And stop getting upset when she hops into bed with a guy who has none of the qualities she says she wants.

She can’t help it.

Instead, do what thousands of guys around the world are doing to get the girls they really want:

Say things which TURN HER ON… 

And let this very powerful wiring drive her right into your bed.

Here’s how <==========


PS:  I don’t recommend you use these techniques to get a girl making decisions that will truly ‘ruin her life’. 

I’m simply using the above examples to show you the lengths women will go to give themselves to certain men. 

And to demonstrate the powerful and overwhelming influence The Override Effect has over a woman’s behavior.

Please use responsibly…

To level the playing field…

So a genuinely good guy like you stops losing out to the guy who’s going to use her and throw her away. 

Here’s that link again <==========


PS: Is This Stopping Her From Seeing You As More Than “Just Friends”?


The words we use have a huge impact on how women perceive us.

So you’ll be glad to hear there’s a shortcut to using effortlessly seductive language.

Discover a set of phrases that make you irresistibly attractive in her mind by following this link.

Secret phrases and language patterns to get her CRAVING sex with you


New dating trends pop up year after year.

There’s one new trend in particular that caught my attention recently.

It’s called “breadcrumbing” – and sadly, it’s showing little sign of going stale.

Basically, it’s a new way of stringing people along.

One example might be to drop a “how’s it going?” text and never intending to reply.

Or suggesting you should both go on a date sometime without ever committing to plans.

The whole point is to make the other person think they’ve still got a chance…

…when, in reality, they’re only keeping you around for the ego boost from your attention.

Has a girl ever done this to you?

Thankfully, this isn’t common with the women I’ve known.

But the existence of breadcrumbing confirms something I’ve long suspected:

Hoping that someone’s interested in you – and seeking their approval and validation – can get you jumping through hoops for them.

It’s a principle that can be easily applied to anyone’s dating life.

If you make your interest known too quickly, it can feel too easy for the woman.

There’s no “thrill of the chase”: she can’t get excited by the prospect of being with you.

But once she’s not sure one way or the other, that’s when her curiosity kicks in.

“Does he like me?”

“Is he like this with all the girls?”

The more she dwells on these questions, the stronger her curiosity about being your romantic partner gets.

And to answer those questions, she’ll have to make the effort… now she’s doing the chasing.

Of course, this doesn’t mean “breadcrumbing” someone without the intent to ever ask them out.

You should ONLY use this with people you’re genuinely attracted to.

But when you can build rapport with women – without giving the game away too soon…

…that’s when really powerful attraction and interest can develop.

Okay, enough from me.

One way to create this dynamic is by using the right words.

And there’s a set of phrases that can instantly spark her curiosity and get her hanging off your arm before you know it.

Check them out here:

Saying this gets gorgeous women chasing you

Talk soon,



PS: Pressing her warm, naked body against yours…

Do you sometimes feel that women giggle behind your back?

(Like they’re laughing at the most cringe-worthy things men do to get them…)

Do you lack that masculine confidence whenever a hot chick is around?

Or do you fumble with the right words to say without risking rejection (and that awkward silence)?

Strangely, if you pay attention enough, science is openly showing us what works like a charm in getting any woman to want to press her warm, naked body against yours…

See Here: The Hidden Sexual Tripwire In The Female Brain

You see, there are plenty of ways to “hint” to a woman that you want to sleep with her.

And seriously, there’s no need to try too hard in turning her on, especially if you’re just having a simple talk…

In fact, using the power of words is like trying new clothes.

You pick up a different style, try it on, and see how it looks in the mirror.

Does that jacket make you feel confident? Wanna try a bolder style? A different color?

In other words, this is how you mix-and-match different language patterns and words to radiate a calm confidence that women can’t resist.

And when you say those magic words at the right time and pace…

…you’ll easily spark her erotic imagination AND have her practically beg you to penetrate her.

As MIT professor, Dan Ariely puts it:

It “establishes a kind of tunnel-vision where the motivation to have sex overpowers other goals like sexual fulfillment”

And you’re about to discover all about it right here…

Words that YOU Speak To Spark Her Arousal And get her pussy slick with juices…

Just knowing you have these tools at your disposal will help you stay relaxed, be spontaneous, and turn women on any time, with almost effortless ease…

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


The “Snackman” Effect That Arouses Women?


When it comes to turning on a woman, you can pull out all the stops.

Give her a rub-down. Feed her fantasies. Make her feel special.

But what if you could get her “wet” in between her thighs – without even trying, or at least not trying too hard?

Here’s one way:

The Hidden “Sexual Tripwire” That Turns Any Woman On Instantly

It’s like the “Snackman effect”.

This psychological trick became infamous after a video went viral online, where two people fighting on a train were stopped by a man who simply walked between them.

Sounds crazy, but here’s the catch. The young man, who was aptly nicknamed Snackman, was… eating. You see, food has a calming effect on people. Without even realizing it, when people see others eating, they subconsciously become less aggressive.

And here’s where things get even more fascinating…

Did you know you can also create a Snackman effect that makes a woman let down her guard and unexpectedly but reliably… gets aroused by you?

As you’ll see in the first few seconds of this video, you’re going to discover how a simple move led to a girl reaching over to take a guy’s hand during a movie screening and slowly gliding it between her legs. And under her skirt, Clayton’s fingers sank into the soft wetness of her panties.

But the thing is, up till that point, this girl never saw Clayton anything more than a friend.

But earlier that evening, something changed her mind.

What was it?

What had Clayton said to change the way she saw him…

From the likeable “friend” she treated like a brother… to the man she literally couldn’t wait to get inside her?

It’s actually a simple “arousal hack” you can use on any woman you fancy – without even touching her. And once you set of this “sexual tripwire” in a woman, it awakens an all-consuming, primal lust in her so powerful, it overrides her rational mind to want you inside of her.

And by clicking the link below right now, you’ll get to see this secret “arousal hack” in action…

How To Get Her Aroused Quickly And Craving To Be Penetrated

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


Speak To Spark Arousal Review


How To Speak To Spark Her Arousal Review




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Sex & Relationship Expert, Marriage & Family Therapist at Level UP Seduction

Jessica J is a sex and relationship expert, licensed marriage and family therapist, and founder of Level Up Seduction. With over a decade of experience, she has helped countless individuals and couples improve their communication, deepen their intimacy, and enhance their sexual experiences. Jessica is a sought-after speaker and has been featured in numerous media outlets for her expertise in the field.

Jessica J has been featured in major publications such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Men's Health. She has also appeared on television and radio shows, including The Doctors and The Rachael Ray Show.