Semen Volume Pills Review

Semen Volume Pills Review increase sperm pills review do semen pills ingredients


Women Find This HOT (& It’s Not Your Size)


Here’s an honest truth:

Women love huge loads like bees love honey.

While your the size of your manhood has nothing to do with how much pleasure you give your woman, the size of your load does.

A small load or a weak dribble is a let down for women. It leaves them dissatisfied and craving for more.

==> And here’s you can blow massively impressive loads for her…

Look, there are several reasons why women LOVE a man who can blow a HUGE load:

* It’s very MANLY and it shows her you’re youthful, healthy and good ‘mating’ material

* It’s extremely exciting for her to see you let rip a massive load

* It makes her feel like she’s being rewarded for being a ‘good girl’

* It’s just plain NASTY (women love to ‘get nasty in the bedroom’)

The sad reality is that although women love a huge load, most men aren’t capable of giving their women one.

But not YOU…

==> If you take this Huge Load Formula pills…

Remember – women LOVE huge loads, but most men aren’t delivering ‘the goods’, so when you blow a huge one for her , you’ll stand out from all the other guys.

So go ahead:

==> Click here to order The Huge Load Formula Pills now

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Talk soon,

Taylor Snow


PS: Blow Massive Loads. The New Secret?


When it comes to sex, we guys are really an insecure bunch.

We’re always comparing ourselves to other men and wanting to do it better.

That’s true when it comes to the size of our manhood.

And it’s also true when it comes to our, well, our “come.”

Did you know the average guy produces about 3.7 ml of ejaculate, or roughly three-quarters of a teaspoonful?

(Don’t go borrowing none of the teaspoons from your office teaspoons to confirm at lunch though.)

Some guys want more than that, which is why they’re trying to “hack” their own semen production by way of a cocktail (pun intended) of methods. From urologists’ offices to message boards, men are seeking DIY solutions to enhance their “loads”.

So for those that really worry about this stuff, what can you do to, uh, “pump up the volume?”

This may be the best answer…

But what about women?

Do they really care about how much your blow and how far you shoot?

The simple truth? Women are impressed by powerful and voluminous release.

When a couple of them were asked the question, “Do women really enjoy sex when their shoots a huge load of cum or you’re just OK with the regular minimum quantity?”

One of the ladies quickly said:

“I can only speak frankly from my own sexual experience and not that of others, but I absolutely love it when my guy shoots massive amounts of semen! You see, I love pleasuring and satisfying him in bed and if he ends up spurting out a huge load of semen It subconsciously validates my efforts and makes me feel like I’ve done a good job of sexually pleasing him.

Another girl shared:

“I definitely love huge load. It somehow makes me feel like I’m good at sexually pleasing him in bed. It just seems more fun and dirty.”

So YES, most women love that you blow a HUGE load for her.

It excites them because it makes them feel pretty, sexy and DESIRED.

And the best way to blow impressively giant loads for the woman in your life?

The secret is in using these pills for increasing sperm volume…

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Not only will you impress her with the sudden increase in volume, you’ll even surprise yourself at the speed and effectiveness of this change.

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


PS: How To Be Confidently ROCKY “Inside Her”


Big, hard boners on cue? A fatter manhood that lasts for hours? And a huge “load” ready to explode?

Sounds a bit too much, even for most men.

But if you think you can handle it, and especially if you WANT it each time you get under the sheets with your woman, then get jiggy with this one:

Get fuller, super stiff boners that beat the clock (and shoot thicker loads of semen too)…

Now, a lot of times we have doubts and we mentally ask the wrong questions about our manhood…

Would I get stiff?

Would I go soft easily?

Would I be small and shrunken-looking “down there” and disappoint my woman?

But instead of getting so hung up and losing performance in the process, you should be asking yourself HOW you could make it.

I’ve asked myself that same question years ago…

And what I’ve found out to be true is that there can be slow and fast solutions, science-based and non-medical approaches, and even temporary and permanent methods.

But it doesn’t matter how you arrive at it as long as it works safely, right?

However, there is one approach that deliver fast results, naturally…

It’s a single application to get you a bigger and fatter “package”, increased load size, and fix penile fibrosis that will otherwise prevent you from “getting hard” for the rest your life…

Just one stroke and your dong will be swelling up to its FULL SIZE potential, ready to rock for 30 minutes or more…

Imagine feeling like a NEW man with a fully loaded AK-47 and not knowing what to do with it…

And just like that, she’ll not be able to believe her eyes… because you’ve grown bigger and thicker practically overnight.

So if you’re one who’s into safe and natural remedies… and if you desire to penetrate her with a pulsating boner that never fails… then this might be the best way to satiate her sexual hunger tonight:

How to be confidently ROCKY inside her…

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Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


PS: Why Women Love Facials (The Dirty Kind)

This is going to be controversial.

Because my subject line pre-supposes that all women LOVE facials.

(and not the kind she gets done at the beauty salon.)

Is that true? Do all women like that manly spurt on their face?

For the most part, there is no sure answer.

Some women love having their men plaster their juice on their face, and some don’t. It boils down to personal preference.

Also, it depends on WHO is jizzing on her (a guy committed to loving her, vs some random dude)

But for many women who like facials, they actually find it incredibly satisfying – as long as you don’t get your “man juice” into her eyes.

They enjoy being dominated. It really gets them going. In fact, it makes them happy knowing their men are happy.

But the honest truth is, besides facial, many women find it SUPER HOT to have “it” ANYWHERE on their bodies.

Plus, if you’re able to blow a massive load, like this…

… It will make her feel super sexy, naughty, attractive. It’s a HUGE turn on for her.

Imagine blowing loads so HUGE they completely drench your woman and make her feel totally satisfied at the end of every session.

Think you can’t do that?

I used to think so, too. I used to imagine that even with the right nutrition, a guy can only make a small improvement in the amount of load he can blow.

But I was wrong.

And this is what makes it so right:

==> How to shoot 10x BIGGER loads

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(and it also makes you stay hard, for longer. So, what’s not to love 😉

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


PS: 3 Ways To “Blow Bigger Loads”


I’ll admit it… this one cracks me up.

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but suddenly men were talking about the desire to shoot bigger loads of semen when they ejaculate.

I guess it’s obvious that porn has a lot to do with it, but for whatever reason, this topic appeared very suddenly–

So WHY would a guy want to blow bigger loads?  Well… I guess it’s basically a private issue, and who am I tell you what you should want… but the main reasons are:

1) It feels sexually powerful and dominant

2) The sensation of the emission and ejaculation of a larger volume is a powerful orgasm enhancer (translation:  it feels fantastic when you cum).

3) The belief that chicks dig it

But do they?

Well some definitely do, and some don’t, and most probably don’t care very much… but I was at a party not very long ago, and one of my female friends was complaining that her new boyfriend blew massive loads and that it was kind of gross… and another female friend who overhead ran over and said, “oh my God! Send him my way! That turns me on so much!”

So… there you go.

Anyway, if you wanna blow bigger load, check out these semen volume pills for increasing your ejaculation.

I have reviewed them and I will tell you that I just genuinely like them.  And the manufacturing company has a lot of integrity, and I trust that they’ll do you right.

If shooting bigger loads is something that turns you on, turns your woman on, or you’re just interested in trying out how much it enhances the pleasure of your orgasms, then you can grab his new program at an “introductory discount” of only 10 bucks… but only for 4 more days.

Check out more info on here “Sexual Explosion: How To Shoot Bigger Loads And Increase Ejaculation Pleasure!” by clicking here.


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For Passion,




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