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stripper shark review




DO NOT Talk To A Stripper…

…Until you read this first.

Because if you go into a strip club and do what 99% of the guys in there do…

The only wad you’ll be blowing that night is the fat roll of cash they pry from your hands.

Strip clubs are designed for one thing:

To separate as much money as possible from the customers…

And they achieve that by dangling scantily-clad beauties right in front of you.

The whole system is rigged against you, which is why you need your own set of tactics.

Tactics that not only let you hold onto your cash…

But walk outta there with virtually any dancer that you damn well please.

Secret Tactics Get You Any Stripper You Want

When you know how to work a strip club to get exactly what you want, there’s no better place to be.

You have a room full of the sexiest women in your city fighting for your attention…

Plus mad respect from every guy in there, secretly wishing he was you.

However, this will only remain a pipe dream for most men…

A fantasy they jerk off to but will never experience in reality.


Because they don’t know what to say to a stripper to flip the script and make her chase you.

It’s not their fault. Most men would never be able to figure out how to make that happen.

But my buddy Julian Foxx is not most men.

He’s spent years in strip clubs experimenting with every tactic, trick and technique to make strippers chase you for sex.

And he’s come up with “stripper lines” that work on every dancer.

You simply say one of these stripper lines depending on what you want…

Whether it’s her real name, her phone number, or for her to blow you at the end of the night…

And presto, these lines work like magic.

Discover These Magic “Stripper Lines” Here

Julian is opening up his treasure chest of stripper secrets and sharing the wealth.

That means you can discover exactly what he says — word-for-word — to sleep with whichever dancers he chooses.

Because this relies on deep psychological principles, when you apply the same techniques… you’ll get similar results yourself.

So if you’re a strip club regular and are already thinking about which dancer you’ll bang first…

Or you’re a strip club virgin who wants to open up a whole new world of sexual possibilities…

You can’t afford to miss these secrets Julian is sharing below:

Become The Man Strippers Chase For Sex

Julian Foxx dating academy system program pdf download for strippers

PS: Every Man’s Ultimate Fantasy (Two 3somes Last Weekend)



For many men, scoring a 3some is the holy grail of seduction.

And as much as they fantasize about getting to experience it…

It never seems to happen.

It remains just a fantasy, seemingly reserved for the rich and famous or the uber good looking.

I personally know guys who’ve been pursuing this for years, without a single success.

But I also have a friend who knows literally nothing about game or dating techniques or anything like that…

Who enjoyed not one, but TWO different threesomes last weekend.

Even more shocking, he did absolutely nothing to make it happen.

How’s that possible?

Well, he rents out his spare room on Airbnb.

And last week the woman renting his room was a stripper. She was new in town because she’d just scored a job at the club in his city.

On the third night they were having a few drinks and hooked up.

He couldn’t believe his luck and was thrilled with just that.

But that was only the start.

The next night she came home after her shift with another glamorous dancer from the club, and asked my buddy if he wanted to join them.

He said it was the single greatest night of his life…

Until the very next night, when she again came back home with a different girl!

Needless to say, he was pretty gutted when she found a permanent apartment and moved out.

Anyway, the point isn’t that you should sign up for Airbnb…

It’s that if you want to enjoy 3somes regularly with smoking hot women…

Without needing to do any work to make it happen…

The absolute best way is to get a stripper to do all the work for you by bringing other girls home to you.

And because the majority of strippers are bisexual and incredibly sexually adventurous, this is basically a given.

That’s why it’s really worth your time to watch this controversial video about how to sleep with virtually any stripper you want

Because once you seduce one stripper, you’ll be the guy that gets to enjoy crazy sex with multiple dancers from the same club.

And since this proven method relies on powerful psychological tactics…

It’ll work for you no matter what you look like, your age, or how much money you have.

Case in point, the guy who developed it is over 40, has red hair, and a small penis…

Certainly NOT the type of man you’d expect to have bedded over 100 strippers.

But because he knows this devastatingly effective secret, he takes his pick of girls whenever and wherever he feels like it.

Go check it out right now and use it to enjoy the same success with strippers immediately.

Seize the day,


Julian Foxx dating academy system program pdf download for stripping



Stripper Shark Review

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