Does Man Tea Rock Hard Formula Really Work?

My Best Friend’s Experience Using Man TeaDoes Man Tea Rock Hard Formula Really Work


One of my very best friends had, until recently, struggled with his ‘Performances in the Bedroom’ for quite some time.

We’re talking years here by the way (not weeks or months).

Now, my friend is approaching 40, and he’s tried a list of supplements as long as your arm to try and fix his somewhat embarrassing problems ‘Getting It Up’ and ‘Keeping It Up.’

After some persuasion, he agreed to try a packet of Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula.

My only instructions to him were:

“Take 2 teaspoons every day – as a tea, in your smoothies, or even sprinkled over your breakfast cereal or soup”

He agreed to give it a try…

…though, I could tell he wasn’t very hopeful (and, based on his past experiences with dozens of different supplements that provided him with little, if any, benefit – who could blame him?)

Anyhow, after 30 days, he wrote me an email with his results. They’d clearly surprised him – but they didn’t surprise me (because I’ve heard similar results from countless men, from all over the World).

The 2 big takeaways from his email detailing his experiences taking Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula were that:

– His Energy Levels went through-the-roof (he said that by his 4th week on Man Tea he was only drinking 1-2 cups of coffee a day, as opposed to a minimum of 8. And, he described his energy as being ‘steady, even and high all day long’ – something he said he hadn’t really experienced since his teenage years)

– His issues ‘Getting Hard and Staying Hard’ had simply gone. He said he could now ‘Get It Up’ very reliably – and was lasting 10-20 minutes during intercourse, every time

Powerful results, eh?

So does man tea really work?

Well, from my friend’s experience above it seems to work pretty well for him.

But seeing is believing, so I suggest you follow the link below and believe for yourself…

Click here to learn more about Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula

And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong


PS:  My Own  Experience With Man Tea ( Ridiculous Sexual Power )


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Right now, I’d like to share a quick experience with you – from my own sex-life – that highlights what Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula can do for you.

You see, I recently tried experimenting with DOUBLE the dose.

I am not saying you *should* do this.

I’m just telling you what I did! 🙂

Anyhow, I got into bed the other night, and my fiancee was already asleep. And, to be honest, I was pretty damn tired myself.


I couldn’t resist getting in real close behind her, and gripping her butt in my hand.


A couple minutes later, I find myself getting aroused – HARD as Steel – even though I’m tired-as-hell.

At that point, I could either roll over and go to sleep…

Or, lube her up and take a ride!!!

I chose the 2nd option.

Now, you might think it sounds TERRIBLE to lube her up – while she’s sleeping. But, remember:

Women love DOMINANT men. And, they love NAUGHTY S.E.X.

And, lubing your woman up in her sleep – is both dominant and naughty! 😉

So, that’s what I did (you can HATE me for it if you like – or,  you can try it for yourself 🙂

Of course, it didn’t take long for her to wake up. And, what proceeded was some AWESOME S.E.X…

Including me, at one point, standing up, f**king her senseless (holding her in mid-air), while she SCREAMS her way through an orgasm, saying:

“Oh My God Adam, you’re such a MAN!”

(Women tend to say things like that when you STAND UP, sweep them off their feet, and ravage them senseless).


I have no idea how long this lasted – other than, A LONG TIME.

And, I only chose to end it because she couldn’t take it anymore. After countless ORGASMS, and a real hard, deep pounding, she eventually begged me to ejaculate on her ASS.

Now that there was a proposition I couldn’t refuse.

So, I carry on screwing her from behind, and I feel it get to ‘that point’…

I pull point…

Jerk myself a few times, and UNLEASH HELL.

Now, here’s the thing…

genuinely meant to spray my load all over her butt. That was my intention.

However, the reality was that it went on her butt…

Her back…

Her neck…

And, her hair.

It was one heck of a POWERFUL ‘Cum-Shot.’

And, I believe my ‘double doses’ of Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula certainly helped to produce it!!! 😉

She was impressed, to say the least. Though, I’ll warn you now – good women like spunk everywhere (except in their hair!).

So does man tea rock hard formula really work?

Well, It did for me and chances are it will work pretty well for you too.

But don’t believe me, believe YOURSELF by…

…Getting some Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula at better than 50% OFF the usual price by clicking the link below…

Here’s the link

Does New Alpha Nutrition Rock Hard Formula Really Work












Talk soon,


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And yet, when subscribers tell me about their various ED related issues…

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Adam Armstrong Man Tea Go All Night Formula Reviews Rock Hard Ingredients

Talk soon,


Gets you penetrating her all night long?

A lot of guys do this harmless habit almost every night… but it turns women off faster than body odor.

What’s the act, you ask?

It’s when you have to pop a pill or rub yourself and “wait for 30 minutes” to get “hard” below the belt. Sure, it may look harmless, but most girls find it “unmanly”, especially for something that should come naturally to all guys. So if you’re ever caught in this situation, here’s one way to get out:

Stop “scheduling” your boners – do this instead to get spontaneously HARD…

You see, sometimes getting a respectable boner is quite tricky. 

Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not. And when it’s not there, most men fall into this trap of plotting their bedroom life on a calendar and let it decide when they can get some nookie.

This guy Nigel had the same problem. He used the blue pill for 3 years and it did work.

But do you know what he hated the most? 

It’s the lack of spontaneity. And trying to “schedule” his romp sessions around medication. Not to mention the dizziness and nausea it gave him and shooting his blood pressure out of whack.

Look, you may have a different case…

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Think of all that overwhelming power that will allow you to penetrate her all night long…

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man tea: rock-hard formula for sale Adam Armstrong Go All night formula ingredients results new alpha nutrition reviewman tea: rock-hard formula for sale Adam Armstrong Go All night formula ingredients

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


Does Man Tea Rock Hard Formula Really Work

Does Man Tea Really Work

Does New Alpha Nutrition Rock Hard Formula Really Work

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Does Man Tea Really Work Review

New Alpha Nutrition Rock Hard Formula Review


New Alpha Nutrition Go All Night Formula Ingredients

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Does Man Tea Go All Night Formula Really Work

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