Matt Cook Prostate Shrinking Machine Review

The Best Natural Prostate Shrinking Supplements That Have Me Peeing Like A Racehorse?

With Matt Cook and Dr. Ari Magill, MD


And I’m sleeping soundly through the night like a baby — no more getting up 3, 4, 5 times a night to pee…


Hello, I am Matt Cook, a men’s health researcher who has made a significant breakthrough in prostate health. I have discovered safe and proven remedies that, when used in a unique way, can lower prolactin and estrogen levels, which can inflame a man’s prostate.

Through my research, I have found that these remedies can act as an aromatase inhibitors, preventing the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

By doing so, men can maintain high levels of testosterone and low levels of estrogen, which reduces the risk of prostate problems and even provides a boost in the bedroom.

I have named this breakthrough the Prostate Shrinking Machine protocol, which offers numerous benefits to men beyond just shrinking their prostate.

Men who use this prostate therapy protocol may experience extra benefits in the bedroom, such as a higher libido and increased stamina.

If you’re interested, I have compiled a list of all the benefits men can experience using my FREE Best Doctor Prescribed Prostate Shrinker:

1. Helps lower estrogen and prolactin levels

This treatment option aids in the reduction of prolactin and estrogen levels in men, which are often elevated in those with inflamed and swollen prostates.

Failing to address these hormonal imbalances in a timely manner may potentially lead to prostate cancer.

Fortunately, by following this prostate shrinker protocol, men can begin the process of lowering their estrogen and prolactin levels from the comfort of their own homes.

This leads to a quick rapid relief from the symptoms associated with the enlarged prostate gland.

2. Can shrink the prostate

It is common for men to have a prostate gland the size of a lemon by the time they reach 50 years old, when it should ideally be the size of a walnut.

The best over the counter doctor prescribed prostate hormone drugs therapy free ebook pdf download

Fortunately, reducing estrogen and prolactin levels through the protocol typically results in the prostate gland returning to its normal size.

This implies that the inflammation associated with the prostate gland goes away, which is beneficial for men’s overall health.

3. May reduce the frequency of having to pee

Many men experience difficulty in completely emptying their bladder while urinating, which is a common symptom of prostate problems.

They may feel the need to urinate, but only a small amount of urine dribbles out.

However, with the help of the best supplements for shrinking an enlarged prostate, men can expect quicker relief and gradually improve their ability to empty their bladder fully, leading to a stronger and more consistent urine stream.

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4. Can improve sleep quality

Prostate inflammation can cause men to wake up multiple times during the night to urinate, which can have a detrimental impact on their overall health and even affect their sexual performance.

However, after following the Best Natural Prostate Shrinker Protocol, I have experienced significant improvements in my sleep patterns.

Natural prostate shrinking hormone drugs therapy protocol free ebook pdf download over the counter

Now, I seldom wake up during the night to use the bathroom, and as a result, I have more energy and stamina during the day.

5. Boosts most men’s libido

The remedies outlined in this protocol can boost a man’s sex drive, rekindling a level of desire akin to that of a teenager.

As a result, men may feel more sexually aroused and experience heightened libido.

My wife is ecstatic about the newfound passion I have for her. She compares it to the early stages of our relationship, where I’m always craving her.

This is absolutely true. Thanks to arguably the best over the counter prostate shrinker, my libido has surged, leading to a more fulfilling intimate life.

6. May lower the refractory period for men

The refractory period refers to the duration it takes for a man to achieve an erection after ejaculation.

By following this protocol, numerous men have reported the ability to achieve multiple erections in a single night, ranging from two to even three.

These natural prostate shrinking supplements have brought immense sexual satisfaction not only to the men but also to their significant others, who have expressed their delight.

The best doctor prescribed Natural Enlarged Prostate Inflammation Reducer Shrinker free ebook pdf download

7. Often reduces anxiety in men

One of the added benefits of arguably the Best Prostate Shrinker Natural Therapy is its ability to alleviate anxiety levels in men, thanks to the safe and scientifically proven remedies employed.

Therefore, if you are experiencing stress and anxiety due to work pressure, current events, personal relationships, or other factors, implementing this protocol may help to ease your worries and significantly lower your anxiety levels and promote a more relaxed state of mind.

I invite you to try out the best over the counter Prostate Shrinker and experience the benefits of improved prostate health, urinary flow, and uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.


Prostate Health Researcher


How To Shrink The Prostate Down At Home With The Best Natural Prostate Shrinker


Hello there, I am Matt Cook, a men’s health researcher, and I have some excellent news for men struggling with prostate problems.

Through listening to countless stories of men who have experienced prostate issues, I was able to find a solution that can provide relief quickly and naturally.

My research led me to the discovery that the key to developing the best and most effective supplements for shrinking prostate and reducing prostate problems is to decrease estrogen and prolactin levels in men.

I identified safe and trusted remedies and supplements for shrinking prostate that have been forgotten by many doctors but have been found to lower prolactin and estrogen levels effectively when used in a unique way.

These remedies are not only affordable but also have proven to be very effective in supporting men’s prostate health.

==> The amazing over the counter prostate glands shrinking machine for men

Moreover, these remedies work as aromatase inhibitors, which means they can prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, ultimately halting the increase of estrogen levels.

In addition to the benefits of improved prostate health, there are other significant advantages that men can enjoy from following my prostate shrinking relaxing diet supplements protocol.

One of the key benefits is an increase in libido and testosterone levels, leading to enhanced sexual performance that may not have been experienced in years.

Lowering prolactin levels is another critical element of this protocol, as it has been found to have a dramatic effect on men’s sexual abilities.

With lower levels of prolactin, men can engage in sexual activity multiple times in a single night, with some even reporting up to two or three times.

Moreover, a reduction in prolactin levels may also help reduce the occurrence of gynecomastia, commonly referred to as “man-boobs.” Thus, following this protocol may lead to a reduction in this condition, along with the other benefits mentioned above.

Men may also experience improved erectile function, sometimes to a significant degree. These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg, as there are numerous other advantages to this comprehensive approach.

Given the wide range of benefits, I have named this protocol the ProstateShrinking Machine. It is important to note that this solution goes beyond simply shrinking the prostate, as it addresses many other health concerns for men.

==> The best doctor prescribed prostate shrinker

As someone who is committed to helping men overcome prostate problems, I want every man to have access to this protocol. That is why I am making it available for free, so that everyone can experience relief from prostate symptoms and enjoy optimal prostate health.

Please note that my publisher has placed a limit on the number of free copies that can be distributed. As such, only the first 99 men who express interest will be able to receive this protocol at no cost.

If you have been dealing with prostate issues such as inflammation, urinary problems, or difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection, I urge you to try my Best Prostate Shrinker natural protocol.

I am confident that you will experience significant relief from these symptoms and see a marked improvement in your overall health and well-being.

Simply click the link below to get your FREE copy of the ProstateShrinking Machine Protocol…

The Best Supplements For Shrinking An Enlarged Prostate Glands – (And Follow The Instructions).

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to try out these prostate shrinking relaxing diet supplements and take control of your prostate health and start feeling better today.

Warm regards,



Shrink A Swollen Prostate With This Anti-Aromatization Method

Hey there, it’s Matt Cook, men’s health researcher, and I’m excited to share with you some information on prostate issues that you may not have heard of before.

==> This is why so many men are getting swollen prostates

One of the main causes of prostate problems is something called aromatization. This is when the body converts too much testosterone into estrogen, leading to a swollen prostate.

Unfortunately, the Big Pharma industry has misled men on this issue, by suggesting that prostate inflammation is only caused by male hormones like DHT and testosterone. But the truth is that too much estrogen is a major contributing factor.

In my research, I’ve found convincing evidence that prostate inflammation is primarily caused by high levels of estrogen, rather than male androgens like testosterone and DHT.

As men age, their estrogen levels tend to increase, leading to a higher risk of prostate issues. It’s not that we have too much testosterone, but rather too much estrogen and not enough testosterone.

Contrary to what many believe, prostates do not become inflamed from an excess of testosterone.

For instance, I’ve discovered that men with higher levels of testosterone tend to have smaller and healthier prostates, which leads to better sexual performance and improved urinary function.

The key is to slow down the process of aromatization, which is when the body converts too much testosterone into estrogen, leading to an enlarged prostate.

Fortunately, I have found a simple solution to slow down the aromatization process and quickly shrink the prostate back to its normal size.

Let me share with you how to prevent prostate swelling by slowing down aromatization:

==> This method stops aromatization and shrinks a swollen prostate




Beware The Prostate Treatments Making Weak Erections 5x More Likely


Hey there, It’s Matt Cook, Medical Researcher, and Men’s Health Expert.

As men age, their prostate glands often get enlarged.

This can cause problems like having to pee a lot at night and general discomfort.

There are two Rx treatments that are designed to treat the non-cancerous forms of prostate enlargement that are so common.

They are called Avodart (dutasteride) and Proscar (finasteride).

But although they do work to reduce discomfort and problems with prostate enlargement they can also cause problems with sexual function in men.

Natural prostate Shrinker over the counter shrinking hormone drugs therapy protocol free ebook pdf download

The first thing to know is that over half of men age 60 and up have symptoms of an enlarged prostate, so this is a really common problem.

And if you hit age 80, then your chances of prostate problems go up to about 90%.

So, this is a VERY common issue.

In addition to getting up a bunch of times at night to pee…

Prostate enlargement can cause a tough time starting urination or a weak or interrupted urine stream.

Some guys also have dribbling at the end of urination.

The thinking is that DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is what causes this problem.

So the treatments used to treat enlarged prostate work to suppress DHT.

Because finasteride and dutasteride do work to make prostate enlargement symptoms less severe, they are very popular.

But unlike what scientists first thought when they developed these treatments…

…DHT actually plays an important role in the body. Suppressing it can cause problems.

DHT is important to the development of the penis and testicles.

And when levels of DHT are blocked it can have a feminizing effect on men.

Men taking these treatments often complain of breast growth.

Personally, I love breasts on my partner, but don’t particularly want them myself.

But these DHT-suppressing treatments can also cause sexual dysfunction.

For Proscar:

The most commonly reported harmful reactions were closely related to sexual function. 3.7% (57 patients) treated with PROSCAR and 2.1% (32 patients) treated with placebo discontinued therapy as a result of adverse reactions related to sexual function, which are the most frequently reported adverse reactions…

For Advodart:

These adverse reactions may persist after treatment discontinuation. It is not known what role dutasteride plays in this persistence.

In a study done in 2017, they found that men taking these treatments for 200 or more days…

Were nearly 5 TIMES more likely to report persistent erection problems than those who don’t take these treatments!

And sometimes those effects seem PERMANENT.

That means that when you stop taking the treatments you MAY NOT get your sexual function back.

I think that’s terrifying!

Men who were exposed to 5a-RIs for a longer period of time had a higher risk of persistent ‘penile’ dysfunction (PED). In young men, the risk of PED was particularly elevated with longer exposure to finasteride, compared to other risk factors that were assessed.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take these prostate shrinking supplements and treatments. That’s something you have to work with your doctor on.

You have to decide if the risk is worth the payoff and I can’t answer that for you. All I can do is give you the most clinically accurate information as I can.

But if you have an enlarged prostate…

…it may be a good idea to try and get your prostate to shrink naturally before you take treatments that can cause poor erections.

Fortunately, there are effective methods to accomplish that.

Personally, I’m not going to take a treatment that blocks DHT.

It’s too important in male bodies for me to want to do that and I’m not willing to risk my sexual function for anything but my life.

I call my new protocol the Prostate Shrinking Machine

    • Completely NEW best over the counter prostate shrinker — yet shown to work in peer-reviewed studies
    • A proven remedy that has been ignored (on purpose?) by Big Pharma
    • Works for most men to reduce or eliminate pee problems almost immediately
    • Shrinks prostates over a few months — often to normal size
    • Improves sexual libido and may improve erections — makes men into studs who can come and then come again
    • These natural prostate shrinking supplements may also boost testosterone levels

Try Matt Cook’s Best Natural Prostate Shrinker Machine Today For FREE




Matt Cook Prostate Shrinking Machine Review

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Matthew Cook is an internationally respected medical researcher and sexual health and wellness expert who specializes in improving men's health, sexual wellness, and overall well-being through natural and evidence-based methods. He has assisted more than 600,000 men in reclaiming control over their health and virility.

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