Younger Women Dating Older Men

Tips For Older Men Dating Younger Women (Do’s and Don’ts)
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Like the idea of dating younger women? 

I don’t blame you.

You might already realize that attracting younger women isn’t quite the same as attracting middle-aged or older women. 

You see, younger women lose interest quite FAST, and if you want to still keep them interested in you, you have to exceedingly UP your game and have a solid tight game plan. 

This is a very much needed skill that almost every man out there never learns in his lifetime, which is why only a few guys can effortlessly attract hot younger women, particularly those men who have passed the age of 30.

But don’t worry cuz I got your back – get your notepad and pen out.


* First, Understand Her Needs

No matter what age group or culture they belong to, all guys (men and women alike) are all driven by the same emotional needs: safety, significance  and variety.

However, younger women tend to value different needs than they do as they get older. 

Young women have had less “life” under their belts and are therefore more adventurous. This means that their needs for variety and significance are more important than safety and security, with significance being the top need.

The big difference when it comes to younger women is that their sense of importance is mostly drawn from their sense of independence, which can sometimes cause them to resist men who are clingy and needy.

If you want to keep a young woman interested in you, you don’t have to be interesting or rich or even attractive (although they do help). Instead, keeping a young woman interested in you has more to do with understanding and meeting her needs than it does with your personality. 

So how can you appeal to her needs for variety and significance and still keep her interested in you?

Glad you asked.
* First, Keep Her Guessing
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If there’s one thing that has been true when it comes to attracting with younger women, it’s this:

Predictable equals boring, which equals unattractive. 

This doesn’t mean that you act like schizophrenic.

What it does mean is that you should keep from being predictable in your communication, in your behaviors and in your level of “interest” in her. 

Do you know how a younger woman always keeps you guessing about her interest in you?

Well, do the same in all your interactions with her, and she’ll curiously stay interested in you just for the challenge of it. 

This will fulfill her need for variety.

* Second, Ditch the Neediness

Neediness is not manly and communicates to a young woman that you are weak. Younger women usually see this as a threat to their sense of personal significance and independence. 

older man dating younger woman 60 year old man dating 20 year old what do younger men thinkNot to mention that it significantly decreases your social worth and value while putting her in a position of power…

(And trust me, nothing is less appealing and attractive than a dude who is being overpowered by a woman).



Here are 2 of the best tried and proven ways to eliminate neediness: 

1) Have Your Own Life

Do some things that have nothing to do with her, and commit yourself to them – hobbies, your work or some other kind of ambition.

This will keep your woman from feeling smothered and will go a long way in showing her that you are a man of great value and a prize to be won.

2) Have An Abundance Mindset
Thinking that you have to have “her” or that any single woman is “the one” is death to yourself confidence.

If by any chance she ends up losing interest in you (or if you even remotely suspect that she is), she’ll smell the desperation and neediness on you like a shark smells blood.

Nothing is more unnatractive to a woman than neediness because it communicates weakness and suggests that you don’t have the strength to fulfill their need for safety. 

So no matter how badly you want to be with this woman, remember that needing and wanting are two completely different things. And if things between you two don’t work out, another woman will readily come along. 

The more you begin to internalize and believe that, the easier it will be for you to pick and keep any woman’s interest. 

Now, I had earlier mentioned that most women test men to see if they qualify to date them. If you have no clue how to pass these tests, you’ll have much fewer options in your dating life.

We’ll be talking about how to handle these tests in the next email, so look out for it.

In the meantime, you should go to “Ageless Dating Program – The Younger Women Dating Older Men Guide” now to check out how you can add some spark to your love life.

Stay strong,

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In this short post, I’m going to reveal to you 17 words that make a younger women feel powerful attraction for you between her legs…

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So get ready for the “killer line” that I had mentioned earlier… 

Let’s say you’re chatting to a hot girl who is obviously way younger than you. 

In this situation, most men your age would probably feel uncomfortable.

They’re most likely thinking to themselves, “This young chick is probably thinking I’m some weird old creepy dude…”

But not you. 

What you’re going to do instead is… turn the tables on the whole “age gap” thing. 

You don’t ever give her the chance to ask you about your age. 

Instead, as you’re chatting to her, you say “So let me guess you’re around… hmmm… I would say, 31 years old.” 

But here’s the key:

You’re going to make this “guess” based on how old you REALLY think she is… and then ADD seven years. 

If she looks to be around the age of 21, you’ll tell her that she looks 28.

If she looks to be around 30 years old, you’ll tell her she looks 37.

(You get the idea…) 

So now, she’ll respond with something similar to, “Oh my God do you think I look like a 37-year-old? I’m only 30.”

(Women become hyper-sensitive about their age, and ho “old” they look, once they get into their mid-twenties… and this sensitivity lasts for the rest of their lives…)

To this, you will answer: 

(and here are those 17 words I promised…)
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“Really? That’s too bad, because I swore off dating women who are under the age of _____.”

(You fill in the “blank” with the age that you told her when you “guessed” her age.)

And then you say: 

“But you do look very mature for someone your age… so I guess it’s probably OK for me to chill out with you for a minute… Let me just ask you one more question.”

(And then, you ask her one of the “Hypothetical Questions” that is taught in the “Secrets Of Older Men Dating Younger Women”…)


This is an incredibly powerful psychological “mind fuck” tactic that puts you in total control with a younger woman.

Why does this tactic work like magic? There are three main reasons: 

#1. You’re “eliminating the age gap.”

If she was thinking that maybe you’re too old for her, you’ve just instantly turned the tables. Now SHE is thinking that she is too young for YOU!

#2. You can follow up by explaining WHY you “swore off dating women her age.”

This is how you make her feel the need to PROVE herself to YOU.

When she asks you, “Tell me. Why do you avoid dating women my age?” 

Then you can use the follow-up tactics in the “Secrets Of Dating Younger Women” program, which shows you how to totally control the whole conversation and make her uncontrollably horny for you, step by step…


#3. You are saying something she does NOT expect.

A smoking hot younger woman has guys hitting on her all the time.

And these guys are all going to try the same approach, and probably say the same things. 

Nothing they say is ORIGINAL.

And this is where you will stand out… and GET the girl instead of getting rejected!

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Happy hunting 😉 


Taylor Snow  


Younger Women Dating Older Men

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