New Alpha Nutrition Alpha Strength Review

She Came So HARD She Almost Passed Out…
(My Personal Experience With Alpha Strength)
New Alpha Nutrition Go All Night Formula Ingredients


I couldn’t believe it…

When I took just ONE capsule of the New Alpha Nutrition Alpha Strength, and then took my wife to the bedroom – I screwed her so GOOD… and made her CUM so HARD… she almost passed out!

More on that in a second. First, an important reminder:

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Read carefully…

In today’s post I’d like to share my personal experiences using Alpha Strength.

Here goes…

Remember that I’m only 35 years YOUNG! 😉

So, although I had quite severe ED when I was younger – it was definitely caused by Psychological reasons (including a massive lack of confidence). However, I’ve not suffered with any performance issues for YEARS.

With that in mind, you might be wondering if Alpha Strength would even benefit someone like me?

Well, here’s the thing…

I’ve tested a lot of supplements over the years, many of which claim to give men better performance in bed. Unfortunately, most of them don’t do anything .

However, some really do work, and Alpha Strength is the best I’ve ever tried! Period.

On the first day of taking Alpha Strength I noticed a big increase in my DESIRE. Within about 45 minutes of taking just ONE Capsule – I felt the urge to ‘get it on’…

And, it was that kind of URGE that just won’t go away, until you get what you want! (meaning: dripping WET pussy)…

So… I put my Mrs over my shoulder, carried her to the bedroom, threw her down on the bed… and, in addition to Alpha Strength making me highly aroused

…I also found it made me very VERY hard …

Which made my wife extremely WET, and desperate to feel me inside her…

Man Tea Rock Hard Formula ReviewNaturally, I gave her what she wanted…

Fucking her in a ton of different positions, causing her to CUM uncontrollably HARD, and so many times she said afterwards that she “felt like I was going to pass out”

Now, here’s what’s really interesting…

10 minutes after I’ve “blown my load” – and she’s caught her breath – she’s back at it BEGGING me to screw her again!

And, even better

I was still feeling incredible desire… and had no problem ‘getting it up’ again, and going for ‘round 2’

And, you know what?

These incredible gains in performance only got stronger as I upped the dose to 2… then 3… and finally 4 capsules a day…

Leading to some of the best sex my wife and I have ever had!


In the end, I realised that I couldn’t keep having sex 2-3 times a night and not getting to sleep until 2 or 3am, then getting up at 6am (because it started to negatively effect my training at the gym, and my productivity at work!).

So, great while it lasted, but then I had to scale back my dose, and get back to reality (and back to 8 hours sleep a night).

The truth is that 4 capsules of Alpha Strength is too much for me (at least at this point in my life).

I mean, sure, if I didn’t have a business to run, and could literally just lounge around the house all day and have sex every 3 hours, then “YES” – I’d do 4 capsules daily! 😉

But, in reality…

I have a business, family, responsibilities and so on…

So, 4 capsules of Alpha Strength was WAY TOO MUCH for me… it just turned me into a HORN DOG.

The wife loved it (because women love a man with an insatiable sex-drive and a hard throbbing cock), but. .. I had to scale it back.

Right now, I take 1 capsule every 2-3 days.

I feel this gives me a boost in terms of sex-drive, hardness, and also in the gym… I’m breaking personal bests in all my strength training exercises. And, outside the gym my energy is HIGHER too.

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Bottom line?

– Alpha Strength is very VERY Powerful

– It’ll boost your Free Testosterone, Nitric Oxide Production, and Blood Flow “down there” – giving you better sex-drive and much harder erections

– For me, at 35 year YOUNG and pretty HEALTHY – 4 Capsules a day is too much (unless I decide to become a porn star 😉

If you’re 40+ and suffering from less than optimal Sexual Performance – give Alpha Strength a try … because it’s highly likely somewhere between 1-4 capsules a day is going to give you much STRONGER performance in bed!

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Seize the day

Taylor Snow

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New Alpha Nutrition Rock Hard Formula Review And Ingredients


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– You can read the full story behind Alpha Strength – including the detailed Science behind how it works – HERE

– Alpha Strength is a unique, safe and natural supplement, for men who want regular “Morning Wood,” higher sex-drive and harder, more reliable erections

– It is made up of 9 powerful nutrients – including herbs, minerals, vitamins and amino acids – ALL of which are backed by Modern Western Medical Science

– The 9 nutrients are all powerful on their own, yet considerably more potent and powerful when combined in the exact ratios you’ll get in Alpha Strength

– Alpha Strength is a capsule based product – because some of the ingredients are so bitter, it’d be impossible to consume them daily without retching! (Yet, in convenient capsule format, you just take 1-4 capsules a day, with water, and it’s all done in just a few seconds, and without any unpleasant taste 🙂

– In the near 5 years The New Alpha (the company who produce Alpha Strength) have been selling supplements to help men improve their Sexual Performance

– they’ve never tested, or created, anything as powerful as Alpha Strength… and, so far, it’s the FASTEST selling supplement they’ve ever launched…

The only question is:

When will YOU grab a bottle?

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Seize the day

Taylor Snow

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New Alpha Nutrition Alpha Strength Review


Man Tea Rock Hard Formula Review

New Alpha Nutrition Rock Hard Formula Review

New Alpha Nutrition Recharge

New Alpha Nutrition Go All Night Formula Ingredients

New Alpha Nutrition Reviews

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