Ideal Male Labs Most Wanted Man Cologne Reviews

Most Wanted Man Cologne – Makes Any Woman Desperate To Sleep with YOU


What if there was a way to make ANY woman DESPERATE to sleep with you…

Even if she’s ‘way above your pay grade or league’…

Even if it’s your wife of 30 years, who hasn’t truly wanted SEX for the past 10 years…

Guess what?

That ‘thing’… the ‘thing’ that can ‘get your laid’ in ways that’d make a Rock Star Jealous… EXISTS.

It’s called The Most Wanted Man Cologne, and it’s the Brainchild of one of my very best friends… Dating Coach Wes Armstrong, Owner Of ideal male labs.

He’ll tell you ALL about this crazy attraction cologne on THIS page

I highly recommend you click HERE now and take advantage while you still can

Talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

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Check some real customer testimonials below…

Customer Reviews…

If you want a top-notch crazy attraction cologne that smells amazing and lasts for hours, look no further than this product! Its distinct warm, spicy, and velvety fragrance creates the perfect atmosphere for a romantic evening. Even though I purchased it without smelling it first, I am impressed by the quality, and I believe it’s worth the price. My wife adores the aroma and can’t seem to get enough of it or me, which is a bonus! Tim Wyatt, Seattle, USA

I took a chance on this fragrance without ever smelling it before, based solely on positive reviews. And I’m glad I did because it has quickly become my favorite cologne. It has a noticeable presence without being too overpowering, and I typically get 6-8 hours of wear from just two sprays. I will definitely be purchasing it again. Corey Hall, Miami, USA

Hands Downs The Easiest Way to ‘Get Laid’ (for Single and Married Guys)


If you’ve not yet tried Most Wanted Man Spray Cologne, know this…

It’ll get you more “bedroom fun” than a Rock Star. It’s the easiest way to experience more ‘Action’ with red-hot women.​​​​​​​

No joke.​​​​​​​

All you do is spray this powerful Pheromone Spray on your wrists and neck, then interact with women as usual. And “YES” – it’ll work on your long-term girlfriend, or wife (even if she’s been disinterested for years).​​​​​​​


This Secret Seduction Spray makes you insanely attractive to women. It’s so powerful it’s almost immoral. Almost. ;)​​​​​​​

Anyhow, if you’re skeptical, I get it…​​​​​​​

So, here’s your chance to grab some HERE.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​>> Grab a bottle now, try it and see for yourself :)​​​​​​​

And, I’ll talk to you soon

​​​​​​​Your friend,​​​​​​

Taylor Snow Romance

P.S. On THIS page, my buddy, Dating Coach Wes Armstrong – the Owner Of “The Ideal Man Labs” AND  creator of this amazing ideal male labs cologne – tells you all about it and how to get your hands on some, so you don’t have to endure a miserable ‘dry spell’ – with only your right hand for ‘company’


What To Do If She’s Never “In the Mood” (Makes Her Legs OPEN For You)


If you’re in a relationship with a woman unless it’s early days and you’re still in “The Honeymoon Period”…

You’ve probably had her say things to you like:

“I’m not in the mood tonight”


“It’s not you, it’s me. I’m just not feeling sexual right now”

Now, if you’re not careful, these excuses can become a regular, if not DAILY, occurrence…

And, before you know it, you’re experiencing LESS ‘action in the bedroom’ than you did when you were SINGLE!

All of which is highly FRUSTRATING…

And can easily lead to resentment and awkwardness OUTSIDE of the bedroom, in other areas of your relationship.

Now, take a second to:

Imagine If Your Woman Was ALWAYS “In The Mood” for You – Ready to “Get It On” Whenever You Wanted…

That’d be pretty cool, right?

A LONG-TERM relationship where you could ‘get laid’ whenever you wanted – and enjoy FREQUENT sexual activity (just like you probably had when you first met your woman)

IF that was the case, you’d:

      • Be much healthier(because Science has proven that people who have REGULAR SEX are, on average, much healthier… perhaps the saying should be “An Orgasm a Day Keeps The Doctor Away!” 🙂
      • Have a much better relationship with your woman OUTSIDE of the bedroom(because women are way nicer to be around, and way less bitchy and moany and whiny and demanding when they are sexually satisfied) 
      • Get to experience ‘bedroom fun’ whenever you wanted it (meaning: no more sexual frustration… and no more having to resort to watching ‘online videos’ to ‘get your rocks off’)


The idea that your woman could be ‘in the mood’ for you all the time, once your in a long-term relationship, is BS, right?


How to Make Your Woman Hot, Wet and Horny for You Day & Night, in 5 Simple Steps…

  • Treat her right OUTSIDE of the bedroom– laying a foundation of TRUST and RESPECT (also: show her appreciation. And readily support her whenever she needs it)
  • Build an emotional connection with her(do this by being a good listener, and sharing your feelings with her)
  • When the SEX happens, make sure it’s good! Give her Multiple Orgasms every time and she’ll keep wanting more (remember this: ORGASMS = FEMALE SEX-DRIVE)
  • After SEX, do the ‘pillow talk’ thing(don’t just roll over straight away and go to sleep straight away)
  • Use this Secret Seduction Spray to “POWER UP” your Pheromones and make yourself irresistibly attractive to your woman (and every woman you come into contact with)
  • An “Unfair Advantage” Over All The Other Guys, When it Comes to Approaching Hot Women & Getting Conversations Flowing…


The Most Wanted Man Secret Seduction Spray is The World’s Most Powerful Pheromone Spray…

For guys who want to be irresistibly attractive to hot women…

…so attractive in fact, that women can’t keep their hands off them!.

Most Wanted Man Secret Seduction Spray is a Powerful Blend of 7 Highly Concentrated Human Sex Hormones…

It comes in a ridiculously sleek, and discreet black bottle…

And, all you do to use it, is this:

 – Spray twice on your neck

 – Spray twice on each wrist

Now go interact with women as usual.

That’s it.

Don’t change anything else.

Just be YOU, and let the Pheromones work their Magic!

WARNING: Use this “Ideal Male Labs Cologne” with Caution…

Before you get all too eager and excited, I need to CAUTION you…

Secret Seduction Spray will make you MAGNETICALLY ATTRACTIVE to women…

However, if you already have a woman, I’m suggesting you use the Spray to make your sex-life much better!

I’m not suggesting you use it to CHEAT on your woman!

Just know that when you wear it, you’ll turn female heads, and get their attention everywhere you go…

Be it at the gym, in bars & nightclubs, at restaurants & coffee shops, at work, or even walking down the street…

It really doesn’t matter…

Women will WANT YOU when you’re wearing the spray. Period. Full Stop. The end.

Key Point:

So long as you’re wearing Secret Seduction Spray, you’ll be magnetically attractive to women. They’ll want to SLEEP with you. So, be careful whenever you put it on, okay?

In case you’re wondering why it’s a good idea to ‘stock up’ on this Secret Seduction Ideal Male Labs Cologne, there are 2 reasons:

  • It’s so easy-to-use, and so effective at helping you overcome Approach Anxiety, and fearlessly get talking to HOT, BEAUTIFUL women, that’ll you’ll be PISSED if you come to re-order and find out that I’m out of stock(this happens, because it’s not always easy to get a hold of the ingredients for Secret Seduction Spray in the QUALITY and POTENCY that I demand for you)


>> Click here for all the details

And, we’ll talk soon…

Your Wingman,

Taylor Snow Romance

PS: This Is Personal…

Quite a few guys have emailed me to ask if I use ‘The Most Wanted Man Perfume Spray.’

The answer is…

“YES,” sometimes I do.

Here’s what I find…

Although my fiancee and I already have a lot of ‘action’ in the bedroom – when I wear THIS Secret Seduction Spray

…we have more.

There’s definitely something about the spray that TURNS HER ON.

For instance, the other day I was wearing the spray while doing some work in my office. She came into my office, to ask if I wanted some lunch.

And, while I certainly was hungry… it wasn’t a cheese sandwich I was ‘eating’ a couple of minutes later! 😉

So yeah…

The Most Wanted Man Spray works.

It makes you more ATTRACTIVE to women. 

It makes women want to have SEX with you all the time.

Click HERE to find out how to get a bottle

And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Wes Armstrong

Money & Status Makes Girl-Getting Easy (But THIS Makes it Even Easier)


99% of Dating coaches are afraid to tell you the truth about money and status.

Almost always they say:

“Money doesn’t matter if you have Game.”

And it’s true…

In the sense that money and status alone won’t turn you from a geek into an international playboy.

But here’s the truth:

Money and status are AMPLIFIERS.

Meaning whatever you’ve got going on, they broadcast it to the world even stronger.

If you’re already a high-value man who’s got his shit together – now it’ll be even more obvious.

What’s more:

Calibration is a crucial element of Game.

But not just in the way you’ve been led to believe.

Having dough or doing well for yourself shows you’re calibrated to the world we live in.

It shows you’re resourceful.

And resourcefulness is attractive.

It’s directly linked to your ability to survive.

So if you’ve got money and status, you have a much higher chance than other men.

Which triggers girls’ primal attraction.

Now there’s a case to be made if you should develop your girl skills first…

Or if you should figure out the moolah before that.

I say, why not both?

You don’t have to wait.

If you pick up girls while increasing your money and status, you’ll have real, tangible proof right in front of your eyes.

Whereas if you lock yourself up in a dark room and do nothing but work…

One year later you’ll probably have more money, but your social skills and status will be nowhere to be found.

So you’ll have to start from scratch.

Now I have to admit:

Money may be harder to figure out than Game.

(That’s another reason why I don’t want you to wait.)

But there is a cheat code to triggering girls’ primal attraction even if you don’t have boatloads of cash yet.

And it’s a completely natural trigger.

In fact…

It stacks the odds MUCH more in your favor than competing on money and status ever will.

Because you don’t have to put in any real effort.

All you gotta do is follow the instructions at the link below:

=> money and status makes girl-getting easy (but THIS makes it even easier)

Until next time…

Your Wingman,

Taylor Snow Romance



P.S.  Long story short in case you’re a ‘scroller’:

Money and status are amplifiers.

If you’re already a high-value male, they’ll only make it even MORE obvious.

If you’re not, nothing will change.

BUT – there’s one thing that’s faster to do than developing your pickup skills or becoming wealthy…

And it requires barely any effort.

Yet still gets girls because it triggers their primal attraction.

Click here for the details.



Ideal Male Labs Most Wanted Man Cologne Reviews

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