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Russia Aims Nuke At USA?
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Could Americans be without power – as early as next week?

I’m talking no electricity.

Zero air conditioning.

Zero phones.

Zero internet.

That’s what the CIA now warns… if Putin acts on his newest threat.

And I’m not talking about nukes, either.

Yes – we know the Soviets have missiles pointed at America.

But this new threat?

It’s something else… something just as terrifying.

In fact…

My blood ran cold when I saw where and how they plan to attack America.

If CIA predictions are true…

The USA could plunge into total darkness – in just days from now.

No town, city, or state will be safe.

And your neighbors?

They could turn into cruel bandits who’ll steal from you or even kill to survive.

Now, Government officials are urging Americans to prepare for the worst.

Find out how to survive this deadly and urgent threat now.

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PS: Are Severe Blackouts On The Way?


Hurricane Ian was a monster, but there’s one thing the media has been quiet about:

Did you know that 391,000 homes were without power… for more than 5 days after the storm?

If you ask me, that’s 5 days too long.

Yet, severe weather is still the #1 cause of prolonged blackouts…

And many Americans don’t have a plan to restore their power when it hits.

Luckily, one brave patriot has taken matters into his own hands…

And he’s revealed a simple “tweak” to your circuit breaker to restore your power — in less than a minute.

He just shared the tweak in a jaw-dropping report that’s going viral

But don’t wait to watch it… chances are it could be ripped offline at any moment.

So visit the link below to learn this tweak step-by-step:

⇒ How To Restore Your Power After A Blackout In Less Than A Minute

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Power Bill Too High? Try This Simple DIY Dark Age Defense Power Plan



Back in December 2015 my buddy Ryan and his family found themselves trapped in the most frightening situation they’d ever faced.

The day started off calm. Almost serene, like any other winter Mississippi day, until that evening the local news reported warnings of torrential down- pours closing in.

In most cases, these downpours didn’t last long.

So Ryan thought nothing of it.

But this wasn’t like other downpours. And for the next few hours rain battered their house with the ferocity of a lion trapped in a corner.

Just a few miles away, the Mississippi River, engorged from the extra water, burst its banks and flooded the surrounding area.

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Hundreds of power lines that delivered necessary power to local homes came crashing down.

Roads were blocked.

And that night, Ryan, his wife, and two daughters were plunged into darkness with no help or opportunity to get away.

Thankfully, Ryan and his family made it through in one piece.

But that moment left Ryan feeling sheer inadequacy and hopelessness against nature.

That’s why he spent the next few years searching for an alternative power source.

A power source that’s easy to build and can be put together from cheap raw materials you can find in your local hardware store.

And for the past 3 years, Ryan has been using his unusual DIY power source to not just power his entire home off the grid, but also save thousands in electrical bills.

Today, Ryan is kind enough to share his exact blueprint for making your own DIY power plan.

Pick up Ryan’s DIY Power plan and save..

It’s the same power plan that over 17,000 people have used to successfully weather through the recent hurricanes, snowstorms, and floods.

Try this cheap and easy-to-build power plan today

US Gov’t Thanksgiving Warning


Hi there…

A recent poll revealed the unthinkable.

1 in 4 Americans are forced to skip Thanksgiving this season.


Because of skyrocketing inflation and lack of job security.

To make matters worse, the U.S. gov’t just revealed that 20-pound turkeys will be in short supply.

But of all the warnings, this one is by far the most chilling.

According to a report from our Secretary of Defense…

A once-in-a-lifespan event is coming.

And it could cripple our entire country, sending us back to the dark ages.

What’s worse, this event was predicted many years ago.

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Make no mistake.

This is unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

No one is safe.

If you value the safety of your loved ones, watch this brief presentation.

And prepare for the worst.

This may be the last shot you have to protect your family.


Solar Storm Horror to Hit USA?

 September 1, 1859…

The last time a natural disaster of this magnitude hit America…

A solar storm unlike anything anybody had ever seen before…

The sun released a terrifying flair…

With roughly the same energy as 10billion atomic bombs…

It rained destruction upon America…

Sparks flew from electricity wires…

Telegraph stations burst into flames…

The operators received agonizing shocks.

But this was years before modern technology.

What would happen if a similar event were to happen nowadays?

Well, we might actually not have to even wait that long to really find out…

You see, the sun is just completing its 11 year-long solar cycle…

And it’s at breaking point…

According to NASA, a “machine-gun” like solar storm is set to batter the earth any day…

Estimates say this could cause catastrophic blackouts across America…

I don’t mean flickering lights for a few minutes…

These crippling blackouts could last for 5 to 10 years…

And cause the entire country to come to a grinding halt…

Grocery stores shutting their doors… Hospitals closing down… Internet and cellphone lines becoming completely useless…

Yet the mainstream media hasn’t said a peep about this…

Probably because they don’t want a repeat of grocery stores being cleared during the lockdowns.

That’s why I’m writing this message to warn you.

One brave patriot has created a short report that reveals every detail of the upcoming disaster…

And he’s even uncovered how gov’t officials are protecting themselves and their families…

Watch his short report if you want to use their secret…

Solar storm horror to hit USA

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WW2 Vets Would’ve Feared This


This is Tom Manjak…

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A veteran of WW2 and Korea.

He flew around 188 deadly combat missions in P51s and P47s.

And accomplished his 100th battle mission before his 21st birthday.

Tom was the ultimate badass.

But not even he could protect us from the colossal threat that’s on its way.

An event that will completely sink the U.S. — like when the proverbial iceberg sunk the renowned Titanic.

As you’ve probably noticed, no news station is covering it.

Yet everyone is at risk.

And while the media is busy controlling the narrative, keeping us in the dark from the truth

Countless lives are going to be at risk once this event reaches us.

If you love your country and want to protect your loved ones…

I suggest you watch this brief video.

It explains what this event is, how it will affect us, and what you can do to THRIVE once it arrives.

Share this presentation with those you care about.

It could be their last hope.

And you could be saving countless lives in the process.


How Americans Are Using This To Survive


I think we both know the current situation is looking kinda hairy.

So how are those with means preparing?

Maybe you think they’re planning on heading underground.

Or that they’re going into orbit until things cool down.

But it turns out they aren’t doing either.

They’re relying on something stranger.

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The odd part is, you and I can both do it too.

It involves something you can grab by the counter at the gas station. 

For about a quarter.

But it could help you and your loved ones when it’s needed.

Yet the gov’t isn’t sharing it.

Actually, the sole reason I know about it is because of a report we aren’t supposed to see.

Their odd technique

Holding A Tiny Nikola Tesla Technology In The Palm of Your Hands?

As gas at the pump soars to new highs, so too does gas theft.
Ordinary folks are simply filling up and driving off in broad day-
light, with no intention to pay.

These folks could be your friends, colleagues or even your neigh-

Imagine your neighbors turn on you and come for your resources
– your food, your water, and who knows what else.

It’s times like these when a plan comes in handy.

One man from New Mexico has taken this into his own hands and
devised a tiny, homemade piece of energy tech that may help you out of a pickle.

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It’s strong enough to power a whole house and go completely off-

All while being small and lightweight to pack in a rucksack at the
drop of a hat.

According to some unconfirmed reports, it uses technology in-
spired by Nikola Tesla and has caught the eye of the U.S. gov’t.
The following brief video highlights the tech in full.

But quick, this footage may be pulled at any time given the inter-
est from certain official bodies.

Tesla-inspired energy tech in action


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