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Russia Aims Nuke At USA?



Could Americans be without power – as early as next week?

I’m talking no electricity.

Zero air conditioning.

Zero phones.

Zero internet.

That’s what the CIA now warns… if Putin acts on his newest threat.

And I’m not talking about nukes, either.

Yes – we know the Soviets have missiles pointed at America.

But this new threat?

It’s something else… something just as terrifying.

In fact…

My blood ran cold when I saw where and how they plan to attack America.

If CIA predictions are true…

The USA could plunge into total darkness – in just days from now.

No town, city, or state will be safe.

And your neighbors?

They could turn into cruel bandits who’ll steal from you or even kill to survive.

Now, Government officials are urging Americans to prepare for the worst.

Find out how to survive this deadly and urgent threat now.

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US Gov’t Thanksgiving Warning


Hi there…

A recent poll revealed the unthinkable.

1 in 4 Americans are forced to skip Thanksgiving this season.


Because of skyrocketing inflation and lack of job security.

To make matters worse, the U.S. gov’t just revealed that 20-pound turkeys will be in short supply.

But of all the warnings, this one is by far the most chilling.

According to a report from our Secretary of Defense…

A once-in-a-lifespan event is coming.

And it could cripple our entire country, sending us back to the dark ages.

What’s worse, this event was predicted many years ago.

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Make no mistake.

This is unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

No one is safe.

If you value the safety of your loved ones, watch this brief presentation.

And prepare for the worst.

This may be the last shot you have to protect your family.


WW2 Vets Would’ve Feared This


This is Tom Manjak…

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A veteran of WW2 and Korea.

He flew around 188 deadly combat missions in P51s and P47s.

And accomplished his 100th battle mission before his 21st birthday.

Tom was the ultimate badass.

But not even he could protect us from the colossal threat that’s on its way.

An event that will completely sink the U.S. — like when the proverbial iceberg sunk the renowned Titanic.

As you’ve probably noticed, no news station is covering it.

Yet everyone is at risk.

And while the media is busy controlling the narrative, keeping us in the dark from the truth

Countless lives are going to be at risk once this event reaches us.

If you love your country and want to protect your loved ones…

I suggest you watch this brief video.

It explains what this event is, how it will affect us, and what you can do to THRIVE once it arrives.

Share this presentation with those you care about.

It could be their last hope.

And you could be saving countless lives in the process.


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