Urgent Male Assist Review by Matt Cook

These Urgent Male Assist Drops Increase Your Penile Blood Flow & Boost ERECTIONS

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With Matt Cook and Dr. Ari Magill, MD


You can’t enjoy a thick, pulsating hard-on – and all the sexual benefits that brings – if your blood pressure isn’t high enough.

That’s a fact.

And it’s also a fact that getting your blood pumping doesn’t require expensive, dangerous drugs.

There’s a simple method that improves penile blood flow practically overnight…

…and helps you produce higher-quality, more durable erections with ease.

Here’s the lowdown on how this Urgent Male Assist works… 

How to naturally boost your blood pressure and enjoy MASSIVE ERECTIONS


The world’s biggest dam, the Kariba Dam in Zimbabwe, holds back a staggering 185 billion cubic meters of water.

I can’t even begin to comprehend what that amount of liquid looks like.

“Alright, Jack, that’s cool and all, but can you please elaborate on how this engineering lesson is relevant to addressing ED?”

Well, think of it like this.

For thousands of men suffering from softer and less durable hard-ons than they’d like, their own bodies are the equivalent of the Kariba Dam.

These men have more than enough blood available to produce the most engorged, rock-solid hard-ons of their lives.

But if you AREN’T able to do this – then something’s holding all that blood back.

You’ve got the blood itself, but it’s not being sent where it needs to be at anything like the right speed or volume.

That “something” is a lack of blood PRESSURE to make it go anywhere.

And it’s a problem very few men know how to address and unleash their maximum erectile potential.

It’s not even a conscious thing.

Time and time again, they’ll unwittingly make the same simple mistakes that keep their blood pressure too low…

…for the erectile process to run as smoothly as possible.

Unsure of the real reason for their problems, these men begin to blame THEMSELVES.

They think there’s no hope of increasing their blood pressure without resorting to dangerous and expensive ED drugs.

I going to be really candid and straightforward with you here:

If you’ve ever used, or are tempted to use, these drugs… STOP.

Easier said than done, I know. 

But it doesn’t have to be this dangerous and difficult to see improvements.

Instead, there’s a completely NATURAL method to tap into your “blood reservoir”, and boost your blood pressure…

…and pump it into your member for ridiculously firm, solid hard-ons.

See how to start using it by reading here:

Get RAGING hard-ons by increasing your blood pressure (naturally)

Talk soon,


#1 Way to Improve Circulation (and Blood Flow ‘Down There’)


To get ROCK-HARD, reliable erections – you need good CIRCULATION.

That’s a medically proven FACT.

You see, good circulation leads to good Blood Flow. And, a fully hard erection can only happen when blood flows freely to your cock!

====>> So, bad circulation = bad blood flow, which = weak erections.

Make sense?


Now, let me show you the #1 way to improve circulation and blood flow…

Contrast Showers.

You get in the shower and make the water HOT for a minute. As hot as you can stand (though not so hot you burn).

Then you go as COLD as you can stand for 30 seconds.

Repeat 3-5 times.

It’s an EASY, and highly effective technique.

And, once you get used to it – the COLD water feels great. It’s highly invigorating.

I do this after my morning workout, always ending with COLD water. (Improves recovery after exercise you see).

Of course, there are many other ways to improve circulation and blood flow, and get better erections.

And, my friend Matt Cook does a great job of explaining 14 of them in this free report.

The report is called:

The Top 14 Foods and Supplements Promoting Blood Flow ‘Down There’

And, I highly recommend you pick up a copy, right now, by clicking here

Talk soon…

Adam Armstrong

Doctor is naturally helping men’s blood flow

His patients aren’t taking anything to get rocky anymore…

Dr. Magill here, and if you’re a man who’s been struggling with poor sexual health…

Then you’ve probably noticed the dirty little secret that Big Pharma doesn’t want other men to know…

For countless men, Big Pharma’s so-called cures do not work.

Oh sure, they may work for a little while…

…but in the end, they stop working for 1,000s and 1,000s of guys, and the man ends up back at square one.

Impotent and desperate.

It turns out there’s 1 very good reason that ALL of these “solutions” ultimately fail men…

But first, let’s look at the top 5 solutions that guys are trying — and failing — to save their male health with.

    1. Treatments like little blue guys use chemicals to force penile stiffness…and they also come with some pretty bad side effects that can make sexual performance even worse.
    2. Penis injections are similar to little blue guys, except that the chemicals are shot directly into the penis. This produces almost instantaneous firmness that lasts about an hour. However, injections do not solve the real reason for rockiness problems…and they are VERY painful.
    3. Penile implants involve placing a surgical device inside the penis that forces mechanical stiffness. There are a lot of risks involved, including infection and internal erosion. And some men have trouble orgasming or feeling pleasure with an implant. Plus, this implant never addresses the root cause
    4. Testosterone treatments are often given to men in the form of capsules, patches, gels, or injections. The idea is that if you raise testosterone, firmness will improve. However, the problem with this is that the “fake” medical testosterone you get from the doctor gets turned into estrogen in a man’s body. And estrogen causes inflammation, which makes the real cause even worse. Some men will want and need testosterone injections — check with your doctor on this.
    5. Nitric oxide-promoting compounds including l-arginine and l-citrulline are the darlings of the “male enhancement” industry, and guess what? They not only don’t work, they aren’t healthy either… Nitric oxide promotes aging, increases leakiness of blood vessels, and increases cancer risk…

So what is the real cause of penile firmness problems, and why are Big Pharma’s solutions failing so many men?

As you know, it all has to do with bad blood flow…

Urgent Male Assist Review Blood Flow Supplements For Erectile Dysfunction Men's Health

The male member needs wide open veins and arteries to supply it with plenty of blood because without blood it can’t get engorged.

That’s why I think strong, healthy blood flow is one of the most important things for a man’s sexual health.

And that’s why in my opinion NONE of these conventional solutions help…

Because I don’t think a single one of them actually does ANYTHING to help increase a man’s blood flow.

Here’s how you can tell if blood flow is a problem


–Dr. Ari Magill, MD

Board Certified Physician

Men – 2.6 times more blood flow to the male organ

Men: Getting 2.6 times more blood flow “down there”:

Boost Blood Flow Men's Health Supplements Urgent Male Assist Reviews For Erectile Dysfunction Better Erections









The male member contains tiny arteries that are as thin as a human hair, that all have to be wide open, in order to be a full man.

If these tiny arteries are wide open, performance is automatic as it was when you were a teenager.

If the arteries are closed and clogged, however — which is the case for most guys 45+ — it can seem impossible to get fully rigid.

Fortunately, my good friend and leading health researcher Matt Cook just wrote a brand new free report showing you the top 14 foods and supplements to boost blood flow down there, and he’s giving it away for free for the rest of the day today. Get yours in just a few seconds here:

==> The Top 14 foods and supplements that RAISE blood flow 2.6 times MORE down there (use these daily)

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

P.S. Thousands of men today have got this report and are seizing the day. Download your report instantly here…

P.P.S Health researcher Matt Cook reports a man today said, “Good afternoon Matt my name is Chuck, and have found your emails to be very interesting and informational so keep them coming to have a good day, and thank you very much.

Note. I am 63 years old and in good health, Inactive sexually, except with my left hand. Planning on changing that with a new 35-year-old beautiful Vixen woman. We shall see.”

Matt says he hopes you get the report here that Chuck enjoyed so much.

3 Simple Ways to Improve Blood Flow ‘Down There’ (and a CHALLENGE)

I’ve got a CHALLENGE for you 😉

A challenge that’ll benefit you. Big time.

Here it is…

In this email I’m going to show you 3 very simple, yet highly effective ways to improve blood flow ‘down there’ – helping you to get HARDER, more reliable boners.

The challenge is to do these 3 simple things EVERY DAY for 30 days.

I’m willing to bet that if you do these 3 simple things every day, for 30 days – your circulation, and blood flow, will improve…

And, you’ll be enjoying much better erections! 🙂

Here they are:

3 Simple Ways to Improve Blood Flow, and Circulation, ‘Down There’

1. Take a Contrast Shower Daily

Turn the water HOT for 60 seconds, followed by 45 seconds cold.

Repeat for 3-6 rounds in total.

Very simple, and a very powerful way to improve circulation.

Invigorating too!

I take a Contrast Shower after every workout – because they also help with RECOVERY.



2. Eat 3-5 Portions of Green Veggies a Day


Because green vegetables are a very powerful circulation booster. And, green plant food is also a powerful BLOOD BUILDER – which is likely a very good thing for your erection quality.

Here’s an EASY way to get 3-5 portions of greens in your system every day…

Juice a cucumber, a few sticks of celery, and a couple handfuls of spinach.


Job done.

Chuck an apple or two in if you wanna sweeten the taste.

3. Do Some Rocking

Rocking is a fantastic exercise that I learned from my friends at Original Strength.

I’ve done some Rocking every day now, for about 5 years!!!

It really opens up your hips, and improves circulation ‘down there’ too. Has a bunch of other health benefits as well – but I’ll let you read the Original Strength book to discover those.

For now, just know that:

Rocking = looser, more mobile hips


Looser, more mobile hips = better erections due to better blood flow ‘down there’

Here’s how you rock:

Get on the floor on your hands on knees. Have your hands directly under your shoulders, and your knees a little wider than your hips

Look straight ahead, and keep your back flat throughout the exercise

Keeping your arms STRAIGHT at all times, rock forwards until about 80% of your weight is on your hands


Rock backwards until your backside touches your heels (or, go as low as you can while maintaining a flat back)

Of course, you can play around with how wide you have your knees. And, over time – you’ll get more flexible and mobile.

As a minimum, do:

– 1 set of 20 reps each day

Even better would be:

– 3 sets of 20 reps throughout the day


– Do what I do, and do a set of 10-20 reps throughout the day.

Typically I’ll do one when I get up in the morning, and one in the evening, close to bed time.

Then, I’ll rock in-between sets of heavy resistance exercises when I’m working out, as well as whenever I’ve been sat down for an hour or so.

This way I can rack up 100 or more reps, every day, without even trying!!! 😉

I’ve done literally THOUSANDS of reps of rocking in the past few years…

Is it a coincidence my sexual power is stronger than ever?

Heck no!

The Rocking plays a big part 😉

So there you have it – the 30 day challenge. Give it a try and see how you get on.

And, importantly:

To learn more about how to improve ‘blood flow’ and circulation ‘down there’ – so you can experience much better erections – CLICK HERE NOW

And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

Matt Cook Urgent Male Assist Review By Ideal Male Labs

Board Certified Doctor | Men's Health & Sexual Wellness Expert at Ideal Male Lab

Dr. Ari Magill MD is a board-certified physician and Chief Medical Officer at Ideal Male Laboratories, a company committed to providing the safest and most effective supplements and solutions for men using the highest quality ingredients.

Dr. Magill brings to Ideal Male Lab a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of men's health, and his work has been instrumental in helping the company develop innovative products that promote optimal health and wellness in men.

Medical Researcher & Sexual Wellness Expert at Ideal Male Lab & Male Health Cures

Matthew Cook is an internationally respected medical researcher and sexual health and wellness expert who specializes in improving men's health, sexual wellness, and overall well-being through natural and evidence-based methods. He has assisted more than 600,000 men in reclaiming control over their health and virility.

Matt's medical research findings have proven to be highly effective, to the point where ABC News has featured him in an interview, and he has been quoted on over 2 million websites.