SwinggCat – Dating Coach, Relationship Expert And Master Seducer

Josh Lubens, better known by his pseudonym Swinggcat, is a renowned dating and seduction coach, author, and speaker.

He is the founder of Real World Seduction, a company that offers coaching, courses, and events designed to help men improve their dating and seduction skills.

Swinggcat’s journey to becoming a dating and seduction coach began in the early 2000s when he decided to take control of his dating life. He began studying various dating and seduction techniques and experimenting with different approaches to meeting and attracting women. Through years of trial and error, Swinggcat developed a unique and highly effective approach to dating and seduction that has since gained him a reputation as one of the most influential figures in the community.

Swinggcat’s teachings are based on the concept of “prizing,” which involves positioning oneself as a high-value individual in the eyes of the opposite sex. He teaches men how to create a compelling personal identity that attracts women naturally, as opposed to relying on manipulative techniques or “pickup lines.”

Swinggcat has authored several popular dating and seduction books, including “Real World Seduction” and “Real World Seduction 2.0,” which have received critical acclaim for their innovative and effective techniques. He has also been featured in major media outlets, including CNN, Maxim, and Playboy.

Swinggcat’s coaching and training programs have helped thousands of men around the world improve their dating and seduction skills and achieve greater success in their romantic lives. His practical, results-oriented approach has earned him a loyal following among men seeking to enhance their relationships with women.