Susan Bratton – Dating, Relationship & Intimacy Expert


Susan Bratton is a celebrated advocate and champion of intimacy and passion, offering practical solutions for individuals and couples seeking to deepen their connection and pleasure in life.

As the co-founder and CEO of two corporations, Personal Life Media and The20 LLC, she has dedicated her career to helping people achieve greater satisfaction and fulfillment in their love lives.

One of the key features of Susan’s approach is her emphasis on communication. She believes that many relationship problems stem from a lack of clear and effective communication between partners and that building effective communication skills can help to resolve many of these issues.

Her books and programs focus on practical tools and techniques for communicating openly and honestly, deepening trust and intimacy, and reigniting passion and desire in the bedroom.

Another important aspect of Susan’s work is her focus on sexual health and wellness. Through her company, The20 LLC, she offers a range of organic and botanical products and supplements designed to promote healthy sexual function and enhance sexual vitality and pleasure, including libido botanicals, blood flow supplements, and sexual energy bars.

She also offers sensuous body butters to help couples connect on a deeper level and enjoy more fulfilling intimacy.

Susan’s work is grounded in personal experience, having gone through her own struggles with intimacy and sexuality in her marriage. Her journey to reignite her own passion and connection with her husband led her to develop a range of tools and techniques that she now shares with others through her books, programs, and online resources.

Susan’s expertise has garnered her widespread recognition, with features in the New York Times and appearances on CNBC, the TODAY show, and numerous other media outlets. Her popular podcast, The Susan Bratton Show, can be found on, while her personal insights and reflections are shared on Instagram under the handle @susanbratton.

For those seeking to enhance their sexual wellness, Susan’s supplements FLOW and DESIRE are available at, providing a natural and healthy way to ignite passion and desire in the bedroom.

Susan’s straight-talking, fearless approach is grounded in personal experience, having watched her own sex life wither while she and her husband pursued demanding careers.

Their commitment to revive their love life and keep their family together led to the development of online programs that have since helped countless couples around the world.

Through her company, Personal Life Media, which she founded in 2006, Susan has authored and published over 44 books and programs, including bestsellers such as Relationship Magic, Revive Her Drive, The Steamy Sex Ed®️ Video Collection, and Sexual Soulmates: The Six Essentials for Connected Sex.

Her heart-connected lovemaking techniques and bedroom communication skills and expertise have helped over 1,250,000 lovers around the world to overcome their intimacy and relationship challenges, inspiring hope and providing practical solutions for a more fulfilling love life.

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