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The Gambler Dating Coach & Relationship Expert In Stealth Dating Attraction & Seduction Techniques

Richard La Ruina, also known as Gambler, is an internationally renowned relationship expert and coach who rapidly established himself as a dating guru and pick-up artist in the UK market by utilizing his adept marketing and PR abilities.

His reputation as a guru in the attraction and seduction niche was further boosted by the publication the Amazon best seller:  THE NATURAL Book: How to Effortlessly Attract the Women You Want

His real name is Richard Poingdestre Sloan, born in Cambridge Britain on July 07, 1980. He is 6″0 tall and is currently a dating coach and author, and Pick Up Artist (PUA)

As the founder of PUA Training in 2007, he established the company in the UK’s seduction market, albeit relatively late compared to its counterparts. However, PUA Training swiftly gained popularity and recognition, becoming the most well-known and sought-after coaching company in female attraction and seduction.

Presently, it stands as the largest European dating coaching company and has been rapidly expanding its global outreach, with operations in cities across South America, Asia, and North America.

According to Gambler, he was unsuccessful with women and had not even experienced his first kiss until the age of 21. He knows firsthand that rejection can be a painful experience, and acknowledges the challenges of dating.

However, after reading “The Game” in 2005, Gambler delved into the world of dating advice. He started flirting with the idea that one can acquire the skills necessary to meet, attract, and date the women they desire.

He was influenced also by various pick-up schools, including Speed Seduction by Ross Jeffries, Mystery Method, and Real Social Dynamics. Although he initially relied on scripts and routines, he later embraced a more spontaneous approach, emphasizing a direct and physical approach while forging an intense emotional connection with his target.

Stealth Dating Attraction & Seduction Techniques By The Gambler Dating Coach & Relationship ExpertWhile Gambler prefers a more natural approach, he is also knowledgeable about NLP and hypnosis techniques. He advocates lifestyle improvements as a means of attracting women more easily.

In 2006, he met Kezia Noble, who became his lead female dating instructor at PUA Training, the company he founded in 2007. Another key instructor at the company was Robert Beck (Beckster).

In December 2007, PUA Training and Richard La Ruina were featured in the Channel 4 documentary “First Cut: The Rules of Seduction,” viewed by 2.5 million people, propelling the company to success. In 2007, Richard published “The Natural Art of Seduction,” which became a popular read in the UK and helped promote him and PUA Training.

In 2009, he founded an NLP training company called NLP Creations Ltd. In August of the same year, Richard appeared on Dragon’s Den with Kezia to pitch the business plan for PUA Training. While they failed to secure investment, the Dragon’s Den members were impressed by the financials of the business, which generated £540,000 in revenue in 2008.

Here are some of his dating training programs and books.

Stealth Attraction Program

43 Texts That Guarantee Sex

The Girlfriend Guaranteed System

Day Game Domination

The Natural Book

The Soulmate Sequence

SegPay – Tubo

Lets Doe It Porn Videos

Since 2011, Gambler has been traveling the world, visiting places like Brazil, Russia, Argentina, and Southeast Asia, teaching boot camps and weekend seminars, catering to men who, like himself in the past, need guidance in the dating world, (and of course, picking up women in what he considers to be the most attractive locations in the world.)

Richard La Runa The Gambler Super Seducer Stealth Seduction & Attraction Techniques

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