Elwin Robinson – Certified Nutritionist | Fitness Trainer | Sexual Health Wellness Expert

Elwin Robinson, a prominent name in the health and wellness industry, has made a significant impact with his dedication to promoting optimal health and well-being through The New Alpha Nutrition and Lion Heart Herbs. As a certified nutritionist, personal trainer, and life coach, he brings a holistic approach to health, emphasizing the importance of plant-based nutrition, coaching, and education.

Early Life and Educational Journey

Born and raised in the scenic landscapes of New Zealand, Elwin’s upbringing on a farm instilled a profound appreciation for healthy living from an early age. This foundation of natural living shaped his interest in health and wellness, leading him to pursue higher education in sports science and nutrition at the prestigious University of Auckland, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree.

A Career Dedicated to Health and Wellness

After successfully completing his studies, Elwin embarked on a career as a personal trainer and nutritionist, assisting numerous clients in achieving their fitness goals. However, he soon recognized that many individuals still grappled with overall health and well-being challenges. Understanding the pivotal role of nutrition in the equation, Elwin realized that people lacked accessible knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about their diets.

The New Alpha Nutrition and Lion Heart Herbs

In 2015, driven by a mission to democratize plant-based nutrition, Elwin founded The New Alpha Nutrition. Through his company, he aspired to offer a diverse range of products and services, including online coaching programs, meal plans, and educational resources, to make plant-based nutrition accessible to everyone.

Advocating for Plant-Based Nutrition

Elwin firmly believes in the transformative power of a plant-based diet. According to his philosophy, a diet rich in whole, plant-based foods not only enhances physical health but also reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. To make plant-based eating easier and more enjoyable, he has curated several nutritious, delicious, and user-friendly meal plans.

Sustainability and Health

Elwin goes beyond personal health benefits, advocating the importance of sustainability in food choices. He strongly holds that adopting a plant-based diet contributes not just to individual health but also to the well-being of the planet. By reducing the consumption of animal products, he believes that we can actively reduce our carbon footprint and take a proactive stance in protecting the environment.

Coaching and Empowering Through Education

In addition to The New Alpha Nutrition’s meal plans and products, Elwin offers valuable coaching and educational services. Collaborating closely with clients, he and his team create personalized nutrition plans and provide ongoing guidance and support. Their online courses and workshops delve into essential topics like plant-based nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness.

A Holistic Coaching Approach

Elwin’s coaching style centers on nurturing sustainable, long-term lifestyle changes. He encourages clients to embrace small, manageable steps rather than attempting drastic transformations all at once. Recognizing the significance of self-care and stress management, he believes that these factors significantly impact overall health and well-being.


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