Dr. Leonel Shub, MD – Sexual Health Wellness & Emergency Medicine Expert


Dr. Leonel Shub MD Sexual Health And Reproductive Heath Wellness Expert, Emergency And Ocupational MedicineDr. Leonel Shub MD is an Emergency Medicine Service Provider, Sexual Health and Reproductive Health physician, Occupational Medicine Specialist, and Personal Emergency Response Attendant in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

He currently practices at Occumed Health Services Medicina Ocupacional in SAN JUAN, PR.

Dr. Leo Shub graduated with a medical degree from the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine and has been practicing Emergency Medicine, Sexual Health Wellness, and Occupational Medicine for more than 34 years now

Personal Experience

Dr. Leonel Shub, a certified medical practitioner, invented and formulated TupiTea, an Erectile Dysfunction Herbal Tea Supplement. Dr. Shub joined the discipline of medical research after several years of diagnosing and curing hundreds of patients suffering from a wide variety of medical problems.

Dr. Leo Shub created TupiTea because of his own suffering and embarrassment that ED and poor sexual performance brought into his life. Due to ED related complications, he and his wife had been gradually growing apart intimately and as a result, having less and less sex.

This led to Dr. Shub’s wife stepping out of their marriage as she started spending a lot of time with her fine-looking, sexually virile younger boss.

With his self-esteem and confidence destroyed, Dr. Leo Shub did everything he could to research and find natural safe treatments for erectile dysfunction. It was during this research that he had a eureka moment and formulated an ED formula derived from the Tupi tribe from the amazon jungle, which he later transformed into a herbal tea.

Just before his wife came back from an out-of-town business trip, Dr. Shub consumed this specially formulated herbal tea and quickly experienced “a swift rising tide of passion.” He also felt a “buzzing” sensation in his penis and an unexpected feeling of being “a ferocious sexual beast.”

According to him, the ingredients in TupiTea have largely contributed to his renewed and continued healthy and satisfying sex life for both him and his wife. This is after experiencing arguably the best sex of his entire marriage that one experimental night.

Ever since then, TupiTea has helped thousands of men rejuvenate and transform their sex lives too.


Emergency Medicine

As a specialized Emergency Medicine physician, Dr. Leo specializes in diagnosing and treating patients with various life-threatening and serious disorders and conditions like massive bleeding, heart attack, drug overdose, shock etc.

Sexual Health And Reproductive Health

Dr. Leonel Shub is dedicated to helping men and women achieve good sexual health and reproductive health, which means attaining a serene state of complete mental, physical, and social well-being in all matters relating to the sexual and reproductive health system, in order for them to have an enjoyable satisfying and safe sex life.

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Occupational Medicine

A board-certified Discipline under Preventive Medicine that specifically focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of environmental and work-related illnesses and injuries. Occupational Environmental Medicine (OEM) is the medical specialty rated among the highest in fulfillment and satisfaction and lowest in professional burnout.

VIP Botox Medicine

Dr. Leonel Shub is dedicated to providing excellent quality in the field of aesthetics and medical skin care. He’s known to help nourish and restore you’re skin’s natural beauty and health. He also provides a wide variety of personalized cosmetic services that helps build a more confident you.

Medical School & Residency

University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine (Medical Sciences Campus)

Residency, Emergency Medicine, 1989-1992

Certifications & Licensure

PR State Medical License

1992 – 2019 – Active through 2019

FL State Medical License

2012 – 2020 – Active through 2020

Dr. Leonel Shub’s Accreditations











Doctor Address

Dr. Leonel Shub, MD, 227 FD Roosevelt ave, San Juan, PR, 00918

(787) 772-0707


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