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Craig Miller wears multiple hats, excelling as a Dating Coach, Relationship Expert, and a Men’s Health and Sexual Wellness Specialist, acknowledging the common struggles men encounter in their dating lives. Surprisingly, Craig himself didn’t secure a date until his mid-twenties, leading to embarrassment and frustration.

Motivated by a devastating rejection, he vowed to seize control of his life and never allow such an incident to recur. This determination steered him towards discovering simple yet effective words and actions that resonated with attractive women. His experience and research culminated in the groundbreaking “Sexual Decoder System.”

The revolutionary “Decoder System” empowers men to decode a woman’s level of interest and respond accordingly. As news of his work spread, Craig’s insights captured the attention of major publications like the New York Times, TimeOut New York, and AM New York. His expertise was even showcased on Anderson Cooper’s TV show, where he shared his remarkable techniques.

The “Decoder System” swiftly gained popularity, and Craig’s guidance has since transformed the dating lives of countless men. While taking a break from one-on-one coaching, his passion for helping men achieve their goals continues to burn brightly.

Craig’s focus has shifted to nurturing the growth of the Gotham Dating Club, a community he founded in 2008, providing men with unwavering support, invaluable guidance, and a tight-knit community, vital for success in dating and relationships.

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Today, he spends most of his time sharing his latest ideas on, as well as the ideas of his mentors and past clients.

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