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As a Dating Coach, Relationship Expert, and Men’s Health and Sexual Wellness Expert, Craig Miller understands the struggles men face in their dating lives. In fact, it wasn’t until his mid-twenties that Craig was able to land his first date. He remembers feeling embarrassed and frustrated by his lack of success with women.

After experiencing a particularly devastating rejection early on, Craig made a promise to himself to take control of his life and never let anything like that happen again. This determination led him to discover simple words and actions that attractive women responded to. Craig’s experience and research eventually led him to develop a system called the “Sexual Decoder System.”

The “Decoder System” is a revolutionary system that allows men to decode whether or not a woman is interested in them and teaches them how to act accordingly. After its release, Craig’s work caught the attention of major publications such as the New York Times, TimeOut New York, and AM New York. He was even invited to Anderson Cooper’s TV show to share his insights and techniques.

Craig’s innovative system quickly gained popularity and he has since helped thousands of men improve their dating lives. Although he has taken a break from one-on-one coaching, Craig’s passion for helping men achieve their goals remains strong.

He has redirected his energy into growing Gotham Dating Club, a group he founded in 2008 to provide men with the support, guidance, and community they need to succeed in dating and relationships.

Here are other programs by Craig Miller’s Gotham Club…

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Sexual Decoder System

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Deck of Destiny

Today, he spends most of his time sharing his latest ideas on, as well as the ideas of his mentors and past clients.

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