The Nirvana Sex Position

(NEW) The Nirvana Sex Position That Lets You Last All Night & Give Her Multiple Orgasms?
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Hi there, 

Have you tried the NEW Sexual Stamina Increasing Position called The Nirvana Sex Position?

If not, please do. It’s a slight variation of the traditional missionary position but offers you more sexual stamina and pleasure, and her multiple mind-blowing orgasms.

You see, there are 2 main reasons why the traditional missionary sex position is NOT good for your sexual stamina:

1) Your whole penis shaft is aroused and stimulated, all the way from the back to the front. What that means is that you’re always getting closer and closer to ejaculation with each and every thrust.

2) On the flip side, neither her clitoris nor her g-spot is being stimulated because you’re just moving in and out of her.

That means that you’re always heading towards ejaculation QUICKLY while she’s moving towards reaching an orgasm SLOWLY.

Instead, Try Out This NEW Sex Position  Use “Nirvana” With Her Tonight

But with the Nirvana position, you last as long as you want in bed while truly enjoying every moment of making love to her. Your deep stimulating pelvic thrusts, combined with your presence and loving attention… all come together to trigger her to experience multiple full-body orgasms.

Give Her Multiple Orgasms All Night Long With This Nirvana Technique 

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To Phenomenal Sex,
Taylor Snow

P.S. Read below how more men raving about the “Nirvana” Position?:

“She loves it. I last so much longer. Lasting longer is a non-issue now. Getting rid of that shame, even if I do come too fast, naturally makes me last longer.” – Ben

“I had a deep-rooted fear that my penis was not huge enough to fully fill a woman up and therefore thought I couldn’t give any woman satisfying vaginal orgasms. Your Nirvana Technique gave me the sexual confidence to give it another shot and voila! Sexcess!” – Jonathan

“I don’t hide my agenda now. That turns her on. I previously thought that I had to blindly start thrusting in and out of her the old missionary way. Now there’s more thrusting variety, more sexual stimulation and arousal… more sexual pleasure and satisfaction.”Joey

“The biggest aspect that tremendously changed for me was my self and sexual confidence. Instead of being passive, I’m pursuing more better sexual situations.” – Kramer

AND Here’s what Ralph had to say after trying “Nirvana”:
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A whole world of sexual abundance is waiting for you…

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Discover A New Type Of “Bedroom Experiment” That’ll Sexually Excite Both You AND Her!

My friend Matt Cook, a Renowned Sex Researcher, asked me to share the following post with you. Read it carefully if you want better sex with your woman…how to do the sex potion video and candy lyrics shop angel, luigi, danny, chris video creampie

… Maybe you have a birthday or your anniversary coming up…

Or maybe you simply just want to spend a really special evening with your girlfriend or wife…

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or even if you are just preparing yourself to start dating again…

…introduce your woman to the incredible world of Nirvana Stamina Sex — a whole new type of sexual experience that’ll excite you AND her…

Once you experience this intensity of pleasure together, you’ll never want to go back to doing it the “old” way again.

With Nirvana Sex, You Experience…

      • “Rockiness” happens when you’re ready to have sexwithout the need for her to give you a hand job or blow job…
      • Once your brain is secreting the sexy chemical cocktail of hormones like oxytocin, boners improve immediately
      • Now when your penis gets “rock hard”, it gets REALLY “rock hard”! And you stay rock hard during the whole time you are having sex…
      • Increased sensation and pleasure
      • All those neural connections and sensations between your penis and your brain are fully fired up and which increases the sensitivity of your penis…
      • So you feel EVERYTHING. This is a pleasure like you’ve never felt before… full-body waves of orgasmic bliss…
      • Higher sexual libido and drive for both you and her too–
      • Both Men AND women ALL LOVE the Nirvana Technique… because this kind of sex feels SO amazingly good for YOU and HER too…
      • And she’ll love the deep connection you’re forming together every single time you slip between the sheets…
      • Deeper, Stronger, Sexual And Emotional connection with your girlfriend or wife
      • More love-making, less bickering. You and her are surprisingly getting along much better than you ever have in years!
      • Your friends will start noticing the tremendous change in both of you and will be curious to know what your secret is — should you tell them?
      • And then you’ll be full of sexual confidence the next time you hook up with a woman and take her back to your place for a night of hot sizzling passion…
      • And the ladies will not be able to keep their hands off you  — it will be so effortless and easy for you to find a loving and loyal girlfriend by applying the Nirvana Technique!

So today, you’ll get a chance to enjoy and experiment all this and more for FREE…

Discover The Nirvana Stamina Sex Position And The World Of Amazing Sexual Abundance And Pleasure That’s Waiting For You HERE.

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Click the link above and try it out yourself.

I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong


This Sex Position Delivers Juicy, OMG-gasms

Have you had sex so deliriously intense you swore it was the “ultimate pleasure” of your life?what is french positions in porn kama sutra nina bbw gif solo term pistols youtube casual

If I were to describe mine, I’m afraid I’d do injustice to it. Because the truth is, it’s a pleasure like no other. A new type of sexual experience – like an “out-of-body” orgasmic encounter.

And I believe that every man and woman should experience this at least ONCE, if not multiple times in his or her life. In fact…

This will give you the ultimate OMG pleasure of your bedroom life this year…

And once you experience it, you’ll never want to go back to regular, boring romps again.

But why is it so powerful?

…Because it triggers full-bodied, soul-stirring pleasure that makes your woman show her biggest “O-face” when she climaxes

…Because it sets your boner’s sensitivity at an “all-time high” by firing up all the neural connections between your brain and your manhood…

…And because it harnesses the long-lost art of “Nirvana Stamina Sex” that can take your intimate life to a new orbit.

And you know what?

You’re feeling all of these wonderful sensations the whole time DURING intercourse, and not just when you climax…

But when you finally “come”, it’s a release so powerful, it elevates your pleasure to a whole new plane of existence…

As incredible as it sounds, it all starts here:

The little-known trick that makes sex 10x more pleasurable…

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Go ahead and get yourself the ultimate “erotic pleasure” of your life.

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


The Nirvana Sex Position Video

Matt Cook Booster Bites Review

Sexually Pleasure Any Woman Again And Again With Matt’s Booster Bites?
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Hi there,

So last week my friend told me about something YOU CAN EAT that I just had to talk to you about lol…

They are called Booster Bites and they deliver a quick shot of testosterone, instantly boosting your sex drive and performance in bed when you need it most…

But since he can explain it better…I had him write something up for ya  himself lol

So check it out below…

… The other night, I was out to dinner with my beautiful wife for her birthday, and I really wanted to take her home and pleasure her properly… (She’s cute, right?)

free matt cook testosterone boosting bite ingredients recipe for men reviews

I wanted to pleasure her again and again, the way she deserved to be pleasured on her special day…

So when she slipped off to the bathroom as I was paying our bill, I secretly slipped 1 Booster Bite out of my jacket pocket and quickly popped it in my mouth…

They’re made with super simple and safe ingredients — ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen right now…

And before we had even made it out to the car, I was feeling really turned on, instantly aroused, and I felt a stirring rock-hard erection “down below”…

My wife was looking even sexier than before in her red body-hugging dress and I was feeling super confident, knowing I was about to pleasure her again and again…

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That night, I lasted a really long time during sex and my wife LOVED it…

That’s how powerful these Testosterone Boosting Bites are for men…

And T-Boosting Bites work for single men too… they’re perfect when you’re out on a first date and hoping to get lucky…

Click here to get Booster Bite and experience hard, engorged “rockiness” instantly, whenever you want…

I checked it out myself and they look so yummy I wish I COULD EAT EM!

But make sure you go have a look-see and let me know how they are…and especially how well they work 

Your Girl From Here On Out,

Taylor Snow Romance

PS: Why Men Go Flat (Down There)

You know how it goes… men who were roaring to go, multiple times a night, but driven beyond the bounds of nature, things stop working down there.

They are flat, they are flaccid, they are dead down there.

Why do men go flat?

Men go flat because of high estrogen…

Their T level is okay, but their estrogen is sky-high. That’s what happened to many men…

… and you know where that overflowing estrogen extra comes from?

The Fatty cells, that’s what produces all that excess erection-killing estrogen.

Luckily I met Matt Cook, a famous health researcher who uses little-known discoveries from Harvard University to get rid of estrogen and get magnificent “towel hangers” again…

Matt says the Harvard discovery also melts away body fat so your muscles get bigger and bigger… and there is no cutting calories, no counting carbs and no missing meals…

(Hint: Matt has found that keto dieting and intermittent fasting may be hurting more than they help…)

This Simple Harvard Discovery Lowers Estrogen, Causes Massive Rock Hard  Erections And Super Confidence.

boosting testosterone Levels with matt cook bites for men ingredients recipe

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

Need An Instant Testosterone Boost? Just Pop 1 Of Matt’s Booster Bites Into Your Mouth


This provides a quick boost to your testosterone and gets your hard-ons throbbing, right when you need it……and the effects are even more powerful when you eat them at just the right time.My friend and the creator Matt Cook has all the details here:One bite and testosterone will start to rise…Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’ve discovered the easiest way to get an instant testosterone boost anytime you want.I pop it in my mouth and I feel a surge of male confidence…with my wife, or for an important meeting.When I want to be my very best.For when you want to have incredible sex, or when you want to get some extra “oomph” when in the gym working out, or maybe when you are out on a date.Because raising your testosterone levels is one of the best things you can do for yourself as a man…Having high testosterone levels can literally make you live a lot longer!

matt cook testosterone recipe ingredients boosting bites for menAnd here’s the clincher — all you have to do is just pop 1 Booster Bite in your mouth to boost your natural testosterone levels in your body…And right now, I’m giving Matt’s Booster Bites away for free.Get them here…Talk soon,Jack

PS: When You Want A Little Boost In The Bedroom, Here’s What You Do…

This provides a quick boost to your testosterone and gets your hard-ons throbbing, right when you need it……and the effects are even more powerful when you eat them at just the right time.My friend Matt Cook has all the details here:…just pop a single booster bite into your mouth and you’ll experience a quick surge of testosterone…leading to stronger sexual stamina and drive, longer-lasting “rock hard erections”, and overall better satisfying bedroom performance…

matt cook testosterone ingredients recipe bites for menMatt’s Booster Bites are all-natural, safe, and can be used practically anytime, anywhere, …And right now, you can try Matt Cook Booster Bites for FREE…Talk soon,Jack

PS: This Is What You Need To Make It Rise


Want to raise your Testosterone Levels in a minute or two?

Pop one of these in your mouth to boost your T by as much as 37% in just a few minutes.

matt cook testosterone boosting bites ingredients recipe bites for men

My good friend and noted health researcher, Matt Cook, has developed these Bites that boost testosterone levels for men.

And These T-boosting bites come in handy when you are with your woman…

And you want some extra sexual confidence to deliver an unforgettable sexual presentation…

Or even when you are just on a date during these strange times

So these T-boosting bites are great for when you’re on-the-go

And Matt’s giving the T-Boosting Bites away for nothing


Taylor Snow Romance

“Popping On Of These” Instantly ENGORGES Male Hard-ons?

Why do male hard-ons seem to lose their strength and signs over time?

The answer is probably not what you think.

In fact, most men don’t even know this exists – and is happening right under their nose…

…meaning they do nothing to correct it.

Which is a shame – because it’s actually VERY easy to fix.

Carrying out 1 simple solo activity every morning can help it to stay rock-solid for hours.

Find out how it works in the link below…

Testosterone-boosting bites that helps any man get RAGING hardTestosterone Boosting Bites Reviews Recipe And Ingredients By Matt Cook






Okay, I’ll quit stalling:

This hard-on damaging effect is called “desensitization”.

Here’s my (heavily simplified) explanation of how it works.

Basically, the relationship between the brain and manhood can weaken over time.

Especially if it’s frequently being used to send the necessary brain signals (more about this later).

As a result, even if the man’s absolutely “fired up” and ready for passionate lovemaking…

…his manhood doesn’t receive the brainwaves it needs to (erm) spring into action.

It doesn’t help that so many men will simply ignore the warning signs…

…even if the above scenario plays out time and time again.

“I’ll be back to my best in no time”, they think, “it’s just temporary”.

But more and more men aren’t seeing improvements.

Their hard-ons get even weaker as desensitization bites… and your performance in bed can be directly affected.

That’s a whole new world of problems altogether, especially if your lover suspects something’s up…

…not that there’s any shame whatsoever in admitting it to a loved one, obviously.

Now, I’ve got some good news here:

If you think desensitization can’t be reversed – you’re DEAD WRONG.

Once you know it’s happening, it’s a fairly easy issue to fix.

See, a lot of subtle external factors make the problem worse.

And by becoming more aware of them, men can begin to reverse the effects.

Low-level arousal throughout the day has a huge impact, for instance.

So scrolling through beautiful women on Instagram, or watching a bedroom scene on TV…

…can gradually weaken the brain-manhood connection without you even noticing.

In case I’ve alarmed you there – don’t panic.

You don’t need to unfollow every attractive woman on your social media to turn things around.

In fact, restoring the brain-manhood connection again can be done with this 1 easy exercise.

The manhood becomes highly sensitive to stimulation again…

…meaning it’s able to remain much harder for much longer.

Your lover could be shocked at the dramatic transformation to your performance…

…should you choose to follow this link, obviously.

This easy hard-on “engorging” booster works almost INSTANTLY

matt's ingredients and recipe for boosting testosterone levels in men

Talk soon,



Matt Cook Booster Bites Review

Truth About Testosterone Boosters

Matt Cook Sexual Lens Method Review

This Sexual Lens Method Makes HER Want YOU

Here’s something that single or taken, young or old men alike can use…

It’s called the “Matt Cook Sexual Lens Method” – and, when used correctly…

…it allows you to instantly attract the woman of your choice.

She’ll be instantly obsessed with you, desperate to get to know you better…

…both on a personal level AND on a naughtier, more sexual level.

Over to my friend Matt Cook to explain more…

Hey, Matt Cook here,

….and men are LOVING my sexual lens method.

This brand new discovery is giving men all the power…

Especially single men, since it makes it so easy to get any girl you want…

And makes her willing to do anything you want…

Just a slight touch will have her melting in the palm of your hand.

If you want to take her home for hours of lovemaking, she will come… again and again…


And if you want to make her your loyal, loving girlfriend, she will stay by your side for as long as you’ll have her.

Married men also find success with the sex lens method — it can turn a dead bedroom into an erotic playpen, even if it’s been years.

Here’s how to use the sex lens method tonight and score with any woman you want.


Talk soon,


Gives Her A Good Sexual Pounding (10X More Pleasurable)

Imagine firing up a tinder using a magnifying glass on a bright sunny day…

Now, imagine the same bolt of lightning-like energy springing out of your body and into your woman, and instantly, she’s burning with lust for YOU…

In fact, when her feminine energy amps up in intensity…

This will make pounding her 10x MORE pleasurable…

And not only that, it’ll be very natural and intuitive for her to orgasm right there and then.

Now, what if there’s an actual “sex lens” that harnesses this kind of energy automatically… one that enables you to zero in on the object of your desire using just your… MIND?

Here’s what I mean:

This pent-up sexual energy is everywhere, and it’s more abundant between you and your wife, or you and your girlfriend…

But the truth is, you become disconnected as the years go by… to the extent this raw, lustful desire just isn’t there anymore (not to mention losing your penile sensitivity, “hardness”, and stamina as you age)…

For example?

NEITHER of you ever wants to get naughty under the sheets. Or…

You see things with your woman getting stale like a cold, leftover soup. Or…

You feel less attracted to each other and not knowing why…

Look, for the most part, it has something to do with your bedroom performance. That’s a key reason why she just isn’t interested in sex anymore.

And one of the most evident signs is when you stroke your manhood harder and try to force life into it… but you’re still “limp” as an empty rubber hose.

But here’s the thing…

You can easily let the “sex lens method” do all the work.

It stores up more sexual energy inside you and makes it easier to turn her into a horny slave willing to do all that you desire. I figure you’ll dig this so I recommend that you check this one out…

How to use “sex lens method” to magnify her lust 10x more…


Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


PS: “…It Harnesses The Sexual Energy Between A Man And A Woman…”

This new “bang buddy-getting” method works in a strange and unusual way… 

It harnesses the sexual energy that exists between a man and a woman…  

…and it weaponizes it in your favor, so girls are literally throwing their panties at you.

There’s nothing you even have to “do”, really…

Just point it at the girl you want and in seconds, she’ll approach YOU.

Here’s how to use the sex lens method to get a girl tonight (bonus: this works on wives and girlfriends too)

Happy hunting 😉 

Taylor Snow Romance


Makes Her Orgasm On The Spot (Powerful Sex Tip)

Whatever you do, don’t leave that plastic water bottle inside your car.

Turns out that the water bottle act as a magnifying glass that directs sunlight into the vehicle. And when smoke forms because of heat, a fire starts almost immediately.

(I know because I once saw a car engulfed in flames because of this.)

But you know what?

What if there’s a way to direct all your sexual energy on the woman you desire… and she’s instantly set on fire with lust for you?

I mean, what if you have an invisible “magnifying glass” that you can flash her way…

That makes her orgasm quickly on the spot – like this?

Just think about it for a second…

Every man has a so-called “sex lens“, and it is what makes any woman sexually charged even in public.

The problem is, most of the time you don’t point it in the right direction…

So it’s like you’re winking at the girl in the dark. You obviously know what you’re doing, but not everybody else does. Especially that gorgeous woman you’re drooling over.


When you know how to point your “sex lens” in her direction, she will instantly feel that electrifying moment…

She feels the charge of your erotic energy, and she quivers with feel-good tension – even with all her clothes on.

So what does it mean for you?

It means that you can simply walk into a bar and use your “sex lens” on any girl you want…

And IN LESS THAN AN HOUR, you have that beautiful body naked and writhing in pleasure underneath you.

But don’t get me wrong, you can also use this if you have a wife or girlfriend who’s a totally FRIGID in the bedroom.

In fact, this gets ANY woman chemically addicted to your penis

This is the kind of experience that makes her feel a special connection with YOU…

Saying things like, “We are meant to be”… and “You are my soulmate”…

And believe me, a girl wouldn’t say that if she doesn’t mean it!

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


A Sexual Jolt In Her Crotch?

Lightning flashes 3 million times a day. But not all those flashes hit the ground – some occur between or inside the clouds.

Now imagine this happens on a totally random day…

You bump into this gorgeous girl in a bar or grocery store…

And something crackles out of you like a bolt of lightning…

But instead of it hitting the ground, it emits from your fingertips onto her arm…

And you give her this little sexual “jolt” down in her privates…

So she stops, closes her eyes, and tries her best to muffle her moans – but then…

She climaxes ON THE SPOT… right there in public!

Is this phenomenon even possible?

Look – I know this sounds like some Wizard of Oz type of sorcery but there’s actually a science behind it.

Think about how a solar panel works, for instance.

Sunlight activates the panels and produces the electrical current. Then, the electrical energy is converted. And the converted electricity powers your home.

In the same way, this is what harnesses the “sexual energy” that exists between a man and a woman…

That is, you simply transfer your energy ONTO her – and in turn shocks her pleasure centers in a way she’s never experienced before.

The result?

An almost instantaneous orgasm – just how a bulb lights up at the flick of a switch.

And, guess what?

This is possible when you have a “sex lens” at hand…

Like a magnifying glass, you simply flash this in front of her and the sexual energy will bounce off of you towards her.

Now you’ve no problem walking up to a woman and hitting on her…

Flash this on her and she’ll flash her tits – in private…

(Also, the more you do this, the more it increases your penile sensitivity, i.e. sensitivity is what gives you harder boners)

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


Matt Cook Sexual Lens Method Review

Matt Cook Romance To 120 Reviews

Try This 1 Unusual Practice On Women & Enjoy The Best Sexual Intimacy Of Your Life


Hi, I’m Taylor Snow, Renowned Romance, Dating, Relationship, And Sexual Wellness Coach.

And today I have a special message from men’s health researcher Matt Cook.

As you may know, he wrote a best-selling book called Healthy to 120 which is a bestseller on Amazon.

But what you may not know is that he’s been working on a new book that lets any couple have a romantic physical connection even if it’s been years since they could.

This unusual practice works for married men and single men…

For a man who may have diabetes or other health issues, he can have a wonderful intimate connection with his wife or girlfriend thanks to my unusual practice.

This unusual practice has been used for decades and there are many happy couples to prove its track record.

This is why you are going to want to grab a copy of his new Romance to 120 Book

He’s put the unusual practice in this book, along with all of his other best romantic discoveries.

Men who want to use this unusual practice for intimacy at any age with any health condition, every day or every other day…

This is a quick look at some of the discoveries you’re getting with your copy of Matt Cook Romance to 120 Book:

Discover how he’s using one unusual practice, a simple tweak to making love that delivers more enjoyment and more rewarding than the old way of doing things.

Whether YOU have a high drive or not, whether YOU have a good function or not.

And Matt has found that things begin feeling better and better the more he’s using this one unusual practice.

My hope is that you will read it and be so blown away and write me a review telling me how much the discoveries in Matt’s book are helping you.

So today I’m offering YOU Romance to 120 Book for 83% off.

And to make things even sweeter, I’m going to give you Healthy to 120 for nothing.

To your relationship health

Taylor Snow & Matt Cook


PS: Why Women Like Romance (And How To Use It To Get Laid)

Romance is the socially acceptable way to act in a sexual way, with a woman, in public.

I don’t mean you get to bang her in the middle of a restaurant or coffee shop…

But, you do get to interact with a woman in a way that is subtly sexual, when you’re being romantic.

You can hold her hand…

Stroke her leg under the table…

Put your hand on her lower back…

Whisper thing in her ear…

Kiss her…

And so on.

All of this is exciting for a woman. It’s basically all FOREPLAY.

And, if you learn how to do ‘romance‘ right, you’ll get laid A LOT more easily…

>> Click Here To Learn 1 Unusual Romance Practice That Works Like Magic

And, we’ll talk soon…

Your Wingman,

Taylor Snow Romance

Romance ‘Tricks’ to ‘Get You Laid’

If food is the way to a man’s heart… ROMANCE is the way to a woman’s Pussy!

Have you ever wondered why women love simple things like:




‘Dinner Dates’…

It’s all ROMANCE.

That’s all it is.

Public displays of emotion/affection. One-on-One quality time. Deep, emotional, meaningful conversation. Thoughtfulness.

Women love it all.

It makes them WET.

It puts them ‘in the mood.’

Shame most men don’t understand Romance. Heck, many guys just aren’t interested in it.

Yet, I’m here to tell you that if you want to enjoy a highly exciting sex-life with your woman, you need to do the ‘Romance Stuff.’

And, THIS report shows you how it’s done.

In fact, it gives you 1 Unusual Romance Trick that work like Magic… making your woman Hot, Wet and Horny – desperate to ‘do the NASTY’ with you. Desperate to give herself to you!

I highly recommend you take a few minutes to read it… here’s the link

Talk soon,


====>> 1 Unusual Practice that makes Your Woman Hot, Wet & Horny


1 Unusual Practice That Brings Back The Romance

My woman gave me a wonderful morning blow job this morning.

I didn’t even ask for it (not that I was complaining!)

She just went under the covers and guzzled my meaty goodness (never use this terminology to a woman by the way) until I blew my load.

I mentioned this to my best friend over lunch (as you do) and he said “Man, you’re one lucky fucker. Getting a blowjob from my girl these days is like pulling teeth. I might get a Birthday blowjob if I’m lucky – what’s your trick?

“The trick is to slowly and sensually romance her into it” I replied.

I may not have done much this morning other than open my eyes, but she remembered for her yesterday and as a result, she wanted to thank me 😉

romantic gesture every man should give to their woman. Make her feel like a Queen and she’ll make you feel like a King.

Listen, we all love new relationships. This is where we naturally put in our most effort since It’s fun and exciting.

But the elation never last. And that’s when we get complacent and comfortable – also known as the danger zone.

So the trick, if you can call it that, is to never be complacent. I know, I know… easier said than done right?

I get it.

Complacency creeps up on every relationship and before you know it, you’re having a piss in the toilet whilst she’s having a shower. Or vice versa. And other passion-killing antics.

But don’t worry, there’s hope.

My good friend Matt Cook has written a book that reveals1 Unusual Romantic Practice That Works Like Magic’ to help rekindle your relationship and bring the romance back.

And best of all, it’s FREE.

Here’s the link

Talk soon.

Your friend,

Taylor Snow Romance

P.S. Want to know the one little gesture I made that got her to give me one of the best morning blowjobs ever? Check it out HERE.

How To Re-Spark The Romance

I’ve got a little secret that I’m dying to share with you today.

It’s the secret to resparking the romance in your relationship and it’s something you’ve probably never heard of before…

…This weird but powerful secret will automatically make your woman become more passionate and romantic towards you.

===> Check It Out Here

It can feel like a never ending spiral of disaster in your life when your love-life isn’t going right.

And it’s not just something that you can easily brush off or leave to chance.

If you want to get better at sport, you get a coach.

If you want to lose weight, you hire a personal trainer (and pick up the fork less)

Yet it seems somewhat taboo to actually learn a thing or two about relationships, and how love really works for your partner.

If you want to know exactly how your partner experiences love, so that you can give it to them in a way that naturally makes them want to be more passionate and romantic towards you…

If you miss her being your best friend…

If you’re sick and tired of the arguments and the fighting, and you just want things to be happy and exciting again…

Then Respark The Romance will tell you everything you need to know.

Your friend,


Matt Cook Romance To 120 Reviews

Matt Cook Healthy To 120 Reviews

How To Live To 120?
(Did YOU Get The FREE Book Yet?)
Healthy Living To 120 Years reviews pdf book one food to eat live reddit amazon

Hey Mate,

My buddy Matt has released a new book called “Healthy To 120” which is currently FREE if you go here.

The book is loaded with advice for men and will show you how to…

1) Live at least 20 years longer – Extend your life expectancy by eating 2 secret foods that all centenarians eat.

2) Boost your testosterone – Us men need to make sure our T levels are increasing as we age, otherwise, we’ll see serious health issues. Matt shares a “safe” fat that he eats to naturally increase testosterone.

3) Maintain a healthy prostate – The healthier your prostate is, the less chance you will get infections that cause problems like frequent urinating or prostatitis. Matt reveals the natural supplements he takes daily.

4) Unclog arteries without meds – If your boners are weak, it’s usually caused by thick blood that’s clogging up your penile chambers. Matt gives you a two-minute tweak that thins your blood without the use of pills.

And much more…

Grab your FREE copy of his book + 24 FREE Bonus reports now, before it runs out.

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PS:  The Secret To Living Till 120 That Your Doctor And Big Pharma Won’t Tell YOU

For many years I’ve taken a keen interest in Ancient and Alternative, kind of ‘off the grid’ cultures…

And, why so many of these people live to 100, or even 120+ (despite not having regular Doctors, Big Pharma and so on).

Better still…

These people don’t just live to 120… they LIVE… they THRIVE throughout their entire lives. Many reports suggest men are still fathering kids in their 70’s, or even 80’s in these Cultures (and women are giving birth to healthy children in their 50’s and 60’s).

It’s quite remarkable…

And, much more impressive than today’s most “civilised societies” (like the US, and the UK where I live) – where people only tend to live to around 80, and spend much of the last 10-20 years of their lives decrepit and miserable (and sexually inactive).

Anyhow, the great news is…

My friend Matt Cook has put together a fantastic resource all about this kind of thing. It’s called: “Healthy to 120 Book” and, Incredibly amazingly, he’s giving it away for Totally FREE…

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And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

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Best part?

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What If YOU Could Live Up To 120 Years Old?

Quick question for you:

What if you could live up to 120 years old?

No, seriously.

What if you could live decades longer than you ever expected, and be thrilled and happy in a strong, physical relationship with a woman?

Of course, we’ve read stories of men living to 105 or 110…

But they live with caregivers and in nursing homes…

And we don’t want that.

If anything, you want to learn the secrets from men who are over 100 years old, who live a great life, have particularly strong drive, and can still “screw” like bunnies.

In fact, my friend Matt Cook did TONS of research on this…

And he discovered some startling facts.

Specific things like…

* The two secret foods the longest living people on Earth eat every day, and one food they ALL avoid…

* How to triple your natural T-levels and raise it past 900…

* The one unhealthy food men love to eat that may be the “fountain of youth”…

And a lot more I can’t possibly fit in here.

He put these all together in his new book Healthy Living to 120.

This little book exudes natural health cures and strategies specifically just for MEN…

Simply because men have special interests and requirements for a romantic and physically fulfilling life.

Anyway, his research is based on a study by a Nobel Prize-winning scientist and a world-renowned anti-aging scientist. So it should be THAT good.

And, guess what?

They’ve decided to give you a FREE copy – Totally on the house…

Healthy Living To 120 Years free download legit what is secret scam summary list

Be quick though, his associate found only 102 copies in the warehouse, but they’ll ship it straight to your door if you act now.

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

PS: Did You Read This Book?

Hey mate,

Ever since Matt Cook wrote this book, he’s had an uphill battle trying to keep on the good side of the mainstream publishers.


Because Big Pharma tried to shut him down.

The reason why they don’t want this information out there is because it’s just too powerful and could potentially harm their precious profits if too many men see it.

As an act of defiance (more of a middle finger really), Matt is giving the book away for free right here.

Sure, it might be banned from the biggest book suppliers, but they can’t stop him from giving it away, right? Lol.


300,000 Men Got This Except You?

Why do health “experts” die every day not knowing this ONE secret… while commoners live happily and healthily to 120 years old – and still enjoy passionate sex?

I wanted to know.

And based on what I discovered – and the eye-opening facts it revealed for men like you and me – I thought you might want to know, too. Here’s what I found…

This is like the “bible” for all aging males…

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It may not be filled with scriptures for your soul…

But good information that will make your entire being THANK you just for reading snippets of it.

Especially if you care about what’s happening “down there”, below your waist.

Startling facts like…

* One widely known “unhealthy food” health experts DESPISE that may be the Fountain Of Youth…

* Great sexual IDEAS and techniques from men routinely living past 100…

* Little-known natural remedies to keep your male parts healthy and happy…

* And more reports of an intimate nature, especially for couples…

I think you’ll see that this is a better way to live if you want more love and more romance in your life.

Like 107-year-old Joe Newman, who still drives around Florida having a great time with his lady.

Joe is even engaged to be married! His wife-to-be is turning 100 soon.

And if you’re anything like me, you know that spending quality time with your loved ones is the most important thing.

The truth is, being alone in old age is sad and heartbreaking…

But being with someone and not being connected is just as tragic.

So, if you want to get your romantic and sex life back on track…

And if you want to live healthier and happier…

You’ll want to keep this “bible” in your drawer. In fact…

They’re mailing this to your door (see if there’s a free copy left)…

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Just don’t be last on the list!

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


Matt Cook Healthy To 120 Reviews

Healthy Living To 120 One Food To Eat

Healthy Living To 120 PDF Free Download

Live To 120

matt cook get healthy foods to eat scam legit summary list amazon




secret one food what is the food reviews pdf free download reddit


matt cook get healthy foods to eat scam legit summary list amazon

3 Solo Activities That Fix ED

Morning Erectile Dysfunction Exercises That Give You Throbbing, Powerful Hard-Ons
Erection dysfunction exercises to fix ED



This simple morning “solo erectile dysfunction exercises” ritual is restoring the thickness, firmness and endurance to men’s hard-ons…

…whilst also making it incredibly sensitive and responsive to stimulation.

You probably know what that means:

The most body-shaking, bed-breaking sex you’ve ever enjoyed with your woman.

And no, it’s not some long and complicated method with tons of instructions.

It’s so quick and easy you can do it before breakfast every morning – and see the same insane results as anyone else.

You’ll find the simple male erectile dysfunction exercises in the link below…

Use this simple solo exercise to increase blood flow to pennis naturally AND make your hard-ons truly BULGE


It might not feel like it.

But between the moment of arousal to the blood pouring into our manhood, there’s a lot happening behind the scenes.

Getting and staying hard becomes very difficult if the delicate process gets interrupted.

And there’s a little-known, but surprisingly common, reason this happens to men.

By getting too much sexual stimulation in a brief period, we risk completely “wearing out” the brain-member connection.

Having lots of sex itself doesn’t make the problem worse.

If we overuse the nerve pathways responsible for arousal, however…

…the brain starts sending much weaker “sex signals” to the member.

Sometimes they’ll even stop sending altogether, making it very challenging to maintain a solid hard-on.

Fortunately, we now know that male brain is extremely resilient – and this process can be reversed with the right method.

I’ll try and keep the science here as simple as possible.

Basically, actively focusing on how particular sensations make us feel makes them stronger and stronger.

By doing this, the nervous system recognises how good sensations like arousal feel.

And to help us enjoy them to the fullest, it reinforces the neural connections that carry them.

With this extra support, the brain can now tell the member to get rock-solid again.

Whether a man’s totally unable to get hard, or experiencing a minor blip…

fully focusing himself in his remaining sexually pleasurable feelings is a great way to address the situation.

It trains his brain to reinforce the member connection, giving it all the signals it needs to get and stay harder for MUCH longer.

But whilst this self-examination can help, it’s only scratching the surface.

There’s a simple (but extremely effective) short routine that directly reinforces your nervous system…

…and allows you to produce throbbing hard-ons – that’ll get your partner overwhelmed with excited arousal – whenever you please.

See exactly how it works by following the link below…

Make Her Gasp In Pleasure And Get Harder Than A Baseball Bat In SECONDS (Do These “3 Solo Activities That Fix ED” Once A Day)

solo ed exercises for erectile dysfunction fix ED

Talk soon,



How To Overcome Desensitization With This Simple Exercise For Erectile Dysfunction


Did you know this?

A little-known condition is causing men to lose the strength and endurance of their hard-ons… without them having a clue it’s happening.

Fortunately, the effects can be reversed with this simple solo exercise for erectile dysfunction…

…which you can carry out every morning to ensure you can produce thick, rock-solid hard-ons.

Here’s how it works:

Simple Solo Exercises For Erectile Dysfunction To Help ANY Man Get Raging Hard

The name for this hard-on destroying condition?


I’ll cut out all the jargon and explain how it works:

Over time, the “neural relationship” between the brain and member can gradually weaken.

This often happens when too many “arousal signals” get sent down the pathway (i.e. if you’re horny a LOT).

And the consequences to a man’s sex life can be devastating.

Even if he’s totally fired up for a night of unforgettable sex, his manhood just won’t receive the signal it needs to get hard.

It doesn’t help than many men don’t spot the warning signs.

No matter how often the above scenario plays out, they’ll write it off as “one of those nights” and think they’ll “be back on top form in no time”.

If only that were always true.

Leaving the desensitization unchecked causes their hard-on quality – and general performance – to get even weaker.

Which opens a whole new can of worms, as your partner may realize something’s seriously wrong.

(Not that you should ever be ashamed to discuss these things with her, obviously.)

That’s the bad news.

Now time for the good:

Desensitization can ABSOLUTELY be reversed once you realize it’s happening.

It’s actually pretty simple to fix.

Look – lots of external factors do play a part.

Once you become aware of them, you can start taking practical steps to address them.

For example, one factor is “low-level arousal” throughout the day.

The kind you feel when you’re scrolling through a beautiful woman’s Instagram feed, or watching a bedroom scene on TV.

It can weaken the brain-manhood bond without you even noticing.

But don’t block every sexy Instagram profile and join the monastery just yet.

Desensitization can be quickly addressed with this 1 straightforward exercise.

It helps restore the manhood to its full stimulation sensitivity, helping it get and stay RAGING hard.

The change to your performance could completely shock your partner.

Not that she’ll mind the newfound intensity at which you’re penetrating her… or the time you’re able to keep going.

But you’ll need to give this exercise a try first – by following the link below.

Use This Simple Exercise To Increase Blood Flow To Pennis Naturally, Beat Desensitization & Get ENGORGED Hard-Ons

SOLO Activities that fix Erectile dysfunction

Talk soon,



ONE Solo Erectile Dysfunction Exercise That Gets You Incredibly Hard (For Over 60 Minutes)


This slick little solo exercise for erectile dysfunction can make your member a LOT more responsive to stimulation.

It helps you member become incredibly hard when aroused – allowing you to penetrate your partner more powerfully and deeply for MUCH longer.

Best of all, the effects take place practically overnight.

Meaning you won’t have to wait long to present your newly enhanced “weapon” to your lover.

Take a look at the activity by clicking here:

Stay Hard For HOURS At A Time With This Easy Solo Exercise To Increase Blood Flow To Pennis Naturally


OK. Let’s just take a simple step backwards for a second:

A firm, long-lasting hard-on begins in the brain.

If it doesn’t send your member the right signals as you start to feel aroused, your noodle’s going to stay pretty limp.

And there’s a worryingly common process in the body which can cause this relationship to weaken:


Essentially, once the brain-manhood connection starts to weaken…

…the member isn’t going to get the signals it needs to get properly rock-solid.

Even if you’re feeling extremely horny and totally in the mood for sex, nothing’s going to happen.

Scary, I know.

But good news: this process is extremely simple to reverse, regardless of your age and health.

You’ve got more power to reverse hard-on desensitization than you think – by tackling the contributing factors head on.

The low-level arousal you feel throughout the day, for example.

Having random, fleeting erotic thoughts throughout the day can quietly weaken the brain-manhood bond without you realising.

But don’t panic.

This doesn’t mean you’ve got to stop thinking about beautiful women full stop – and block the thoughts from your mind.

(I can already hear your sign of relief…)

Instead, there’s a simple solo technique you can use to strengthen the brain-manhood bond again.

It makes your member far more sensitive to stimuli… and you’ll begin to start packing much stronger, more impressive hard-ons.

Which your woman will LOVE, obviously.

See how it works here:

Use These Solo Exercises For Erectile Dysfunction To Get And Stay Rock-Solid (At Any Age)

Talk soon,



Increase Penile Blood Flow And Become LARGER With These 3 Solo Activities That Fix ED


My friend Matt Cook has just shared this with me.

It’s a dead-simple method for naturally increasing blood flow through your member – and producing much thicker, firmer hard-ons as a result.

Here’s the explanation he gave me about how it works:


This shows you how to keep things really BIG down there…

So what does blood flow have to do with boners?

As it turns out — absolutely everything.

Proper blood flow to the penis is the very critical to great boners.

When more blood is rushing into the penile chambers, the member gets harder, more engorged, and stays that way for longer…

However as men age, the blood vessels in the penis lose their flexibility and get narrow…

can exercise fix ED Physical benefits, video, pictures PDF naturally exercise that fix ed

And this makes penile blood flow very poor, until the penis is not getting enough blood for good boners anymore…

But fortunately, there’s a simple natural method you can use tonight to return flexibility to the blood vessels…

It improves blood flow and allows men to get better, longer-lasting boners.

And best of all, it can make a man BIGGER “down there.”

Here’s how to increase penile blood flow by 72% within a few days — and increase the size of your member…

Talk soon,


This also naturally lowers blood pressure.


“Morning Ritual” Rapidly Improves Your Performance In Bed?


Men are letting their hard-ons lose their strength and endurance without even realising it.


The answer may surprise you.

It’s something few men even know exists – but is VERY easy to fix, thanks to a simple solo exercise for erectile dysfunction you can carry out every morning…

…to keep your hard-ons ROCK-SOLID for as long as you wish.

Just follow the link below to discover how it will work for you:

ANY man can get raging hard with this simple solo exercises for erectile dysfunction


The name for this hard-on destroying condition?


I’ll cut out all the jargon and explain how it works:

Over time, the “neural relationship” between the brain and member can gradually weaken.

This often happens when too many “arousal signals” get sent down the pathway (i.e. if you’re horny a LOT).

And the consequences to a man’s sex life can be devastating.

Even if he’s totally fired up for a night of unforgettable sex, his manhood just won’t receive the signal it needs to get hard.

It doesn’t help than many men don’t spot the warning signs.

No matter how often the above scenario plays out, they’ll write it off as “one of those nights” and think they’ll “be back on top form in no time”.

If only that were always true.

Leaving the desensitization unchecked causes their hard-on quality – and general performance – to get even weaker.

Which opens a whole new can of worms, as your partner may realize something’s seriously wrong.

(Not that you should ever be ashamed to discuss these things with her, obviously.)

That’s the bad news.

Now time for the good:

Desensitization can ABSOLUTELY be reversed once you realize it’s happening.

It’s actually pretty simple to fix.

Look – lots of external factors do play a part.

Once you become aware of them, you can start taking practical steps to address them.

For example, one factor is “low-level arousal” throughout the day.

The kind you feel when you’re scrolling through a beautiful woman’s Instagram feed, or watching a bedroom scene on TV.

It can weaken the brain-manhood bond without you even noticing.

But don’t block every sexy Instagram profile and join the monastery just yet.

Desensitization can be quickly addressed with this 1 straightforward exercise.

It helps restore the manhood to its full stimulation sensitivity, helping it get and stay RAGING hard.

The change to your performance could completely shock your partner.

Not that she’ll mind the newfound intensity at which you’re penetrating her… or the time you’re able to keep going.

But you’ll need to give this exercise a try first – by following the link below.

Instantly fight desensitization and get ENGORGED hard-ons with these easy exercises for erectile dysfunction

Talk soon,



3 Solo Activities That Fix ED

Exercise To Increase Blood Flow To Pennis Naturally

Male Erectile Dysfunction Exercises Video

How To Increase Blood Flow To Pennis Naturally

Ideal Male Labs Most Wanted Man Cologne Reviews

Most Wanted Man Cologne – Makes Any Woman Desperate To Sleep with YOU


What if there was a way to make ANY woman DESPERATE to sleep with you…

Even if she’s ‘way above your pay grade or league’…

Even if it’s your wife of 30 years, who hasn’t truly wanted SEX for the past 10 years…

Guess what?

That ‘thing’… the ‘thing’ that can ‘get your laid’ in ways that’d make a Rock Star Jealous… EXISTS.

It’s called The Most Wanted Man Cologne, and it’s the Brainchild of one of my very best friends… Dating Coach Wes Armstrong, Owner Of ideal male labs.

He’ll tell you ALL about it on THIS page

I highly recommend you click HERE now and take advantage while you still can

Talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

P.S. If you’d like to experience more ‘action’ in the bedroom – with red-hot women – click HERE now


Hands Downs The Easiest Way to ‘Get Laid’ (for Single and Married Guys)


If you’ve not yet tried Most Wanted Man Spray Cologne, know this…

It’ll get you more “bedroom fun” than a Rock Star. It’s the easiest way to experience more ‘Action’ with red-hot women.​​​​​​​

No joke.​​​​​​​

All you do is spray this powerful Pheromone Spray on your wrists and neck, then interact with women as usual. And “YES” – it’ll work on your long-term girlfriend, or wife (even if she’s been disinterested for years).​​​​​​​


This Secret Seduction Spray makes you insanely attractive to women. It’s so powerful it’s almost immoral. Almost. ;)​​​​​​​

Anyhow, if you’re skeptical, I get it…​​​​​​​

So, here’s your chance to grab some HERE.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​>> Grab a bottle now, try it and see for yourself :)​​​​​​​

And, I’ll talk to you soon

​​​​​​​Your friend,​​​​​​

Taylor Snow Romance

P.S. On THIS page, my buddy, Dating Coach Wes Armstrong – the Owner Of “The Ideal Man Labs” AND  creator of this amazing ideal male labs cologne – tells you all about it and how to get your hands on some, so you don’t have to endure a miserable ‘dry spell’ – with only your right hand for ‘company’


What To Do If She’s Never “In the Mood” (Makes Her Legs OPEN For You)


If you’re in a relationship with a woman, unless it’s early days and you’re still in “The Honeymoon Period”…

You’ve probably had her say things to you like:

“I’m not in the mood tonight”


“It’s not you, it’s me. I’m just not feeling sexual right now”

Now, if you’re not careful, these excuses can become a regular, if not DAILY, occurrence…

And, before you know it, you’re experiencing LESS ‘action in the bedroom’ than you did when you were SINGLE!

All of which is highly FRUSTRATING…

And can easily lead to resentment and awkwardness OUTSIDE of the bedroom, in other areas of your relationship.

Now, take a second to:

Imagine If Your Woman Was ALWAYS “In The Mood” for You – Ready to “Get It On” Whenever You Wanted…

That’d be pretty cool, right?

A LONG-TERM relationship where you could ‘get laid’ whenever you wanted – and enjoy FREQUENT sexual activity (just like you probably had when you first met your woman)

IF that was the case, you’d:

      • Be much healthier(because Science has proven that people who have REGULAR SEX are, on average, much healthier… perhaps the saying should be “An Orgasm a Day Keeps The Doctor Away!” 🙂
      • Have a much better relationship with your woman OUTSIDE of the bedroom(because women are way nicer to be around, and way less bitchy and moany and whiny and demanding when they are sexually satisfied) 
      • Get to experience ‘bedroom fun’ whenever you wanted it (meaning: no more sexual frustration… and no more having to resort to watching ‘online videos’ to ‘get your rocks off’)


The idea that your woman could be ‘in the mood’ for you all the time, once your in a long-term relationship, is BS, right?


How to Make Your Woman Hot, Wet and Horny for You Day & Night, in 5 Simple Steps…

  • Treat her right OUTSIDE of the bedroom– laying a foundation of TRUST and RESPECT (also: show her appreciation. And readily support her whenever she needs it)
  • Build an emotional connection with her(do this by being a good listener, and sharing your feelings with her)
  • When the SEX happens, make sure it’s good! Give her Multiple Orgasms every time and she’ll keep wanting more (remember this: ORGASMS = FEMALE SEX-DRIVE)
  • After SEX, do the ‘pillow talk’ thing(don’t just roll over straight away and go to sleep straight away)
  • Use this Secret Seduction Spray to “POWER UP” your Pheromones and make yourself irresistibly attractive to your woman (and every woman you come into contact with)
  • An “Unfair Advantage” Over All The Other Guys, When it Comes to Approaching Hot Women & Getting Conversations Flowing…


The Most Wanted Man Secret Seduction Spray is The World’s Most Powerful Pheromone Spray…

For guys who want to be irresistibly attractive to hot women…

…so attractive in fact, that women can’t keep their hands off them!.

Most Wanted Man Secret Seduction Spray is a Powerful Blend of 7 Highly Concentrated Human Sex Hormones…

It comes in a ridiculously sleek, and discreet black bottle…

And, all you do to use it, is this:

 – Spray twice on your neck

 – Spray twice on each wrist

Now go interact with women as usual.

That’s it.

Don’t change anything else.

Just be YOU, and let the Pheromones work their Magic!

WARNING: Use this “Ideal Male Labs Cologne” with Caution…

Before you get all too eager and excited, I need to CAUTION you…

Secret Seduction Spray will make you MAGNETICALLY ATTRACTIVE to women…

However, if you already have a woman, I’m suggesting you use the Spray to make your sex-life much better!

I’m not suggesting you use it to CHEAT on your woman!

Just know that when you wear it, you’ll turn female heads, and get their attention everywhere you go…

Be it at the gym, in bars & nightclubs, at restaurants & coffee shops, at work, or even walking down the street…

It really doesn’t matter…

Women will WANT YOU when you’re wearing the spray. Period. Full Stop. The end.

Key Point:

So long as you’re wearing Secret Seduction Spray, you’ll be magnetically attractive to women. They’ll want to SLEEP with you. So, be careful whenever you put it on, okay?

In case you’re wondering why it’s a good idea to ‘stock up’ on this Secret Seduction Ideal Male Labs Cologne, there are 2 reasons:

  • It’s so easy-to-use, and so effective at helping you overcome Approach Anxiety, and fearlessly get talking to HOT, BEAUTIFUL women, that’ll you’ll be PISSED if you come to re-order and find out that I’m out of stock(this happens, because it’s not always easy to get a hold of the ingredients for Secret Seduction Spray in the QUALITY and POTENCY that I demand for you)


>> Click here for all the details

And, we’ll talk soon…

Your Wingman,

Taylor Snow Romance

PS: This Is Personal…

Quite a few guys have emailed me to ask if I use ‘The Most Wanted Man Perfume Spray.’

The answer is…

“YES,” sometimes I do.

Here’s what I find…

Although my fiancee and I already have a lot of ‘action’ in the bedroom – when I wear THIS Secret Seduction Spray

…we have more.

There’s definitely something about the spray that TURNS HER ON.

For instance, the other day I was wearing the spray while doing some work in my office. She came into my office, to ask if I wanted some lunch.

And, while I certainly was hungry… it wasn’t a cheese sandwich I was ‘eating’ a couple of minutes later! 😉

So yeah…

The Most Wanted Man Spray works.

It makes you more ATTRACTIVE to women.

It makes women want to have SEX with you all the time.

Click HERE to find out how to get a bottle

And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Wes Armstrong

Money & Status Makes Girl-Getting Easy (But THIS Makes it Even Easier)


99% of Dating coaches are afraid to tell you the truth about money and status.

Almost always they say:

“Money doesn’t matter if you have Game.”

And it’s true…

In the sense that money and status alone won’t turn you from a geek into an international playboy.

But here’s the truth:

Money and status are AMPLIFIERS.

Meaning whatever you’ve got going on, they broadcast it to the world even stronger.

If you’re already a high-value man who’s got his shit together – now it’ll be even more obvious.

What’s more:

Calibration is a crucial element of Game.

But not just in the way you’ve been led to believe.

Having dough or doing well for yourself shows you’re calibrated to the world we live in.

It shows you’re resourceful.

And resourcefulness is attractive.

It’s directly linked to your ability to survive.

So if you’ve got money and status, you have a much higher chance than other men.

Which triggers girls’ primal attraction.

Now there’s a case to be made if you should develop your girl skills first…

Or if you should figure out the moolah before that.

I say, why not both?

You don’t have to wait.

If you pick up girls while increasing your money and status, you’ll have real, tangible proof right in front of your eyes.

Whereas if you lock yourself up in a dark room and do nothing but work…

One year later you’ll probably have more money, but your social skills and status will be nowhere to be found.

So you’ll have to start from scratch.

Now I have to admit:

Money may be harder to figure out than Game.

(That’s another reason why I don’t want you to wait.)

But there is a cheat code to triggering girls’ primal attraction even if you don’t have boatloads of cash yet.

And it’s a completely natural trigger.

In fact…

It stacks the odds MUCH more in your favor than competing on money and status ever will.

Because you don’t have to put in any real effort.

All you gotta do is follow the instructions at the link below:

=> money and status makes girl-getting easy (but THIS makes it even easier)

Until next time…

Your Wingman,

Taylor Snow Romance



P.S.  Long story short in case you’re a ‘scroller’:

Money and status are amplifiers.

If you’re already a high-value male, they’ll only make it even MORE obvious.

If you’re not, nothing will change.

BUT – there’s one thing that’s faster to do than developing your pickup skills or becoming wealthy…

And it requires barely any effort.

Yet still gets girls because it triggers their primal attraction.

Click here for the details.



Ideal Male Labs Most Wanted Man Cologne Reviews

perfume for sexually attraction for male

Ideal Male Labs Cologne

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7 Sneaky Words That Make Any Woman Want YOU Sexually?

questions to ask a girl to make her wet | words that make women horny magical words to attract a woman


ProTip: Discover how to bypass her logical brain and create instant sexual desire with these 7 Innocent Words That Make Any Girl Chase YOU


Now Picture this…

You look over…

And there’s something about her…

– Maybe curve of her hips…

– Or the glimpse of belly peeking out above her yoga pants…

– Or the sight of her breasts straining against the cotton of her shirt

Which fills you with such intense desire…

In that moment, you’d do ANYTHING to have her….

Do you know that feeling?

Well… Here’s A Sneaky Secret Most Women Won’t Tell You:





You see that overwhelming desire to peel her yoga pants off…

To bend her over and do all kinds of naughty things to her…

That feeling of being so out-of-control with lust you can’t think of anything else…


>>> Discover How To Make Her Feel This Way With These 7 Sneaky Words That Make Any Woman Want You Sexually<<<

The difference is…

While YOU get that feeling from the way a woman LOOKS…

Women get that feeling from what a man SAYS…

>>> Here’s what to say to make her out of control with desire<<<

Scientists recently discovered a sexual tripwire that is directly linked to the LANGUAGE center of a woman’s brain…

Which means when you know the right words and things to say to a girl to make her want you…

It trips her arousal reflex…

Filling her body with an all-consuming hunger…

And hijacking her rational mind…

So she completely loses control of her animal impulses.

And becomes sexually aggressive, impulsive,

and completely focused on getting you into her pants.

This video below tells you the exact 7 sneaky words that make any woman want you and set off this tripwire in any woman:

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It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Seize The Day,

Taylor Snow Romance

PS:  Men who know about this tripwire are using it to get girls WAY out of their league…

Because it completely erases any rational reasons she has not to give herself to you.

>> Discover Things To Say To A Girl To Make Her Want You & Set Off Her Sexual Tripwire herehow to arouse a woman through words | 3 questions to make her wet 5 words to make a girl chase you

Dissolves Any Girl’s Resistance With These 7 Innocent Words That Make Any Girl Chase YOU


A lot of guys think you have to be confident…

Or funny…

Or rich…

Or impressive in some way to get a ridiculously hot girl interested in you…

And sure, those things don’t hurt…

But thinking that you NEED them to make a woman choose you…

Comes from a MISTAKEN belief:

The belief that women choose to give themselves to a man for LOGICAL REASONS.

But what if rather than trying to CONVINCE her you’re a good “logical choice” for her…

There was a way to SHUT DOWN the rational part of her brain…

So that whatever “reasons” she had for holding back…

Were completely irrelevant?

>>>> Here’s how to do exactly that <<<<

You see, men who date and sleep with DEVASTATINGLY BEAUTIFUL women…

Know something most guys don’t:

That it doesn’t matter what LOGICAL reasons a woman has NOT to be with you…

If you can TURN HER ON… before you even make a move…

She won’t care if you’re short, bald, fat, broke, or insecure…

She won’t care about ruining your friendship…

Or what her friends might think…

Because ALL she can think of is getting you inside her… NOW.

Here’s how to focus her entire mind on getting naked with you words to make a girl want you | words to make her want you by talking 5 words to make a girl chase you

You see, as a woman becomes aroused in a certain way…

It triggers something inside her called “The Override Effect”…

Where the logical, rational parts of her brain go to sleep…

She loses self control…

And becomes single-mindedly focused on satisfying the sexual hunger you’ve woken up in her…

This video shows you exactly how to trigger The Override Effect in any woman by saying these 7 innocent words that make any girl chase you:

>>> Unlock the power of The Override Effect Now <<<

It’ll change the way women respond to you forever.

PS: This is the biggest breakthrough in attraction science in decades…

It’s based on published research from some of the world’s top Universities…

And it means that “regular guys” are getting women way out of their league…

Find Out The 7 Innocent Phrases That Will Make Her Want You:three questions to ask a woman to turn her on | three questions to ask a girl to turn her on

Things To Say To A Girl To Make Her Want You And Make her Picture Getting Naked With You


Guys who get the women they really want know this important truth:

Before a woman decides to have sex with you…

She first needs to PICTURE having sex with you.

So if you can get her to imagine:

—  Wiggling out of her pants…

— Opening her legs…

— And feeling you penetrate her…

She starts to get so turned on…

That logic, reason, and any rational concerns she might have about hooking up with you…

Completely disappear from her mind.

Here’s how to get her to picture getting naked with youwords to make women want you | questions to make her wet 5 words to make a girl chase you

It’s all due to something researchers at Harvard call The OVERRIDE EFFECT…

Where the more turned on she gets…

The more irrational and impulsive she becomes…

As those powerful erotic urges literally override the logical part of her mind.

There are three ways to turn a woman on and get her picturing herself in sexual situations with you.

You could:

    1. Be ridiculously good-looking,
    2. Ooze massive confidence…


    1. You can use these 7 magic words to attract a woman. 

The right words slip past a woman’s defenses…

And plant images in her mind…

Which her body can’t help responding to.

Just as your body can’t help responding when you watch a video of a hot girl touching herself…

A woman’s body can’t help responding to the images you plant in her mind using erotic language.

And when your words make her feel aroused…

You become irresistibly attractive in her mind.

>>> Click here and watch this short video <<<

In it, you’ll learn the secret 7 innocent words that make any woman chase you and language patterns that activate The Override Effect…

Giving you ultimate control over a woman’s arousal.

Whether it’s a girl you just met…

Or one you’ve had your eye on for years.

>>> Click here to watch this video now <<<best flirt words that arouse a girl | phrases or words that arouse women

And see for yourself how easy it can be to get any girl you want looking at you in a whole new way.

Your friend,

Taylor Snow Romance


What If She Wants To Be “Just Friends?”


If you’ve ever had a woman tell you “I just don’t see you that way”

You know no logical argument will change her mind.

And the more you try to convince her…

The more sure she becomes that you’re more of a friend than anything else.

So how do you change the way a girl sees you…

So instead of wanting to be your pal…

She can’t help wanting more with you?

The key is to make her feel AROUSED around you.

Here’s how to do exactly that <=============

If she gets a tingling between her legs when she’s in your presence…

If her breath speeds up…

And her heart races…

And her mind is filled with erotic images whenever you’re around…

Then she starts seeing you as a “sexual option” rather than a buddy or friend.

Learn to fill her mind with erotic images here<==========

The lesson is simple:

You can’t convince a girl to want to be with you.

But if you get her aroused, she’ll convince HERSELF that you’re exactly what she wants. 

>>> Discover Phrases That Will Make Her Want You Here3 questions to ask a girl to turn her on | 3 questions to ask a woman to turn her on

When women get aroused, they make all kinds of reckless and impulsive decisions…

They end up making out with, or sleeping with guys they never thought they’d be interested in.

Suddenly, they don’t care about what their friends will think…

They don’t care about ruining the friendship

And they don’t care that sleeping with you will ‘complicate things’…

All they care about is getting you inside them NOW.

Discover how to use these magic words to attract a woman and turn any girl on here

In this video, you’ll see how a regular guy got an old female friend to start hitting on HIM…

In a very impulsive and risky way…

It’s a crazy story.

With some very important lessons for making a woman see you as a sexual beast.

>>>Watch it now while the video’s still live <<<words that arouse a girl | phrases or words that arouse women

Your friend,

Taylor Snow Romance


7 Innocent Words That Turn Her On Without Touching Her

If you want a girl to think of as more than just a “friend”…

You already know it’s not enough to be a good guy.

And no matter how supportive, easy-going, thoughtful, or attentive you are…

She’ll NEVER see you as “dating material” unless you actively DO something to change her impression of you…

Here’s what to do <===========

So how do you make sure a woman sees you as ‘love interest’ rather than just a friend?

It’s very simple:

You absolutely have to TURN HER ON.

If you can turn a girl on while you’re having a casual conversation with her…

You’re providing her with something most men don’t: Excitement.

This is so rare for most women that once you know how to do it…

You’re the one in control of where things go with her.

 Whether you want to date her…

  Or you want something much more casual.

Learn Phrases That Will Make Her Want You Through Casual Conversation Heresigns she is attracted to you sexually but has a boyfriend reddit over through text online quiz

But here’s the catch:

There’s a big difference between what turns YOU on, and what turns a woman on.

A 2002 study found that while men are “stimulated to a greater degree by visual stimuli”

“Women are more sexually aroused by romantic words, images, and themes”

So you can use erotically charged language… 

You can weave erotic themes into your conversation…

And you can have her dripping wet with anticipation…

Before you’ve kissed or even touched her.

Discover how to use Magic Words To Attract A Woman And turn her on here <====

You’ll hear from Clayton… 

A regular guy who was fortunate enough to meet legendary dating and attraction coach Jessica J…

Who taught him techniques for activating a girl’s arousal drive using WORDS that arouse a woman.

It’s a great story, with simple practical tips for turning women on during casual conversations…

And I think you’ll get a lot out of it.

Check it out now while it’s still available <=====signs she is attracted to you sexually but is hidding it more than a friend body language through text signs she likes you


7 Innocent Words That Turn Her On And Make Her Desperate To Date You


The best way to make a woman your girlfriend…

Is not to show her what a great ‘relationship guy’ you are.

And it’s not to convince her you have everything she wants in a partner.

No, the quickest, most effective, and most RELIABLE way to make a woman desperate to be your girlfriend…

Is to focus on turning her on.

If she feels aroused by you, it doesn’t matter if you have all those “good boyfriend” qualities…

She’ll still choose you over the “perfect boyfriend” type of guy who doesn’t turn her on.

She can’t help it.

It’s primal.

That’s why women often get addicted to guys who are obviously no good for them:

Because those guys know how to stir up erotic feelings in them other guys can’t.


How do you turn her on if you’re not a tall. tanned fitness model?

You just have to use the right WORDS.

Get The 7 Innocent Words That Turn Her On here <=========

You see, while men are turned on primarily by what we SEE…

Women are turned on primarily by their IMAGINATIONS…

And when – over the course of a conversation – you use the right words to spark her erotic imagination…

She involuntarily gets so aroused…

She has trouble controlling her impulses…

Even if she promised herself she’d be a ‘good girl’.

So instead of trying to convince her you’d be good for her…

Turn her on instead…

And let her convince HERSELF that you’re everything she wants… 

Here’s how <============7 hidden Signs she is attracted to you sexually body language through text over reddit has a boyfriend


7 Sneaky Words That Make Any Woman Want YOU

7 innocent words that make any girl chase you

Things to say to a girl to make her want you

Magic Words To Attract A Woman

7 Innocent Words That Turn Her On

5 words to make a girl chase you

phrases that will make her want you

Signs She Is Secretly Attracted To You

She’s Down To Fuck When She Says This…(Signs She Secretly Wants YOU Sexually)

Signs she wants you to notice her how to know if a woman is attracted to you sexually

Hey mate,

I remember I was out at a club once and talking to this smoking hot girl.

She was 20, long sexy legs, blonde hair and stunning blue eyes.

After some back and forth flirting, I said…

“Let’s go”

To which she responded…

“Ok, but we’re not having sex tonight” with a smile.

Of course I ignored her and less than an hour later, we were smashing.

How did I know she wanted to bang?

Because she was giving me arousal signals that told me she was DTF.

And the biggest signal of all?

Her telling me we weren’t going to hookup.

You see… that’s where most guys go wrong.

They don’t look for and understand the signals that women give off, so they keep trying to not screw things up.

This eventually leads to the girl getting bored and losing attraction.

So it’s essential that you look for THESE Signs She Is Secretly Attracted To You at all times.signs she wants you to talk to her physical signs a married woman is interested in you

I promise your close rate will go through the roof if you do.


Taylor Snow Romance

7 STRANGE Things Women Do When They SECRETLY Like You

Heyyy hun how’s your day been so far?!

Either way I hope today’s video helps make it better!

Check out today’s YouTube video right heresigns she wants you but has a boyfriend through text over reddit online make a move back

While there are plenty of videos out there about the signs she likes you

THIS ONE is about the signs she likes you…when she DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW!

The key difference here is that these are very subtle and subconscious, if not completely secret to even her!

So find out what the 7 strange things women do when they secretly like you are…So you can decide once and for all what YOU wanna do about it signs she likes you but is hidding it more than a friend body language quiz online reddit make a move back 😝

7 STRANGE Things Women Do When They SECRETLY Like You

Your Girl From Here On Out,

Taylor Snow Romance

3 Sure-Fire Signs She Secretly Wants You To Kiss Her – (How To Know When She’s Ready To Be Kissed)

A lot of guys struggle to make things SEXUAL with women…

Some expect women to ‘make the first move’…

Others worry the woman will REJECT their advances.

Here’s the truth…

As the MAN, it’s your job to ‘take the lead’ and escalate things. And, knowing the signs she wants you to kiss her – and then actually ‘growing a pair’ and instigating the kiss – is really important.

That thought in mind, here are:



1. She’s Making A Lot of Eye Contact

When you’re out with a woman, and she starts making more EYE CONTACT with you…

And, she holds that eye contact for longer than usual…

It creates a feeling of “Sexual Chemistry”…

And, it’s on the hidden signs she wants you to kiss her.

Note: it doesn’t mean she’ll kiss you! You’re the guy – so, she’s ready for YOU to kiss HER!


2. She Looks at Your Lips and Licks Hers Suggestively

When a woman gives you strong eye contact, and you can feel the chemistry building…

And then she slowly moves her gaze from your eyes, to your lips, and then back to your eyes, while subtly, yet suggestively licking her lips…

She is more than READY for you to kiss her… signs she is attracted to you sexually but has a boyfriend reddit over through text online quiz


And, I promise you this…

Her PANTIES are already WET.


3. She is Physically Closer to You Than Just ‘A Friend’ Would Be

When you’re out with a buddy, having a beer and ‘watching the game’ – there’s kind of like an “Unspoken Rule” about how close you should sit from each other.

Some people don’t seem to get the idea of “Personal Space,” and they always come across as CREEPY.

But, most people ‘get it’ – without having to be taught it. They ‘get’ that there’s an invisible space around you that’s YOUR SPACE… your personal space where other people aren’t supposed to be…

Unless, of course, that ‘other person’ is a WOMAN who you want to ‘get sexual’ with.

In that case, you’ll welcome her being CLOSER to you than a normal person would be in regular conversation (be it a buddy watching ‘the game’ with you, or your boss at work).


…When a woman gives you lingering EYE CONTACT…

And, she looks at your lips and then licks her suggestively…

And, she does both those things while being physically CLOSER to you than a normal friend, family member or work colleague would be…

She is 100% ready to be kissed (and, quite possibly… fucked too 😉

At that point, all that’s left is for you to “MAN UP” and ‘make the move.’ If you do, she’ll love you for it. If you don’t, she’ll see you as ‘just another weak guy who’s lacking a pair of balls.’

It’s your call. To get you started, watch the FREE video below to discover…

Signs She Is Secretly Attracted To You

7 hidden signs she craves you female body language signs of attraction legs subtle subconscious signs she likes you
Your Wingman,

Taylor Snow Romance.

 7 hidden signs she is attracted to you sexually body language more than a friend but is hidding it

“7 Hidden Signs She Secretly Likes You!” <== BULLSHIT


“When a woman smiles at you does this actually mean that she’s interested and attracted to me? Or is she simply being nice?” 

He asked about older women, specifically — MILFs, cougars, etc… 

Of whom I know many of you are big fans. 

And I myself am partial to a big-titted MILF mommy GF once in a while… 

However… today I want to talk more about this issue generally.

Because it’s a HUGE blind-spot I see many guys have.

This whole question of: 

“Is she romantically interested in me?” 

This is DEATH. 

This is the exact wrong way to look at things. 

When you see a woman as you go about your day… 

And if she smiles at you…. 

Glances at you… 

Or even if she doesn’t look at you at all….

IT DOESN’T MATTER if she’s romantically interested in you or not. 

As a man —you MAKE HER romantically interested. 

That’s what a being a fucking MAN, IS

This is why I LOATHE so much of the dating content out there…

You’ve seen them — videos and products about things like: 

“How to decode her signals and know whether a woman is really interested in you or not!” 


“7 hidden Signs She Secretly likes you and has a crush on you!” 


It doesn’t matter if she likes you or not, now.

The whole point of game is to learn how to MAKE her like you. 

MAKE her have a crush on you. 

She may not like you now.

She may not even know you EXIST. 

But after she spends 10 minutes talking to you, she sure as hell is gonna start giving off signs she secretly likes you.

At that point, she’s going to realize you’re the most interesting and charismatic man she’s ever met. 

THAT is your goal. 

NOT trying to “worm your way” into some set that’s already “warm”. 

You don’t look for signs of attraction.

You CREATE it. 

You create it out of NOTHING. 

That is what being a REAL APHA MALE is. 

That is what a true OPERATOR does. 

You should be the type of man who can walk into any environment… 

Walk up to ANY woman there…

And quickly have her eating out of the palm of your hand…

And then soon after, be willing to leave and come home with you. signs she is attracted to you sexually but is hidding it more than a friend body language through text signs she likes you

Most people think that’s impossible or unrealistic. 

Not only is it possible (I personally do it every week) 

But if you CAN’T do this… 

then you are simply NOT a man, in the full sense of the word — as I define it. 

A man… 

Not the “man in quotation marks”, that usually see nowadays…

But a real man… 

A man who’s worthy of the name—“MAN”… 

Referring to the most perfect and highly developed of all beings on this planet, the acme of creation, who built civilization and went to the moon… 

MAN should be entirely self-sufficient, autonomous and self-reliant. 

You should be able to walk up to people you’ve never met and have them give you money. 

You should be able to walk up to strange women, and within 20 minutes have them want to sleep with you.

You should be able to convince people of anything — 

Like one of the old school travelling conmen… 

Who mysteriously appears in town, has a shadowy background.. 

Yet somehow immediately establishes himself, and gets all the money he asks for.

I’m not saying you should con people. (That’s not good in the long run, and is ultimately counter productive) 

But you should BE ABLE to. You should have that kind of irresistible persuasive power.

If a girl smiles at you… 

If she shows interest… 

If she happens to be romantically interested in you already before you show up….

Great. Your job will be easier.

But it’s NOT RELEVANT how she feels about you before you speak to her.

The only thing that matters is how she feels about you AFTER she’s talked to you for a few minutes.

THAT is the true judgement of your worth as a man. 

90% of the women I talk to don’t have the slightest respect or esteem for me when I first go up to them. 

They think I’m not “their type”. 

They have a wrong estimation of me.

Or they simply aren’t interested in me, from a first glance perspective. 

But you better believe that after 2 minutes talking to me… 

And I’m giving her the FIREWORKS…

The lazer eye contact…

The VICIOUS emotional spikes…

The hardcore push pull… 


The Mean Girl negs… 

The stealth escalation… 

I’m taking her emotions on a wild ride… 

Well, after 2 minutes of that — she usually says something to the effect of: 

“Jesus, you’re the most interesting person I’ve ever met! Who ARE you? What do you DO?! Do you have a girlfriend?” 

Well, If You Want To Find Out, Watch The FREE Video Below….

Obvious Signs She Secretly Wants You To Make A Move On Her 7 hidden Signs she is attracted to you sexually body language through text over reddit has a boyfriend


Signs She Is Secretly Attracted To You Body Language

Signs She Secretly Likes You Body Language

Signs She Secretly Wants You To Make A Move

Signs She Wants You To Kiss Her


Powerful Seductive Words For Her

Dirty Flirty Words For Her Arousal
( Make Her Va-Jay-Jay Vibrate With Lust)

seduce her with words that make women horny magical words to attract a woman | best questions to ask a girl to make her wet



“Screw it – she won’t like me anyway.”

Have you ever said that to yourself while walking past a gorgeous chick?

Look, let’s make it plain and simple: It doesn’t take a genius to arouse a woman the instant you meet her. Just do this when you introduce yourself:

Say these flirty romantic words for her arousal, step back and watch her get uncontrollably aroused…

That’s probably too easy, right?

See, a lot of guys get this “attraction” game all wrong. They make themselves look good (nothing wrong with that) and they act too nice hoping to bang a hot girl at the end of the night…

Mulling over how to keep her “entertained”…

While using cringy pick-up lines that clearly don’t work…

All these things are as useful as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.

You, on the other hand, will discover something most guys fail to consider…

And that is, using a few short phrases designed to seduce a woman and tease her mercilessly…

These are innocent-sounding words that make her squirm in her seat… triggering instant attraction so you can rock her world in the bedroom.

The truth is, you can think of this as an advanced “mental hacking” that fires up her arousal the moment your mouth opens. And you get to see it in action right here:

Secret Powerful Seductive Words To Tell Her & Make Her Va-Jay-Jay Vibrate With Lust… best list of seductive words to tell her | three questions to ask a woman to turn her on | three questions to ask a girl to turn her on

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

Sexy Little Flirty Romantic Words For Her Arousal

Okay. You did the hard part. You started a conversation and you can’t wait to get into her pants…

You know it’s KEY to arouse her while you talk, and yet you feel a bit cringey of what you’re about to say…

Look, when you find yourself mumbling and looking for the next cool thing to say…

Why Not Try These Flirty Romantic Words For Her? – Sexy little words to quicken her arousal…

I mean…

Not all sexy words are dirty sounding. And not all dirty talking is actually dirty. And not all dirty words are sexy.

I’ve probably confused the heck out of you – so here’s an example…

Unless she’s a bit kinky “verbally”, you just can’t say something like, “Hey I’m coming tonight. Prepare your hole for my Moby Dick”… because she’s most likely be preparing a slap at the front door.

Instead, say something sweet (but daring) like: “You’ve no idea what I have in store for you tonight…”

See the difference?

Let that steamy, dirty talk roll off your tongue so good… that she’ll be writhing in pleasure before you even undress her…

And the good news is when you know how to use the right female arousal trigger words and the right phrases

…you’re actually painting an erotic picture in a woman’s mind and letting her fill in the lines with her own lustful imagination…

Keep dangling that erotic carrot in front of her and she’ll bite down on you.

Bottom line is, this is the kind of thing that eases directly into her panties…

Get Her Butt Naked With These 7 sexy Sweet Flirty Words For Her … best list of seductive words for her | how to arouse a woman through words | 3 questions to make her wet


Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

Powerful Seductive Words That Penetrate Her Arousal Bubble?

The da Vinci cryptex can hide a secret on a papyrus rolled around a thin glass of words to seduce a woman by text

If you don’t know the password and you force it open, the vial of vinegar will break. It then dissolves the papyrus and your secret is lost forever.

And this reminds me of how most guys force women to OPEN and want to have sex with them.

So if you ever feel that you always have to break her arousal barriers…

Know that you can make her horny as effortlessly as THIS…

The truth is, even the best marriages and relationships are bogged down by common grievances.

Her ways of saying she’s not interested with sex anymore are obvious in her actions, glances, and even the way she speaks to you…

And it’s flat-out harder for women “to get in the mood” when she’s simply not interested in getting any nookie… and most of the time, for no reason at all.

Good news is, you can totally fix this. And it all starts with words that trigger her lust.

You simply let out a few secret words and phrases at the right time… and these arousal triggers will tease her velvety love-cave like a 50 Shades of Grey feather tickler.

What’s more?

It won’t matter how she feels about you right now. Even if she constantly says she’s tired and in bad mood…  

Even if you think you look past your macho prime… and she doesn’t look at you the way she did years ago.

And even if she totally ignores you all day!

In short, to make a carrot look like a hotdog, you simply amp up her hunger. And you can make her truly WANT you without any forcing, begging, and negotiating.

Want to push her arousal easy button?

Simply say these female arousal trigger words to penetrate her arousal bubble (and get all the sex you want)… best words to make a girl want you | words to make her want you by talking

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

How I “Talk Dirty” With My 5 Wives And 1 Husband

Whenever I talk to men about their bedroom issues, I always bring out my 5 wives and 1 husband…best flirt words to seduce a woman by text

No, I’m not practicing polygamy here.

The 5 Wives 1 Husband (5W1H) is simply a mnemonic that stands for Who, What, Where, When, Why and How questions. This is how I learn more about the topic on hand and in a more organized way.

Anyway, why am I telling you this?

Well, because of the 5W1H, I was able to formulate how any man can learn to fully enjoy the 2 most vital aspects of any intimate relationship – communication and sex.

More importantly…

How You Can Get Ridiculously Good In “Talking Dirty” AND Seduce Her With Words…

Now I want to emphasize one thing here…

Many guys don’t know a single thing about sexual expression. Most of them get their cues about talking dirty from adult film clips… what’s up with that?

In fact, when you repeat these clichéd lines over and over again, you offend your woman in the process…

And sometimes, when she’s just not into it or her mind is so FAR away from intimacy, the last thing you want to do is be insensitive and ask for it.

Not only that, you don’t blurt out random words you heard online like “Suck it, you dirty little _____” just before any of you is about to orgasm…

Trust me, she’ll feel so small, dirty and embarrassed about herself when you do this.

And that’s not sexy at all…

But it is SEXY though, is when you know how to do it right.

So what’s your game plan here?

First, let’s get down to the basics of what dirty-talk is all about and how to make it work for you. The rest is fairly easy when you take off from here…

How to light up her lust brain with WORDS… best flirt words to make women want you | questions to make her wet

This is only for you if you want to explore an entirely new dimension and increase the intensity of your bedroom experiences (which I know you’d love to)…

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

Make Her WET Using These Words (read now…)

“Sexual Reality” for most men isn’t ‘the stuff of dreams’…<

SINGLE guys rarely go on dates… and therefore, rarely ‘get laid.’

And, guys in a RELATIONSHIP often find themselves sexually frustrated once the “Honeymoon Period” is over… 

Constantly hearing excuses like…

…”Not tonight honey, I’m tired”…

…every time they want some ACTION.

It becomes tedious.

That’s the BAD NEWS.


My friend Lloyd Lester – a highly respected Sex-Expert – has come up with some powerful words and phrases that’ll make practically ANY woman Hot, Wet and Horny for you… 

Even if she’s OLD and hasn’t shown any interest in S.E.X for years.

These words will work on your new girlfriend, on your wife, or even on some hottie you just met in a bar or club. They’re THAT powerful. 

Bottom line?

If you’re a MAN who wants to get his dick WET more often – you need to know them! 

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Whisper THIS in Her Ear to Make Her WET (works every time)


Powerful Seductive Words For Her


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Romantic Text Messages That Will Make Her Want You Badly

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“Hot chicks were treating me like a fucking human sex toy…” my pal Alistair confessed to me the other day. “It sounds incredibly great but honestly, I just can’t take it anymore!”

It was Alistair’s 10th day in New York and he’d hooked up with 13 women already.

The 14th girl was ready to come over…

…but his body couldn’t take anymore.

Then, he uttered the words no other man has said in the history of civilization…

“The thought of getting another erection depresses me”.

See, before he even reached New York, he’d been chatting to local girls online…

And thanks to an absolutely diabolical “sexting hack” he came up with… (which he later showed me…) 

He was sending them very specific messages…

…and making them orgasm over Romantic Text Messages That Will Make Her Want You Badly:

what to text a girl to make her want you examples pdf make her want you text messages
make her want you through text AND what to text a girl to make her want you examples pdf
what to text a girl to make her want you examples pdf make her want you more text
romantic text messages that will make her want you badly

Yeah, you read that right.

Mind melting orgasms – before he’d ever met them in real life.

And these girls were so amazed they were lining up for sex before he even landed.

Every day Alistair had a different girl (sometimes two at a time) knocking on his door.

He’d have a few drinks with her, she’d suck him off on the balcony…

Then he’d take her to the room and pound the shit outta her.

He says he always thought he’d love to hook up with multiple women in a day…

But by day 7, he got to a point where (as unbelievable as it sounds)

He just wanted to chat with the girl.

His penis needed a break! 

But they were treating him like a human sex toy.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, I convinced Alister to share his secret.

However, this is powerful stuff so I need to warn you…

Just because you’ll be able to bang multiple women a day…

That doesn’t mean you should.

Only use THESE romantic texts that make her want you to bang 3-4 women a week.

Trust me – this turns them into animals and your body will need to recover.

⇒ Only do this if you can handle 3+ women a week richard la ruina get you laid race depriest login torrent buy text to make her feel special

Happy hunting 😉 

Taylor Snow Romance



PS: How To Text To Make Her Feel Special

Whether you admit it or not, most people get excited over unread messages.

When a girl receives a text from her crush or someone she likes at work…

It gives her this inexplicable sense of pleasure – even if THAT message doesn’t contain a single “dirty word.” 

Speaking of pleasure, you’ve probably heard all the weird ways women “get off”, like with a mere touch of your hand…

But to give her orgasm over “romantic texts that make her want you” – like this one?what to text a girl to make her want you examples pdf stealth attraction texting make her want you more text


It almost sounds absurd.

How can a string of words – one that’s sent over text and not a phone call – flood her body with orgasmic pleasure? 

Some call this “sexting on steroids”…

But the downside of sexting is it doesn’t make girls “come” over the phone.

Sure, it can make her drench her panties, but not exactly enough to take her OFF the edge.

And the great thing about these mysterious “text messages to make her want you “…

Is that it contains only 43 Texts – which is completely unassuming.

But when she reads it, it will activate the lust center of her brain… giving her the freedom to express herself behind the screen…

Where she can shake and quiver like a teenager rebelling against her overly religious parents.

Obviously, sexually confident men don’t need this. But if you’re a bit on the shy side, this might do the trick.

And these 43 Texts are probably one-of-their-kind out there…

Make Her Want You Through Text Messages That Makes Girls Moan In Private…alpha male text examples funny texts to get her attention pdf make her want you more text


The best part is, you don’t have to decode this text at all… but when she sees this 1 unread message from you, it’s game on!

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

Do you make these “sexting” mistakes with women?

Ever tried to “sext” a girl and got painfully rejected?

Maybe you asked for nudes and got blocked.

Or worse… you sent her dick pics.


The problem with sexting is guys have no idea how to start things off…

So they usually ask for nudes…

…which ends up creeping the girl out.

And in those rare moments where the girl responds positively?

Well, they have no idea what to do next…

So it falls flat and THEN the girl gets creeped out anyway.

Turns out, there’s a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to sext

And the RIGHT way to sext has got nothing to do with sending dick pics or asking for nudes.

In fact, my buddy Alister has cracked the code and taken ‘sexting’ to another level.

Not only does he make girls super horny over text…

He actually makes them have mind-blowing orgasms

Which makes them even hornier and desperate to bang you in real life.

He’s been using this ‘remote seduction’ system since 2014 to bed the hottest girls you’ll ever see…

Without going to bars or nightclubs…

Without ever approaching a woman or taking a girl on a date…

And without risking any humiliation or rejection.

Plus, he does it in such a sneaky way the girl ends up chasing him to sext…

So it’s impossible to come across creepy at all.

All he does is ask if she wants to play ‘a fun little game’.

From there, he sends a few specific messages, and before she knows it…

Her eyes are rolling into the back of her head and her pussy is pulsing with pleasure.

This is exactly what happened with Kayley…   

Now, every time he texts her — she orgasms on command.

Pretty insane, right?

Then listen carefully to what she had to say in this video here  



Happy hunting 😉 

43 Romantic Text Messages That Will Make Her Want You Badly And Give Her Quick Bursts Of Orgasms

The less attractive male cuttlefish can fool rival alpha males into thinking they’re females… by pretending to be females.

The dominant cuttlefish don’t notice their presence… allowing them in and giving the lesser cuttlefish a chance to mate with the females under false pretenses. 

And you know what?

Any man who wishes to get laid on the same night should never ever trick a woman into thinking he’s someone he’s not.

In fact, the best way to seduce her is not about “putting on an act”…

Instead, just talk like a normal guy and perhaps “polish” the words you use with her.

For example?

Did you know these 43 Texts that can give her quick bursts of orgasms?richard la ruina get you laid race depriest login torrent buy romantic messages to make her want you

As you can imagine…

A single sexual urge starts in the brain, and the most powerful TEASING happens long before you reach the bedroom.

So when you send her these five innocent text messages that titillate her mind…

It’s like giving her pleasure in small amounts unexpectedly.

I mean, excuse the term, but women do DESPISE predictability.

You don’t want to be branded as “just like the other guys” who use the same pick-up lines over and over again.

Even if you think women never notice you…

Even if you’ve been rejected on too many occasions…

The sooner these words creep into her mind, the faster she becomes comfortable with you.

And the sooner you make her feel comfortable, the easier it’ll be for her to willingly part her legs for you…

One more thing:

You know how every woman has a clit, right? And how her nipples are like “extra clits”?

Well, here’s what’s more powerful and sneaky than those two…

Just Send Her These Romantic Messages To Make Her Want You Texts At This Precise Timing…

what to text a girl to make her want you examples pdf back make her want you through text

Once you do, it’s like you’ve discovered her “third clit” and primed it for an orgasm!

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


Texts That Make Her Touch Herself?

A war dentist once said people don’t need toothpaste.

The mechanical action of the bristles is enough to keep your pearly whites clean and toothpaste is just a fancy lubricant.

But you won’t ditch the minty paste ever, would you?

It’s the experience that counts, which is the same concept that excites women to do the dirty deed with you.

AKA it’s the smooth, lubricated, pleasurable action!

In fact…

When you send her these text messages to make her want you…

…her shy private parts will get MOIST down there.

How so?

The truth is, it all anchors from a woman’s “sex language”.

And just like any language, decent grammar will likely impress her. 😉

Which means any man who can speak and understand a woman’s sex language is the same man who will drive her crazy with ravenous sexual hunger.

You’ll know exactly what to say when she tries to pull away…

And you’ll know what to say to get her naked pronto.

All this time I’ve discovered at least 7 “erotic text messages” – but there’s probably more.

I’ve personally used all 7 sets, though there are about 4 or 5 that I use regularly, just because it goes with my personality and style.

For best results, you want to mix and match them anyway. Combine #1 with #6, or #2 with #4. 

As you’ll see, this is sort of a resistance-proof seduction – simply because it makes a woman think it is HER idea.

Here Are The 43  Text Messages To Make Her Want You That Make Her Touch Herself ( #4 Is A Godsend!)

Think your vocabulary is less erotic? With this, you could be sexually fluent in a single afternoon. 😉

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


What PUAs Get Wrong About Dirty Talk & Sexting

One of the worst pieces of PUA (Pick Up Artist) advice I’ve ever heard is on dirty talk…

Specifically, when it comes to arousing her.

I see pickup artists try to tell guys to be vulgar…

Outright dirty…

Even nasty.

Big mistake.

This only repulses the girl.

It makes it too obvious.

There’s no “intrigue.”

She knows EXACTLY what she’s getting.

Which kills all the excitement she had.

Because girls like mystery.

If you tell her literally what you’re gonna do to her…

The magic’s gone.

So when it comes to dirty talk that makes her OBSESSED with you…

You gotta be descriptive.

Without being Rated R:

“Imagine me having my hands all over you, my lips an inch away from your neck, passionately breathing into you, you squirming beneath me, waiting for me to enter inside you.”

Woah, that was a bit too much even for me.


Notice how there are no explicit words.

It’s “dirty” talk, but it’s not literally dirty.

What I achieved was to turn on the imagination.

The picture is crystal-clear in her head now.

Without me specifying with what I’m about to “enter.”

The result:

She can’t stay still.

Her composure might be saying, “no.”

But her body and subconscious are saying, “YES, DADDY!”

Now all of this is just level 1.

Which works for me, to be honest.

My guy Lawrence, however, is the Ultimate Pussy Whisperer.

He’s a skinny, bald, 50-year-old…

But boy can he spread female thighs.

Word on the street is, he can make women cum on command…

Just by sending women these texts – WITHOUT even touching them.

I’ve never seen him in action, due to obvious reasons.

But if you’d like to dive DEEP (pun intended) into his “Ultimate Pussy Whisperer” teachings…

Follow The the link below to 43 Texts That Guarantee Sex:

Romantic Text Messages That Will Make Her Want You Badly

Romantic texts that make her want you 

text messages to make her want you 

what to text a girl to make her want you examples pdf 
make her want you text messages 
make her want you more text 

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romantic messages to make her want you 

long text messages that will make her want you back 
text to make her feel special 

Texts That Make Her Want You

Romantic Text Messages That Will Make Her Want You Badly ( Texts That Gets Her Naked)

richard la ruina get you laid race depriest login torrent buy text to make her feel special



FACT: You don’t have to be in the same room with a girl to get her all wet and aroused.

“Sexting” or sending “sex text messages that will make her want you sexually” is one proven way and if you really want to get good at it, you must know what works best – in any situation.

Truth is, you can send messages to get a girl so addicted to you, that she’ll be texting you at 1:50 AM…

Asking what you’re up to…

And if she could “come over”…

Or better yet – what if you have this?

text message for each time you want her naked…

It’s true.

Just imagine all the fun and pleasure coming your way if you can provoke STRONG urges over one simple text!

You see, “sexting” is all about creating the right mental images.

The idea is to let her know you want to get physical with her without sounding like a raging horndog.

i.e. What you say before “getting it on” is a critical component of each text.

And you know what?

There’s a reason these exact sexting “templates” are not found anywhere else – not even if you “Google” it.

I mean, sending her an overused text message is like using recycled water from everyone’s bucket, which is awful.

Plus, it makes her think, “I’ve heard of this line before but not sure where.” And then you’ve missed your chance to stand out from every other guy that was texting her.

Look, if you want to engage a woman’s sexual imagination, do it in a way that she’s nearly powerless to resist.

Here Are 43 Texts That Make Her Want You Badly And Make Her Come Over – This Instant…
what to text a girl to make her want you examples pdf stealth attraction texting make her want you more text

Incredibly, each one gives her a reason to drop everything she’s doing and go jump your bones!

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

PS: Inception Orgasm (100% Mental Trick)

(Girls don’t play games unless)… you make it worth her time!

Seriously – if there’s one thing that will STOP any girl from dumping you or ditching you…

And if there’s a way to make her turn up at your door for sex (as if you ordered pizza)…

It’s probably in this form of a fun little “game”.

As kids, we all loved to chase and play hide-and-seek…

And this one has the same exhilarating effect – albeit in sexual situations.

Girls love this “game” (better than intercourse)…
alpha male text examples funny texts to get her attention pdf make her want you more text romantic messages to make her want you

So the next time you’re chatting up a girl you want to get down and dirty with, simply play this sneaky game on her…

It will remove all the pressure and seriousness…

And, it’ll quickly turn her on and give her a reality-bending orgasm!

This may sound kind of far-fetch, so here’s the catch…

You don’t do it during sex.

Or during foreplay.

You do it BEFORE you even meet the girl. In fact, you can just text her a specific set of “Make Her Want You Text Messages” in a specific order… and she can climax while holding her phone.

It’s called the “Inception Orgasm” and it’s a 100% mental trick.

When you do it multiple times, over multiple days…

Her body will develop “muscle memory” and just sending a message will make her climax on command.

Now you see why girls love to play this game?

It doesn’t stop there.

The minute she sees you… all those pleasurable sensations will flood back in an instant.

And now riding your D-train becomes the most natural thing for her.

The best part is, you don’t have to learn how to speak to women…

If you can send her romantic messages to make her want you Badly…

You can make her experience an Inception Orgasm (here’s how)…richard la ruina get you laid race depriest login torrent buy romantic messages to make her want you


Look – nothing can compete with a man who knows how to penetrate a woman’s mind and not just her private parts. And this one – is like an invisible rush of warmth in her brain (and her genitals).

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

PS: I Know There Are LOADS Of Good Texting Advice Online.

Most of it is on YouTube.


None of it talks about this one thing that can “level” you in the eyes of the girl.

Here’s what I mean:

“Leveling” is a poker concept.

I.e. when you make a certain action, it can classify you as a player who has X experience.

Another word for it is a “tell.”

It’s similar when you text girls.

As good as your copy & paste lines are, the chicks that get the most DMs will see right through you…

Unless you do it in a way that matches their “level.”

I know what I’m saying might sound vague.

The easiest way to think about it is how to use the girl’s texting blueprint on her…

So she instantly recognizes you as someone different and doesn’t put a label on you.

That way you can stand out and take her out quicker…

Or take her in 😉

If you’d like to see how to use a girl’s texting blueprint to your advantage, this short video reveals it:

=> The Texting Game Nuance That No One Talks About

text game pua examples banter lines for texting pdf text game examples romantic messages to make her want you

Talk soon…

Your Wingman,

Taylor Snow Romance

Text Her This In The Morning ( Sample Make Her Want You Text Messages)

How To Start A Friends With Benefits Relationship

how long can a fwb long term friends with benefit relationship quotes advice finder


A Friend With Benefits or FWB is a woman or girl you regularly have casual sex with…

But without any “long term relationship” bullshit…

It’s just pure, no strings attached sex… every week or so… with NO commitment, effort, or spending money on your part.

Sounds like a dream come true, right?

Well, it is.

And what many guys don’t understand is that many women are actually a lot more open to this kind of arrangement than men are.


See, in this modern day era, there’s a huge number of women and girls out there who really don’t want to have a boyfriend or husband.

They’re too busy with their career or education.

And instead of a high maintenance long-term relationship, all they’re looking for right now is a chill guy they can see every week or two…

Hook up… pleasure each other sexually… and maybe enjoy hanging out and watching a movie together from time to time.

So how do you find these girls?

And… what do you say to them to suggest being “friends with benefits” — without coming across as creepy and getting in trouble?

That’s where this comes in:

==> FREE VIDEO: How To Start A Friends With Benefits Relationship With a sexy young girl who comes over to give you sex on demand… even if you’re old, ugly, fat, broke, or shy (say THIS to her  and make her desperately want to be your FWB)

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Watch This FREE Video now!

It will show you the 9-word secret to get a no-strings-attached “sex buddy” in her early 20s and it works even if you’re unattractive, introverted, unemployed, or twice her age.

You won’t need good looks, money, youth…

You won’t even need “confidence”.

All these things are great.

But there is something that is much more powerful which most women are biologically programmed to naturally and automatically respond to…

And when you tap into this 1 secret craving that every woman is obsessed with… she will spread her legs for you in minutes even if she’s normally a “good girl”

So you can turn her into your FWB, and enjoy MONTHS of casual sex with her, for as long as you wish!

Watch the FREE video now. 

Because it can be pulled down any minute from now… 

==> How to have a friends with benefits relationship with a sexy young “friend with benefits” who comes over to give you sex on demand… even if you’re old, ugly, fat, broke, or shy (say THIS to her and make her desperately want to be your FWB)

how to end a friends with benefit rules for a fwb end meaning definition propose like


Live free or die… 


Mike Haines


PS: I Don’t Want You To Be Left Behind! 

If you haven’t already, then…

>> Grab your spot in the Friends With Benefits System (FWB) and get your own SEX HAREM now while you still can! 


Tip of the day: 

“You don’t get pussy by being attractive. You become attractive by getting pussy.”


Truer words were never spoken.


I have a special surprise to announce to you. 

If you order Friends With Benefits System (FWB) TODAYbefore the deadline, I am also going to throw in no less than SEVEN  bonuses… 

Which are NOT available anywhere else! 

You’re getting…  



Two Girls, One You!

How To Find A Bisexual Girlfriend So

You Can Do Threesomes With Her!


Two hot horny Girls and One You is simply the absolute perfect companion piece to the FWB System…

Because it will reveal to you how to spot and attract hot bisexual chicks to be your fuck buddies…

What this means is that you can bring your girls together and have crazy threesomes every night week!

You could even actually use this to attract and seduce multiple bisexual girls… invite and welcome them all live in the same house with you… and have crazy sex orgies together every single night of the week!

Two Girls, One You is an exclusive program which is NOT available anywhere else… but if I was going to sell it, I would price it at…

Retail Value: $59.95

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Daddy’s Girl!

How To Hook Up & Sleep With Gorgeous Women Half Your Age…

Without Paying For It!


Are you an older man who loves the soft skin and vibrant feminine energy of young women in their late teens or twenties?

If so… “Daddy’s Girl” is going to be a God-Send for you!

See, being an older guy inherently gives you one very insanely powerful “unfair advantage” over younger guys… and it’s this:

A major element of what makes the FWB System work is establishing yourself as a “Father Figure” in the girl’s life… because when women seek approval from men, they’re always subconsciously seeking the approval of their own fathers.

And this is the reason why the older you become… the more better the Friends With Benefits Three Words system will work for you.

The problem is… Almost every older man falls into a few lethal “traps” when they’re interacting with desirable younger women… which turn her off and make her see you as unattractive, uncool, “past it”, or worse… as the “creepy old guy”.

In Daddy’s Girl, you’ll be learn and be trained how to avoid these kind of traps… while leveraging your unique unfair advantages as an older man so you can get your own harem of fit young women in their twenties… without spending any money on them, and without being their “sugar daddy”.

(If anything, they’ll actually be the ones offering to pay you!)

Retail Value: $59.95

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The “Need For Speed”

Quick Start Video

How to Get Laid And Get Your First Fuck-Buddy Tonight!


In The Need For Speed, you’ll discover a simple method to get laid right now, tonight using a revolutionary new seduction technique based on something called “Radical Honesty”.

Now, I want to be 100% honest… this technique probably won’t work to get you laid with the absolute hottest girls.

To get those really stunning girls — the “9s and 10s” — you’ll need to go through the FWB System and use the principles I give you there.

However… if you just want to have a warm body in your bed tonight and you don’t care too much if she’s not a “supermodel”, then the Need For Speed Quick Start Video was designed for you!

So if you’re really horny…

Or if it’s “been a while” since you’ve gotten laid and you want to get back in the game as fast as possible…

The Need For Speed will let you get an average-looking, semi-cute girl in your bed… for no strings attached casual sex literally just hours from now!

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“Done For You” Texting!

How To Turn Phone Numbers In Your Phone Into

Naked Horny Babes In Your Bedroom!


Are you sick of being flaked on and ghosted by girls over text?

Since you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’ve been angered and frustrated like I was by this whole “texting” rigamarole that us guys have to go through when courting women…

And as guys, we don’t like to talk about this but…

It’s actually really heart-breaking to have a girl you have a crush on ignore your texts, or suddenly go “cold” and stop responding for no apparent reason…

Unfortunately, in the modern age, if you can’t get past the “texting process”, you’re pretty much screwed.

And texting girls is something that took me years to figure out.

But over the course of hundreds of experiments texting different women I met both online and IRL… I finally figured out an air-tight “Text-By-Text” System that moves any girl I use it on from being just a phone number in my phone… to a naked horny woman in my bed!

In “Done For You” Texting I’ll reveal my system for texting any woman into bed in full. You’ll get 2 incredibly valuable resources:

First and foremost you get a three-page cheat sheet, with the exact sample texts that I use to get a gorgeous girl to meet me up for a “sex date”…

Including my 3 best “Attraction Resurrection” texts to send a woman who’s stopped responding… and which gets even the most stubbornly non-responsive girl eagerly texting back, and agreeing to plans.

The second part of Done For You Texting is a 19-page e-book of screenshots of my text exchanges with 4 different girls who I took from being almost “strangers” to fucking me on the first date.

So you will the exact texts I used to take took each of these girls from being strangers who I met online or at a bar to meeting me for sex… with no “guesswork”.

The beauty of this, is that unlike me trying to teach you texting by lecturing you about a bunch of “theory”… you can just look at the texts themselves and copy them word for word if you want!

So if you’re having trouble with your text messages, honestly — this bonus is going to be worth 3x the price of the entire system to you!

Retail Value: $89.95

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Doggy-Style On The First Date!

How To Get Even The Most Shy Or Conservative

Girl Tearing Your Clothes Off On The Very First Date!


Now, I’m not “perfect” at dating or relationships by any means… I have my weaknesses same as any other guy…

But one area where I’ve always absolutely CRUSHED IT, is first dates.

With just one or two exceptions, every single first date I’ve been on in the last decade has led to same night sex.

And it’s not because I’m so special or have “first date” superpowers… It’s simply because years ago, I discovered a certain “First Date Formula”… which reliably allows me to get any girl I meet incredibly horny to bang me on the first meetup.

And in Doggy Style On The First Date, I’ll reveal that formula… which lets you take any girl from shy, conservative, or reluctant to have sex… to “Take Me Now”-horny, and naked in your bed on the very first date!

It’s completely step by step so even a complete idiot or a guy with no social skills could easily do this…

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Boyfriend Assassin!

How To Plant A “Seed” In Her Mind

That Makes Her Leave Him… For You!

If you’re frustrated the women you like always seem to be “taken”…

You’ll love Boyfriend Assassin because it will show you a diabolical “Covert Persuasion” technique that will make her focus on all the reasons she’s unhappy with her boyfriend… and start to view you as his perfect replacement!

This one is morally a little “dicey”… because unlike a lot of the phony “boyfriend destroyer” type techniques you sometimes see, which really don’t work…

Using this on a girl will permanently destroy her relationship with her boyfriend… so I really want to encourage you to only use this if the girl will genuinely be better off with you than she would be with him.

Another great advantage is knowing and mastering this amazing technique will make you exceptionally good at cheat proofing your own romantic relationships.

Retail Value: $59.95

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Get Her Horny

With Humor!


If your conversations with girls always seem to become boring and “platonic”…

Or if you always run out of things to say, leading to “awkward silences”…

Get Her Horny With Humor is going to be an fucking game changer for you!

Inside, you’ll learn two-dozen word for word “banter” lines and 3 easy to remember “improvisation frameworks” which will let you inject humor and flirtatious “sexual chemistry” into any conversation.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you met a cool girl you were attracted to, and she was actually into you… but you screwed it up because your “mind went blank” and you couldn’t think of anything else to talk about…

Then you definitely need this “Get Her Horny With Humor” bonus… because it will reveal to you a basic framework to talk endlessly and flawlessly… and… it will let you do this using jokes and humor that get the girl peeing her pants laughing!

And in the famous words of Marilyn Monroe… “If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.”

Retail Value: $59.95

You Get It: FREE when you order FWB before the deadline


OK…. that’s all for now! 

I’ll be back later today to answer some of the MANY questions I’ve been getting about the FWB System! 

Until then… watch THIS: 

» How To Get Your Own Harem Of Beautiful Women! (The Friends With Benefits System ==> EXPIRES SOON)
am i setting myself up for disappointment with a fwb with a guy how long does a fwb last


Till next time,

Mike Haines




How To Start A Friends With Benefits Relationship

How To Have A Friends With Benefits Relationship

How To Start A Friends With Benefits Relationship
how to establish mike horton days of our lives pros and cons of fwb relationship psychology

How To Have A Friends With Benefits Relationship

3 ways to start a fwb relationship how to find a fwb wentland reissing article breaking off



when should you end change in communication with i'm 63yrs old female seeking a nsa as a female

How To Have A Friends With Benefits Relationship

would you ever consider having a relationship with someone how does a fwb work spicing up


which of the following is the most common type of fwb what changed in my fwb make me feelings


who makes the plans in fwb is not feeling exciting anymore positive dominant narcissist end


is it okay to talk to others while being in a fwb a 2 year relationship no kissing develop


How To Be In A Friends With Benefits Relationship with a guy

how do I decide if a FWB relationship will work for me pros and cons how to successfully and have How To Have A Successful Friends With Benefits Relationship?


Friends With Benefits Rules

Fuck Buddy 101
(Friends With Benefits Boundaries & Rules)
FWB relationship meaning rules boundaries signs FWB is falling for you get out


Dating is great, but sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy needed for full on dating and relationships. 

How do you solve this conundrum? 

With a Fuck buddy, of course.

A Fuck buddy is the perfect compromise. It involves all the fun with none of the hardship (Only hard thrusts on a regular basis).

What’s not to love about the idea of having no-strings-attached sex with some you like, but don’t necessarily want a future with?

Still, a friends with benefits relationship can be tricky if you two aren’t setting the ground rules. To avoid confusion, awkwardness, and disappointments, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Set Expectations

To begin with, you have to lay down the “friends with benefits rules and law” early.

If you’re looking for regular casual sex without the commitment, then you’re on the right track, but if you’re hoping to get with a special someone and think this will be your “in” then you are on a bad path.

Be brutally honest with yourself about what it is you really want and why you want it. Whatever your situation, it’s better to figure it out now than for it to come out later. That’s how things can get messy.

2. Be Emotionally Ready

If you aren’t emotionally prepared, casual sex can be anything but casual.

Some guys are able to disassociate the act from the emotion, but others struggle with this, and that’s okay – you just need to make sure you’re 100% okay with having casual no-strings attached sex that won’t lead to anything serious or deeper.
FWB system three words Mike Haines Review PDF Download Program Does FWB Actually Work Do Together

3. Be Prepared

For a Fuck buddy arrangement there needs to be a willing partner (obviously). When you find someone of a similar mindset to you who seems interested then be prepared to take the opportunity.

But make sure to choose the right type of person. Does this someone have a crush on you and think of this as a stepping stone into a relationship? That’s a huge shitstorm in the making.

Are two of you best friends who spend lots of time together, but have never got it on? That too can be a huge recipe for disaster.

There’s a reason it’s called Fuck buddy and not Fuck best friends. DON’T MIX FRIENDS.

Over time there will be plenty of opportunities with acquaintances and friends of a friend where there is sufficient emotional distance as to not make things complicated.

When you find them, make sure to be on your game.

4. Do It Once, Then Set “Friends With Benefits Boundaries”

Once you’ve had sex for the first time, this is the pivotal part of the process.

It is very difficult to make someone an Fuck buddy without first having sex with them, but once you’ve done the deed it’s much easier to make it happen again.

The most important thing is to play it cool and to set boundaries from the start.

If you wake up after a midnight romp you want to avoid all pitfalls of one-night stands and relationships.

Don’t run off into the night while she’s asleep. Don’t cuddle and whisper sweet nothings in her ear.

This is neither a drunken one-night stand filled with regret nor a magic moment you’ve been waiting for all your life.

This is two people (heck, maybe more) who know each other, had enjoyable sex and would like to do it again sometime. No big deal.

So be cool, act nonchalant, and talk positively about the situation. Tell her it was fun, and perhaps you would like to make this a more regular thing.

5. Avoid Friends With Benefits Relationship Pitfalls
FWB system three words Mike Haines Review PDF Download Program Does FWB Actually Work Do Together

Now that you have a Fuck buddy, make sure to avoid any potential pitfalls that await you. You have to limit interactions outside of the bedroom. This means;

      • No going on dates
      • Don’t talk/meet every day
      • No gifts
      • No Heart to hearts
      • No cuddling on the couch to watch romantic movies

Those situations only set you up for failure. By failure, I mean you’ll catch that airborne illness more commonly known as “feelings” and that’s when things start to get really messy.

An Fuck buddy arrangement will require constant maintenance and upkeep. Keep an eye on how both of you are feeling; is there growing attachment, co-dependency, are you seeing other people, and if so is there any burgeoning jealousy?

These are all signs that a relationship is developing. If that’s what you both want then great, go for it, but if not that brings me to my next point.

6. Have An Exit Strategy

Fuck buddies won’t last forever (the ones that do are called marriages).

It can remain for a long time depending on how regular your meetings are and how much emotional distance you have maintained, but sooner or later something’s gotta give. 

Either the arrangement peters out, one of you meets someone new, one or both of you will develop feelings for the other, etc.

Any number of things can happen so you must have an exit strategy that allows you to get out while causing as little damage/hardship as possible.

This could mean trying for a relationship. It could mean “breaking up”, or just letting things run their course. It was fun while it lasted.

And there we have it. Follow these steps and you too can have your cake and eat it. Do FWB talk everyday mean to a guy what to text your FWB ending reddit high school


Until next time…

Your Wingman,

Taylor Snow

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“Two Girls, One You”: How To Find A Bisexual Girlfriend, So You Can Do Threesomes With Her Every Night  


Daddy’s Girl: How To Sleep With Women Half Your Age Without Spending Any Money On Them (Make Younger Women Love You For YOU)



The Need For Speed Quickstart Video: How To Get A F*ck Buddy TONIGHT, Step By Step (No Fluff, Just Straight To The Point) 


‘Done For You’ Texting: How To Turn Numbers In Your Phone Into Naked Babes In Your Bed


Doggystyle On The First Date: The Foolproof Formula For F*cking Any Girl On Your Very First Date



Boyfriend Assassin: Quick And Dirty Tips On Stealing A Girl From Her Boyfriend And Adding Her To Your Rotation Right Under Her Man’s Nose


Get Her Horny With Humor: How To Make Her Laugh All The Way To The Bedroom 

Time is running out, so if you want this INSANE value — you need to act immediately!


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is FWB a Good Idea Rules For Guys Mike Haines on tinder to commit in india zone

I’ll see you on the other side… 

Till next time, 

Mike Haines


What To Say To Be Her Fuck Buddy – On Repeat


A Zen master once said to his student, “If you aspire to hit a target, you must first see it.”

And this is true – especially if you’re a guy looking to be “friends with benefits” with every girl you like.

She could be a co-worker, a neighbor, a childhood friend, or that cute girl you had a crush on…

If you could think of one, then congratulations – you’ve already marked your target.

And in that case, there’s only one thing left to do and it’s easy…

Here’s what to say to be her INSTANT “bang buddy” on-repeat…

how to ask a girl to be fwb questions to ask over text getting over subtle getting feelings

In other words, this is simply how you “convince” her to be friends with benefits with you… no matter your looks, age, or income.

You see, most of us men tend to put up a little show to seduce gorgeous girls wherever we go.

And it’s okay – even in the animal world, male alligators put on extraordinary displays of courtship to attract females.

But beware… putting in too much effort makes you look needy and desperate – a big turn-off for many women.

Truth is, you don’t have to sign up at any sleazy hook-up site, or go to bars wasting hours to check out a tipsy lady, or even leave the comforts of your home.


Because once you get the hang of this simple “trick”, and build your own harem of girlfriends on demand…

They will practically appear at your doorstep whenever you’re turned-on, bored, or even lonely… and you want someone to enjoy a wild banging session with.

And the best part?

Everything falls into place without any commitment, without drama, and without a partner to take care of.

Just imagine…

You say one or two simple words like these during a conversation…

how long can fwb relationship last signs she wants to be fwb to like you get rid of FWB

…and these hot, lustful girls “rotate” and coo around you like animals in heat.

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


Ending Friends With Benefits Rules For Guys


Friends With Benefits Boundaries 

Friends With Benefits Relationship Meaning


do friends with benefits talk everyday

friends with benefits boundaries

what to text your friend with benefits

how long can fwb relationship last signs she wants to be fwb to like you get rid of FWB

what does friends with benefits mean to a guy

Can you get get attached in FWB signs your fwb is falling for you quiz are we more than fwb

is friends with benefits a good idea

girls wants to be fwb over 50 why do a girl want to be fwb is jealous how to know & tell

friends with benefits rules for guys

do FWB talk everyday what does FWB relationship mean to a guy boundaries rules signs

Friends With Benefits System Review

She’ll BEG To Be Your Fuck Toy…
Mike Haines Review PDF Download Does FWB Actually Work



Hey there, Mike Haines here… 

Listen, I noticed you haven’t joined the rest of the crew inside The Friends With Benefits System yet… 

So right now, I’m going to answer the biggest questions I’ve been getting about the program so you know EXACTLY what you’ll be getting before you make your decision.  

First off… (in case you’ve been living under a rock)… let’s cover the basics: 


Q: What Is The Friends With Benefit System?  

A: It’s my new program which shows you how to make any girl attracted to you, get her chasing you, and get her begging to be your “no strings attached” fuck buddy. 

The FWB System is the only program that shows you, step-by-step, exactly how to get your own harem of gorgeous, young F–buddies, no matter your looks, age, race, or income. 

Q: Will The FWB System Work On “9s and 10s”? 

A: Yes, the FWB System works on the most BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, and it will get them to join your harem even if you’re average-looking or broke. 

Here’s why: 

The magic behind the system is something called the “approval instinct”. 

Basically, hot women crave approval more than anything else in life.

It’s their ultimate drug. 

And when you know how to flip on a girl’s approval seeking instinctshe automatically views you as the most important man in her life.

She’ll bend over backwards to please you and make you happy. 

And she’ll offer herself to you as your no-strings-attached fuck toy… for you to pound as often as you want in every position…

…because she wants you to approve of her and accept her, and she’ll go to any means necessary to make that happen.  

So yes — this will absolutely work on 9s and 10s because they’re the BIGGEST approval-junkies on the planet, so it’s literally DESIGNED to get girls like that hooked on you!  


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What Do FWB System Do Together Why FWB System Works


Q: Does this work during the daytime? 

A: This is a GREAT question. And the short answer YES.

Let me explain why… 

A lot of my earlier material (like the Domination Principle) was really meant to be used more in night game — clubs, bars, etc. 

However, when I started engaging more with the guys on this email list, it quickly became apparent that the VAST MAJORITY of you guys prefer day game.


I made absolutely sure to put a VERY STRONG EMPHASIS on day game in this program.

Everything in the system is FIELD TESTED by me personally, and works just as well in the daytime as at night. 

That means you can use these techniques:

– at the coffee shop 

– in the grocery store 

– on random women you see on the street 

Unlike the Domination Principle, the Friends With Benefit System is much more UNDER THE RADAR — you do NOT need to say anything overtly “sexual”, which means you can get away with using it even in the most sensitive situations. 

Additionally, there’s even an entire video devoted SPECIFICALLY to how to meet girls in the day and have “same day sex” with them!

(Of course, if you want to slow play it and just take her number and get her on a date, the Friends With Benefits Three Words System will show you exactly how to do that as well — including word for word texts that you can copy ’n’ paste) 

==> Get the Friend With Benefits Mike Haines System Now: Your VIP Access Link (Link EXPIRES Soon)

Why FWB System Works What Do FWB System Do Together program


Q: Can I use the 3-word technique on hot girls I meet in the daytime to get them hitting on me for a change? 

YES — but with one caveat:

It won’t happen immediately.

The best way to use this is to open her with something innocent — like simply introducing yourself, or making some polite chit chat about the weather. 

You engage her in a little polite.. even somewhat “boring” conversation first. 

Then… you ask her a simple question, like “what do you do”, or “where do you live”.

And when she tells you the answer — THAT is when you hit her with the “3 word” technique.

These 3 words basically put her off balance. They’re NOT what she’s expecting to hear.

And although they’re completely innocent and non-offensive, they create a whirlwind of EMOTIONS inside her which gets her to start CHASING you.

Once she’s chasing, it’s very, very easy to take things to a sexual place.

(In many cases SHE’LL actually be the one hinting that you should go for a date or go home together…)

So yes, this will absolutely make girls hit on you for a change — because that’s literally what the 3-word Disorientator is engineered for.  

It’s about getting her to seek your approval and view you as a source of validation, so she’s the one pursuing you

Click here to learn how 

Does FWB Actually Work Mike Haines Review PDF Download program


Q: Does it work in languages other than English? 

A: I don’t speak any language other than English so to be entirely honest, I can’t answer this with any certainty.

HOWEVER, I have used this technique to sleep with girls from all over the world — some of whom didn’t speak much English — and it’s never been a problem. 

For example, the last 3 girls I’ve slept with / dated were Romanian, Belgian, and Malaysian — and I had absolutely no problem pulling them, so this system is PROVEN to work on girls from a wide range of cultures and ethnicities. 

==> Time Is Running Out… Click Here To Get the Friends With Benefits PDF System Before This Offer EXPIRES 


Q: What am I actually getting in the Friend With Benefits System?

A: You’ll get instant lifetime access to the private members website, where the “training videos” are hosted in high definition. 

These videos will walk you through the following topics…

Friends With Benefits Program — CORE SYSTEM Videos:  

      • The Psychology Of Making A Hot Girl Beg You To Be Her Fuck Buddy 
      • 7 Triggers Which Make Any Girl Chase You For Sex (So She’ll Make The First Move Every Time)… including my secret weapon, the 3-word “Disorienator”  
      • Secrets Of The Rejection-Proof Approach! 
      • Sexual Escalation Mastery: How To Get Her So Horny Her Panties Are Soaked After Just 30 Minutes Of Conversation! 
      • Same Day Sex: How To Get Her To Follow You Home!
      • Sex Tips That Make Her Cum Like A Volcano And Get Her Addicted To Your C0CK! 
      • How To Upgrade Her From “One Night Stand” Into Permanent Bang Buddy (Just Say THIS And She’ll Be Up For It Any Time, Day Or Night)
      • How To Manage Multiple Relationships Honestly And Ethically 
      • From Friends To Fuck Buddies: How To Get Your Female Friend Or Crush To BEG You For Sex 
      • Customized Approaches For Picking Up Any Girl In Any Situation, With Step-By-Step Action Plans For: (1) Bars and Clubs, (2) Daygame, (3) The Workplace 

And if you order before the deadline, you’ll also receive the following FAST ACTION BONUSES



Online Dating Domination: How To Get A Fuck Buddy Using Online Dating Sites And Apps (5 Full Text-By-Text Case Studies) 


“Two Girls, One You”: How To Find A Bisexual Girlfriend, So You Can Do Threesomes With Her Every Night  


Daddy’s Girl: How To Sleep With Women Half Your Age Without Spending Any Money On Them (Make Younger Women Love You For YOU)


The Need For Speed Quickstart Video: How To Get A Fuck Buddy TONIGHT, Step By Step (No Fluff, Just Straight To The Point) 


‘Done For You’ Texting: How To Turn Numbers In Your Phone Into Naked Babes In Your Bed


Doggystyle On The First Date: The Foolproof Formula For Fucking Any Girl On Your Very First Date


Boyfriend Assassin: Quick And Dirty Tips On Stealing A Girl From Her Boyfriend And Adding Her To Your Rotation Right Under Her Man’s Nose


Get Her Horny With Humor: How To Make Her Laugh All The Way To The Bedroom 

To get all these fast action bonuses, you MUST order before the deadline.  When the timer runs out, this bonus package expires and won’t be available ever again.

I don’t want you to miss out, Joseph! 

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Mike Haines Review PDF Download Does FWB Actually Work

Till next time, 

Mike Haines


3 Words That Make Any Girl Fuck


If you haven’t joined the Friend With Benefits System yet, here’s your VIP access link: 

==> The Friends With Benefits Mike Haines System: How To Turn Any Girl Into Your Fuck Buddy… And Get Your Own Harem Of Beautiful Women Who Worship You! 


The FWB System shows you how to turn any girl into your bang-buddy… just by saying 3 simple words to her which turn on her “approval seeking instinct” 

Benefits of having a FWB include: 

      • You can get sex as easily as ordering a pizza (you can just text your bang buddy “come over”, and 30 minutes later she’ll be sitting on your dick!)
      • When you’re getting laid regularly, it gives you a magnetically confident vibe which makes all the women in your life hit on you and flirt with you!  
      • This means if you can get one bang buddy, it becomes extremely easy to get more! 
      • You can build your own rotation of 3-5 hot young girls who love to have sex with you whenever you want with NO commitment or obligation on your part
      • You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your couch when you want to get laid!  
      • It truly is the “smart” way to get pussy, rather than the hard way 


So… are you ready to have your own harem? 

If so — you can learn how easy it is to build your own “friends with benefits” rotation HERE. 

==> HOW-TO VIDEO: How to make any hot girl BEG to be your fuck buddy… using just 3 little words that flip on her “approval seeking instinct”

What Do FWB System Do Together Why FWB System Works

Till Next Time…

Mike Haines



I’m happy to announce that YOU are invited to be part of the “test group” for the Friends With Benefit System! 

You can grab your VIP access link here:  


==> Friends With Benefit: Your Limited Time VIP Access Link!


Friends With Benefits Three Words Program is the first system ever made which shows you how to get a “sex harem” of hot girls who live to pleasure you. 

It will let you sleep with stunning girls no matter your looks, money, or age. 

(In fact, if you’re an older man, the system will actually make your age work to your advantage with these young hot chicks, for reasons you’ll understand if you watch THIS.) 

So… are you ready? 

Ready for more sex? 

More girls? 

More feminine energy in your life? 

If so, you know what the fuck to do! 


Here’s how the FWB System is going to work for you, starting TODAY: 

Step #1: Watch the introduction video and follow the instructions 

Step #2: Use the simple 3-word technique you learn to make the girl you want instantly horny to fuck and sexually addicted to you 

Step #3: Pound her out! (Don’t forget to give her a spank for me 😉 

Step #4: Repeat steps 1-3 on as many girls as you want… you now you have your own harem! 

So, let me ask you… 

How many girls do you want in your harem? 




It all starts with THIS:

==> 3 little words you can say to ANY girl which make her chase you for sex (even if she’s not attracted to you initially) 

Why FWB System Works What Do FWB System Do Together program

Make sure to click and grab your VIP access link ABOVE to the system now while it’s still up! 

Seize The Day,

Mike Haines.


Friends With Benefits System Review

The Friends With Benefits Three Words

The Friends With Benefits PDF

Friends With Benefits Mike Haines

Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Psychology

Signs A Younger Woman Is Attracted To An Older Man Sexually (& How To Spot Them)
Subtle signs an older man is attracted to you obvious signs an older man likes younger women


Far more younger women are attracted to the older man than you might think.

It’s simply a question of spotting them.

And certain subtle signs can show you whether that beautiful younger woman would LOVE you to approach her…

…reducing your chances of rejection – and increasing your chances of a fulfilling sexual or romantic connection with her.

Follow the link below to find out what the signs a younger woman is attracted to an older man are…

Discover The Hidden Signs A Younger Woman Is Attracted To You Sexually
non verbal signs an older man is flirting with you physical signs an older man likes you

Quick exercise.                                                                                                      

Imagine you’ve got the power to read the minds of women.

In particular, you know whether they’d reject your advances or not if you approached them with sexual intentions.

Would you find approaching women – especially beautiful younger ones – daunting?

I’m guessing no.

Unfortunately, unless they’re hiding it well, no man young or old has this power.

And in my view it’s one of the biggest sticking points…

…preventing older guys from approaching the younger women they’re genuinely attracted to.

The fear of rejection paralyses them from doing anything at all.

I know it sounds a little bit easier said than done…

…but rejection doesn’t need to feel as daunting as it often does.

Remember, it’s NOT a rejection of all your best and most positive traits.

This woman WANTS you to knock her off her feet and be a truly suave gentleman.

But everyone’s personal attraction triggers vary ever so slightly.

Some women may simply not be attracted to older guys, no matter how much you’ve got going for you.

Other stuff like her mood or the location also impacts how receptive she is to advances.

Sometimes the circumstances just aren’t right – and that’s fine: it’s not your fault.

But other times they will be – and it’s vital to notice when they crop up.

Here’s why it’s so important to keep approaching anyway:

Those traits you do have are EXACTLY what so many younger women find irresistible.

Yes, rejection happens, and it isn’t nice.

But by continuing to approach younger women confidently and respectfully…

…it’s far more likely you’ll find that bombshell who just can’t get enough of you.

And best of all – it’s possible to actually spot those who ARE inclined towards the older man.

Rejection becomes far less likely when you know the secret signs to look out for…

…that show a young woman is deeply into older guys – and you in particular.

Find out what these signs are in the link below:

Secret Signs A Younger Woman Likes An Older Man & How To Spot Them
unconscious signs an older man has a crush on you huge signs an older man wants to sleep with you

Talk soon,

Taylor Snow Romance

Hot Younger Women WANT You! ( Why Am I Sexually Attracted To Older Men)


Do you think just because you’re older your sex life is over?

I am here to tell you that gorgeous younger women might actually go nuts for you – but you just don’t know it yet. Check out the link below to discover what attracts a younger woman to an older man…

Subtle Non Obvious Signs A Younger Woman Is Attracted To You And Is Desperate For Your Attention!

You won’t even have to spend money to get her to like you because science has proven that some young women are genuinely into older men.

Why? Because you make her feel safe and nurtured while Oxytocin floods her brain and then anchors her pleasure to YOU.

If you finally learn how to spot young women who are attracted to older men you will never have to experience rejection again.

What’s best is that Julian’s techniques will also make HER chase YOU – so you don’t have to feel creepy for approaching a woman 20 years younger than you.

Just relax, say a simple “Hi” when she makes eye contact and she will take care of the rest.

Sounds amazing?

Then go ahead and click this link And Learn How To Spot The Secret Signs A Younger Woman Is Attracted To You Sexually!

subconscious signs an older man is hitting on you non physical signs an older man is into you

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore


Young, Fresh Ladies Who PREFER Older Men (Signs A Younger Woman Likes Me)


This old man is the epitome of the word “survivor”.

As strange as it may seem, in 1945 he survived the devastating atomic explosion at Hiroshima, hauled himself to an air-raid shelter, and then caught the early morning train so that he could arrive at his workplace on time – in Nagasaki – where he survived yet another catastrophic atomic blast…

Wow, was it his “superior genes” or pure survival instincts that made him out alive?

You see, this explains a lot why many younger women can’t say no to older men…

Survival instincts are deeply engrained and hard coded into our DNA…

And for these women, this translates to a fierce sexual attraction to men twice or even 3x their age.

In other words, these younger women specifically PREFER older men (and it’s not after their money)…

Take a quick look at this and it will immediately make sense to you…
subtle unconscious non verbal physical subconscious signs an older man secretly likes you

Yep, these young, fresh, gorgeous ladies are nowhere near the “gold-diggers” circle.

In fact, they are all around us that the only thing left to do is to SPOT those who are ALREADY interested in older guys.

But no, you don’t have to wine and dine with them or spend lots of cash…

Especially if you’re saving for a longer retirement.

Or want to leave a little something for your offspring.

It’s just a simple, powerful method that AMPLIFIES her already-existing interest… until she makes the first move.

It’s almost like having a “cheat code” for sleeping with younger women.

Which really makes life so much easier for you.

So if you want something that is easy to learn, even easier to use, and doesn’t require practice or any special talent… Then, this is for YOU.

Obvious Signs A Younger Woman Is Attracted To An Older Man Sexually…

10 signs a younger woman like older men signs a younger woman wants a older man using an older boss

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


Make Younger Women Lust AFTER You?


But if you’re a guy who likes younger women…

And want to unlock a weird but hugely powerful seduction trick, that makes HOT, younger women desire you like crazy…

==> You’re going to love this…

Did you know there are certain psychological triggers that unconsciously turn younger women on so well, it’s dangerous?

Maybe you’re a guy in his 50’s who likes women in their late 30’s.

Or maybe you’re a man in your 30’s who likes women in their 20’s.

Or heck, maybe you like women who are just a few months younger than you.

The truth of the matter is, it really doesn’t matter how much younger a woman is than you are.

==> When you know the secrets revealed on this page…

Secret signs an older man is falling in love with you subtle signs a younger woman likes me


younger women of all ages will find you irresistible, no matter your looks, age, or income.

Talk soon,

Lloyd Lester



Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Psychology

Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Issues


why am I sexually attracted to older men

what attracts a younger woman to an older man

older man younger woman relationship psychology

older man younger woman relationship issues
why am I attracted to a man 20 years older than me?


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Younger Women Dating Older Men

Tips For Older Men Dating Younger Women (Do’s and Don’ts)
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Like the idea of dating younger women? 

I don’t blame you.

You might already realize that attracting younger women isn’t quite the same as attracting middle-aged or older women. 

You see, younger women lose interest quite FAST, and if you want to still keep them interested in you, you have to exceedingly UP your game and have a solid tight game plan. 

This is a very much needed skill that almost every man out there never learns in his lifetime, which is why only a few guys can effortlessly attract hot younger women, particularly those men who have passed the age of 30.

But don’t worry cuz I got your back – get your notepad and pen out.


* First, Understand Her Needs

No matter what age group or culture they belong to, all guys (men and women alike) are all driven by the same emotional needs: safety, significance  and variety.

However, younger women tend to value different needs than they do as they get older. 

Young women have had less “life” under their belts and are therefore more adventurous. This means that their needs for variety and significance are more important than safety and security, with significance being the top need.

The big difference when it comes to younger women is that their sense of importance is mostly drawn from their sense of independence, which can sometimes cause them to resist men who are clingy and needy.

If you want to keep a young woman interested in you, you don’t have to be interesting or rich or even attractive (although they do help). Instead, keeping a young woman interested in you has more to do with understanding and meeting her needs than it does with your personality. 

So how can you appeal to her needs for variety and significance and still keep her interested in you?

Glad you asked.
* First, Keep Her Guessing
If there’s one thing that has been true when it comes to attracting with younger women, it’s this:

Predictable equals boring, which equals unattractive. 

This doesn’t mean that you act like schizophrenic.

What it does mean is that you should keep from being predictable in your communication, in your behaviors and in your level of “interest” in her. 

Do you know how a younger woman always keeps you guessing about her interest in you?

Well, do the same in all your interactions with her, and she’ll curiously stay interested in you just for the challenge of it. 

This will fulfill her need for variety.

* Second, Ditch the Neediness

Neediness is not manly and communicates to a young woman that you are weak. Younger women usually see this as a threat to their sense of personal significance and independence. 

older man dating younger woman 60 year old man dating 20 year old what do younger men thinkNot to mention that it significantly decreases your social worth and value while putting her in a position of power…

(And trust me, nothing is less appealing and attractive than a dude who is being overpowered by a woman).




Here are 2 of the best tried and proven ways to eliminate neediness: 

1) Have Your Own Life

Do some things that have nothing to do with her, and commit yourself to them – hobbies, your work or some other kind of ambition.

This will keep your woman from feeling smothered and will go a long way in showing her that you are a man of great value and a prize to be won.

2) Have An Abundance Mindset
Thinking that you have to have “her” or that any single woman is “the one” is death to yourself confidence.

If by any chance she ends up losing interest in you (or if you even remotely suspect that she is), she’ll smell the desperation and neediness on you like a shark smells blood.

Nothing is more unnatractive to a woman than neediness because it communicates weakness and suggests that you don’t have the strength to fulfill their need for safety. 

So no matter how badly you want to be with this woman, remember that needing and wanting are two completely different things. And if things between you two don’t work out, another woman will readily come along. 

The more you begin to internalize and believe that, the easier it will be for you to pick and keep any woman’s interest. 

Now, I had earlier mentioned that most women test men to see if they qualify to date them. If you have no clue how to pass these tests, you’ll have much fewer options in your dating life.

We’ll be talking about how to handle these tests in the next email, so look out for it.

In the meantime, you should go to “Ageless Dating Program – The Younger Women Dating Older Men Guide” now to check out how you can add some spark to your love life.

Stay strong,

P.S. Enjoy greater success with women starting today: Click here to find out more 

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17 Words That Make Younger Women Want You


In this short post, I’m going to reveal to you 17 words that make a younger women feel powerful attraction for you between her legs…

Even if you’re twice her age!

I’ll also comprehensively explain WHY this dating line works so well since I want you to understand how the MIND of a younger woman works…  

Once you start using the line I’m about to give you, you just need to make three simple moves to get her back to your place… and just ONE simple (but totally badass and cool) move if you want to get her phone number and meet her again tomorrow. 

By the way, if you’re anywhere between the ages of 30 and 65… and you want a fail-proof “magic blueprint” for hooking up with fun, sexy younger women so that they see you as THE MAN…

Then check this out right now
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So get ready for the “killer line” that I had mentioned earlier… 

Let’s say you’re chatting to a hot girl who is obviously way younger than you. 

In this situation, most men your age would probably feel uncomfortable.

They’re most likely thinking to themselves, “This young chick is probably thinking I’m some weird old creepy dude…”

But not you. 

What you’re going to do instead is… turn the tables on the whole “age gap” thing. 

You don’t ever give her the chance to ask you about your age. 

Instead, as you’re chatting to her, you say “So let me guess you’re around… hmmm… I would say, 31 years old.” 

But here’s the key:

You’re going to make this “guess” based on how old you REALLY think she is… and then ADD seven years. 

If she looks to be around the age of 21, you’ll tell her that she looks 28.

If she looks to be around 30 years old, you’ll tell her she looks 37.

(You get the idea…) 

So now, she’ll respond with something similar to, “Oh my God do you think I look like a 37-year-old? I’m only 30.”

(Women become hyper-sensitive about their age, and ho “old” they look, once they get into their mid-twenties… and this sensitivity lasts for the rest of their lives…)

To this, you will answer: 

(and here are those 17 words I promised…)
dating a woman 20 years younger older man younger woman relationship psychology sites







“Really? That’s too bad, because I swore off dating women who are under the age of _____.”

(You fill in the “blank” with the age that you told her when you “guessed” her age.)

And then you say: 

“But you do look very mature for someone your age… so I guess it’s probably OK for me to chill out with you for a minute… Let me just ask you one more question.”

(And then, you ask her one of the “Hypothetical Questions” that is taught in the “Secrets Of Older Men Dating Younger Women”…)


This is an incredibly powerful psychological “mind fuck” tactic that puts you in total control with a younger woman.

Why does this tactic work like magic? There are three main reasons: 

#1. You’re “eliminating the age gap.”

If she was thinking that maybe you’re too old for her, you’ve just instantly turned the tables. Now SHE is thinking that she is too young for YOU!

#2. You can follow up by explaining WHY you “swore off dating women her age.”

This is how you make her feel the need to PROVE herself to YOU.

When she asks you, “Tell me. Why do you avoid dating women my age?” 

Then you can use the follow-up tactics in the “Secrets Of Dating Younger Women” program, which shows you how to totally control the whole conversation and make her uncontrollably horny for you, step by step…


#3. You are saying something she does NOT expect.

A smoking hot younger woman has guys hitting on her all the time.

And these guys are all going to try the same approach, and probably say the same things. 

Nothing they say is ORIGINAL.

And this is where you will stand out… and GET the girl instead of getting rejected!

Are you ready to learn the secrets of more than a DOZEN of the world’s top dating and pickup experts, when it comes to dating and seducing younger women? 

Then check THIS out right now:


==> The Completely “Stealth” Seduction System That Gets Younger Women Uncontrollably Horny For You

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Happy hunting 😉 


Taylor Snow  


Younger Women Dating Older Men

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Older Men Dating Younger Women

How To Attract, Date
And Sleep With Younger Women
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Her name was Ami and she was seventeen years younger than me. (I’m forty by the way so it was all legal, thank you.)

Anyway, this is how it went down…

I saw this girl at the club and knew I HAD TO speak to her. 

I slowly walked over to her and asked her for a dance. “I’d love to. But I need to take my friend home”, she said.

I rolled my eyes asked for her number – I don’t give up that easy. She saw that I was serious (and realized that I’m a stubborn hell) so she gave me her number.

The next day, after a few comfort-building texts, I went straight to direct game. I called her up and said:

I don’t text games. I spend my time doing cool shit and getting to know people in person. Let’s go out on Thursday.”

She said “Yes”. On Thursday, we met up and went to the Science Museum.

She had a wonderful time and quite honestly so did I.

On the next our date we went dancing together and ended up in bed.

Wanna know how I do it? How do the women I date stay 18-22, while I get older?…

Short answer: I apply many of the tips I learned from Bill Grant In His Ageless Dating Program – Older Men Dating Younger Women Guide.
60 year old man dating 20 year old what do younger men think of reno isn't about lust isn't about lust


Okay, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of today’s post.

I’m going to share with you some of the tips I used to get Ami… and how YOU can apply them in your life to date younger women.

But do you know WHY men crave younger women so badly?

It’s the tightness. Young women’s vaginas haven’t been ravaged by age and childbirth yet. So when a man penetrates that young, tight pussy, it makes him feel bigger.

And not only that, young women are always lubed up and ready to go. This makes you believe that she’s a nympho and wants to have you inside of her ALL THE TIME.

And lastly, younger women have sweeter personalities. She hasn’t been burned by love yet. She hasn’t developed a chip on her shoulder and she doesn’t hate men… yet.

Being with a tight girl who has a great attitude makes life worth living. Trust me.

So here are my three top tips for dating and seducing young babes:

1. Act Younger Than Your Age, but Not Young

I remember giving a guy some day game coaching. This guy was in his early forties and said that he wanted to get with women in their early twenties.

That’s a fine goal. But the problem was that he was dressed like a middle-aged man who had been dragged to the mall to do some shopping with his wife and kids.

I told him that he needed to sharpen up his style a bit – blue blazer, straight-leg Khakis, pink shirt, maybe a suit.

I told him to get in the gym, too.

That’s dressing and acting younger than your age.

Just don’t try to look “young”. If you’re over thirty-five, don’t spike your hair and wear sneakers or Ed Hardy t-shirts.

2. Forget Your Age

Most men worry about them being much older than the girl they’re dating. But the surprising truth of the matter is…

If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

Age isn’t a number stamped on your forehead. Think about your work colleagues or the guys you play softball with every week… their age doesn’t even cross your mind.

You only judge them by what they DO. Women will judge you the same way.

And that brings me to the third, and final, tip:

3. Make Her Age (Not Yours) an Issue

To keep the upper hand in the relationship, you need to drop subtle hints about her being immature.

Confess to her that you are having doubts about taking her to fancy places… that you’re not sure about introducing her to your friends and workmates. Tell her that her taste in music is childish and that she needs to start acting like a “real woman”.

Emphasizing her immaturity will take the focus away from your advancing age.

Did you spot the theme running through my advice for dating younger women?

If you haven’t had enough coffee this morning, I’ll lay it out for you:

The biggest barrier to Older Men Dating Younger Women is not your age – it’s your head.

All that’s stopping you is your fears and beliefs. Nothing else.

It’s like when you were a child and you were afraid of the dark. When you turned the lights on, you saw there was nothing to be afraid of.


You need to turn the light on in your head so you can see all your emotional and mental baggage. Then you cart start getting rid of all the psychological crap that’s holding you back.

But it’s really hard to do it all by yourself. If you knew how to do it on your own, you would have done it by now.

You need help. You need coaching.

I recommend Ageless Dating System – Younger Women Dating Older Men Guide By Bill Grant.

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I actually went back through this course after my relationship with Laura ended.

If I’m always learning and investing in myself, even after all my experience, you should be too.

You don’t take shower once, right? If you want to smell good, you need to shower every day. Same with this inner game stuff.

The Ageless Dating System – Younger Women Dating Older Men Program covers:

    • How to get her number without getting rejected
    • The correct way to run phone game – every guy does this wrong these days
    • How to get a young girl to tell her female friends about your amazing bedroom skills
    • And much more…

Bill Grant Is offering limited-time bonuses in this package, including:

    • Succeeding in Online Dating– this is killer for Tinder
    • How to Be a Sexual Dynamo– if you don’t give a young chick quality pipe, she’ll be gone… to a much younger guy.

It’s a TON of info at the price point they’re charging.

Click Follow this link if you want to discover about Younger Women Dating Older Men.

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Hey, before I go, did you hear the one about the 74-year old guy who had a heart attack while having sex with his 34-year old mistress?

He simultaneously came and went at the same time

What a way to go out, right?

That’s it for today. Live life to the full and go after younger women.

The worst thing you can do is give up on yourself and settle.

Speak soon,

P.S. Did you know that the oldest ever recorded father was 92 years and 10 months old when he had his ninth child? That guy is my new hero. I wondered if he studied Ageless Dating System

P.P.S. Seriously, if you think that you’re getting in your own way when it comes to attracting younger women… you owe it to yourself to watch this video presentation. Are you finally ready get this part of your life handled?
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How To Attract And Sleep With Younger Women


Today’s special content is meant for guys over 50…

But it also appeals to ANY man who wants to discover how to attract and sleep with younger women…

How To Spot And Bed Gorgeous Young Women…


Did you know that the men’s underwater swimming competition at the 1900 Olympics was never ever held again because of “lack of spectator appeal”.

It doesn’t take a geniuis to figure something so blatantly obvious, does it?

Just like it doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to spot young women who love older men and want to sleep with them.

You just need to know how to spot them and which places to look for them.

You don’t actually have to wine and dine them…

You don’t have to pay them money.

You don’t even have to come onto them…

All you have to do is walk up and say… “Hello”.

That easy?

Yes. And the key is discovering women who already LOVES older men…

Now, obviously not all women are into older men.

In fact, a lot of them aren’t.

Sorry, but that’s simply a harsh reality, and we have no choice but to accept it.

But… there are actually A LOT of gorgeous young women who PREFER older men.

In case you haven’t already realized, men “appreciate” with age.

And since older men have matured to an older age, we have good genes for longevity.

And along with other qualities that come with age, like wisdom, resources, experience and relatively more success.

And women by nature seek a man with good genes.

These young women are all around us.

Plus, many young women just want to be all grown-up. They want to indulge in grown-up experiences and enjoy grown-up sex.

(these women are fed up with “boys” their age who are immature and selfish.)

Problem is, these sweet young ladies are practically invisible to the untrained eye among us.

And no one has figured out how to spot and identify younger women who love mature men.

Until now.

Here’s how to spot hot, young pussies ready to sleep with you…

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It’s like finding money you didn’t even know you lost. Only better.

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester




Older Men Dating Younger Women Statistics


Younger Women Dating Older Men

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Signs She Is Secretly Attracted To You

5 DTF Signs She Secretly Wants You And Is Developing Feelings For YOU
Signs she wants you to notice her how to know if a woman is attracted to you sexually



Hey man,

I have a good friend – let’s call her Jane – who was recently complaining about the lack of action she was getting.

Now Jane is right to be frustrated – she’s a stone cold hot baby, tight in all the right places, with a hot yoga body, pink pouty lips, and a firm natural rack that demands immediate attention.

The fact that she isn’t getting laid is alarming to say the least.

But it says a lot about the times we’re living in, to be honest.

A lot of men are so castrated by today’s “war on masculinity” that they simply don’t recognize the signs a woman gives off when she’s looking for a quick lay.

They either miss the obvious signs she is developing feelings for them– or they’re afraid to take action, for fear of being labeled a pervert or a creep.

Three words Jane wants me to pass along to you:


signs she wants you to talk to her physical signs a married woman is interested in you


Whatever you do, get familiar with the subtle (and not-so-subtle) signs women are giving off EVERYWHERE around you … signs she secretly wants you that so FEW men are tuned into, it gives you an unfair advantage when it comes to your pick of women!

For example, Jane mentions a few recent “misses” that would have easily landed her in the sack, had the guys actually been paying attention:

    • She initiates and HOLDS contact. Hand play is good – but when she rubs your arm or drapes herself across your shoulders, it’s definitely one of the sure obvious signs she secretly likes you and she’s ready to take things to the next level.
    • She compliments you in a sexy way. When a girl says something about you is “hot,” that means she’s already imagined what it would be like to fuck you. She’s tested the idea in her mind’s eye, and she’s verbalizing that she likes what she sees. For example, when she says:  “Wow! That Tee shirt really looks hot on you. I like it!” This explicitly means that she’s Down To Fuck.
    • She’s a close talker. If she’s dangerously close to your face, or she begins moving closer as she talks to you, she’s initiating intimacy and probably is thinking about kissing you. If she doesn’t go in for the kiss, take control and give her what she wants.
    • “Can we go some other place a bit more quite.” Just know she’s willing to switch it up here … but be a little bit cautious about being too bold with your suggestions.
    • She touches your dick. It’s crazy that I even have to mention this, but many men still can’t process what’s happening when a chick sizes up your junk by grazing/rubbing/brushing against your crotch. It means that she desperately wants your penis deep inside her. Now this is what I like to call a “Check, please” kinda situation.

So although I’m just passing this information along for my hot friend Jane …

… I do encourage you to explore these hidden (and in some cases obvious) signs that guys are missing out on these days.

In fact, my buddy Craig Miller has compiled a virtual ENCYCLOPEDIA of hidden signals girls are giving off that are guaranteed to get you laid – if you know what to look for.

Craig shows you how to spot – in any situation – the one babe who is looking for a quick and easy lay with no strings attached.

It’s genius … and the kicker is, hardly any other guys know about these signals.

You need to hear Craig’s story for yourself.

In fact, his technique was so un-PC and “unfair,” it got him kicked off of Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN.

Watch the hidden camera footage that got him kicked off CNN

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Taylor Snow Romance

PS: Once you see these hidden signs she is developing feelings for YOU, you can’t “unsee” them. A lot of girls aren’t even aware of the signals their body’s are giving off … but when Craig shows you what to look for, it becomes instantly obvious.

Are You Making These 3 Amateur Mistakes?


Hey man,

When it comes to picking up hot girls who put out, the stakes can be high …

Waste too much time on a chick who isn’t interested in sex, and you’ll end up home alone at the end of the night playing RedTube Roullette and crying yourself to sleep.

And while some guys look at it as a “numbers game,” that’s about the worst thing ANY man can do when it comes to picking up hot women.

There’s a way to have total control over your sex destiny, and it doesn’t involve cheesy pickup lines, buying drinks, or chatting up every skank in the bar in hopes that one is drunk enough to blow you an empty toilet stall.

Follow the link below to learn more…

Hidden Signs She Secretly Likes You…

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If you can handle your own business, you have already greatly increased your odds to get what you REALLY want out of a quick pickup situation …

The most effective way of making an instant improvement is by making sure you’re not making any of these 3 common mistakes:

1. Don’t Look Like Trash … You don’t have to be a regular subscriber to GQ or Esquire to look halfway decent when you put yourself into play …

But it goes without saying that you should be putting some effort into your appearance. I know, at some point you’ve heard from every seduction coach that “looks don’t matter” – but the truth is, the little things DO count.

Nobody looks their best when they run out to the grocery store for a six pack or gallon of milk … but be aware that you MAY run into that hot dental hygienist from your apartment building on your way through the checkout lane. So do you really want to look like you just let your dog lick a pound of peanut butter off your balls?

Seriously, brush your teeth, brush your hair. Don’t go out with dried food on your clothes, and pay attention to your shoes (chicks do) …

2. Don’t Be Obvious … If you’re in a club and you’re approaching every girl in the bar with some stupid pickup trick, other women notice this. And while you’re THINKING you’re just “playing the odds,” how successful do you think your enchanting one-liner is going to be on the babe who just watched you get shot down by 2 other chicks?

Take your thumb wrestling and slight of hand kinesthetics into a dark corner or something … otherwise you’ll look like an ass – and you’ll end up alone, horny, and frustrated (or with a drunk fat chick in the bathroom stall).

3. Pay Attention To The Girl! The worst thing guys do is ignore the signals a girl is giving off that she’s down to fuck. Guys can get so wrapped up in their own game, they MISS the subtle signs a girl may be unconsciously giving off that reveals her TRUE intentions!

If you’re watching for the right clues, you’ll be able to tell INSTANTLY if she’s ready to take things to the next level.Or better yet – if she has NO interest whatsoever (despite being friendly and flirty with you). There’s nothing sadder than watching a clueless chump waste time on a chick I KNOW has no intentions of letting him near her.


27 obvious signs she wants you physical signs a man is interested in you subtle signals

And about those signals …

If you want to know what to look for from a girl – whether she’s some random hot chick at the Apple store or some girl at a club looking to drown her daddy issues with a night of sweaty and shameless anonymous sex …

You need to watch my friend Craig’s video where he reveals the “hidden signs she secretly likes you” in depth.


Not recognizing these subtle – sometimes unconscious – signals is the biggest mistake you are making right now … and nothing you say or do will matter if you don’t know what you’re dealing with.

Ready to make your own luck?

unconscious signs a girl is interested in you over text online but offers no physical contact

Taylor Snow Romance


Are You Meeting Women The Hard Way? Discover These Signs She Is Secretly Attracted To You


Most guys are meeting women in the DUMBEST way possible…


Don’t take it the wrong way, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with dating online. I know plenty of guys who crush it on tinder.

But here’s the thing you may not be aware of…while it may seem like you’re required to “do less” in order to get a girl using tinder or Okcupid or any dating site for that matter…you’d be wrong.

The guys who get the most women on tinder and other dating sites are either the top 1% attractive men, or the top 1% most interesting men.

So while it may seem like you just have to swipe write a bunch of times, send a few clever messages, and you’re in…it’s actually a lot more complicated than that.

Unless you hit the genetic lottery…

You’re gonna have to be super ripped (which takes hours at the gym every day).

Or have super cool hobbies, like swimming with whales and jumping out of helicopters for fun…

Or maybe you have to be really well traveled and have a picture of you doing a handstand on the great pyramid. 

Or maybe a mixture of all of the elements above. 

My point is…

It’s a lot easier to just go out in public and talk to women, because the women in public are usually a lot hotter than the girls on tinder, and you’re not competing against buff world travelling dudes who swim with whales.

So why are most guys desperately clinging to tinder, even though the quality of women is far lower?

Because most guys are scared of rejection… I admit I used to be obsessed with dating apps, but I realized I was doing it out of fear, not convenient.

And in my experience meeting women in person could be a hell of a lot easier than meeting women online.

I get it, talking to women in person isn’t the easiest thing, and you might still get rejected…but you get rejected way more on tinder than everywhere else, you just don’t see it. 

What if I told you that you CAN get the women you see out and about, in the grocery stores, in coffee shops, on the street, at bars, your waitress, etc…..WITHOUT the risk of rejection.


Simply by approaching the women who are already interested in you. 

signs she is interested in you after first again date body language sex online school

There are women out there who are interested in you, there are women out there who WANT you to talk to them, and you can spot them just by looking for the non-verbal hints.

Women are constantly dropping hints and signs as to how they feel about other people.

These signs she secretly wants you are subtle and go over the heads of most men… unless you know what you’re looking for. 

And I’m telling you right now…there are a lot more women out there who want you to talk to them, than you think.

As a matter of fact there will be women every now and then who are just looking to fuck, they will want to sleep with you that night, and

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Signs A Girl Is Attracted To You sexually at work body language huge workplace


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Signs She Is Secretly Attracted To You But Has A Boyfriend

Signs She Is Developing Feelings For You Online Over Text

signs a woman is secretly attracted to you body language askmen text at the gym

Non Verbal signs she secretly wants you online

signs a woman is developing feelings sexually at work body language huge workplace

Subconscious Signs she wants you to notice her at work

signs a woman secretly wants you 7 plays with necklace to you finger definitive reddit

non verbal signs she wants you to talk to her

signs a girl is secretly attracted to you 30 sure subtle touches her necklace finger lip gloss

Subtle signs she wants you badly through text 

signs a girl is developing feelings but playing hard to get yahoo answers because of your position

Unconscious signs she craves you badly

Signs a woman wants you to notice her through texting even if shes your boss subtle

Non-Verbal 27 obvious signs she wants you

five signs a woman wants you to talk to her straight eye contact at the bar from across the room

Subtle Signs a girl wants you to notice her

signs a woman wants you badly but offers no physical contact at the gym or just wants to be friends

Unconscious signs a girl wants you to talk to her

subtle signs a woman craves you Non Verbal Physical 27 obvious signs a woman wants you

Subconscious signs a girl wants you badly

Non Phyiscal signs a girl craves you Body Language

27 obvious signs a girl wants you Body Language

signs a girl secretly wants you

Signs She Secretly likes you

Physical Signs A Woman Is Interested In You

11 Non-Verbal Body Language Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You Sexually
sexually at work body language huge workplace quora teenvogue



Have you ever come across an attractive girl and thought to yourself “I wonder if she likes me?” 

So many guys wonder if there’s a way to truly know if a girl likes them – and the answer is Absolutely YES.

But only if you know the exact physical signs a woman is interested in you by body language…

… And most guys have no idea what signs to look for. 

The truth is that girls always give off little hidden signals or indicators when they like a guy or think that he’s attractive. And if you know what these signals are and actually watch for them, you’ll be able to do what most guys can’t and that, my friend, is a powerful thing.

So I’m going to reveal to you 11 time-proven and scientifically-backed physical body language signs a woman is attracted to you sexually that when you see them, they almost always mean that a woman is obviously interested (or is becoming interested) in you.


To avoid getting pepper-sprayed, I’m also showing you the #1 body language that a girl is 100% not feeling you.

So, here are 11 real body language signs that a girl has the hots for you… plus the #1 sign that she wants nothing to do with you:


1. Mirroring

Do you know what makes mirroring such a truly powerful giveaway of genuine interest from a woman? It’s because 99% of the time it’s a completely involuntary signal that she’s really interested in you and she just can’t help herself but do. 

People usually subconsciously mirror each other as a way of showcasing trust and familiarity. 

So, if you notice her subtly copying your physical body language or movements, it could clearly be an early signal that she feels pretty comfortable with you and she wants you to feel the same.


2. She Plays With Her Hair

Like mirroring, a woman playing with her hair is a subconscious or conscious way of flirting, only that this time instead of it just being a sign that she finds you really fascinating, this one is a far much stronger physical sign of real flirtatious attraction from her

Playing with your hair is an example of preening, which is another way of saying that she’s trying to look good for you 🙂


3. She Makes Deliberate Eye Contact

7 plays with necklace to you finger definitive reddit teen vogue top five qoura againIn general, women are pretty selective about who they make eye contact with, so if a girl looks directly at you for more than a few seconds, that’s probably because to her, you’re pretty eye-catching.


4. She Opens Herself Up for Conversation

When a woman wants to talk, but also wants you to be the one to start the conversation, there’s typically one blatantly obvious thing she’ll do to make it easy for you to – and that’s to simply just position herself in your field of vision. 

Taken by itself, it’s not much, but the fact is, if a girl is really trying to flirt, it’s usually the very first move she’ll make. So watch out for it.


5. She Enters Your Personal Space

If a woman is coming from across the room towards you, pay close attention to where she stops.

If it’s within a range of 4 feet, then she’s officially entered your personal field, and that usually means only one thing: she probably wants to talk to you (Or you to talk to her).

If she’s within 2 feet, she’s moving closer to what’s known as ‘The Intimate Zone’ which means you’re doing a pretty good job of making her interested.


6. She Flares her Nostrils

Weird one, I know. When you think of flirting, flared nostrils probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind, and it’s something she wouldn’t want you to notice.

That’s because, unlike some body language cues, most women don’t mean to do it.

So if you notice her nostrils are flaring out of control, it’s a tell-tale sign that she’s super comfortably letting her guard down around you.


7. She Suggestively Gets You to Pay Attention to Her Lips

If a woman is really interested in you after talking to you for quite a while, she may step up her flirtatious tricks by sensually bringing your attention to her lips.

Whether she simply grazes them with her fingers or puts on a fresh layer of lipstick, if she drawers your attention to her lips (or any other suggestive part of her body) you can be pretty sure it’s because she wants you to take notice.


8. Pointing Her Feet Toward You

So, let’s say she’s standing close to you, and you’re talking to her and she’s laughing. Sounds like it’s in the bag, right?

Not necessarily.

Because even though it might seem like she’s giving you her full undivided attention, her feet might be secretly telling you that she wishes to rather be somewhere else.

So if you want to know if you’re really holding her attention, pay attention to where her feet are pointing, and not just her face.


9. Her Pupils Dilate

If you’re in the habit of making weak eye contact (like many guys do) you’d be missing up to half of the non-verbal signaling that women do.

30 sure subtle touches her necklace finger lip gloss drnerdlove 27 years old looksSignaling like dilated pupils or a quick sideways glance, both of which are subtle, but hugely telling giveaways that whatever you’re doing is working well.

So by ALL means continue doing it.



10. She Exposes Her Neck

When a woman is really flirting her instinct takes over, and one of the clearest signs that a woman might be into you is for her to present (and trust you with) one of the most vulnerable and sensitive parts of her body: Her neck.

So if she begins to emphasize her neck by pulling her hair to one side or tilting her head, it’s a great sign that she wants you a little closer.


11. She Touches You Purposefully

Usually the final and most obvious telltale sign that you’ve moved to the next level with her is for her to ramp up the physical touching.

This might be her touching your hand or grazing your leg with her foot. Or it might be hugging your arms when it’s cold or starting to hang on your shoulder.

However she wants to do it is up to her, but if she’s all over you – she’s telling you that you don’t have to try that hard with her anymore.


12. Crossed Arms

If there’s one body language sign that you should always see as an immediate red flag is crossed arms.

When a girl crosses her arms right in front of you, it can be a sign telling a lot of things – And none of them are good for you. 

Not only do crossed arms signify general disinterest in you or what you’re saying, but in most cases, it’s a way of her “guarding” herself from no other reason than you just make her that uncomfortable.

The best and most accurate assumption to make when you see a woman crossing her arms is that she’s cold. Which if you think about it, isn’t great news for you either.

Basically, the fundamental principle is this: If you see a woman crossing her arms, then you might have already past the point of no return… and it might be just better to just move on brother.

Important note: Girls by default are not the ones who make the first move.

So understand that signals without action are completely useless. In other words, if you see a girl giving you these signals that she’s interested in you, you have to actually take action on it and make your move – that is of course if you like her.

Those are the 11 powerful body language signs that shows she likes you, and one I hope you never see. 

For More Not So Obvious Physical Signs A Woman Is Interested In You, Check Out these Body Language Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You Sexually

but playing hard to get yahoo answers because of your position bisexual askmen text

Until next time…

Seize the day,

Taylor Snow


Conversation Body Language Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You Sexually

When you’re interacting with a woman, there are some rather standard, obvious signs that she’s into you, such as:

She gazes directly into your eyes for quite long periods of time
She touches you
She laughs at everything you say
She licks her lips
She leans in closer to you as if she’s readying herself for a kiss

While it’s always important to keep your eyes open for such signs of interest, you also need to keep your ears peeled as well.

When speaking, there’s a not-so-obvious sign that she’s interested in you.

10 non verbal non physical through texting even if shes your boss 25 as a female

And no, I’m not talking about compliments (because those are rather obvious).

What not-so-obvious sign am I talking about?

Questions. Simply put, if she keeps asking questions, she’s interested.

Because if she wasn’t interested, she wouldn’t ask them at all.


Because she’d be ready to end the conversation. Duh!

Unless you’re at work or forced to do so, you wouldn’t keep asking a person questions unless you had a genuine interest in finding out more about them.

So if you hear her rattle off questions like a machine gun, take that as a sign that you’ve got the green light.

What are some of the most obvious questions that show true interest?

At the very top of the list, is “Are you seeing anyone?” If she asks you that, then she’s definitely looking to see if you’re free and available before she invests any of her time trying to get to know you…

Others are, “Do you plan on living her any time soon?” “Are you looking to date anyone” “What type of women do you like?” And so on…

Alright, you may be saying to yourself, “That’s cool and all. But what if I have trouble getting women interested in me in the first place? What do I do then?”…

If that’s the case, there is a way out. Because unlike other pieces of advice that tell you to hit the gym to increase your looks or work harder to increase your pay, this is all you have to do to know which women are interested in you:

The subtle signals women give off
five signs straight eye contact at the bar from across the room facebook unconscious

Check them out tonight, and you’ll have women swarming you like bees do honey.

How do I know?

Because it’s my go-to move Duh!

Bill Grant.

My Coworker Is Acting Weird With Me (Physical Signs A Woman Is Interested In You At Work Even If Shes You Boss)


A subscriber to my email list recently wrote to me saying…

“My coworker is acting weird with me. 

She keeps calling me this nickname, idk how to translate in English, but she knows that this tends to piss me off. As I told her yesterday because I was in a bad mood. 

Right after that, she started calling me this nickname even more. 

I was seriously thinking about slapping her, but internalized it, though you could see that I was pissed off. 

She kept coming back wherever I was, for no apparent reason but to tell it was too bad I didn’t come to this coworker party they had that night. 

She also began touching me in a not so sexual way, I guess because we’re at work. 

But anyway that story just reminded me of this one you shared in some way. Might misinterpret things a little bit.” 

OK, there’s quite a LOT of stuff going on in this case. 

First thing’s first….

This girl DOES want you.

She’s shit testing you heavy. 

Any time a girl teases you, or deliberately tries to piss you off — that is a shit test…

This means she IS attracted to you…

She IS considering sleeping with you…

But she’s trying to PROVOKE you into engaging her in the kind of flirty banter that will lead to that.

The issue here is that from the sounds of it you have mostly FAILED this test.

It’s not your fault… because you didn’t know what you were doing…

She’s trying to tell you, “I want to fuck you”, in girl speak.

But since you don’t speak girl language…

You’ve been missing these signs. what are some but offers no physical contact at the gym or just wants to be friends

Now here’s what concerns me: 

“…she started calling me this nickname even more. I was seriously thinking about slapping her, but internalized it, though you could see that I was pissed off.” 

My man…. 

You have GOT to get a grip.

If some chick is able to generate THIS level of emotional reaction in you, you’re FUCKED. 

Do you understand me? 


Have you been going out and doing your cold approaches like I told you?

Have you been lifting heavy weights?

Have you been doing semen retention?


There’s no need for you to tell me your answer

Because I already KNOW the answer.

If some random bitch is getting in your head THIS much…

That shows me you are not living right. 

When people tease or mock you, there should be ZERO effect on your internal state.


I’m at the level now where I give so little of a fuck, I can commit petty crimes* right in front of police officers…

(* such as drinking open liquor in the street)

And they can’t even see me. 

I am literally invisible to them. 

Know why? 

Because I’m so fucking RELAXED, baby. 

You wanna know how I got that way? 

        1. Cold approach,
        2. Cold approach,  
        3. And cold approach.

You approach random strangers enough and you get a THICK fucking skin, brother. 

A girl could slap me in the fucking face and it wouldn’t raise my heartbeat. 

So this is why your INTENSE EMOTIONAL REACTION to being teased by your coworker… 

It does not bode well for you okay?  

So there are two big hard-hitting take-aways here: 



When a woman teases you, that’s girl speak for “I want to fuck you”. 

However, it’s simultaneously a shit test. 

She wants to see that you don’t react emotionally to her teasing. 

Also, she wants you to TEASE HER and engage her back in flirty banter.

NOT in an angry way…

But in a fun, playful, challenging way.

You do that, and you’ll be inside her in a couple of hours.

The girl in this story is SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED.

She wants a man to grab her by the pigtails and rail the shit out of her.

She is TEASING you in order to try to provoke some MASCULINITY and CHALLENGE on your part…. 

Which for girls is basically “foreplay before the foreplay”. 



If people are able to get under your skin, that’s a BIG “tell” that you’re not living right. 

When you cold approach girls regularly (and deal with the non-stop bullshit that comes from that)…

Nothing gets under your skin anymore.

Getting angry at women is like getting angry at babies. 

The person who looks stupid is you

If your 7-year-old niece started teasing you by calling you some nickname, you wouldn’t get angry.

It wouldn’t even register.

You’d just laugh and playfully joke back. 

The same exact thing with girls. 

Body Language Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You Sexually

signs she wants to be more than friends signs an older woman likes you

Physical Signs A Girl Is Attracted To You Body Language

signs she wants more signs she wants to be more than friends over text

Non Verbal Signs She Is Attracted To You Body Language

how to know if a woman is attracted to you sexually

Unconscious Signs A Girl Is Interested In You Over Text

how to tell if a woman is attracted to you but hiding it

how to tell if a woman is attracted to you but hiding it

how to know if a woman is attracted to you sexually

unconcious signs a girl is interested in you over text online but offers no physical contact

physical signs a married woman is interested in you

signs she is interested in you after first again date body language sex online school

flirting signs from a woman

Signs A Girl Is Attracted To You sexually at work body language huge workplace


female body language signs of attraction legs

non verbal Signs She Is Attracted To You body language askmen text at the gym

decoding female body language

non verbal Signs She Is Attracted To You body language askmen text at the gym

physical signs a man is interested in you

Physical Signs A Girl Is Interested In You In Your Workplace

Physical Signs She Is Interested In You Body Language

physical signs she is interested in you after the first date

Huge Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You Sexually

X-Ray Lust Glasses That Spot The Physical Signs A Woman Is Interested In You Sexually!
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FINALLY! Gov­ern­ments across the globe have giv­en the green light for dat­ing and hook­ing up… but with safe­ty guide­lines, of course. And while this post is not about those guide­lines, we’re going to talk about how you can spot hot chicks who are desperately craving to get laid by YOU…


Imag­ine if you had a pair of glass­es that tell you exact­ly how open a woman is to talk to you. Or a LUST ther­mome­ter.

That means you’ll be able to spot the women who are in a bad mood, don’t want to talk, or have no inter­est in talk­ing to guys.


You’ll also spot women who are in a flir­ty mood, and open to talk­ing and fool­ing around.

Women who are inter­est­ed in you and are itch­ing for you to talk to them.

And the BIG one…

You can eas­i­ly spot the women who are ready, will­ing, wait­ing, and super horny for just about any kind of guy who notices her sig­nals.

Glass­es like these don’t exist. But here’s the next best thing.

How To Spot Horny Girls  See The Lusty Physical Signs A Woman Is Interested In You Sexually

7 plays with necklace to you finger definitive reddit teen vogue top five qoura again



Just imag­ine how effortlessly easy it would be to hook up with women!

You’ll nev­er be reject­ed because you will knowingly avoid women who aren’t inter­est­ed.

You’ll have amazing inter­ac­tions with women major­i­ty of the times because you can eas­i­ly focus on ONLY approach­ing women who you have a great shot of hooking up with because they are already waiting for you to make a move on them

Plus every now and then you’ll spot a woman who just wants to get her rocks off.

This Makes Get­ting Laid Eas­i­er Than Ever  Decode These Huge Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You Body Language

30 sure subtle touches her necklace finger lip gloss drnerdlove 27 years old looks

Stop going for women who are pre­pared to reject any man.

Just go for the ones who are open, wait­ing, and ready to take you in deep.

Spot Her Sex Sig­nals,

Taylor Snow

P.S. If you knew how to spot the subtle signs she’s DTF right now…

Ditch the pick-up lines.

You can work on confidence later.

Looks and money simply don’t matter…

To a woman who’s been aching so much to have sex that it feels like her whole body’s screaming in her head…

Telling her to go ride the next guy she sees who’s also as DTF as her.

One CLEAR example is when a woman sits a certain way, and her toes are pointing in your direction. Most of the time, that definitely means she’s into you.

Her physical body language shows she has her eyes and attention set on you. Yet most guys don’t have the slightest clue what these signs are… until now.

Don’t Miss Out On The Physical Signs A Woman Is Interested In You And She Wants To Bang  Check Out This Sexual Decoder

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Who’s Going To Get More Girls?


Hey there…

Imagine this.

What if two guys go head to head on who’s going to be able to pick up more girls and get them to come home with them in a span of one month?

Is it…

A) The guy with the looks and tons of cash stuffed in his wallet but is completely clueless about women


B) The guy who knows precisely how to find out if a girl is “down to fuck”

The answer is pretty obvious.

The guy who knows how to decode a woman’s sexual signals wins hands down. No questions asked.

unconcious signs a girl is interested in you over text online but offers no physical contactThis is because having the exact knowledge as to how to identify hot beautiful women who are desperately craving to get laid is a huge unfair advantage against other men with no clue…


You don’t have to do any work…

You don’t have to keep guessing…

You don’t have to risk being embarrassed and shot down in front of everyone.

All you do is find someone giving off these “sexual signals”, say a few magic words, and then it’s only a matter of time before you can get her into bed with you.

It’s that easy.

I don’t get why a lot of guys make attraction so damn hard.

They go after girls who are totally NOT in the mood for any kind of sexual attraction, they bust their asses off and come home with nothing but their dick in their hands…

Off to masturbate the night away.

While the guys “in the know” are getting laid left and right with some of the hottest girls… you know, the perfect 10’s… DJ chicks…. super hot party girls…

It’s your choice, my friend.

Will you continue blindly hoping and praying for success?

Or will you take matters into your own hands and get laid tonight?

If you choose the right path, the path of knowing how to decode a hot girl’s sexual signals… here’s where you should go…

Click here to discover how to get easy sex tonight!

10 non verbal non physical through texting even if shes your boss 25 as a female


It’s 100% FREE!

Talk soon.

Taylor Snow Romance


PS: 3 Huge Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You Sexually (And She Wants You To Slide Your Hotdog Inside Her Bun…)


Hey man…

Sometimes girls just want to fuck.

It could be because of stress from work.

Maybe she just broke up with a guy.

Maybe it’s the “right time of the month.”

And she’s just looking for a man to have some fun, casual, no-strings-attached sex with!

She’ll eagerly take the first guy who notices.

All you need to do is look for the RIGHT signals.

If it’s been a while since your hotdog has been inside a nice pair of buns…

Then Click Here >> How To Find EASY “DTF” Girls To Hookup With… << 

five signs straight eye contact at the bar from across the room facebook unconscious


Seriously. Click That Link or Banner Above.

There is no reason any guy should have to go without sex for more than 3 WEEKS


Even if you’re not rich or young or good looking.

Just take a shower, buy some mouthwash and follow that trick in the link above!

Seize The Day,

Taylor Snow Romance


This Female “Giveaway” Will Get You Laid Every Time


Girls think they’re so smart… but here’s the truth.

When it comes to sex and dating, girls play a game they believe they cannot lose …

… and – because of how most guys have been conditioned to handle women – MOST of the time, they are absolutely right…

But you know what?

The minute you look BEYOND whatever game a girl is playing and understand the TRUE urges that are at play deep within the female brain …

You finally understand that this “game” is bullshit.

A woman can’t really hide what her body is REALLY craving for.

She can play all the games she wants to, but the moment she comes up against a guy who knows what little clues she’s subconsciously giving off …


Do you want a way to really look past all the games and finally get what YOU want from any woman?

signs she is interested in you after first again date body language sex online schoolOnce you know what to look for, you’ll never go home alone again.

And when YOU watch this video, you’ll know EXACTLY what little clues to look for.


College girl who brags about all her countless fuck buddies?

Co worker who keeps you safely locked up behind the friend zone?

That girlfriend that’s got her pussy on lockdown just to “teach you a lesson?”

When you finally understand that NONE of the games these girls are playing makes ANY difference at all when it comes to actually getting inside her panties …

You will be a changed man.

The world and every dirty little schoolgirl in it will be yours for the taking.

Want to know what to look for? 

Stop playing games.

If a girl smokes and drinks, of course she swallows.

Unless of course you want to play by HER rules…

In which case, good luck.

Seize The Day,

Taylor Snow

PS: Want to see my hidden camera footage too controversial for Anderson Cooper?

See why I made Anderson Cooper blush – Check out the link here. 

what are some but offers no physical contact at the gym or just wants to be friends

(It’s NSFW obviously.)


3 Biggest Mistakes Guys Make When Hitting On Girls



Everybody makes mistakes…

Let’s face it… when it comes to picking up girls – whether you’re trying to make polite conversation or set up your next threesome with a pair of adventurous (and tipsy) 6’s – the stakes can be high.

And while some guys may approach women as a “numbers game” – meaning that if you approach enough women you’ll eventually get one into your bed – there’s a lot more to it than that!

That’s why it’s important to know what you CAN control when meeting girls, and make sure your game is tight.

So if you can handle your OWN business, you have greatly increased your odds to get what you REALLY want from women…

Whether it’s a quick, fun sexual adventure or something more meaningful – or even if you’re already in a casual relationship – to get laid more often (or move out of the friend zone)!

Regardless of what you want from women, you can increase your odds of actually getting it by just making sure you don’t fall prey to these 3 common fuckups.


  • Don’t Look Like A Shitbag.
    You don’t have to be a regular subscriber to GQ or Esquire to look halfway decent when you put yourself into the game.

It goes without saying that if you’re actually in a bar or club, put some effort into your appearance. But if you want to make some magic from a chance encounter at the grocery store or walk in the park, the LITTLE things matter!

Nobody looks their best when they run to the grocery store, but be aware that you MAY run into that hot little baby from two doors down on your way through the checkout lane.

It’s not so much about the “big” stuff.

But seriously … brush your teeth regularly. Brush your hair. Don’t go out with dried food on your shirt and for God’s sake pay attention to your shoes (women do).

  • Don’t Be An Obvious “Player.”
    If you’re in a club and you start approaching every girl in the bar, other girls notice this. And while you “think” you’re playing the numbers, how effective do you think your charming one-liner is going to be on the hot babe who just saw you get shot down with the same line on 2 other chicks?

Take your thumb wrestling and slight of hand kino tricks into a dark corner or something, man. Otherwise, you’ll look like an ass – and you’ll go home alone, horny and frustrated (or with a drunk fat chick).

  • Pay Attention To The Girl, FFS.
    The worst thing guys do to torpedo themselves is to ignore the signals a girl is giving off. They get so wrapped up in their own game they DON’T SEE the subtle signs a girl (unconsciously or otherwise) is giving off that will actually reveal her TRUE intentions and interest.

And if you’re paying attention, you’ll even be able to tell how likely she is to take things to the next level.

Or if she has no interest whatsoever – trust me, there’s nothing more sad than watching some clueless chump talk up a girl who obviously has NO interest in him. Save your time and energy for easy prey, brother.

Open your eyes and watch for the SIGNALS.

Oh yeah – and about those signals…

If you want to know what to look for from a girl – whether it be some chick at the Apple store or some girl at a club looking for some quick action – you need to watch my video where I talk about this in-depth.

Click here to learn the signals women are giving off to REALLY know if they are DTF 27 obvious signs she wants you after first date online 50 signs a girl likes you


It’s the biggest mistake you can make (not being able to read these signals) – and nothing you do is going to matter if you don’t know what you’re dealing with AHEAD OF TIME.

Talk tomorrow,

Taylor Snow



Huge Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You Body Language

Subtle Physical Signs A Woman Is Interested In You

signs she wants to be more than friends signs an older woman likes you

Physical Signs A Girl Is Attracted To You Body Language

signs she wants more signs she wants to be more than friends over text

Non Verbal Signs She Is Attracted To You Body Language

how to know if a woman is attracted to you sexually

Unconscious Signs A Girl Is Interested In You Over Text

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how to know if a woman is attracted to you sexually

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Signs A Girl Is Attracted To You sexually at work body language huge workplace

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non verbal Signs She Is Attracted To You body language askmen text at the gym

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Physical Signs She Is Interested In You Body Language


43 Texts That Guarantee Sex Review

Text Her THIS Way To Get Laid
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“The biggest sex organ is her brain.”

Sex­ting is a way of light­ing up her mind with exciting ideas of sexual adventure.

But if you’re not a poet, you need a cheat sheet of tested texts that get her into the mood for sex.

My friend and fellow dat­ing expert, Richard La Ruina, says these test­ed texts WILL get you laid… and they even work for married guys.

Tex­ting is a low-key, grade A seduction secret.

Check This Out ⇐ 43 Texts That Get You Laid

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Imagine if you could just push a few buttons on your cellphone and be guaranteed to have sex…

With a hot beautiful stranger whom you just met, a sexy friend from your workplace, an old fling of yours…

And have super steamy sex dates with your girlfriend or wife.

These potent and seductive text messages have been proven repeatedly to get past a woman’s BS filter…

And hit her directly in her primal sexual desire system.

So it doesn’t matter if she’s feigning like she doesn’t like you…

Or even if she doesn’t know you well enough to sleep with you…

Or if the flame of romance and intimacy in your relationship is dwindling or flickering…

Even if your partner is pissed off at you after a having little squabble…

You can STILL get your lover to sensually think about, fantasize, and CRAVE having sex with you.

Use These 43 Texts Tonight⇐ Multi-Purpose Sexy Texts For Guys

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Like the texts that FORCE her to change her pre-existing plans on the spot and instead head right over to your place for panty soaking fun.

Or the sneaky text messages that trig­ger a woman’s production of the “love hormone” oxytocin, flooding her mind and body with urges that lead her to lust over you.

Or the initial “trust-building” text messages you send when trying to hook up with an attractive stranger, reconnect with your ex-lover, or rebuild the wall of trust after a little “lover’s squabble” with your girlfriend or wife

Or maybe, just maybe, you simply want to be adventurous and take things to the edge by using the “threesome inciting” texts that get women closer and closer to contemplating getting downright naughty with you AND another woman.

Think about that.

After you get a hold of this 43 texts PDF, your sex life will dramatically change for the better.

Click Here For The 43 Texts That Get You Laid⇐ Works For Singles And Couples

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Text To Sex,

Taylor Snow

Text Messages That Make Her Wet & Horny (Steal Them If You Like)


Carrying on the dirty talk and “what to say to make her WET theme of this week’s post… today I’m gonna show you text messages that drive women crazy…

I like to use them when I’m out and about…​​​​​​​

Because then, ​​​​​​​when I get home, my woman is ready and waiting for me… pussy already WET! 

Consider these 5 Text Messages FOREPLAY…​​​​​​​

Here they are…​​​​​​​

Text #1:​​​​​​​

“I can’t stop thinking about last night. It was amazing. Tonight will be even better”​​​​​​​

Text #2:​​​​​​​

“I’m at work, but distracted. Specifically – I’m distracted by the thoughts of what I’m going to do to you when I get home from work tonight. You better be ready”​​​​​​​

Text #3:​​​​​​​

“I’ll be home tonight at 7 pm. Be on the bed, wearing nothing but your bra, panties, and a blindfold, on all fours. I’ll take it from there”​​​​​​​

Text #4:​​​​​​​

“You’re in big trouble. You’ve been so disobedient lately. You deserve to be punished. Tonight, I will punish you. Expect a good spanking. And a hard fucking”​​​​​​​

Text #5:​​​​​​​

“Cum right now. HARD. Do as you’re told and CUM right now”​​​​​​​

The last text is the most powerful, because ​​​​​​​she will instantly CUM-on-the-spot! No matter where she is. However, it’ll only work if you’ve trained her to cum via text! But, that’s a technique for another post!

The other 4 texts are straightforward and can be weaved into any text conversation with a woman. And, they’re sure to make her DRIPPING WET, thinking about what you’re going to do to her.​​​​​​​

To learn more about ​​​​​​​how to use your WORDS to make her hot, wet, and horny – click here now

And, I’ll talk to you soon…​​​​​​​

Your friend,​​​​​​​

Adam Armstrong​​​​​​​

P.S. If you’ve not yet picked up a copy of my friend Richard La Ruina’s program “43 Texts That Guarantee PDF” – I highly recommend you do so, right now​​​​​​​


2 reasons:​​​​​​​

1. It’s on offer at a heavily discounted price. Yet, the price will go UP very soon​​​​​​​

2. It’ll teach you A LOT more about ​​​​​​​what to say to totally OWN your woman’s MIND and PUSSY

It’s powerful stuff that most losers/men will never know! ;)​​​​​​​

>> Here’s the link​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


2 “Copy & Paste” Texts Models Reply to (Screenshots Included)


Texting’s been the new default for a while.

You don’t need a list of reasons why if you can’t get replies, you’ll be left out to dry…

And you’ve probably heard girls say that replying to their story is most likely to get a response.

That’s BS.

Can you guess how many other guys do this?

Probably EVERY single one that follows her.

All the girl sees is a bunch of DMs starting with, “Replied to your story: ”

Even if the reply is dope, it’s lost in the sea of identical-looking texts.

So I’ll show you the 2 text openers that are almost guaranteed to get you a response, including screenshots of my assistant using them.

And you can use them on any app you want: Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc.

I’ll be using IG as an example because it’s the most practical way to explain it.

(It’s also where the hottest women hang out.)

Both of these texts involve referring to a post of hers and making a comment about it.

You can actually use these two texts for stories, too, but keep in mind my comment from above and don’t come crying if she doesn’t even see your message.

So let’s dive in:

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1) The “Observation” Opener

It’s really straightforward.

You pick a photo of hers.

Send it to her.

And make a fun-slash-witty remark about it.

It’s tempting to turn this into a compliment about how good she looks, but please be more creative.

The goal is to stand out and get a reply, not join her hoard of online orbiters…

2) The “Vibe” Opener

So this one’s even simpler.

You send her a photo of hers again.

And say something dumb like…

“It’s a vibe ”

(For some reason girls love this vibe shit. Emoji optional.)

And here’s how you can do this on a story – you know how girls like uploading a mirror selfie of their outfit before going out or a photo of having drinks on Friday?

Just text: “Friday vibes.”

Hope you get the idea, but don’t forget to experiment and be creative.

So let me show you how my assistant used the “observation” opener on a seemingly boring post…

To get a response from a legit model who stars in a hit TV show in his country:

alpha male text examples funny texts to get her attention pdf

















And here’s the “vibe” opener that he used on an IG baddie:

what to text a girl to make her want you examples pdf stealth attraction texting




















(He wrote “big purr vibes,” alluding to her caption. I hid the convo since they’re not native English speakers and it’d be Greek to us.)

Last but not least, let me show you the amount of followers he has if you’re thinking that he must be micro famous or something:

text game pua examples banter lines for texting pdf text game examples





These 2 texts are just the beginning…

There’s a lot more that goes into getting your “third foot” in women’s pleasure door 😉

If you remember, I wrote a post recently about my “extreme” buddy whose tactics have feminists wanting to shut him down.

But he’s no dummy.

All of his products are hosted on separate websites.

It might be a while before they crackdown on his operation.

(Or maybe not!)

So I want to invite you to take a look at his “43 Texts That Guarantee Sex PDF” product before it’s taken down:

      • The 3 keys to the perfect first text (missing any one of the three is like booking a first-class flight to the friendzone… but nailing this is the shortcut to a “beaver” party!)
      • How to trigger her darkest fantasies and unleash her inner nympho with just a few taps on your screen… the best part is that these messages are completely under the radar and you’ll never be seen as a creep or a try-hard.
      • Sneaky messages that trigger her “love hormone” oxytocin and will get her fantasizing about you planting your flag deep between her legs… she might even secrete her joy juice in the middle of her work meetings!
      • The 5 types of texts you’re sending right now that are murdering your sex life and how the 43 texts PDF will make you go from you watching porn to you watching her go down on you 
      • Text Right For Her Type: the key to matching the perfect set of texts to the type of girl you want to bang (you’re going to be sending a much different set of messages to the librarian type than to the stripper… but don’t be surprised when the librarian swallows your pole all the way down)
      • And many more that might get you the action as early as tonight!

WARNING: becoming a texting master can make girls annoy the living shit out of you and yearn for your attention non-stop.

Click here at your own peril.

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Talk soon,

Taylor Snow

43 Texts That Guarantee Sex Review


alpha male text examples

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text game examples

43 Texts That Guarantee PDF

How To Make Girls Chase You Review

Gets Her Sliding Out Of Her Pants…
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Talking to women is like slashing through a jungle…

You need to keep it flowing smoothly while hacking the tangles of obstacles in her mind.

Lose that momentum and you‘re finished. Throw in one offensive word and you‘re fried…

More specifically:

UNLESS you say something that gets her sliding out of her pants…

you will find it’s almost impossible to convince a girl to sleep with you (especially if she’s way out of your league).

You see, those icky-sweet compliments you say will just make her blush, but they never go down to titillate her lady parts.

So here’s a simple solution…

If you want women to pick you up and chase YOU instead for a change…

If you want to arouse a woman without creeping her out…

If you want her to overlook all your flaws so you break out from the “friend zone”…

Then you need to know exactly what to say and do, to RE-FRAME the way she sees you.

Now, since women are turned on primarily by their imagination, your best bet is to make her picture herself naked with you

And one of the most effective ways to do that is to trigger the hidden “sexual tripwire” in the female brain…

By using only a few select words and phrases…

you can look into her eyes and say these words like a sexy hot breath against her neck.

Not sure how this could pan out in your casual conversations?

Here’s a step-by-step flowchart to guide you:

“Casual talks” that lead to sex – FAST

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Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


If You Can Make Her Strip, You Can Make Her Fuck You


A business mentor of mine once told me the story of a stripclub owner he knew. 

This stripclub was known to have the most beautiful dancers. 

It wasn’t like a regular stripclub which just has your typical truck-stop floozies. 

The dancers at this place were like supermodels. 

Now the way the owner of this joint was able to recruit these girls is…

He DIDN’T hire them to be dancers.

Instead, he’d hire them to be waitresses

But what happened was this:

The waitresses would be working their asses off every day for peanuts. 

Meanwhile, they were looking at the dancers onstage bringing in thousands of dollars a night. 

Well, it wasn’t long until the gears started turning and the waitress thinks… “Hey, I’m prettier than that bimbo! I should be making all that money.” 

And so they’d become strippers. 

It’s quite sinister, really… (especially when you consider that most strippers usually end up getting into “activities” besides stripping.)

Nevertheless, it demonstrates the point I’m trying to come to today which is…

The Power Of ENVY. 

Envy is the chief motivator of human beings. 

Warren Buffet once stated: “Envy makes the world go round, Not greed”

Rene Girard, the French philosopher (and mentor to the billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel), formulated an entire system of human psychology based entirely on envy. 

The OG pickup artist Mystery is remembered for such ideas as “peacocking” (dressing like a clown to attract women’s attention.) 

That’s unfortunate because Mystery had a few insights about human nature which put him up there — and I am not exaggerating — with Plato and Aristotle. 

Here’s one little-known and underrated jewel of wisdom from Mystery… 

He once said: 

“If you can make any woman envy you, you can easily make her have sex with you.” 

This might be one of the smartest insights about female psychology that anybody has ever had. 

It totally flies in the face of common knowledge — but it’s true.

People assume: to get a girl, you need to make her envy some other girl you’re with.

And of course, when you can do that, it works well. 

But making a woman envy YOU is actually an even more powerful way to make her desire you. 

If you think of all the traits that are attractive to women… 

Being assertive…

Being dominant… independent… resourceful… 

Having the confidence to go up and talk to her (or to anyone)… 

Having a better comeback to everything she says…

Being successful and wealthy… a master of what you do… the center of your friend group… 

The reason all these qualities are so attractive to women is because it makes them ENVY you. 

These are all things that women want for themselves, but often don’t possess. 

The man who learns to become attractive to women is, in fact, learning to PROJECT the qualities that women themselves unconsciously want. 

Making a woman desire you starts with making her envy you…

If you can make a girl envy you, you can make her sleep with you. 

==> Is the #1 Female Turn-On of ALL TIME?

Any guy can use it to make a girl chase you for sex…

Instantly and automatically…

Even if she’s acting distant and cold towards you now.

Click here to learn how.


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Happy hunting 😉

Taylor Snow



How To Make Girls Chase You Review

7 Scientific Secrets That  Make Girls Chase You F Word Review


Ageless Dating System Review

Why Young Girls Molest This Old Fart
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“Dirty old man!”


“He should be ashamed!”

Those are some of the reactions when people see this old man out in public.


Because he almost always has at least one woman on his arm young enough to be his granddaughter…

And by the way these girls are all over him — so it’s extremely clear they are NOT related.

==> Revealed: Why Young Women Molest This Old Man In Public <==


And that’s why people make those negative comments.

Because when other men see this, it triggers feelings of extreme jealousy…

But for older women, it comes from a place of fear.

Fear that men their own age would never choose to be with them if they had the power like this old man…

The power to bang young women at the peak of their beauty and sexuality.


Now, there are A LOT of people praying this information doesn’t get out…

Because it has the potential to create chaos in society.

Can you imagine how things would be if every older man had the ability to date and sleep with women 18-25?

Many men would leave their wives…

Older women would be alone and dateless…

As men would realize they have ALL THE POWER AND CHOICE when it comes to sex and dating.

As it turns out, some people have a massive problem with this.

Because it’s not how things are ‘supposed’ to be… according to society.


I think it’s fucking great that guys are waking up and not settling for less than what they deserve…

That they’re banging the type of girls that before they could only fantasize about while jerking off to porn…

Because life is WAY TO SHORT to settle for sex with unattractive women.

So if you want to treat your dick to the highest quality young women life has to offer, you can’t afford to miss out on this old man’s shocking secrets…

==> EXPOSED: How Older Men Can Bang Hot Young Women <==

P.S. We live in an age where people are super-sensitive to anything controversial or politically incorrect.

That means YOU JUST KNOW it’s only a matter of time before this video gets shut down by the powers that be.

So do not hesitate or you’ll likely miss out on this forever.

Go here now to uncover the truth about sleeping with younger women

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Happy hunting 😉 

Taylor Snow


3 Triggers That Make YOUNGER Women Chase You (Tips For Sleeping With Younger Women)…


… and these 3 triggers are NOT what you think!

Today, my good friend Dave has some very insightful, practical advice for older guys who want to date fun, sexy younger women, so I want to turn this over to him…

(Read this post to the end, because Dave is a personal friend of mine…he’s a regular-looking guy in his 50s, and I am constantly STUNNED by the young, intelligent, and smoking hot girls he dates…)


Hey, Dave here. When I first got single at 39, I figured I would just date and marry another version of my then wife – an overscheduled, overstressed Mom – head roiling with regrets, sadness and broken dreams.

And I went ahead and did that.

I dated the moms of the kids who I coached in baseball. The moms I met on the pick-up line after school.

Did I fantasize about beautiful young women in their twenties?

The cute little shopgirls who seemed to laugh so much more easily at my jokes?

The girls on the beach?

The studious young beauties I would see at the coffee shops around my local university?

Of course I did. I am a man.

Sleeping With Younger Women Review Bill Grant Ageless Program Review Does it work PUA scamAnd like almost every man, I was drawn to the joy, the adventurousness, the soft skin, tight bodies and radiant, youthful vitality of young women.

There is nothing more natural in the world than you wanting younger women!

It’s only our anti-pleasure schoolmarm culture that has told you it’s “inappropriate.”

Well, I have come into your life to tell you that ageism is as hateful as racism and sexism.

And that you DON’T have to be a victim of it.

If you want to date younger women – there is a way to do it that I have not only studied, but mastered.

For the past several years, I have enjoyed dating, traveling with, exploring new boundaries of sensual possibilities with women up to thirty years younger than me.

“Thirty!???? Jeff, is that really true?”


I met a stunning young woman here in LA who told me she was 26. But your pal Jeff is no dummy. So while we were cuddling in a bar booth overlooking the ocean, it became clear to me that the years didn’t match her story.

Turns out she was embarrassed to tell me her age because she thought I wouldn’t want her anymore!

She was incredibly poised and was so smart, she only wanted to date guys with much more experience than her.

The world has changed.

Today — young women are smarter, more ambitious and want more from the men they date.

They WANT YOU – but only if you approach them right and treat them in exactly the right way.

=> Click Here: This Quick Video Shows You How 

You’ll discover how and where to meet beautiful younger women online, how to open a conversation, how to handle the age issue when it comes up, what to wear, what NOT to wear, how do deal with her friends, where to date and where not to date and every single issue that comes up.

If I had to give you three top lessons from this video, that will help you attract the best and most beautiful younger women in the world, I’d say…

1: Be Genuinely Youthful But Not Falsely “Young”

2: Be The Champion of Her Dreams, Not the Displayer of Your Worth

3: Make her Proud to Be on Your Arm

… and right now, you can learn in DETAIL how to do to these things – and a lot more…


>>> How To Attract & Seduce HOT Younger Women <<<

If you want to date Betty White – have at it.

But if you want to date beautiful, happy, admiring, sexy young women, then watch this video about how to date younger women…without sacrificing an OUNCE of your dignity: 

>>> Secrets Of Dating, Seducing & Sleeping With Younger Women <<<

By the way, I also want to give you a whole “cheat sheet” on how to “handle the haters” (those jealous m-fers who will tell you that you don’t have the right to have a beautiful young woman on your arm and in your bed.) 

Screw them. They just want what you will have…

=> Watch my video here (and get a sexy younger woman TONIGHT)

Ageless Dating Review forum site Bill Grant PUA Hookup System Ageless Program Review scam

Ageless Dating System Review

Ageless Dating Program Review

Ageless Dating Review
Ageless Program Review

Sleeping With Younger Women Review

Does Ageless Bill Grant Program Work?

Ageless Dating Program Review

Language Of Lust Review

What To SAY To Re-Awaken
The “Sexual Beast” Inside Your Woman?
Speak the Languages of lust review free pdf download ebook phrases torrent system bra

If your wife (or girlfriend) doesn’t have the same passion for sex that she used to…

…you don’t need to break the bank on some expensive gift to get the spark back.

Discover below how using a few simple words in day-to-day conversation…

…can get inside her mind and take your sexual relationship to new heights here…

These special “trigger words” can renew your woman’s sex drive


As I was re-watching reruns of “The Office” last weekend with a pal of mine.

We got to the episode where Jim surprises Pam with his DVD of all their happiest moments together.

Overcome with emotion, she collapsed into his arms in a moment of tender romance.

I asked my friend how she’d react if her boyfriend did that for her.

Her answer? “Honestly? In my mind, I’d be thinking he’s just about to make an apology for an affair he is having.”

And it got me thinking about how pop culture isn’t the best source of relationship advice.

In particular:

The big, romantic gesture is one of the most common tropes in romantic TV and films.

Films and TVs would have you think they’re the best way to spark wild attraction from your partner.

But the reality is, you and I both live in the  REAL world.

And in case you’re wondering – no, I’m not completely cynical.

Romantic gestures are often lovely and can be a great way to reaffirm your love for one another.

But they can’t cure every single issue your relationship might have.

And if your problem concerns her lack of interest in sex or her decreased libido…

…a big romantic gesture, like a big expensive dinner or diamond ring…

…probably won’t address the underlying causes.

So what should you do?

Fortunately, it’s often fairly straightforward to cut through her usual objections.

You don’t have to do anything extravagant or special to get the sex life you truly want.

In fact, there’s an extremely subtle way to make her desperate for white-hot sex…

…even if her libido’s never been particularly high.

It involves a set of specific “trigger words” you can simply drop into everyday conversation.

These words can activate the most primal, sexual part of her mind…

…and can make your sex life feel like a very different kind of film.

You can find out for yourself what these words are by following the link below…

Get her DEVOTED to satisfying you sexually with these simple trigger words 

lawrence lanoff vs tao badass dvd videos bonus training vs vs unlock her legs body

Talk soon,



PS: Pussy Remote Control?


Ever heard of ostriches burying their heads in the sand?

And for years you and I believe that crap.

Well, the truth is, in a case study that included 200,000 ostriches, carried out over a period of 80 years, not a single case was reported where an ostrich was seen burying its head in the sand.

There are just so MANY lies and myths that we believe as truth.

In the bedroom realm, we too have been fed a lot of falsehoods as to how a woman’s sexuality works.

For example, in my line of work, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is this:

“How can I trigger sexual desire in my wife or girlfriend and make her crave sex? She just never seems to be interested at all.”

You’ve been told to get her flowers and love notes, cuddle her gently, and give her soft, sweet kisses. There’s nothing wrong with all these, and they provide a lot of comfort and security in your relationship.

The only problem?

Those things don’t work to build her sexual attraction for you. You know it doesn’t work because you’ve tried all that for years and it’s a dead end. But if you truly want to stir up her desires and get her horny and lusting for you…

This will work like a charm instead (it’s like a pussy remote control)

Truth is, you are the one who is in control of your woman’s desire. That’s a bold statement. And that’s why it’s probably difficult for you to believe it.

But did you also know that women have “responsive” rather than “spontaneous” desires, and aren’t wired to be the ones initiating sex?

The good news is, there are specific actions you CAN take that will trigger your woman’s hidden sexuality.

In fact, there are shortcuts you can use that will hotwire her pleasure circuits and get her to want to do the hanky-panky with you.

This is one of those shortcuts that will quickly bring out her raging lust for you… 

does dirty talk really work paid for sections table of contents digital service amazon

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester





Language Of Lust Review

Language Of Lust Review Video

can i get a real review for realexgirlfriends erica fontes crack code nulled kurt module

The Language Of Desire Free Download

full version & desires magnet + victorian novel planetsuzy scam reddit money back guarantee

Language Of Desire Review

Use These Dirty Talk Phrases On Any Woman For The STEAMIEST Sex Ever?
Languages of desire review free pdf download ebook examples amazon real reviews member




I don’t like the term “dirty talk”.

Using erotic language around your loving partner shouldn’t be “dirty” or taboo.

It’s a healthy and effective tool to get you into a properly aroused and sexual mindset…

…plus to direct your sexual interaction without explicitly saying what you’ll do.

And that little unspoken bond and mystery can make the sex VERY exciting and intense.

To get you started, my friend and relationship guru Lawrence Lanoff has a special ebook on dirty talk for you.

It’s designed to help you use dirty talk…

…for unlocking a deeper, more lustful intimacy between you and your woman.

Sound good?

Just follow the link below.

DOWNLOAD: how to deliver sensual, erotic dirty talk that sends your woman WILD with LUST

It’s natural to find dirty talk awkward to begin with.

These aren’t normally words you’d use in polite conversation.

A lot of men get nervous, and just stammer and splutter it out…

…without any emotion or feeling behind what they’re saying.

Their woman has to truly believe that he craves to be inside her.

In short…

HOW you deliver your dirty talk can be just as important as what you actually say.

Fortunately, it’s possible for ANY man to develop what I call a “bedroom voice”…

…for delivering truly erotic lines with smouldering confidence.

Get comfortable using a deeper voice, speaking softly but with lustful, urgent intensity.

Practice with your partner beforehand if you want to.

That voice can make your dirty talk extremely sensual and irresistible to her.


Well, deeper voices can be more sexually exciting to women…

…as they subconsciously associate the men behind them as having strong, confident frames.

And when a strong, confident man (that’s YOU) tells his woman exactly what he wants to do to her…

…she’ll be sexually invigorated by the prospect, and desperate for you to start.

But nailing your “bedroom voice” is just the first step to becoming a dirty talk master.

Next, you can start using phrases that really tap into her deepest desires and fantasies.

And Lawrence Lanoff’s “Dirty Talk” ebook contains several powerful phrases that could whip your woman into a sexual frenzy

…along with clear instructions on how and when to use them for maximum arousal.

Simply click the link below to get yourself started…

Stimulate her deepest sexual desire with these dirty talk phrases


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Talk soon,



PS: Dirty talk Phrases That Trigger Her Sexual Addiction


What should you say to your lover to get her uncontrollably excited at the idea of making hot, passionate love to you?

If you’ve ever asked yourself this (rather tempting) question or tried out phrases of your own without luck…

…you’ll appreciate what renowned sex instructor Lawrence Lanoff has for you today.

She’s compiled a set of powerful dirty talk phrases that could send your woman into a sexual frenzy…

…leading to some VERY steamy, intimate nights.

You can download these erotic phrases at the link below:

The “lust language” to spark your woman’s deepest arousal for you


In high school, you probably had language classes – French, Spanish or whatever.

When you tried using new words for the first time, it didn’t feel natural at all.

I found I had to really focus on the meaning of what I was saying at first.

Otherwise, it just felt like words stuck together without meaning.

And it’s for this reason that, a few years down the line…

…so many men find dirty talk like a foreign language.

They’ll try out a few phrases they think sound erotic, but feel odd and unnatural…

…and they don’t exactly get the response from their woman that they’d hoped for.

However, it’s possible to quickly correct this with the right preparation.

In general, dirty talk becomes far more effective when you’re really in touch with what your partner finds arousing.

The men I know who’ve really nailed dirty talk don’t just spring a few random phrases on their woman.

Instead, they took the time beforehand to ask what truly excited her sexually.

They found out exactly the words she found most arousing.

This also meant it wasn’t surprising to her when the lines came out, and it sounded completely natural.

And they also didn’t follow the same pattern every time – but instead said what they felt about her in that specific moment

…ensuring that they delivered the lines with true erotic conviction.

Unsurprisingly, their women found this incredibly alluring.

And once you find out what your woman really wants to hear in the bedroom, you can introduce more advanced dirty talk phrases…

…that really tap into these desires and help you give her true sexual satisfaction.

If you’d like to try out Lawrence Lanoff’s sensual “sweet nothings” on your lover, just read on below…

Trigger lustful feelings in your woman with these “dirty talk” phrases

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Talk soon,




Language Of Desire Review

Language Of Desire Text Messages

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The Language of Lust Lawrence Lanoff Free PDF Download

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Felicity Keith Language Of Lust

Text The Romance Back Review

These Texts Reignite POWERFUL Lust, Romance & Desire In Women
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I’m sure you can recall the first time you met your woman in vivid detail.

The location, what she was wearing, what she said…

Why do these tiny details stand out so much?

Simple: the massive burst of attraction from realising just how amazing this woman is…

…causes our brain to record every aspect of this special moment.

But increasing numbers of men struggle to recapture this feeling as their relationships go on.

Over time, their partners just aren’t showing them the same lust and desire as before.

And those romantic sparks become less and less common.

But you know what? Things don’t have to remain this way.

Discover a powerful technique for renewing her passionate attraction for you in the link below.

You’ll feel like you’re meeting her for the first time over and over again.

These texts makes your woman look at you with unbridled desire again


People in long-term relationships can easily fall into patterns.

Once your partner has reciprocated your romantic desire and the relationship kicks off…

…the hard bit’s basically over.

No longer do you have try hard to spark her attraction – so you don’t.

And you begin to focus on real-life stuff like bills, kids and work instead.

I’ve spoken to countless couples who say it starts to feel more like a friendship than a romantic relationship.

What’s the difference between the two?

You might think it’s obvious:

In a romantic relationship, the couple are emotionally and sexually attracted to each other…

…and make the other person feel desirable themselves (I call this a “validation loop”).

And you’d be right – so it’s surprising that so many couples seem to forget it.

If a man treats his lover like a truly attractive being, as opposed to his platonic friend…

…it’s more likely she’ll become intensely attracted to the man who inspires those feelings in her.

Sometimes, just making your interactions more overtly sexual (i.e. touching and dirty talk)…

…or emotionally intimate (i.e. asking what her relationship needs are, and meeting them)…

…are enough to trigger that reaction from her.

But there’s a more advanced (yet extremely simple) way to respark those lustful feelings in her almost INSTANTLY.

To try it out yourself, simply follow the link below.

Text her this to renew her attraction and desire for you TONIGHT

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Talk soon,



PS: Do this to RAPIDLY reignite your woman’s sexual passion and desire

Whether you’ve been together for two weeks or 20 years…

…the passion and lust between you and your woman doesn’t have to decline with age.

No matter what distractions you’ve both got in your lives.

In fact, a simple arousal technique – which you could start using tonight – could activate her most primal sexual desire in an instant…

…culminating in her love and devotion for you boiling over into nights of incredible passion.

Follow this link to see how it could breathe fire back into your bedroom practically overnight…

Make your lover feel uncontrollable lust for you with these texts


For most men, it’s a fairly straightforward process to spark their desire.

Visual and sound cues – such as their wife wearing a certain dress, or speaking seductively…

…are often all it takes to instantly flick the desire switch in a man’s brain.

Women, however, have it very different.

Not only is female arousal much more gradual…

…but the rational part of a woman’s brain can affect her libido at any time.

It gradually gets used to all the triggers that spark her emotional need for sex or romance

…and comes up with all kinds of reasons as to why it wouldn’t be enjoyable.

She’s too tired after work, she’s got to do the taxes, stuff like that.

It’s not a case of convincing her that intimacy would be more exciting than all that stuff – she’s your loving partner, she knows that already.

But no matter how much she wants restore passion to your relationship…

…the rational part of her brain prevents her from immersing herself in the powerful emotions intimacy can bring.

At this point, you might think that the brain’s just too clever for things to improve.

But you’d be wrong.

Whilst human psychology is extremely powerful, it’s also extremely predictable.

Certain words and gestures can bypass the rational side of a woman’s brain completely – so subtly that it doesn’t even notice…

…and stimulate the arousal centre, allowing her desire and lust to rapidly increase.

And once you know what these words and gestures are, you can use them at specific moments…

…to unleash a sexual longing and desire for you that she hasn’t experienced for years – but that you’ll both enjoy immensely.

To discover what these subtle triggers are, and how to use them, read on here…

Use these “Texts” to activate your woman’s desire for intimacy



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Talk soon,





Text The Romance Back Review

Text The Romance Back 2.0 Reviews


Michael Fiore Example Text Messages


Text Your Ex Back Review

Have Your Ex-Girlfriend Chasing YOU
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I get asked a boatload. 

By guys – and girls.  

Wanna know what the most popular question is? 



“How Do I Get My Ex Back?” 

It’s the most popular. It’s also the toughest to answer.  


Lemme share a story with you. 

There was an old chess master. And one day, a young student come to him and asked for help with his chess game. 

The grandmaster was a kind and generous man, so he agreed. The student then walked the teacher over to a chessboard that had pieces all over it. 

The match had already started! 

The old master frowned and said: 

“It looks like I’m gonna have a bit of trouble helping you out since you already went ahead and made some bad moves.” 

But the old man helped the young student get out of a bind and win the match. 

A few days later, the student asked the master to help him again. The teacher smiled and agreed. Once again, the student walked them over to a board that was active. 

But this match was even further along than the first. It was almost near the end. 

This time the master refused to help. He said that even he couldn’t help avoid checkmate. 

Too many mistakes had been made up to that point. 

And the mistakes were fatal

What does all this have to do with getting your ex back? 


If you’re a clean slate, I can help you. 

That’s my life’s work – the opening game. 

But when you’ve already been playing against one girl for a while…  

you’ve made a bunch of mistakes and she’s about to take your king. 

I’m good, yet I ain’t no miracle worker. 

But like the old chess master, I’m a kind and generous soul, so I’ll try to help you out…

“Have Your Ex Chasing YOU.”

Let’s go. 

Oh! Wait! Before I forget, lemme tell you about the best course in the world on getting your ex back…

It’s called “Text Your Ex Back 2.0“ and it was created by my friend Michael Fiore. 

I can give you the principles of getting your ex back but the tactics and “how-to” applications come from Michael

I only mention Text Your Ex–Back because so many people have used it to save their relationships from the brink. 

Click This Link And Get A Sneak Preview Of The Course

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Anyways… Before I tell you how to get your ex to come running back, I have an important question: 

Are you the dumper or the dumpee? 

This matters in the beginning. But only in the beginning. 

Here’s what I mean: If you dumped her, you have to get in touch with her. 

But if you got dumped, then you have to wait for her to contact you. 


If you violate this rule, you have ZERO CHANCE of getting your ex back. 

All right, here are three golden rules for saving a relationship. 

They also apply in the pickup, business, etc., so pay extra attention. 

1. The Rule Of Space

Once you’ve separated, put some distance, space, and time between you. 

Careful: too much and she’ll forget you and move on with her life with somebody else. Too little and you won’t “give her the gift of missing you”. 

Rock it like Goldilocks and find that balance. 

She hates you right now so you need to get away. Make her forget the current you so she can fall in love again with the man she first met. 

2. The Rule Of Scarcity

Two words: “limited edition”. 

How do they change how you feel about something? 

      • Does it seem more valuable now?
      • Do you want it more? 

If something is freely available, we don’t value it as much. 

So to make yourself more valuable in your ex’s eyes. Limit access to yourself. Make yourself scarce. If your she calls you and wants to “shoot the shit”, don’t let her. 

Say: “I’m crazy busy now. Let me know if you want to meet up for a drink later this week” 

With that one sentence you’ve implanted two assumptions: 

#1: You’re a busy guy. You have a life, you have goals, and you have people to see. 

#2: You’re letting her know that if she wants to meet in person, you’re up for it. But if she just wants to chat or message, you’ve got other stuff to do. 

I hate to break it to you… 

Sex won’t happen over the phone or Facetime. 

In fact, many women use technology to “dangle ” the prospect of sex in front of men. 

She’ll send you pics of her wearing a bikini. She’ll send you a video of her shaking her ass. She’ll call you up saying she’s wet. 

Don’t fall for this crap. The only things that matter are: 

    1. Meeting in person
    2. Getting physical 

She’s trying to tempt you while keeping you at a safe distance. 

But the only thing that matters is your dick in her pussy. 

Moving on.

3. The Rule Of Negotiation

All human relationships are negotiations. And in any negotiation, the person who cares less wins. 

That’s it.  

How can you use this to get your ex back? 

Tell her what you want, set your limits, and walk away. 

If she accepts, great. If she doesn’t, great. 

You care less. You win either way. 

Make it absolutely clear that you DON’T WANT TO BE JUST FRIENDS. Make it clear that you won’t be her phone buddy or emotional tampon. 

And she can accept it or not. 

Okay, those are my three guiding principles:

      1. The Rule Of Space
      2. The Rule Of Scarcity
      3. The Rule Of Negotiation 

Violate them at your peril. 

Here’s a little bonus tip: 

one word response template pdf does it work worksheets i cannot see audio book 500 questionsJust like in chess, getting your ex back is more about avoiding catastrophic mistakes than making “winning moves.”



Here are some examples; 

      • Don’t talk about “getting back together”. Never talk about relationships or exclusivity. 
      • Don’t tell her anything about what’s going on in your life. Let her find out for herself. 
      • Don’t share your feelings with her. Don’t create an emotional bond. 

If she wants that, she has to give you intimacy. 

Guys make these mistakes all the time. And digital communication has made the problem worse. 

Technology is a powerful tool, but like any tool, it can be used or misused. 

For me, technology has ruined more relationships than it has created. Back before Facebook and mobile phones, people broke cleanly from relationships. 

They never saw their ex again. They had no idea what their ex was up to.   

Trust me, that’s a good thing. 

These days, chumps with zero game have mobile phones in their hands. 

It’s a disaster. 

But If you use technology right… it’s the most powerful thing in the world. 

You can use your mobile phone to get your ex back. 

No, that doesn’t mean calling her up at 3 am crying and telling her how much you love her, miss her, and want her back. 

I can give you a few tips on how to text your ex – back into your life,  but I’m not the expert here…

Michael Fiore is. 

He’s created the only course you’ll ever need on communication with your ex for the goal of getting her back. It’s called “Text Your Ex – Back”. 

It’s an A to Z on what to say to rekindle a relationship. 

Just send a few tested and scripted texts, at the right time… watch her interest slowly grow… and then wait for her to crawl back. 

The difference is that it will be HER idea to get back to get her. She’ll want to. It won’t be you convincing her to come back. 

It’s worked for hundreds (maybe even thousands) of guys, and girls. 

And it’s not just for texting. You can use the secrets in “Texting Your Ex Back” to massage her on Facebook,  Instagram, email, etc. 

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I hope you apply it and have wild, animalistic, breathless make-up sex. 

Your friend…

Taylor Snow


Do These 2 Things to Stay Out of the Dreaded “Friends” Zone


Being friend-zoned feels shitty – especially if it’s YOU being friend-zoned. By the girl you can’t stop thinking about.

You want to taste her pussy but she only sees you as a mate, or worse yet – a brother.

Bad combo. 

The good news is that you CAN change this – so listen carefully…

Are you listening?


Do these TWO things:

1) Prove to her that you’re different from most men
2) Prove to her that you’re are a good catch

Let us start by proving to her that you are really not like most guys

First, ask yourself this:

* What Are Most Men Doing to Attract Her?

Think of anyone that is superior in their field and you’ll soon realize that they share a common trait: They do things differently than 99% of other people.

This is especially very true in the dating world. 

The more attractive a woman is, the more men she has competing for her attention.

And can you guess what most of these men are doing?

They’re going out of their way to try and impress her and please her by becoming the kind of man that she expects them to become. 

They’re making themselves available to her all the time and going completely over the top to win her attention.

Seems like a pretty good strategy, right?


Imagine that you had a dozen people competing for your attention who were all doing nice things for you. How do you give your attention to all these people?

The answer is you can’t.

The novelty would wear off soon enough and you’d get bored. And guess what? Women get bored too.

So as a defense, women have mastered the art of keeping their would-be suitors at an arms distance: relegating them to the friend’s zone. 

Meanwhile, the man who comes along and doesn’t shower her with attention but who seems slightly disinterested, a little mysterious, and who is a little bit of a bad boy has her wrapped around his finger (and cock)


Because he gives her a sense of excitement, variety, and adventure. He also shows her that he has the confidence and strength to maintain his identity while these other guys are busy wrapping themselves around her finger.

* How Can You Stand Out?

Before going out on another date, make sure you first make a detailed list of all the ways that you usually go over the top to attract any woman want. If these aren’t things that are a part of your life or are out of character for you – then don’t fucking do it!

If it’s simply for the sake of impressing a woman, she’s probably smart enough to know that. She ain’t stupid.

Until you’re honest with yourself about these things, 
you’ll never display a genuine character, which will 
attract quality women. But once you do, you’ve taken the first step to her that you are a good catch.

We’ll cover the next two steps in the next two emails.

Just before I go, if the romance has “died” in your 
relationship, you need to hear what this Michael Fiore guy has to say now.

==> Ignite romance and get your ex back today

See, Michael’s created a program called “Text Your Ex Back 2.0” that shows you how to use tiny little text messages sent from your cell phone to turn even the biggest “romantic numbskull” into an absolute “Prince Charming.”

And to convert even the busiest “Ice Queen” into your very own romantic kitten…

Check It Out Now

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Seize The Day,

Taylor Snow




Text Your Ex Back Review

Text Your Ex Back Review

how to text your ex-back the art of using text messages to get your ex back with 53 examples

Text Your Ex Back PDF

5G Male Plus Review

All-Natural Solution For Thicker,
FIRMER Hard-ons (No Drugs)
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If you could CHOOSE to staying bulging hard for an entire evening – and into the night…

…your lover would be uncontrollably excited about the night of passion about to unfold.

I’ve got good news:

Men can turn this fantasy into reality practically overnight, you’ll be pleased to hear.

All without the safety risks of the ED drugs on your doctor’s shelf.

Drug companies would rather you didn’t follow the link below…

The drug-free method to get PULSATINGLY hard on command

It’s fair to say that drug companies were rather pleased with themselves when the blue pill first arrived.

They boasted that they could help practically all men eradicate their er*ctile problems.

Science has advanced a lot since then, however.

And it seems these drugs aren’t the “ED miracle cure” they were believed to be.

Michael Castleman, sexual expert for Psychology Today, shows how drug manufacturers have exaggerated their effectiveness.

They regularly claim that over 70% of men can get harder by taking these drugs.

But according to Castleman’s “review of 14 case studies which involved 18,337 men show success rates closer to 50 percent range”.

You read that right… it’s definitely not guaranteed that they’ll work.

It’s barely even a coin toss.

Hey, you might get lucky and see results from these drugs.

But wouldn’t a solution that doesn’t rely on luck be better?

In most cases, these drugs simply compensate for the problem.

The guy can temporarily get harder more easily – but the effects eventually wear off.

And the guy will be right back where he began.


To properly address ED, the underlying health cause needs to be addressed.

Band-aid solutions won’t cut it if the goal is genuinely long-lasting improvements.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what the method I’ve got for you today does – for anyone who uses it.

It goes straight to the source of many common ED causes…

…meaning you could produce incredibly thick hard-ons, on command, without those ineffective drugs.

Want to try it yourself? Here’s the link to get started:

Achieve long-lasting improvements to your hard-ons to doing THIS

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Talk soon,



5 Natural Foods That Made This 70-Year-Old A Leading Adult Star


 This Vietnam veteran found a set of rare foods and compounds whilst serving…

…that gave him massively thicker er*ctions and greater stamina.

So much thicker and greater, in fact, that these foods have made him one of the world’s leading – and oldest! – adult stars.

He now uses his enhanced hard-ons to pleasure his sexy co-stars for scene after sweaty, screaming scene.

Most remarkably of all, he’s over 70 years old!

And Dave’s discovery could transform YOUR hard-on quality too – without needing to touch an ED drug.

Find out how in the link below…

World’s oldest adult star reveals his natural secret for raging hard-ons…

Dave got these compounds from a range of natural plants.

From the common (ginger) to the more unusual (Korean Ginseng) they all have a big impact on male sexual performance.

They’ve been shown to increase penile blood flowrelax artery walls to improve circulation, make the member more sensitive to stimulation

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…and much more.

Each one has this impact individually.

And combined, they could have an even stronger positive effect on your hard-ons.

In science, there’s a time-proven principle called the “synergistic effect”.

The individual effects of substances are multiplied when they’re put together.

This is exactly what happens with the foods Dave discovered.

He was unleashing the full effects of these foods by eating them together – in very specific quantities.

These days, Dave is enjoying the firmest hard-ons of his life.

Which, as he’s proud to share, he’s never needed drugs or surgery to achieve.

His hot female co-stars certainly enjoy the hip-shaking, screaming pleasure he’s able to give them.

For scene after sweaty scene.

And now other men can get their hands on Dave’s secret recipe.

By eating these rare foods, men of all ages can start producing firmer, longer-lasting hard-ons practically overnight.

Find out what these foods are and where to find them here:

5 natural Vietnamese foods for pulsating, thick hard-ons

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Talk soon,



Floods Your “Man Pipe” To Tockiness?


This got me thinking.

One time I was napping on the beach, the sun orange on my eyelids.

Suddenly, something moved beside me…

It was a lady on her knees, grumbling why her waterbed was not filling up. So I stood up and told her I’d help her because she needed to spread it out more…

So we did, and we sprawled it open as WIDE as we can.

Soon enough the water came gushing in, filling all corners of the waterbed. And it was even bigger than I thought. She thanked me and I went back to my nap.

Now, like I said, this got me thinking.

What if there’s a way men can OPEN something “down there” and let more blood flow in to achieve a fully engorged hard-on?

Like an urgent “command” to open the floodgates of a dam…

Imagine opening up a “valve” to release that hot pumping blood pulsing through your shaft…

One that gives you firm and powerful boners to zoom in and out of your woman’s wet, heavenly lips for hours…

As men, we all love that feeling.

So I did my research and I want to share this valuable resource with you:

Blood flow trick that “commands” rockiness to your member

Now, you might know already that every “stiffy” comes from the brain…

Every time we see, feel, smell, hear, or think, our nerves send chemical messages to the blood vessels in our manhood.

But here’s probably one thing you don’t realize…

That throbbing blood surging in to build our poles UP?

That will NOT happen if we don’t RELAX our arteries down there.

You see, much like that waterbed, these specific veins need to “loosen up” and spread WIDE open to allow the right flow and shut it tight to secure the hardness.

And I’m not talking about pumps or surgeries.

I’m talking about a natural, effortless way to achieve that “diamond cutter” hardness…

…without leaving you numb, bruised, or even with bluish-colored skin, and that nasty feeling of trapped jizz…

So here you go:

Get the “natural boner” prep material here…

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Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester



70-Year-Old’s Natural Secret For Powerful Hard-Ons


This is quite the story…

American soldier Dave stumbled on this bizarre secret whilst serving out in Vietnam.

Years later, it helped him become the world’s oldest adult film star.

He discovered some rare natural compounds that had a dramatic impact on his er*ctile quality and sexual stamina.

And now, past his 70th birthday, he makes his gorgeous co-stars cry out in passion – for several scenes a day.

Want to see how Dave’s discovery could transform your hard-ons too? Just follow the link…

Eat these natural foods for raging hard-ons and relentless stamina

By themselves, each of the compounds Dave discovered – from the well-known ginger, to the more obscure Korean Ginseng – can have a big impact.

They’ve been shown to:

      •  Help increase penile blood flow
      •  Relax the smooth muscle tissue and artery walls
      •  Make the member more sensitive to stimulation

All very nice.

But that’s only scratching the surface of the impact they could have.

The precise quantities Dave consumed these foods in activated a very rare biological process.

According to scientists, these specific foods have a “synergistic effect” on each other.

Basically, the individual effects are multiplied when they’re consumed together.

Without realising it, Dave was eating these rare foods in just the right quantities to fully unleash their potential.

By working together, their effects were enhanced – and now Dave is enjoying the best hard-ons of his life.

Staying hard for hour after sweaty, screaming hour with his co-stars is a piece of cake.

And good news – other men can now get their hands on Dave’s special “hard-on” cocktail…

Consuming it could instantly get them producing firmer, longer-lasting hard-ons that they (and their partner) will LOVE – practically overnight.

Totally without drugs and surgery, too – which Dave is proud to say he’s never needed.

Discover what these special foods are – and where to find them – by reading on below:

Vietnamese diet secret for raging hard-ons

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Talk soon,



Adult Stars Have Been Eating THIS For Hard-Ons That Last HOURS


Men as old as 70 – some even older! – have been maintaining hard-ons for HOURS thanks to this 5-part formula.

No blue pill or other ED drugs are in sight… it’s a completely natural, drug-free solution.

It doesn’t matter what your age is: you can use this to increase your hard-on quality, sexual stamina and your woman’s pleasure “between the sheets”.

Here it is:

How men are getting rock-solid at 70 years old (5-part formula)

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Slightly personal question coming up:

Have you noticed the rise in “old man” adult films recently?

In these films, a beautiful young actress gets frisky with a man old enough to be her grandpa.

Whether that’s your thing or not, these films are proving popular – and leading to an important realization:

Adult film acting isn’t just a “young man’s game” anymore.

There’s never been so many successful adult actors in their 50s, 60s and 70s.

And, despite what you might think, they DON’T rely on expensive prescription drugs to match (and often outperform!) their younger contemporaries.

One of the busiest “old man” performers right now is a guy called Dave Cummings.

Dave is about 70 years old (yes, really).

And it’s safe to say he’s shattering stereotypes.

Despite his advanced age, Dave has more sex every week than most 20-year-olds get in six months.

He’s pleasuring his beautiful co-stars (usually several decades younger than him!)…

…all through sweaty, exhausting scenes that regularly take entire DAYS to film.


I certainly was when I first read Dave’s story.

By his own admission, he doesn’t meet many of the criteria most men think are crucial for incredible bedroom performance.

He’s not particularly fit – he packed on a few pounds after finishing his service.

It certainly isn’t his genetics:

Dave admits he couldn’t produce the granite-like hard-ons his job demands in his youth.

In fact, his performance was pretty mediocre all-round…

…until he stumbled on a remarkable secret in the jungles of Vietnam.

A little-known cocktail of vital nutrients, made from completely natural ingredients that Dave discovered…

…helped him deliver levels of sexual performance he never thought he was capable of.

He still uses it today, crediting it for his ability to produce thick, pleasurable hard-ons and keep going for scene after scene – even at the age of 70.

And now he’s decided to share his secret, so both young AND old men can perform like adult stars…

…without needing to turn to drugs, whatever their fitness or genetics.

The following video explains everything:

How this 70-year-old became a prolific adult star (without drugs!)

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5G Male Plus Review


5G Male Plus Review

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5G Male Plus Ingredients

5G Male Plus Price

5G Male Plus Reviews


5-G Male Performance Enhancer FAQ

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Jalkoy Review

Get And Stay ROCK-HARD With
This All-Natural “Secret Weapon”
What's in stillbloom extracts Reviews ingredients 2.0 pills does it work vs 5g male plus


These 4 natural herbs have been proven to tackle the root causes behind ED immediately…

…and give the men who eat them pulsating, powerful hard-ons.

Discover how these rare Jalkoy herbs work – and where to find them – by following this link:

Eat these 4 herbs to get throbbing hard-ons (no drugs required)

Don’t think this is some temporary solution that wears off almost immediately.

These herbs give you LASTING improvements in your hard-on quality.

It’s one of my biggest frustrations with traditional ED drugs:

Stuff like the blue pill CAN help you get harder… but probably a few times at most.

Once the effects wear off, you’ll end up right back where you begun.

They compensate for whatever’s causing your ED rather than tackling the underlying problem.

But research has shown these 4 rare herbs immediately start addressing that fundamental cause.

They go straight for the chemical imbalances that lead to many ED-related issues…

…and supply your body with vital nutrients that rapidly correct that imbalance.

Here’s the upshot:

You’re effectively training your body to naturally produce incredible hard-ons.

Whenever you want.

Without the need for chemical assistance.

And they could be thicker and longer-lasting hard-ons than you ever thought possible.

So what are you waiting for?

Discover how to get hold of these hard-on boosting herbs in the link below…

The all-natural “hard-on enhancer” that gives you LASTING results

5g male plus vs stillbloom extracts Reviews ingredients 2.0 pills does it work

Seize the day,

Jack Grave


GET and STAY throbbing hard by eating these 4 natural herbs


These 4 little-known plant extracts have been proven to give men thicker hard-ons, huge loads, incredible stamina…

…allowing them to give their partners total sexual satisfaction – and passionate nights they’ll never forget.

Regardless of age or genetics.

Check out how they get your hard-ons throbbing in the link below:

EAT these 4 herbs for insanely thick hard-ons

Getting hard is, at its core, a simple 3-step process.

      • Some external stimulus triggers your arousal. (I’ll let you fill in the gaps here…)
      • Your brain releases certain hormones into the bloodstream, telling your member to get hard.
      • The member retains the extra blood it’s just received.

Congratulations – you’ve now got an er*ction!

Well, most of the time.

In the real world, this process can – and does – go wrong.

Contrary to what science assumed for decades, the second step is usually where the problems originate.

It may be that a “hard-on hormone” deficit is causing your hard-ons to fail.

What’s the solution, then?

Many experts suggest injecting quantities of these hormones directly into the bloodstream.

Now, there’s nothing stopping you trying this yourself.

But personally I wouldn’t recommend it.

That’s because hormone therapy has been linked to a number of worrying side effects, including increased heart-attack risk.

Not very nice.

I don’t want to put people’s health at risk simply in the pursuit of thicker b*ners.

Instead, I’ve found a much safer (and even more effective) NATURAL solution for restoring your hormonal balance.

It’s a set of 4 rare herbs, which have been scientifically proven to increase the body’s production of “hard-on hormone”.

What I like most about them is that they give men the CONTROL to release this hormone when THEY choose – i.e. as soon as they start feeling “frisky”.

Regardless of their age, health and previous sexual experience.

So say goodbye to that “limp noodle”.

These rare plant extracts are a powerful, drug-free ticket to getting and staying rock-hard on command.

And trust me… your woman won’t be able to contain her screams of pure orgasmic joy.

Find out what these herbs are in the link below…

4 rare plant extracts for producing ASTONISHINGLY thick hard-ons

What's stillbloom extracts vs 5g male plus Review 2.0 pills does ingredients work

Seize the day,

Jake Grave


4 natural foods to get your hard-ons THROBBING (without drugs)


If you thought expensive drugs and “miracle cures” were the only way to produce thicker hard-ons, then think again.

There’s a set of 4 foods which have been shown to stimulate the production of various vital hormones…

…and help the men who eat them achieve rock-solid hard-ons.

See where to get your hands on them by following this link…

What you can EAT to get and stay hard on command


Look – traditional ED drugs like the blue pill CAN help you get harder.

But instead of addressing the underlying causes of ED, these drugs only compensate for them.

After a few hard-ons at most, the effects will start to wear off pretty quickly.

And you’ll be right back where you started.

These 4 foods, by contrast, DO address the fundamental causes.

They go straight for the chemical imbalances behind ED-related conditions…

…by giving your body vital nutrients that correct them.

Let’s be clear:

This is a solution with LASTING improvements.

You’re effectively training your body to naturally produce incredible hard-ons.

Whenever you want.

And they could be thicker and longer-lasting hard-ons than you ever thought possible.

Plus I reckon your partner will be just as excited about what you’re “packing”…

…and even more so during the sex itself.

So what are you waiting for.

Discover how to get hold of these hard-on boosting foods in the link below…

Restore rigid, long-lasting hard-ons with these 4 “superfoods”

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Seize the day,

Jack Grave



Eat these 4 foods for firm, RAGING hard-ons (no drugs required)


Follow the link below to discover the plant extracts and superfoods men are now eating for thicker, stronger hard-ons, incredible stamina and better sex all-around…

The natural foods that give you rock solid hard-ons – without drugs


Drugs like the blue pill can provide a temporary fix for poor performance in bed.

BUT – they only cure the symptoms, not the root causes.

So if you want a long-lasting solution for beating ED, getting firmer hard-ons or lasting longer…

…you’re better off trying something else to send your woman wild in the sheets.

Recent scientific research suggests changing your diet is a far more effective way to get the nutrients that have the biggest positive impact on your sexual performance.

For instance, here’s one food you can try:

Maca – this is a type of root that’s mostly found on plants in the Andes rainforest.

It’s been shown by scientists to increase libido, erectile function, endurance, fertility…

Quite a decent little aphrodisiac there.

But it’s not the only natural plant extract or special food that improves your sex life.

Maca is just 1 of 4 superfoods that an increasing number of men are finding helps them reclaim their ability to get rock hard and pleasure their woman like never done before…

…without any dangerous or expensive prescription drugs.

To find out more about Maca, and what these other 3 superfoods are, follow the link below:

4 foods for firmer hard-ons and insane stamina (without the drugs)

Seize the Day,

Jack Grave

PS – You’ll be shocked at how much firmer and bigger your hard-ons become with these foods… and they take effect more quickly than you might think.

Take advantage of this new natural solution by clicking this link HERE

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Jalkoy Review

Stillbloom Extracts Jalkoy Reviews

3 Step Stamina Review

Male Porn Star Reveals 3 Killer Tips For Sexual Stamina (And Rock Solid Hard-Ons)
3 step sexual stamina program reviews free pdf download sales page torrent eBook scam


You don’t need drugs or surgery to give your woman the mind-blowing orgasms only pornstars are usually capable of.

Because one of those pornstars – Aaron Wilcoxxx – has decided to reveal his 3 Step Stamina secret tips for ensuring throbbing, powerful erections and INCREDIBLE stamina to send your woman wild in bed.

Take a look at them in the link below…

Aaron Wilcoxxx’s 3 steps to raging hard-ons and amazing stamina in bed

You might think adult film stars are just born lucky.

That their genetics are what makes them capable of giving the world’s hottest adult film stars incredible pleasure over and over again.

But here’s my big takeaway for you today:

They aren’t lucky.

They just know exactly what to work on to take their sexual performance to the next level.

If you know what steps to take – then you too can learn how to do this.

Aaron Wilcoxxx didn’t get to star in 200 films with some of the biggest adult studios in the world just through luck.

He developed a very specific method that helped him get hard on command – and even choose when to orgasm… to give his women the most intense sexual pleasure again and again.

And now Aaron’s decided to share his method with you – which ANY man can use.

He’s developed 3 easy steps that give you an edge in bed and give your woman the kind of body-shaking orgasms she’s always dreamed of.

No expensive drugs or gimmicks needed.

Follow the link below to find out what these steps are…

The 3-step drug-free secret to an amazing sex life

Seize the day,

Jack Grave

PS – It’s rare that such an experienced adult star, with a reputation as one of the best in the business, gives up these kinds of secrets to incredible sexual performance.

To make the most of this opportunity AND click this link HERE.

3step sexual stamina free pdf download program reviews sales page torrent eBook scam

How to EAT like a porn star for firmer hard-ons and lasting hours longer


As a star of over 200 adult films, Aaron Wilcoxxx has his own special secrets that help him get and stay hard on command…

…and have his gorgeous female co-stars shrieking with pleasure for hours on end.

And now he’s revealed some of the food he eats to boost his performance – which can help almost any man perform as amazingly as he can.

Click the link below to find out what top adult stars are eating…

Aaron Wilcoxxx’s 3 steps for boosting stamina and raging hard-ons


It doesn’t matter if you’re ashamed at the limpness of your hard-ons.

It’s not important if PE has left you completely unable to control your orgasms.

My lesson today is simple – you can improve.

Making a few changes to your diet is one of the easiest ways any man can boost their sexual performance.

They’re not dramatic or expensive changes.

By adding just a few extra nutrients and enzymes to your existing diet…

…the firmness, thickness and duration of your hard-ons has been scientifically proven to increase…

…regardless of your previous sexual history.

So if you want the secret to performing like a porn star, and having your woman crave your huge, throbbing hard-ons night after night as her body shakes from orgasm

…changing your diet a bit seems like a fair trade-off for getting that crucial edge in bed.

Want to learn more?

To find out exactly what top adult stars like Aaron Wilcoxxx eat to send their stamina through the roof…

…just follow the link below.

The porn star diet hack to getting hard on command (and how YOU can do the same!)

Improve sexual stamina in 3 steps program review free pdf download sales page eBook scam

Seize The Day,

Jack Grave


CHOOSE when to get hard with this “porn-star-approved” stamina method (VIDEO)


How great would it feel to get rock hard when YOU decided?

Good news – it doesn’t need dangerous prescription drugs like the blue pill.

It doesn’t need trips to the doctor.

And it CERTAINLY doesn’t matter what your age or physical condition is.

Just watch this video, from adult star Aaron Wilcoxxx, to discover his secret for getting and staying rock-solid for hour after hour…

…and how just 3 simple steps could help you get and stay unbelievably hard and firm.

For as long as you like.

Watch Aaron’s video here:

Copy this simple 3-step method to get RAGING hard on command


Remember this:

Your body doesn’t forget how to maintain raging erections for long periods.

The processes behind getting hard can be NATURALLY kicked back to life, whether you’re entering your 20s or well into your 60s or 70s.

No weird drugs, pumps or rings required.

Even if you’ve struggled with ED all your life

…this 100% natural method can transform your stamina and give you RAGING hard-ons.

Not to mention help give your woman incredible nights of body-shaking passion she’ll never forget.

Only top adult stars were taking advantage of this sexual performance-transforming secret.

That is, until Aaron Wilcoxxx (star of 200+ adult movies) decided to leak it to the masses.

His 3-step secret could help you gain complete control over your orgasms and give your woman the deepest orgasmic pleasure she’s ever experienced.

So what are these 3 steps?

Watch Aaron’s video presentation below to find out…

Follow these 3 steps to gain “porn star stamina” and beat ED

Last Longer In Bed Sexually In 3 steps program eBook review free pdf download sales page

Seize the day,

Jack Grave


Adult star reveals his 3 steps for PULSATING hard-ons in new video


Giving your woman an “adult-star level performance” in bed is WAY easier than you think.

Take it from adult star veteran Aaron Wilcoxxx.

He’s released a groundbreaking video, where he outlines his personal 3-step method for lasting HOURS in bed.

(No drugs or surgery in sight.)

And yes, ANY man can copy Aaron’s method to achieve this kind of sexual stamina and drive their woman WILD.

Give his video a watch here…

Aaron Wilcoxxx’s personal method for rock-solid hard-ons and HOURS of stamina


Are adult stars like Aaron just born lucky?

Lots of men seem to think so.

They believe that adults stars simply won the genetic lottery…

…which is what helps them give the world’s most gorgeous adult stars screaming orgasms, over and over again.

However – it’s NOT just about luck.

Any man can set themselves apart from the rest and learn how to perform on Aaron’s level.

That’s the key word here: “learn”.

See, men like Aaron have a deep understanding of how their body works…

…and how to trigger all those special biological processes that ensure a top-tier sexual performance.

These biological triggers are inside EVERY man.

Once YOU know how to activate them, staying rock-solid for as long as an adult star won’t just be possible…

…it’ll feel easy.

Something you can do without even thinking.

And with the 3 easy steps Aaron’s decided to share with you, you’ll always have that extra edge in the bedroom.

There’s no expensive drugs, pumps or weird surgery here.

This is a NATURAL, step-by-step method that can help you get hard on command – and CHOOSE when to orgasm, giving your woman unforgettable sexual pleasure.

To find out what Aaron’s steps are, follow the link below to watch his video:

3 “adult-star approved” steps to boost your sexual stamina

3 step Stamina Review Rock Hard Erections And Last Longer In Bed Sexually

Seize the day,

Jack Grave


[FREE VIDEO] Simple Technique For Crushing Performance Anxiety And Producing Thick, Firm Hard-Ons


My friend Jack Grave has just finished his free report for helping men address the performance anxiety that’s been holding them back in the bedroom.

He’s written about a simple technique that allows you get hard right at just the right moment…

…by calming your body down and allowing your erectile function to work perfectly.

Just follow the link below to take a look at how this technique works…

WATCH your free “The X Method” Video here


To repeat:

This video report explains a simple technique that’s proven incredibly effective in helping men overcome performance anxiety.

I know, it’s not the most exciting topic on paper.

But you’d be surprised at just how many people forget about the basics.

We’re so obsessed with looking for the advanced stuff to give us that extra sexual edge.

However, if you really want them to work for you – you need good fundamentals in place first.

Anyone can take control of them, regardless of their skill level.

And the benefits are far greater than you might expect.

It gets your nervous system firing just the right signals to your brain…

…that make sure your blood can flow exactly where it need to be.

And just like that, raging hard-ons and improved sexual stamina become a piece of cake.

Right, I’m sure you’re keen to get started.

So let’s wrap up:

To get hold of this report and start using the technique that could crush your performance anxiety and make you an incredible bedroom performer, just follow the link below…

WATCH the “X Method” Video report here


Erectile Dysfunction Cure And Premature Ejaculation Treatment review


Seize The Day,

Jack Grave



















3 Step Stamina Review Video


3 Step Stamina Review

Stealth Attraction Review

How To Activate A Woman’s Attraction For You
With These Secret Stealth Attraction Words
Stealth Attraction Review what is the richard la ruina secret steps techniques puatraining


Special words that spark romantic and sexual interest from women pretty much on command.

A teenage boy’s fantasy, isn’t it?

Fortunately for you, these words are real – and they’re highly effective.

Using them correctly can increase the likelihood that beautiful women want to date you… maybe even sleep with you.


Well, head to the link below to find out exactly what these words are – and how to use them…

Activate a woman’s attraction for you with these specific stealth attraction secret words

Warning: Contains adult content

It’s been debated on more TV shows than I can count:

Is it okay for men to learn specific techniques that give them the power to attract more women?

Well, many writers and TV hosts seem to think “no”.

They argue that these kinds of techniques are often used to manipulate women.

As a result, many dating coaches and gurus get a pretty bad press.

However, I’m not sure this is fair.

I personally think it’s absolutely a good idea to teach men the methods that improve their results with women.

The techniques themselves aren’t inherently negative – the problem lies with the men using them.


Stealth Attraction Trigger Words PDF List disc 1 Secret Program Free 33 Techniques ReviewIt’s true that some men use dating advice to build dehumanizing, unhealthy relationships with women and treat them badly.

They’re a stain on the community and it’s never acceptable.

But again, I don’t think the techniques are to blame.

The vast majority of dating coaches I’ve worked with have healthy motivations.

They’re only trying to help men become the best versions of themselves.

And what’s a common by-product of this new attitude? More romance and sex.

I’ve actually found that as men develop the dating skills they’ve been lacking…

…they treat women with more respect and dignity.

Even if they were completely hopeless to begin with.

By developing these simple “attraction skills”, they’ve suddenly got MANY more dating options open to them.

They don’t feel the desperation that drives so many of those malicious behaviors…

…since a single rejection won’t hurt them anymore.

They know they’ve got the power to attract and date a woman who meets their standards, so the stakes aren’t so high.

And – crucially – this actually makes attracting women FUN.

For both the man and woman.

I honestly believe this stuff can transform a man’s self-esteem and help him live a better, more enjoyable life.


Rant over. Time for some specifics.

For a set of words that can instantly spark attraction in women, just click below…

Make women CRAVE you with these exact stealth attraction words list

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Talk soon,



Spark instant attraction in gorgeous women with these EXACT Stealth Attraction Words List


It’s surprising just how many men convince themselves not to approach beautiful women.

“I’ll bother her.” “The moment’s just not right”.

In fact – the reverse is often true.

Most women would LOVE you to walk up confidently and deliver a seductive, charming approach that triggers her deepest attraction for you.

And there’s a few specific words and phrases that ANY man can use to provoke that exact response.

Find out which words (and when to use them) in the link below.

Stealth Attraction Program : Secret Trigger Words That Get Beautiful Women CRAVING You

Remember, women ENJOY feeling attracted.

Everyone does.

There’s nothing that pretty woman wants more than you to be most charming guy she’s ever met.

Or simply make her day with flirtatious banter.

Unfortunately, there’s a good reason this doesn’t happen more often.

Whilst it’s good to listen to your impulse and approach women…

…I’d recommend doing a little groundwork first.

WAY too many men charge in without knowing what they’ll say.

PUA Stealth Attraction Review secrets revealed sao 7 27 richard la ruina secret stepsThis leaves them more nervous, causing them to stumble over their words… leading to some very awkward conversation.

But even the slightest preparation helps the flirting flow far more effortlessly and naturally.

Now, this doesn’t mean scripting out an ENTIRE conversation that you’d never remember.

Just start with a pre-prepared opening line, deliver it as smoothly as you can, and go with the flow from there.

Have a few (no more than 3) in-conversation lines to fall back on if you get stuck.

And that’s it.

Not only does this make the approach itself a lot less daunting, since you know exactly how you’re going to start…

…it removes the “mental pressure fog” of pressure in the conversation itself.

This helps you follow the flow more easily.

You can give appropriate responses to exactly what she’s just said…

…showing her that you’ve listened and have some level of interest in her as a person (beyond just her looks).

Women find it extremely attractive when a man engages with her on this deeper level.

There’s a good chance she’ll now want to get to know you – perhaps in a more sexual way…

And that’s only scratching the surface.

For a set of specific, attraction-triggering words that you can casually slip into conversations…

…that leave women hopelessly infatuated with men who use them in the just the right order, at just the right time…

…simply follow the link below.

Say The Secret Words In The Stealth Attraction Disc 1 Below To Get HER Instantly Lusting Over You

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Talk soon,



Here’s How To Get Women Chasing YOU With This “Stealth Attraction 33 Words PDF”


Forget games and guesswork when it comes to attraction.

There are precise triggers that you can use to spark instant attraction in women…

…so much so, in fact, that THEY start approaching YOU.

This is a simple, predictable method that means a lot more success – and a lot less rejection.

Here’s the easy steps you need:

Stealth Attraction Program : Secret Trigger Words That Get Women Chasing YOU

Try this thought experiment on for size (it’s for a reason, I promise!).

Imagine this hypothetical situation…

There’s a beautiful woman across the bar.

In this situation, you’ve been told by a “higher power” (doesn’t matter who) that if you approached this woman and said 3 specific lines to her…

…she’d give you her number.

So: if you knew, with 100% certainty, that saying those 3 lines would guarantee success – and you wanted to get this woman’s number in the first place…

…would you do it?

Obviously (surely?) you’d say YES.

And why not?

There’s nothing to lose – and the prize is within your grasp.

Let’s snap back to reality.

Sadly this 100% “magic bullet” for attraction doesn’t exist in the real world.

(Sorry to disappoint!)

But I’ll tell you what DOES exist:

Effective methods for communicating with women that activate the exact “triggers” for making them DEEPLY interested in you – and approaching you.

Now, if I told you what these were – would you follow them with the same confidence as those hypothetical “lines” in my example?

Surprisingly, most men wouldn’t – they tend to deny it’s possible or not take the necessary steps.

That’s just human psychology – even when the evidence of something working is right under our nose…

…a voice in our mind tells us “this couldn’t possibly work for me, as I’m different because of x”.

Most men go through these doubts at some point – you may well have done yourself.

It’s only human, even if the thing we’re worrying about could change our life.

But here’s the bottom line.

To build an extraordinary life – such as getting incredible results with women – it’s vital to put the doubts to one side and focus on the outcome.

Think about why it COULD happen – and fully focus on making the outcome real.

Think about how GOOD it would feel to achieve it.

By taking control and focusing on the goal, instead of the doubts, you’re so much more likely to make it your reality.

Sound good?


I’ll stop before I get too spiritual.

For the practical, real-world steps to take to transform your results with women, give this video a watch.

It’ll show the exact triggers that make women desperate for sex with you – and how to activate them in a simple, rejection-proof way.

Here’s the link to get started:

“Rejection-proof” Stealth Attraction Secret words list that make women DESPERATE for sex with you

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Talk soon,



Unlock PASSIONATE Arousal In Gorgeous Women (In A Few Words)


 “If I don’t have 10/10 looks”, men often tell themselves…

“…she’ll always go for the better-looking guy over me”.

However, this isn’t the right mindset.

I won’t pretend looks have no impact at all.

But, whether you look like a Hollywood A-lister or not, women can go MAD for you when you tap into their deepest curiosity and desire.

And there’s a few simple words you can use to make her FAR more attracted to you…

…and DESPERATE to get to know you better.

(Maybe even on a more physical level.)

Start using them today by following the link below.

Secret stealth attraction trigger words PDF to make her uncontrollably drawn to you

Think about the actor Ryan Reynolds.

(Not in a jealous “he-stole-Blake-Lively-from-me?” rage. Or is that just me?)

He regularly tops “sexiest man alive” polls, and women absolutely adore him.

However, I recently watched a few of his interviews.

I noticed he had several other appealing traits (besides his looks).

He’s charismatic, confident without being arrogant, and genuinely funny.

You can imagine he’d be great to grab a beer with.

So what are men like him doing (consciously or not)?

They’re showing women why they’d be fun to spend time with.


You DON’T have to look like Ryan Reynolds to live a life women want to be a part of.

It doesn’t mean going rock-climbing every day.

It simply means showing her you’re enjoyable to be around and someone who has a unique, interesting personality that it benefits her to know.

Good news – you’ve already got one.

Proving it to her can be extremely straightforward.

The next time you’re chatting to a beautiful woman…

slip a funny story about yourself into the conversation. 

Good story-telling is a GREAT way to connect with women more personally.

It shows her a) your sense of humour and b) that you aren’t afraid to make fun of yourself.

This light-hearted (but confident) honesty is an extremely attractive trait to women and it could leave her fascinated by you during your very first conversation.

But there’s some secret words you can start using TODAY that activate her deepest interest in you even faster

…and (potentially) could even develop into more SEXUAL interest.

To discover what they are, just follow the link below…

Use The Phrases In This Killer Stealth Attraction 33 Words PDF To Become Irresistible To Her

Stealth Attraction Disc 1 Part 1 Full Trigger Words PDF List Secret Program Free 33 Techniques Review

Talk soon,




Stealth Attraction Review

PUA Stealth Attraction Review

How To Get Her Wet With Words Review

What Are The Stealth Attraction Trigger Words PDF

What Is The Trick With Get Her Wet With Words Review

Naughty Text Messages That Will Make Her Wet

Text Messages That Will Make Her Wet

Pine Pollen Review

Get Morning WOOD… Guaranteed!
Start trial benefits tincture testosterone allergy microscope Season reddit testosterone study


Hey, Adam Armstrong here…

Do you remember when you were younger, when you’d wake up…

With a stiffy?


In retrospect, it was GLORIOUS…

Wasn’t it?

“They” say when you hit about 60 years young, you’re in your “golden years”.

To me…

Whenever you’re able to wake up with wood… THOSE are the Golden Years.


What If I Told You… There’s an “Herb” That I Can GUARANTEE Will Give You Morning Wood Again?

… regardless of your age.

So that if you’re in your 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or beyond…

Or nearing your 60’s… 

You could TRULY live your “golden years” to its fullest…  with MORNING WOOD!


Well, it’s true.

There IS an herb for that…

    • It contains ONE of the MOST powerful enzymes (called “Superoxide-Dismutase”), which TRIGGERS your cock to WAKE UP and THROB.(So when you take it in the evening, it gives your body the time to digest its powerful cock throbbing enzymes… so you can wake up your woman with a nice “surprise”)
    • It contains PLANT based “sex-hormones” (called androgens) which balances your hormones and RAISES your “T” levels NATURALLY. (Which is gonna get your cock throbbing hard, FAST)
    • It’s FILLED with over 200 amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes… and is essentially a nutritional POWERHOUSE (making it not just HEALTHY, but also incredibly SAFE for your body, even in large doses)

What’s interesting is that it’s a very similar color as Gold…

It’s called Pine Pollen Testosterone Booster.

And Elwin (my business partner, the Master Herbalist) and I got our hands on a batch of THE FINEST, HIGHEST quality PinePollen Tincture on the market today. 

(It’s RAW, cell-cracked (for maximum bio-availability), tested to be FREE from pesticides, pollutants and heavy metals)

And when you consume our New Alpha Nutrition PinePollen, with the proper directions…

We GUARANTEE You’ll Be “Waking Up With Wood” Again Within Weeks

Now, we’ve only got a limited batch for our first run (roughly 250 packets total)…

And because we’re certain there’s going to be a HUGE demand for this…

We’ve LIMITED each person to purchasing a MAXIMUM of 6 bags… so as many men could experience these benefits as possible.

So… if you’re interested in WAKING up with WOOD… 

Don’t wait. Jump on this TODAY, before we’re sold out.

(Because then you’ll have to wait up to 4-6 months before we’re back in stock!)

>>>  Click Here To Wake Up With Wood… Even If You’re In Your “Golden Years”

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Looking forward to hearing about your morning wood stories…

And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

PS: #1 Way To Increase Your T-Levels? (And Get Morning Wood)


 There are many ways to improve your Testosterone Levels

Most are average…

Some are very good…

A few are exceptional.

One of the exceptionally good ways to improve your Testosterone Levels is by taking PinePollen.

When you take PinePollen Testosterone Booster, you’ll experience:

– Higher T-Levels

– Consistent “Morning Wood”

– Greater Sex-Drive


– Harder Erections

All of which is sure to put a smile on your woman’s face 🙂

There is one thing to be aware of though…

Not all New Alpha Nutrition PinePollen Tincture is created equally. Some varieties are much more POTENT and POWERFUL

than others…

>> Click here to learn more (and discover the very best PinePollen Supplement on the market).

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Seize the day,

Adam Armstrong


Wake Up “The Wife” With A STIFFY (For A “Good-Time”)

Imagine waking up in the morning… 

You roll over to cuddle your lady…

And as you cuddle her from behind… 

You feel her Bubbly-Butt pressing against your Throbbing-Boner… 

And before you know it, the two of you “get it on”.

And you’re BOTH completely satisfied.

This is what WAKING up with WOOD is ALL about.

And if you haven’t been waking up in the mornings with a nice “woody”…

Then you’re going to LOVE what I’m about to share with you…

Because Elwin and I Sourced a Powerful-Herb, Guaranteed To Have You “Waking Up With Wood”

It’s called PinePollen.

This nutrient is totally safe and natural, and when you take it, on a daily basis, you’ll experience:

– Higher T-Levels

– Consistent “Morning Wood”

– Greater Sex-Drive


– Harder Erections

All of which is sure to put a smile on your woman’s face 🙂

>> Click here to learn more

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Seize the day,

Adam Armstrong

PS: As men get older, one of the things that tends to disappear is daily “Morning Wood”…

If you’d like to wake up as HARD as you probably did in your college years, there’s a Special Nutrient you can take.


5 Ways to Increase Your Manliness Today (Become More Alpha)


Note: if you’ve not yet tried my friend Alby Gonzalez’s New Alpha Nutrition PinePollen, you should consider giving it a try.

You see, there’s quite a story behind it – including a 736 year old Eurasian Tree – that’s essentially a fountain of Testosterone. The way this PinePollen can help you Boost Testosterone, torch Body-Fat, gain Muscle and ‘Get It Up’ in bed, has to be experienced to be believed…

>> Click here to learn more now


And, now, let’s talk about…

5 Ways to Increase Your Manliness (or: How to Become more Alpha!)


#1: Learn How to Say “NO” (especially to women)


Only a wussy ‘Nice Guy’ says “YES” to everyone. In the pathetic hope that being a “YES MAN” will make people like him.

When you say “YES” to a woman all the time, she loses all RESPECT for you (and then she stops wanting to ‘do the nasty’ in the bedroom).

You might think women want a man who always agrees with her (even when she’s being ridiculous), but it’s not true. And, it explains why women CHEAT on ‘Nice Guys’, with Bad Boys, all the time.

So, if you want to be more MANLY, learn to say “NO” when it’s appropriate.

#2: Fix Your Posture


Standing up straight, with your head on top of your shoulders (as opposed to sticking forwards like a chicken), and your stomach in, makes you look so much more MANLY, than having crappy posture.

So, if your posture SUCKS, fix it. (I’ll write a blog post about this sometime in the near future, because I realize ‘fixing it’ can be tricky, especially if you spend a lot of time sat down each day).


#3: Do Some Strength Training


how to cycle superfoods good for harvesting reviews allergy symptoms when does start megadoseSTRENGTH used to be worshipped. Cultures like the Spartans were obsessed by it.

Yet, these days, most men are WEAK. And, men who do workout out usually vain, narcissistic and low on self-esteem… engaging in bodybuilding type training.

Instead of pumping yourself up in front of a mirror, with light weights, I recommend you do some REAL STRENGTH TRAINING.

Do Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, Pull Ups, Kettlebell Swings, Loaded Carries and so on.

Whatever your age – this is a good thing.

Done correctly, strength training will:

– Boost your Testosterone, and therefore – your libido and erection quality too

– Improve your Bone Density

– Improve your Posture

– Make you Stronger (obviously)

– Increase Muscle Mass (provided you eat a small surplus of calories each day)

– Give you confidence

And so much more.

#4: Sleep Better


The better you sleep – the better your hormonal levels. Meaning, the better you sleep – the more Testosterone, and Growth Hormone you’ll have…

boosting your sex-drive, and making you hard-as-nails ‘down there’.

To sleep better:

– Meditate before bed, to get into a Parasympathetic State (rest, digest, relax, and reproduce state)

– Go to bed at the same time each day (personally I like to go to bed at 10pm, and get up just before 6am)


#5: Get Some Pine Pollen Benefits in Your System


As I said at the start of this email, PinePollen is a powerful booster of Testosterone, leading to better body composition (more muscle, less fat), higher sex-drive, better performance in bed, higher confidence, greater energy, and more.

The thing is though…

As with all FOODS and SUPPLEMENTS (and people!!! 😉 – not all New Alpha Nutrition PinePollen is created equal. Some is more pure than others, some is more POWERFUL, some tastes better and so on.

The best PinePollen I’ve found is the one my friend Alby Gonzalez has on offer right now. And, you can read more about it by clicking here now

Talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

>> The Best Pine Pollen Testosterone Booster on the Market: boosts Testosterone SAFELY and NATURALLY… making you more manly, more fired up, more motivated, more confident, and more of a BEAST in the BEDROOM!

Click here to learn more now

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Pine Pollen Review & Benefits

Pine Pollen Review

how long does health benefits last raw forest foods surthrival when does pollen season end

Testosterone Booster Q & A

Start trial benefits tincture testosterone allergy microscope Season reddit testosterone study

does supplement white powder ingredients extract work amazon testimonials capsules sun potion

what is grain labeled dosage for ed for women benefits dr axe gnc tincture benefits side effects

New Alpha Nutrition testosterone study lost empire under microscope under microscope best supplement walmart yellow

how long does health benefits last raw forest foods surthrival when does pollen season end

how to cycle superfoods good for harvesting reviews allergy symptoms when does start megadose

harvest raw pine bodybuilding libido slide season nc near me allergy treatment buy wild for testosterone

how long does pine-pollen last in georgia 2021 when will end look like banned substance season nc 2020

what does increase testosterone pubmed for sale in nc organic scots best best count today tincture side effects

how much ponderosa should i take wiki pine-pollen powder vs tincture for ed massachusetts season raleigh, nc 2021

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Primal Potency Review

Introducing “Primal Potency”
(For Testosterone And Performance)
Adam Armstrong Male Vitality And Virility ingredients recipe formula pdf download

I’m excited! Why?

Because Elwin and Adam Armstrong have just launched a brand new, custom created Formula that’s going to help you experience:

– Increased T-Levels…

– Stronger Sex-Drive…

– Harder Erections, and more.

This new Formula is called:

Primal Potency.

PrimalPotency is a truly unique, one of a kind Formula. Unavailable anywhere else.

It’s a combination of the very highest quality animal foods in the world. Mixed in very precise quantities, to give you increased vitality and virility.

You can take it alongside any other Formula from The New Alpha (the ingredients are dramatically different). And, I know you’re going to LOVE it.

Since consuming the ingredients in PrimalPotency I’ve noticed that:

My T-Levels have gone up (based on the fact that: my sex-drive is higher, I’ve gained muscle and strength, I’ve lost body-fat, I have more energy)

My erections are even harder (like, nasty hard. That kind of hardness that just makes
your woman totally WET and HORNY)

>> Click here to learn more about PrimalPotency (and please be aware that: if you’re 40 plus, and you want better performance in the bedroom, this one really is a “must”)

Your friend,
Taylor Snow

Male Vitality And Virility Supplements by Adam Armstrong ingredients recipe formula

A “Missing Ingredient” That Gives You HARDER Boners (Time Is Running Out)


Note: PrimalPotency is selling out FAST. We’re aiming to keep the initial launch window open for only a couple of days.

However, we may sell out before then. So if you want to try
it – NOW is the time.

>> Here’s the link

As a kid, I grew up in a household where my Dad never ate meat (because he didn’t like the thought of eating animals) and my Mother rarely ate meat (I’d see her eat a steak, or chopped liver, maybe 2 or 3 times a year).

This had a profound effect on me…

And, really put me off eating meat.

I’m nearly 40, and I’ve still never eaten RED meat in my life! Can you believe that? I lift weights (I’m strong), I box, I teach men how to fuck…

I do all this manly stuff…

And yet, when it comes to red meat, I just can’t stand the look of it.


I’m very in tune with my body, and I’ve always felt something was MISSING from my diet. And, last year (in 2020), I discovered what it was…

No, I didn’t start eating STEAK like all my buddies…

But, I did start eating specific types of ORGAN MEATS. Of course, I didn’t cook them, or eat them whole (I’d puke). But, I did figure out a way to get ALL the benefits of these organ meats (probably the most powerful foods on the planet), without having to actually cook them, chew them and so on 🙂

What happened?

Everything changed:

– I finally fixed my digestion (after years of issues, no matter how clean and healthy my lifestyle was)

– My energy went through the roof (I promise you – nobody else doing what I do for a job spends as much time as I do exercising, and hanging out with my kids. Most people doing anything like what I do are working every hour God sends, hopped up and
stimulants all day long, and very VERY tired)

– My sex-drive and erection quality went “next level” (just last night, me and my wife fucked and it was just bliss. I just got HARD and it just wouldn’t go away… I ploughed her over and over again, and she came over and over again, and I just experienced pure ecstasy the entire time)

The point being…

In PrimalPotency one of the key ingredients is the specific organ food that totally transformed my energy, performance and digestion. And, you get to consume it in capsule format, in the highest quality, most potent form possible (meaning: it’s quick, easy and you don’t have to cook or taste it!)

More Info About PrimalPotency:

PrimalPotency is our brand new Formula for male potency. Take it to boost your Testosterone Levels, supercharge your Sex-Drive and get much HARDER Erections

You can take PrimalPotency alongside any other New Alpha Formula (and it’ll only increase your results). Or you can, of course, take it on it’s own

PrimalPotency was developed using 3 types of Wisdom – the Wisdom of our Ancient Ancestors, Wisdom from the Animal Kingdom, and Modern Western Medical Wisdom (the end result: probably the most powerful Formula ever created for Male Potency)

PrimalPotency is made up of animal foods, combined in very precise quantities, to deliver exceptional results (it’s manufactured in the US, using the best quality ingredients on the planet, bar none)

All you need to do is just take 4 capsules daily, with water. So it’s ultra convenient

And of course, you can order with no risk – because you’re covered by our 120 day guarantee.


Key Point: PrimalPotency is putting back into your system, what the modern western lifestyle has left out! And, once you put the nutrients in your body that it needs for sexual performance, your woman better be ready! Because you’re going to be “armed” (with big, hard erections) and “dangerous” 🙂

The only bad news?

Stock is running LOW. And, based on how long it took to manufacture PrimalPotency for the first batch, it’s likely to be MONTHS, not weeks, before we re-stock.

So, if you want in, take advantage now…

>> Here’s the link
Potent Primal Male Vitality And Virility ingredients Reviews recipe formula pdf download









I’m excited for you to try this 🙂

Talk soon…

Your friend,
Adam Armstrong


Disgusting Food that Makes You Hard as Hell in The Bedroom…

Hey, it’s Adam Armstrong here. And, I’ve got a question for you…

Which would you rather:

A. Suffer with embarrassing sexual performance, including not being able to ‘get it up’?


B. Eat a disgusting food that makes you as hard as hell in the bedroom?


If you’re a red-blooded male, and you enjoy sex, you’d probably say “B,” right?

Because, logically speaking, eating a disgusting food is less PAINFUL than suffering from ED, right? (One’s just a bad taste… the other is humiliating, crushes your confidence, and makes you feel like less of a man).

Yet, here’s the thing…

– I’ve discovered a disgusting food that is quite possibly more powerful than anything else for increasing male testosterone levels and giving you ridiculously HARD erections…

– I’ve also discovered how you can consume the key nutrients from this food in just a few seconds a day, without actually having to EAT the food (or taste it)…

– Key Point: I’ve made it so you can get all the benefits from consuming quite possibly the most powerful food for male potency in the world (without having to actually eat the damn thing daily… trust me, it’s DISGUSTING)


THIS page explains everything you need to know. You won’t believe what you’re about to read, but you will be extremely happy that you did.

=>> Check it out now
Primal Potent Male Vitality And Virility formula ingredients Reviews recipe pdf download






Why Roman Gladiators and Vikings didn’t Suffer from ED…

Did you know that many of our Ancient Ancestors, including Roman Gladiators, Vikings, and early Olympians didn’t suffer from ED?

Could it be because many of these incredible physical specimens ate some surprising natural foods…

Foods that gave them high Testosterone Levels, and strong,
powerful erections?

>> Click here to learn more

Your friend,
Adam Armstrong

P.S. If you want the strength and performance of a Roman Gladiator, Viking or early Olympian – inside and outside of the bedroom…

… then you’d be wise to eat some of the foods they ate (to support your Testosterone Levels and flood your body with the nutrients necessary to experience strong, powerful erections)…

>> Click here for the full story

Male Vitality And Virility Primal Potent formula ingredients Reviews recipe pdf download









Primal Potency Review

The Huge Load Formula Review

7 Reasons To Try The Huge Load Formula Ingredients Now…
what are the ingredients review recipe pdf download porn star power in pill form


Hi, It’s Adam Armstrong,

… And here are 7 Reasons why you should Try out The Huge Load Formula Ingredients Recipe Now…

1. It’s designed to help you blow MUCH bigger loads (and experience greater intensity and sensitivity when you ejaculate)

2. It’s also a great way to support your Testosterone Levels (giving you higher sex-drive, harder erections, “morning wood” and so on)

3. It’s a unique mix of vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids (ALL scientifically proven to support semen volume, semen quality and fertility)

4. It’s 100% safe and natural (there’s nothing artificial or toxic)

5. It’s manufactured in the US (in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant – so you know that what it says on the label, is exactly what you get in each and every capsule)

6. Free From refined sugar, soy, trans fats, artificial flavorings/colorings/preservatives, wheat, gluten, added salt and GMOs]

7. When you take it, your woman is going to LOVE it and become totally ADDICTED to your cock – because women love a big load because a Big Load tells her that…

a) You are highly attracted to her, and find her HOT and SEXY,


b) You are great “mating material” – healthy and virile – which will turn her on even more, causing her want to have much more sex with you)

>> Click here to learn more

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Seize the day
Adam Armstrong

PS: Did You Know That Women Love It When You PLASTER Them With A Really BIG LOAD?

A big load just like this…
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You see, when you can give a woman a load like that, she gets so TURNED ON, so HORNY, and so ADDICTED to you, she wants you all the time…

In contrast, a small or average sized load (like most guys give their women) is a disappointment that turns her off. And makes her see her man as small, and possibly even pathetic.

The question is:

“How the heck can you INCREASE the size of your loads – so you can blow great big loads for your woman – just like the load on the lovely pair of tits I just showed you above?”

>> The answer is in this letter

I recommend you give it a read now, because:

1. It’ll help you blow a big load!


2. The offer in the letter is time sensitive (you only have until tonight at 11.59pm PST to take advantage)

>> Read this letter now (it’ll be the most exciting thing you’ve read all day, I guarantee it)

Seize the day
Adam Armstrong

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PS: Your Happiest Spurt Of The Night?

Contrary to popular belief, a camel’s hump doesn’t store water at all… it actually stores fat. 

And the cool thing is, when food is scarce and the camel is hungry, that hump serves as its nourishment. Meaning, it gets the fat out when it counts the most.

Now think about it…

What if you could STORE your semen this way… so that when you bang your woman and your BIG moment comes… 

You can blow a bigger, thicker, and never-ending splooge – like this?

Chances are, she’s going to be more than impressed by it.

In fact, it’s a major TURN ON when she sees and feels your massive load spreading all over her body…

And, it’s like a figurative pat on her back for a “job well done”.

You see, sometimes there’s already a good amount of manly juice in your body.

But problem is, most men just aren’t able to GET IT OUT when it counts.

Which is why, instead of seeing a jumbo squirt from the tip of your pecker, and a long-lasting orgasm…

…you see a slow dripping faucet and, well, a less satisfying finish.

So what’s the solution?

You can start with something that can expand your capacity to store more “reserves”…

For instance, there’s a simple trick to pump up your volume by 30% overnight… 

…and the more you have it, the more you can secrete your juices down to the very last drop.

So imagine when that warm “come” shoots inside her vaginal cavity… it goes on and on… and on…

This could be your happiest spurt of the night…

How to shoot a huge load right on her tits, face, and tummy…
porn star power in pill form what are the ingredients review recipe pdf download

Seize the day,
Lloyd Lester


PS: A Dirty Fantasy Your Woman Craves (but will never tell you about)…


Do you know the FANTASY almost every emotionally healthy woman CRAVES in the bedroom?

If you can make this fantasy a REALITY for your woman…

She’ll completely LOVE you for it…

She’ll be completely addicted to your Manhood (and she’ll worship you every night).

You see, when you make THIS fantasy a reality for your woman:

– It shows her that you’re healthy, strong and virile (and great “mating material”)

And also proves to her that:

– You find her incredibly sexy and attractive (which is a major “turn on” for her)

The only problem is – most men fail miserably to give their women this particular fantasy (causing her sex-drive to decrease, and her mind to wander – thinking of other men).

>> Here’s how to make sure you give your woman this fantasy (and ensure she only has eyes for YOU)
 does extreme ultimate editionvwork special report read online dnacannon free download

Seize the day
Adam Armstrong

PS: Why Women Love a Man with a Big, Thick… LOAD.

It’s true…

Women love it when you give them a BIG load.

You see, it’s very exciting for a woman to be with a man who can blow a big load, because:

– It shows her that you’re healthy, strong and virile (and great “mating material”)

And also proves to her that:

– You find her incredibly sexy and attractive (which is a major “turn on” for her)


– Good women love to PLEASE their men (and when you ejaculate A LOT for her, it tells her that she ‘did a good job’… it tells her that she really pleased you, which makes her feel good)

So, the question is:

“How exactly can you INCREASE the size of your loads, and get your woman SCREAMING with delight, every time you “finish?”

>> Here’s the answer
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Seize the day
Adam Armstrong


1 Unusual Food Increases Semen Volume by Over 50 (Scientifically Proven)

What if there was 1 unusual food that could INCREASE your Semen Volume by over 50%…

Meaning: when you consume this food, you’ll blow loads that are more than 50% bigger than before

As well as experiencing increased sensitivity and pleasure when you ejaculate.

Do you think that might make the sex A LOT more SATISFYING, for both you and your woman?

Of course it will 😉

>> Click here to learn more

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Seize the day
Adam Armstrong

P.S. There’s an unusual food you can consume that will give you BIGGER LOADS, and more intense and pleasurable orgasms…

Plus, it’ll also support your T-Levels, Sex-Drive and Ereciton Quality…

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The Huge Load Formula Review

Alpha Sleep Formula Review

7 Reasons To Get Alpha Sleep Formula Now…
New Alpha Nutrition Formula Reviews Ingredients Results Does It Really Work Adam Armstrong

Hi It’s Adam Armstrong,

If you’ve not yet tried our brand NEW Alpha Nutrition AlphaSleep Formula, here are 7 things you ought to know…

1. It Uses Cutting Edge Technology to Improve Your Sleep Quality…

AlphaSleep Formula is unlike any other sleep supplement on the market. And, it’s totally different to those dangerous, addictive sleeping pills that Big Pharma will sell you.

You see, in The AlphaSleep Formula you are getting cutting edge technology that makes the ingredients 18X more bioavailable than most other supplements.

In fact, the ingredients in The Alpha-Sleep Formula have 95% bioavailability, compared to just 5% in most supplements…

You’ll find all the information you need on the ingredients, and the cutting edge technology, on THIS page

2. There are No “Down Regulation” Issues with The Alpha-Sleep

With many sleep supplements there are serious downregulation issues…

For instance, if the supplement contains the ingredient Melatonin in a big enough dose to help you sleep, there is the very real issue that, over time, your body will “Down Regulate” its own production of Melatonin. Meaning: you could end up HOOKED on the supplement (and while better than being hooked on a drug, it’s still not great).

However, with The NEW Alpha-Sleep Formula, you have no down regulation issues, because of the cutting edge technology within this powerful sleep spray…

>> Click here to learn more

3. It Will Dramatically Improve Your Sleep Quality…

Take 6 sprays a night, just before bed…

Sleep like a baby…

Better than you have in years…

Or maybe, ever.

The result?

You’ll have more Energy, you’ll turn on powerful Anti-Ageing Hormones, you’ll increase the efficiency of your Immune System, and, of course…

4. It’ll Help Increase your Testosterone Levels and Sexual

Science has proven that bad sleep – less than 8 hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep each night – leads to:

LOWER T-Levels, lower sex-drive and weaker erections.

Therefore, when you use The Alpha-Sleep Formula you’ll INCREASE your T-Levels, enjoy a STRONGER Sex-Drive…

And you’ll get much HARDER erections.

5. It’s Totally Safe and Natural…

All 3 of the cutting-edge ingredients in The Alpha-Sleep Formula are SAFE and NATURAL…

So you can take 6 sprays, nightly, to improve your sleep quality (without worrying about any side-effects).

This is quite possibly the EASIEST thing you can do to IMPROVE your over healthy, vitality and performance.

Total “no-brainer?”

You bet it is!

6. You Can Try it with No Risk…

Because you’re covered by my rock-solid guarantee…

>> All details on THIS page.

7. You Can Take Advantage of The Special Launch Prices…

Right now, during The Launch of The Alpha-Sleep Formula, you can try this powerful sleep booster at the special discounted launch prices…

>> Click here to take advantage of the special launch prices (warning: the price WILL go up in a couple days)

Adam Armstrong New Alpha Nutrition Formula Reviews Does It Really Work Ingredients Results

Seize the day,
Adam Armstrong

A Secret For Optimal Performance in The Bedroom… (If You Want To Perform Like A STUD When You ‘Get It On’ With Your Woman…)


Please read carefully if you’re serious about optimizing your Testosterone Levels and Performance in the bedroom…

These days I am very consistent with most of the things that affect my health and performance…

– I eat a very healthy diet…

– I drink plenty of water…

– I go walking every day…

– I do strength training (and a little boxing) several times a week…

– I take my own Formulas!

However, like many busy men, there is one area of my life where I am NOT yet always totally consistent…

And when I don’t get enough of this thing – I really feel it!

I don’t perform as well in the bedroom (even though I do all those other healthy habits every day, without fail).

The thing I’m talking about is, of course:


When I get into a great routine of going to bed at 10pm and getting up at 6am (giving myself 8 hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep)…

I can feel my T-Levels surging

My energy soaring…

And my sex-drive becomes insatiable…

I also get these erections that just last, and last, and last (until my wife literally cannot take it anymore… until the orgasms have literally worn her out)…